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.. Episode Guide - Episode 46 ..

Original Name: Bounty Hunter
Czech Name: Lovkyně lebek
Written By: George F. Walker
Directed By: Steve DiMarco
Original Air Date: October 19, 1997 (Canada); Week of October 20-26, 1997 (USA); April 1 / April 15, 1998 (Australia); December 10, 1997 (South Africa); Sepember 12, 1998 (Sweden); March 8, 1998 (Switzerland); July 4, 1998 (UK)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

Fraser arrives at the station house to discover that virtually all the detectives squashed into one room. Unhappy with current conditions, the detectives are staging a strike, although they are doing it through the circuitous method of having everybody come down with the 'blue flu.'

Even Stan is 'afflicted' with this malady, for when a woman (with three children in tow) comes in and wants some assistance, he will not help. When one of her children runs into the 'negotiation' room, she follows - and accidentally drops her gun on the floor. It seems she's a bounty hunter.

Fraser decides to help her, and as there again seem to be no pressing Consulate duties, accompanies her and the children. He volunteers to help with the children while she hunts down her man, one Bradley Torrance. The Mountie seems quite enamored of the dark-haired woman. However, before they go after the bail-jumper, Fraser finds a babysitter for the children: Kowalski. The detective may be a match for the most hardened of criminals but it's only a matter of minutes before they get the best of the adult and escape.

Janet and Fraser find the man's hotel room, but no sign of the man until they step outside. Unfortunately two men in a car speeding by take a shot at the bounty hunter. A chase ensues, but in the end, Fraser and Janet lose Torrance and the two mystery men.

Fraser offers the down-on-her-luck Janet and her brood lodging at the Consulate for the evening. Poor Turnbull must deal with the rambunctious trio. Even terrorist training doesn't begin to cover how to deal with devious children.

When Janet strikes out on her after Torrance, Fraser figures this out and must employ an unusual method to gain Kowalski's aid. They find Torrance at a stable, but again, he escapes.

Back at the Consulate, Fraser fights off his growing feelings for Janet. His father's advice doesn't really help, but at least it makes sense. Morning brings acute embarrassment for the Mountie when his boss arrives and finds him sleeping in the hallway. However, there are even more surprises in store when she goes into her office.

Fraser, Janet and Kowalski finally capture Torrance at a local bar, snatching him away from three rather odd bounty hunters who are also in pursuit of the escaped man. Fraser and Kowalski are astounded to find out that Torrance is Janet's husband! However, triumph is short-lived when the two mystery men snatch Torrance and speed away.

Using their powers of deduction, they track Torrance back to a stable where two mob men are having Torrance dig up their money. He's also digging his own grave. It seems Torrance had stolen a princely sum from them and they want it back. Our heroes arrive in time, saving Torrance from certain death. Lester Rivers, one of the mob men, escapes but it's just minutes before Janet and Fraser, both on horseback, apprehend the fleeing felon.

Everything seems to be straightened out. The 'blue flu' is over. Torrance will avoid jail time by turning over evidence against Rivers. He'll be able to visit the kids on and off. Janet must go back to Montana, but before she leaves, she and Fraser share a kiss. The Mountie is left with lingering feelings of overwhelming loneliness, feelings his father knows only too well.

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