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.. Episode Guide - Episode 53 ..

Original Name: Mountie On The Bounty - Part 2
Czech Name: Policajt na Bounty II.
Story By: John Krizanc
Teleplay By: Paul Gross, R.B. Carney
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: March 22, 1998 (Canada); January 12-18, 1998 (USA); June 3, 1998 (Australia); January 28, 1998 (South Africa); October 31, 1998 (Sweden); April 26, 1998 (Switzerland); December 19, 1998 (UK)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

While Welsh orders his men to find the missing detectives, and leave the missing gold as a secondary pursuit, Fraser and Stan are literally up to their necks in water as the freighter continues to sink. Stan manages to get a cellphone call through to the station, but the broken messages leaves the police pursuing a phone number, and not the coordinates of the Henry Allen.

While Huey and Dewey canvass the dock area looking for John Thomas, a crew member with potential criminals connections, Fraser realizes that it's up to him to save the two men from certain drowning, especially after his partner reminds him that he can't swim. Both men manage to get through a water-logged corridor -- barely -- to a room where Fraser engineers a bizarre way for them to escape the ship. With fire extinguishers tied to their backs, they jettison out a door. Once to the surface, Fraser instructs Stan to follow the impromptu swimming instructions given earlier: "Bloom, close, kick 'em in the head" (the breaststroke). They heard toward a ship in the distance, the same ship that sent the Henry Allen to a watery grave.

At the police station, Huey and Dewey have brought in John Thomas, who has priors for armed robbery, and is an expert in demolition courtesy of the U.S. armed forces.

Meanwhile, Fraser and Stan sneak on board the freighter, discovering that the Henry Allen's crew is being held prisoner, and that the freighter is hauling a load of nasty toxic waste -- as well as a great deal of gold bullion. They disguise themselves as crewmen, but their ruse is quickly discovered and they flee, stealing a submersible submarine.

At the police station, Thatcher figures out that it's not a phone number Kowalski was trying to give them, but coordinates. After comparing maps and the corpse's chest (into which a map was carved), she pinpoints the location: it's near Sgt. 'Sam' Thorn's RCMP regiment. Welsh and Thatcher go there, and Thorn seems willing to help, even if she is a bit on the crazy side. She's even got her own frigate for naval battles!

Below in the submersible, not all is cozy. Stan is tired of always doing what Fraser says, and thinks they should go on his instinct, which means turning the craft in the direction he wants. Even Fraser Sr. advises his son to listen; after all, not everybody can live up to Fraser's standards. It works, for they locate and surface right next to the frigate, which is loaded with Mountie recruits ready for battle.

At the stationhouse, Thomas cracks under Frannie's incessant interrogation, confessing to how Wallace (owner of the Illinois Freight Company) has been doing illegal dumping to finance the gold robbery. They'd stolen the gold, but when the plane in which the gold was stashed crashed into the lake, the criminals concocted their own 'Bermuda Triangle' to keep people away while they recovered the stolen stash. This info is relayed to Welsh, and it's up to the frigate and its crew to catch the criminals.

The frigate quickly attacks the freighter. Mounties overrun the criminals and the captured crew is set free. Below, Stan and Fraser, take care of Wallace. As soon as the freighter passes into Canadian waters, Fraser is permitted to shoot a gun, which he does with precision.

The case of the gold robbery and ghost ships is now solved, and the frigate sets sail for civilization. Fraser and Stan both realize, respectively, that logic and instinct doesn't work all the time, but that their partnership can go on.

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