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.. Episode Guide - Episode 44 ..

Original Name: Strange Bedfellows
Czech Name: Lásky hra podivná
Written By: R.B. Carney
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: October 5, 1997 (Canada); Week of October 6-12, 1997 (USA); March 18 / April 1, 1998 (Australia); November 26, 1997 (South Africa); August 29, 1998 (Sweden); February 15, 1998 (Switzerland); June 20, 1998 (UK)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

The Canadian Consulate staff is stuck with a psychologist giving them 'blot' tests. Fraser and Thatcher see totally different things in the B&W images, but it makes no difference, as there is no correct response. However, the psychologist is fascinated (and Thatcher somewhat mortified) when Fraser asks if either of them hear the sounds of carpentry work, something only he can apparently hear!

Meanwhile, Kowalski appears to be even more obsessive on studying the law than Fraser; he can quote the laws from the 19th century. Point in case, lascivious public behavior, which he would love to enforce on a couple he spies on the sidewalk. When Fraser spots a gunman aiming for that couple, both he and Kowalski rush to the rescue. Only after the gunman escapes are introductions made, and it seems the female half of the 'lascivious' couple is none other than Stan's ex-wife.

City councilman Frank Orsini, Stella's new boyfriend, is so impressed with Stan and Fraser's daring that they end up as his bodyguards. Unfortunately, Stan has no say in the matter and must endure his own private hell as they accompany Orsini to city meetings and, worse yet, dates with Stella.

It seems Orsini is involved in a controversial project in which a slum will be torn down and new housing units put up, only there won't be room for everyone. Perhaps this is the reason people are taking potshots at him, but the protesters deny doing any such thing. At the other end of town, Stella (an Assistant State's Attorney) is prosecuting Dwayne Weston, an abusive husband, who is anything but a pleasant individual.

When Fraser and Stan must accompany Orsini and Stella on a date on a cruise boat, Stan decides to take advantage and asks his wife to dance. Stan still loves Stella and seems hopeful of rekindling that romance, but it's not to be. The music stops, Orsini interrupts. But Fraser's astute eyes spot a bomb in the form of a champagne bottle, which he tosses overboard, saving many lives when it explodes harmlessly in the water below.

Fraser manages to retrieve the bomb fragments, and Stan ends up driving Stella home for the evening. The passion may still remain, but the harsh realities douse it. Stan reluctantly leaves, then drags Fraser to the office to solve the case so he can get off the case and, hopefully, get Orsini out of Stella's life.

Their detective work pays off. Orsini set up the hit on himself for publicity, but the 'hitman' denies any involvement with the bombing. Stan happily arrests Orsini, and is given the opportunity to drive Stella home. And it looks like there might be a rekindling of romantic feelings, but it's rudely interrupted by the ever-diligent Fraser, who has tracked down the true bomber.

When the bomber abruptly bursts arrives, the good guys seem to be at a disadvantage, but quick talking by Stan distracts the man. Fraser gets the bomb, disposing of it with just seconds to spare. Alas, the timing again doesn't seem right for Stan and Stella.

Back at the Consulate, Fraser is given the results of the psych test. When Thatcher leaves, Fraser investigates the strange noises he keeps hearing and this time when he opens the closet. He is astonished to find that his dead father has built a complete office in his closet. A discussion ensues between the men, albeit a short one, for Inspector Thatcher opens the closet door. Can Fraser talk his way out of this predicament??

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