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.. Episode Guide - Episode 61 ..

Original Name: Good For The Soul
Czech Name: Dobré pro duši
Written By: Peter Mohan
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: December 16, 1998 (Canada); December 7, 1998 (USA); August 5, 1998 (Australia); July 15, 1998 (South Africa); July 5, 1998 (Switzerland)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

Fraser and Ray are out shopping for Christmas goodies when they stop to buy a log, they hear some arguing, so Fraser steps in. A man is harassing a waiter and as Fraser steps in, the man hits the waiter, and so Fraser arrests him. As it turns out, the man (Warfield) he is one of the biggest mob bosses in Chicago. Needless to say, the waiter won't press charges and no-one will give statements. Since Warfield has been arrested four times in the past without conviction, this time, he has given them a harassment suit, naming Welsh, Ray and the Chicago PD.

Fraser goes to Warfield's club to try to convince him of the errors of his ways and to ask him to confess to the assault charges. It doesn't work. When Fraser returns to the station, he sees the waiter and an older man who have agreed to press charges if they get police protection. They get back to the consulate but the older man changes his mind and disappears when Fraser goes into the closet. Fraser goes out to find the man and saves him from being beaten up by Warfield's goons. The man can't handle the pressure so he leaves town.

That afternoon Fraser goes back to the club again for the same reason and with the same effect. So he decides to stand guard outside the club, which highly irritates Warfield because he can't speak to his clients with a cop outside. He phones his lawyer and gets the cops to move Fraser. Stan comes to take Fraser but can't. Fraser is still there that night and hears a lady screaming for help around the corner. He walks into a trap and gets horribly beaten. Stan picks him up and takes him back to the station where Fran (with much joy and suggestions to remove his shirt) takes care of him. And Fraser can't even press charges against Warfield because he can't prove that it was the criminal's goons. Fraser then decides to walk home. Welsh and Stan pull up alongside him and tell him that they are going against the norm and are going to crash Warfield's club. They arrest everyone without IDs or doing illegal things. (The song "Mind" from the soundtrack is played here). Fraser approaches Warfield and after much yelling - on Warfield's part - he gets Warfield to appologize for slapping the kid, and Fraser leaves. And Warfield ends up in jail.

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