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.. Scénář - 1. epizoda - Osvoboďte Willieho (Free Willie) ..

(scene of the quiet city)

[Robbers in elevator getting ready, exit and proceeds to rob the place]

Robber: Good afternoon. Ah! Get down on the floor. On the floor now. Get down now. Nobody move. Ah! On the ground -- keep your head down. Get down. Get down there. Get on the floor. Get down. Stay on the floor. Shut up! Get out of my way. Here it is. Let's go. Move. Move. Move. Come on. Nobody move. Get back down. On the floor. On the floor. Get back down.

[Robbers exit the elevator, onto the street they separate]

[in Riv]

Ray: Fraser, you do not want to live in this neighborhood. Cops do not live in areas like this. Most people we bust won't live here.

Fraser: Why? It's central, convenient. I could walk to work in seven minutes.

Ray: Not without backup.

Fraser: 231. It's just up on the right.

Ray: Do me a favor. Let's just turn around. I'll take you back to your hotel.

Fraser: Oh I can't. I checked out. The windows wouldn't open.

Ray: Fraser, this is Chicago, the only reason to open a window is to get a better aim.

[Fraser standing on street grinning at his surroundings, then into the building]

Ray: Oh yeah I can see what draws you to this place. Decorative graffiti motifs, the cleaver use of plumbing to create the waterfall effect and the ease and convenience of being able to dump your garbage right into the hall.

Fraser: I forgot to ask if they take pets. Diefenbaker.

Ray: Oh yeah. A dog could easily throw off the delicately balanced ecosystem. Don't worry big fella, you'll have plenty to hunt in here.

Fraser: Pardon us.

[Dennis looking down at them from the floor above]

Dennis: Yo. I found the keys.

Fraser: I'll be right up sir. Ray - Ray - Ray.

Ray: What?

Fraser: Is my lanyard straight?

Ray: He's a slum lord.

Dennis: Up here on the terrace level is where you get your great view. Of course it costs a little extra but worth every penny.

Ray: It there a terrace?

Dennis: No.

Fraser: Would you like to see my references now?

Dennis: References?

Ray: It's like a rap sheet.

Dennis: No, that's okay.

Fraser: Mrs. Garcia,[door slams] Mr. Campbell.[door slams] Hello Mr. Mustafi.[door slams]

Ray: You know these people?

Fraser: No, I memorized their names from the mailboxes. Good morning Ms Krezjapolou.[door slams] It only takes a little extra effort to be a good neighbor, Ray.

[the apartment]

Dennis: This is the place. The furniture, appliances and all of this great stuff is included. Utilities are extra. [at the window with Fraser] On a good day, you can see Canada just across the lake.

Fraser: Canada is four hundred and eighty miles due North.

Dennis: You have to really squint.


Fraser: Excuse me. I'll be back. Dief -- go. (jumps out the window)

Dennis: He's not some kind of nut, is he?

[Ray and Dennis looking out at him]

Ray: He's a Mountie. It's something they do.

Ray: Hey Benny, you want to hold up there?

Dennis: Hey you taken the place or what?

[Ray crawls out the window]

Fraser: I'll be right back with the deposit.

Dennis: Well you better. This place is in high demand.

[Dief passes two street people]

Street person 1: Looked like a wolf.

Street person 2: Yep.

[Willie running along the street, Fraser running on the roofs]

Fraser: Good morning.

Rooftop worker: Good morning.

[Ray not too far behind but not willing to jump from roof to roof]

Ray: Well come on, you gonna help me or what?

Worker: I'm on lunch.

Fraser: This...[jumps and is barely hanging on the edge of the building]was a mistake.

Ray crawling over a ladder the worker put across the two buildings]

Ray: Okay, this is good, this is fine. Whoa! [Dief running] Don't shake it.

[Ray falls a short way, decides to go back for the ladder]

Worker: Hey, I'm working here.

Ray: So sue me.

[Willie over the fence, Dief over the fence, Fraser's drain pipe gives]

Fraser: Oh. [Lands in front of Willie] That's far enough son.

Willie: What are you a flying Boy Scout or something?

Fraser: Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. You've broken the law son, that carries a heavy penalty. Perhaps you didn't think it through.

Willie: Man, back off, okay, just back off.

Fraser: Well, I'm afraid I can't do that. Now if you'll hand me that purse.

Willie: Said back off!

Fraser: Diefenbaker. No.

Willie: You better keep that dog off of me or I'll pop him too.

Fraser: No you won't. You're going to hand me that gun. You're going to return that purse and you're going to apologize to that lady.

Willie: Why? I got the gun.

Fraser: Cause you don't want to hurt anyone and because if you don't you might end up hurting yourself.

Willie: Well you know you're lucky cop. I coulda shot you right through the heart.

Fraser: I don't think so, because that would require knowing how to take off the safety.

Ray: Aaaaaaah [thump-Ray lands on the ground]

Mrs. Dogwood: Apartment 4D. Six o'clock.

Fraser: Well thank you Mrs. Dogwood, I'm looking forward to it.

Mrs. Dogwood: Please, call me Enid.

[Ray comes running]

Ray: Hey! Hey! What's going on.

Fraser: I've just been invited to dinner.

Ray: Well where is he?

Fraser: Who?

Ray: The kid! The purse snatcher. Where is he? I wanna book him.

Fraser: I let him go.

Ray: You let him go?

Fraser: Well he apologized and promised never to do it again.

Ray: You just let him go?

Fraser: Not without a stern warning. Also, he gave me this.

Ray: Does the word 'incarcerate' mean anything to you?!?

Fraser: Well it's from the Medieval Latin, 'incarerata . . .

Ray: Medieval Latin? You let a perp go and you're giving me Medieval Latin?

Fraser: Actually, perpetrator is also Latin, from perpetrare . . .

Ray: Shut up, okay? Just shut up.

[outside the Consulate]

Marauding Cleaner Salesman: Now you strike me as a man with who has only one thing on his mind. You're saying to yourself, Why do I need another all purpose cleanser. Now, Dandy Cleanser isn't just any cleaning product. It removes rust, stains, mildew, always leaves a dandy shine. Hey look! You can see your face in it.

Ray: No kidding, can you see my badge in it?

Marauding Cleaner Salesman: That I can.

Ray: Okay I know you're acting as Canada's last line of defense here, guarding your consulate against marauding cleaner salesmen, but we've got a problem. You know that gun you took off the purse snatcher this morning? I ran it through ballistics, guess what it spit out. Go ahead, guess. You need a clue? It rhymes with the kid shot somebody. All right, not interested? I'll catch you later.

Fraser: Ray.

Ray: Ah sure now you want to talk.

Fraser: Shift just ended. What do you mean shot somebody.

Ray: A bullet from the kids gun matches one that they dug out of a guys arm yesterday. Robbery at a brokerage firm.

Fraser: Diefenbaker.

Fraser: He didn't do it you know. The kid.

Ray: And if he did I'm sure he apologized.

[27th precinct]

Huey: Okay Mr. Hamlin as we play the tape I want you to talk us through it okay?

Hamlin: Okay.

Huey: Okay.

Hamlin: Play the tape.

Huey: Go ahead.

Ray: Security camera runs twenty four hours in the place. They come in at 4:38 and gone by 4:41. Three minutes.

Fraser: Indicating someone with a lot of experience.

Ray: Or someone quick on their feet.

Hamlin: Here they are. Here they are. Three of them. Two of them were maybe six feet, the other one wasn't even five foot three or four. The little one just stuck a gun in my ribs. He just shot someone I thought.

Louis: Yeah sure you did. Did he say anything?

Hamlin: Just open the vault so I did.

Huey: Looks like they knew what they were after. They didn't touch any of the other stuff.

Hamlin: Just the bearer bonds.

Huey: The little one, you said he was five three or four. Could it have been a kid? You know, a teenager.

Hamlin: I'm not sure, uh, yeah, I suppose, yes.

Ray: Not a betting man are you Benny?

[interrogation room]

Ray: Lambert, William. Age 13. Quite a little record here Willie. Seven arrests. First at age ten. Petty theft. Theft. More theft.

Willie. I had to support my mother.

Ray: You don't have a mother, kid.

Social Worker: He also has no convictions so you shouldn't have that list.

Ray: We don't need it. We checked your prints against the gun. The only ones that come up are yours. You're going down for this one Willie.

Willie: I told you I found it somewhere.

Social Worker: You don't have to tell them nothing. Okay?

Fraser: Well that's true but I'd suggest it's in Willie's interest to talk to us. If you are innocent son, there is no reason to incarcerate you.

Social Worker: You're not from around here are you?

Willie: I'm suppose to trust you?

Fraser: Well I think you know you can.

Willie: Look. All I know about cops is all they want to do is just put you away.

Fraser: All right. Ray I think we've done all we can here.

Ray: Yeah the kid's born mean.

Willie: Hey-hey-hey wait a minute. You're not going to offer me some kind of deal or something?

Fraser: No. All I can give you is my word that I'll do my best for you.

Social Worker: Not good enough.

Willie: She said it.

Fraser: I understand. Ray?

Ray: Too bad kid.

[exit room]

Ray: Good, let him sweat. Punk'll crack in twenty minutes.

Fraser: He's scared but he's a pretty tough kid. I don't think he'll respond to threats.

Huey: Nice job Vecchio.

Ray: Is that a compliment Jack or do my ears deceive me.

Huey: Oh don't be so hard on yourself, Ray. Sooner or later you have to solve one case. Did your Mountie friend help you?

Fraser: Benton Fraser, Deputy Liaison Officer.

Louis: Jack Huey, Louis Gardino, actual detective.

Ray: Or as we call them, Huey and Lewie.

Louis: It's Louis, Vecchio and I don't like your mouth.

Ray: Touchy Lewie.

Louis: You want to see touchy?

Ray: Yeah, I do.

Huey: Easy fellas. If you'll excuse us fellas. Gardino and I have a suspect to interrogate. Thank you.

Ray: Hey Jack that's my pinch. You talk to this kid without me and I'll take it to the Lt.

Jack: Sure, Ray, if you think your record will support that. Go ahead.

Ray: Are you maligning my record, Jack?

Fraser: Ray, we're on the same team. These men are highly skilled investigators. I'm sure if they need our help, they'll ask.

Louis: Oh, absolutely.

Huey: Absolutely.

Ray: How could you do that? How could you turn my case over to them?

Fraser: The lunch room is this way?

Ray: Do you know how many times an offender falls right into your lap? How many times do you think that happens, huh, Fraser? How many?!?!

Ray: You know what your problem is? You think if you're nice to people, people will be nice to you.

[in lunch room]

Ray: You make this or scrape it off the street?

Vending Guy: Salmon, right?

Fraser: Thank you, Hugo.

Ray: You know maybe up in the Arctic Circle you cooperate with your cop buddies, I mean, who's going to fight over ice, right?

Fraser: Well, actually there was an incident once--

Ray: I don't want to hear it. Down here you make you're own case or you turn into a bicycle cop. And how do you know his name?

Fraser: It's written on his shirt.

Ray: This is what's wrong with you! You don't know what's important and what's not. The name of the vending machine guy is not important. This is a detail you do not need to record. You want to record a detail? Try this. That was my case.

[outside interrogation room]

Huey: Okay. The kid said he'd only talk to the guy in the hat. Could you?

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

Ray: I'm with the guy in the hat, fellas, you're not.

[interrogation room]

Willie: I told you I didn't shoot nobody. I never even saw the gun before yesterday.

Fraser: Where did you see it?

Willie: Someplace.

Ray: Like your pocket.

Social Worker: Interview is over.

Fraser: I'm sorry. May I? Why don't you tell us how you found it, Willie?

Willie: I was on my way home from school?

Ray clears throat.

Willie: okay, the track. And I see this lady come out of this building on Michigan Avenue.

Ray: You got a number on that building.

Willie: Oh yeah right. I wrote it down on my lap top. Well anyway, she goes down this alley and there's no one around and her bag is just hanging there so I grab it and took off. I get away, find the gun in the bag, end of story.

Ray: 'Fraid not Tolstoy. You see, you happen to steal a bag that happens to have a gun in it which happens to have been used in commission of a robbery.

Willie: So I had a bad day.

Ray: Tell me something I don't know.

Fraser: This woman. Can you describe her?

Willie: Depends. Can you get me out of here? Right-right I know, you'll do your best.

[Welsh's office]

Huey: No way. No way is that kid going to walk.

Louis: Lt. we have his prints on the gun and it was in his procession.

Ray: The kid's a pick pocket. He could have gotten the gun anywhere. Your eye witness can't even place him at the scene, Lewis.

Louis: One of the offenders matches his height and frame, Ray.

Ray: Oh yeah, you're right, why try to find who did it when you can blame the nearest twelve year old. I know a toddler who you can arrest for assault.

Louis: That's enough. You and me on the roof.

Welsh: Waoh-ho-o- easy now.


Welsh: Detective Vecchio, I could have sworn I specifically assigned this case to Detective Huey and Detective Gardino.

Louis: That's right Lt. Our case our call.

Welsh: Shut up Louie.

Louis: It's Louis sir.

Ray: Lieutenant? Could I help it if the kid'll only talk to a Mountie?

Welsh: Ah yes. The Mountie. I thought they sent you back up to the Yukon?

Fraser: Well they did, sir. And then they sent me back here again. I'm afraid I'm not at all that well liked up there, sir.

Welsh: By up there you mean...

Fraser: Pretty much all of Canada, sir.

Welsh: Hmm, the wolf isn't involved in this is it?

Ray: Only porifically, sir.

Fraser: Permission to speak freely, sir?

Welsh: This I like. Permission to speak freely. Go ahead young man.

Fraser: Leftenant, Willie Lambert is a petty thief. If he'd stolen a million dollars in bearer bonds, he'd hardly be on the streets the next morning stealing purses.

Welsh: Good reason. Louie?

Louis: Maybe some of the bigger kids took it away from him. How could I know.

Fraser: He says he found the gun in a brief case he stole. He can identify its owner.

Ray: We've got him out there right now sir putting together a composite.

Huey: Lt. you let that kid walk out of here you'll never see him again.

Welsh: Are you willing to take responsibility for him?

Ray: Personally? You see that's the problem sir, in that you know, I date a lot.

Welsh: Huey and Louie get him.

Louis: Good call Lt.

Fraser: I'll take responsibility sir.

Welsh: You want him?

Ray: It's a Mountie thing sir. Two more points and he gets to go camping.

Welsh: All right. You got him.

Louis: Wait a minute, Lt. You gotta--

Fraser: Thank you sir.

Welsh: One more thing. If you lose him, Vecchio loses his shield.

Fraser: That's perfectly reasonable sir.

[at Elaine's desk]

Ray: Do you know who this is? This is Heather Lockley. The kid is yanking our chain.

Willie: Hey-hey wait a minute. I saw her for two seconds. You try to draw one of these things.

Elaine: I'll run it through VI-CAP see if I can find a match.

Fraser: Thanks, Elaine.

Elaine: Want me to call you at home?

Ray: My case, Elaine, me. Detective Vecchio. Police officer. You talk directly to me, okay?

Elaine: But I should probably have the number just in case.

Fraser: Oh, uh--I'm afraid I don't have--

Ray: He uses smoke signals. We'll call in. Willie? Come on, mush.


Ray: What? They don't have women in the Yukon?

Fraser: Certainly. It's just they're not quite so ... uh ...

Female Cop: Like your dog.

Fraser: He's white.

Ray: Oh very smooth.

Female Cop: Call me.

Ray: Get out. And you, get out. Call me. You throw out a lame line like that and she says, 'Call me.'

[On the street]

Ray: Oh, yeah this is going to be fun. [Willie takes off, gets on a bus] Stop that kid. [to Fraser] We lost the little creep. We lost him.

Fraser: He'll be back.

[Willie gets off the bus with Dief]

Willie: Can I just say I really appreciate the trust you placed in me.

Ray: Yeah, right.

Willie: My sister was on that bus. I just wanted to tell her I wouldn't be in school for a while.

Ray: You've got one more chance kid. One.

Willie: Okay-okay. You want evidence, I'll show you lots of evidence. Gee.


Ray: So where is it?

Willie: It should be here. I dropped it around here somewhere.

Fraser: Nothing fits the description, Willie.

Willie: Man, maybe it was stolen or something.

Ray: Again?

Willie: Maybe you noticed this isn't the best neighborhood, cop.

Ray: This kid is making me angry.

Fraser: What have you got?

Ray: Why does this have to be my life? Mounties. Dogs.

Fraser: Come on Ray.

Ray: We're coming we're coming. You hook up the sled.

[further down alley]

Lady: Say ah. Yeah. Is your dog?

Fraser: Yes ma'am.

Lady: Nice dog. Good listener.


Lady: Hey-hey.

Fraser: Actually he's deaf.

Lady: Nice doggy.

Ray: Okay-okay, so what have we got?

Willie: There it is.

Fraser: Uh, Ray, this is uh--

Ray: Enough with the names. Police. Give me the bag.

Lady: Oh come on!

Lady: Help!

Fraser: Ray.

Fraser: Excuse me ma'am. That brief case is needed in a criminal investigation. We'd be most appreciative of your cooperation.

Lady: Fifty bucks.

Fraser: Ray.

Ray: I'm not giving her fifty bucks.

Fraser: Well I'm afraid all I can give you is five.

Lady: Why this money is blue?

Fraser: It's Canadian.

Lady: I am not.

Ray: All right. All right. Give me the bag.

Fraser: Thank you ma'am.

Ray: Don't look like bonds to me.

Willie: What?

[Morgan watching from her car]

Morgan: I found the kid, now I don't think you want to do that right now. He's with some cops. and they found your phony bonds. Hey quit whining I'm the one he can identify. I said I'd take care of him and I will. Just you make sure my share doesn't disappear or I'll take care of you. Understood?

[Willie's apartment]

Ray: I'm warning you, Willie, I'm not taking anymore of you. If I find a bond in here kid, you're going ways for this.

Willie: I didn't take no stupid bonds. I don't even know what a bond is.

Fraser: there wasn't anything else in the bag. Certificates with seals on them?

Willie: On my sister's life. And I do have a sister.

Ray: Oh yeah, so where is she?

Willie: Around.

Fraser: Is she the one who does the shopping?

Willie: She's been busy, okay? So you two go home, get some rest and we'll start fresh in the morning. Okay?

Fraser: He can't stay here.

Ray: Well he's not staying at my place.

Fraser: Can you make a bed?

Willie: You mean, out of twigs?

[Fraser's apartment]

Willie: Satisfied?

Fraser: Couldn't have done better myself.

Willie: Wow. So I took out the trash, washed the walls and made the bed eight thousand times. What's next. Maneuvers?

Fraser: Here.

Willie: For what?

Fraser: You earned it.

Willie: Yeah?

Fraser: Yeah.

Fraser: Goodnight Diefenbaker.

Willie: Fraser? You know crack dealers are even afraid to come into this neighborhood?

Fraser: Goodnight Willie.

Willie: Fraser?

Fraser? Uh huh?

Willie: Why is this money pink?

Fraser: Goodnight Willie.

Willie: Goodnight.

[Ray's car]

Elaine: Her name's Carol Morgan alias Morgan Thomas.

Ray: Whoa-whoa-whoa, Elaine. Is that a definite make?

Elaine: According to the FBI. Is Fraser with you?

Ray: Fraser doesn't work there, Elaine, I do. Now about the suspect.

Elaine: Armed robbery, three arrests, one conviction all in Florida.

Ray: Long way to come to steal blank paper.

Fraser: Indeed.

Elaine: Fraser? Is that you?

Fraser: You better stay here.

Ray: You can't leave him in the car.

Fraser: He'll be fine.

Willie: Absolutely.

Fraser: Dief. Dief. Stay.

Willie: Shoo.


Fraser: After you sir. After you.

Ray: Do all Canadians grow up longing to be doormen, because this does explain the uniform.

Fraser: Why five o'clock?

Ray: Sorry?

Fraser: Why pick the busiest time of the day to stage a robbery.

Ray: So you can disappear into the crowd.

Fraser: Still you think of all the potential witnesses, the difficulty of making a get away.

Ray: Can we talk about this inside?

Fraser: Oh, certainly.

Ray: Why not. After you. Oh please, after you. Anybody else?

[Hamlin's office]

Ray: You recognize this Mr. Hamlin?

Hamlin: This could be it but it's hard to say. Every financial firm in this city uses these.

Ray: Could you have made a mistake. Handed the thief the wrong portfolio?

Hamlin: Huh, don't I wish. But the auditors have combed this place from top to bottom. If the bonds were still here they'd have found them. Is he?

Fraser: Observing.

Ray: He's very thorough.

Hamlin: So I see.


Willie: Now I'm just going to go for a little walk. Okay-okay. Geeze.


Hamlin: Well perhaps the thief handed the bonds off to an accomplice. Or maybe the bag you found wasn't even hers?

Fraser: It's a possibility. Thanks for your help.

Hamlin: Anything I can do.

[in hall]

Ray: He is in on it.

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Don't ask me how I know, but I know.

Ray: How do you know?

Fraser: Same way you do.

Ray: I guessed.

Fraser: Oh.

Ray; What do you mean, Oh? How do you know? You stick a wet finger in the air and you decide he was a thief?

Fraser: No-no. From that all I can tell is they have a malfunction in the ventilating system.

[to repairman on ladder]

Fraser: Pardon me, you have a broken cooling vent in suite B[the to Ray] It's of no importance, Ray.

Ray: So?

Fraser: He told us. He referred to the thief as her.

Ray: And before he said they were all men as did the other witnesses so the only way he could know is if he was in on it.

Fraser: Exactly.

Ray: Well, exactly.


Willie: See? We could take a walk in the park. I mean, it's a beautiful day. Oh, man you're a real pain, you know that?

Bad guy: Come on. Come on. Come on, open the door.[breaks window of Riv while Willie is hot wiring the Riv]


Ray: So the robbery had to be a cover. The thieves never had the bonds. Hamlin stole them.

Fraser: My question is: How did Hamlin get the bonds out of the office and where are they? Per the accountant, the bonds were still in the vault before four p.m.

Ray: And we know this because?

Fraser: Because he signed the log in the vault and Hamlin never left the office all day.

Ray: So the accountant took them.

Fraser: No, everyone is checked by security upon leaving.

Ray: Huh. So the question is: How did Hamlin get the bonds out and where are they?

Fraser: Uh huh.

[breaks front window]

Bad guys: Come on. Come on. Get the dog. Come on, shoot the dog, shoot the dog.

Fraser: Ray!

Willie drives off just as the song It's All Over Now by the Headstones and Ray running after them]

Ray: Fraser!

Fraser: Be right there.

Ray: Hey!

[Fraser shows up with a carriage, Ray jumps on]

Fraser: Oh, uh, hop up.

Ray: Go-go-go! Good to see you Benny.

Fraser: Good to see you Ray.

Fraser: He-Yah! He-Yah!

Ray: Through the park.

Fraser: You got it Ray.

Ray: Police! Police! Get out of the way. Get out of the way.

Fraser: Sorry. He-Yah!

Ray: Coming through. Coming through. Look out. Look out.

Fraser: He-Yah! Sorry. Sorry-sorry-he-yah!

Bad Guy: Go-go!

Fraser: Whoa-whoa-whoa!

[Ray runs to Riv, looks in, no Willie]

Ray: Damn!

[Song ends]

[Welsh's office]

Ray: So he yanks on the reins, the horses rear up, the car swerves, it takes off, it really was amazing, sir.

Welsh: Sounds it. And how bout our witness?

Ray: Oh, uh, yes, he uh what he did was he--

Fraser: He ran away.

Ray: More or less, yes.

Welsh: Mmm, what a shame.

Ray: No one is more chagrin then myself sir.

Huey: We got there too late, Hamlin is gone.

Welsh: One disappointment after another. Perhaps if you had thought to call in before you went cantering through the park but these judgement calls are so difficult to make.

Ray: Ah yes that's true sir. You really had to be there.

Welsh: Would five o'clock be enough time to clear out your desk? I mean I don't want to rush you but uh we could use that space for actual police work.

Ray: Five o'clock would be--

Fraser: Rush hour.

Ray: Uh, he's just now picking these things up sir.

Fraser: It has nothing to do with rush hour.

Ray: No it just gives me enough time to pack.

Fraser: Permission to leave sir.

Welsh: Oh, yes.

Ray: I better look after him sir.

[Ray's desk]

Fraser: Hamlin couldn't have taken the bonds out himself and he couldn't risk the bonds being missed. So they had to remain in the vault until just before the robbery.

Ray: But if he was in on it why didn't he let the robbers take the bonds?

Fraser: You know Ray, When I was a young man, my father told me one thing to always remember about thieves. Well, actually he told me two things, but I've forgotten the other one. Anyway, the important one is that despite the adage, you will rarely find honor among thieves.

Ray: You can't remember the other one?

Fraser: It was something about tying a wallet to your underwear. I was very young at the time. Anyway, the point is if they took the money during the robbery, then Hamlin would have to trust them to give him his share.

Ray: And they don't look like trustworthy types.

Fraser: Indeed, so he had to get them out just before the robbery but do it without drawing attention to himself. It would have to be a normal occurrence. Something that happened everyday just before five o'clock.

Ray: The courier! That is so stupid.

Fraser: It's simple.

Ray: So he sent them to himself.

Fraser: No to easy to trace.

Ray: To the woman.

Fraser: Doesn't trust her.

Ray: To who then?

Fraser: Maybe no one.

Fraser: A fake name. A fake address, no way to trace it.

Ray: Which means the package would end up back at --

Fraser: The depot.

Ray: Exactly.

Fraser: Which means--

Ray: I'm going the wrong way. hang on.


[Post office]

P.O. Clerk: Okay miss can I help You?

Morgan: My cut remember? Split that up right now.

P.O.Clerk: It's your package.

Lady: It isn't wrapped in butchers paper. My sister always uses butchers paper.

P.O. Clerk: It's your package.

Lady: Are you sure this is the right package? I don't think it's my package.

Morgan: Take the package lady.

P.O. Clerk: How can I help you?

P.O. Clerk: Sign please.

[bad guys over the counter]

Ray: Which way-which way?

[Ray over the counter]

Morgan: Find him!

Fraser: Uh, I'm here on an unofficial capacity. Do you mind if I?

[Fraser over the counter]

P.O. Clerk: Not at all.

[Morgan dumps boxes onto Hamlin. Fraser ties him up]

Fraser: Watch this guy. Dief. Stay.

[Ray and bad guy on conveyor, fight, Fraser pulls bad guy off, Morgan running with bonds, drops part of them]

Morgan: Lose it.


Morgan: Don't move Boy Scout. Back right off.

Fraser: You all right Ray?

Ray: I'm well Fraser and you?

Morgan: Dead in your tracks right there. Take out the gun and drop it on the floor.

Ray: Don't do it Fraser, Take the shot.

Fraser: I'm afraid I'm not carrying a gun.

Morgan: Drop the gun.

Fraser: I honestly don't have one.

Ray: Sharp shooter first class. He can take the head off a pin.

Fraser: He's right about that.

Ray: Drop it or he takes you out.

Fraser: I would if I had a gun, Ray.

Morgan: Show me the gun!

Fraser: Well, we'd have to go back to my office. I do have this knife.

Ray: Oh, that's good Benny. Threaten her with camping utensils.

Fraser: Can't afford to bluff Ray. She's already shot one person.

Morgan: Drop it on the floor-drop it. The belt too.

Fraser: Are you sure you've thought this through Ma'am?

Morgan: Move over here slow. And pick up the bonds.

Fraser: I don't think you want me to do that.

Morgan: Pick them up.

Fraser: All right. But it's a mistake. [picking them up] You see a bond is a bankable note. It's an instrument of trust between two people indicating a public promise that must be honored. Much like a promise I made to uphold the law. So you see the problem is now that I have the bonds in my hands I'm honor bound not to give them to you.

Ray: Give her the bonds, Fraser.

Fraser: I can't do that Ray.

Morgan: You got three seconds and I shoot him! One.

Fraser: I'm sorry Ray.

Ray: What do you mean sorry?

Morgan: Two.

Ray; Give her the damn bonds.

Fraser: Can't do it. I'm walking out of here with them.

Morgan: That's it. He's dead.

[Fraser turns and walks away]

Fraser: Sorry to hear that.

Ray: Fraser!

Morgan: Three! [bang!]

[Ray wrestles her to the ground]

[Ray standing over Fraser]

Fraser: She shot my hat, Ray.

Ray: She shot you in the hat?

Fraser: I can feel air coming in through the hole.

Ray: She shot you in the hat, all right.

Fraser: How does it look?

Ray: Doesn't look good.

Fraser: We'll have to go home and get my other one.

Ray: We can do that, Fraser.

Fraser: Thanks, Ray.

[Ray helps him up]

[walking through the building]

Ray: All I'm saying is in the future it's a good idea that you don't suggest somebody shoot me.

Fraser: Well I didn't want to Ray but it was necessary in order to enrage her.

Ray: You wanted to enrage the person that had a gun to my neck, that was your strategy?

Fraser: I knew that if I kept at it, eventually I'd draw her fire and you'd get your shot and I knew you'd trust me.

Ray: But I didn't.

Fraser: Yes you did.

Ray: No, I didn't.

Fraser: Yes. You did.

Ray: No. I didn't.

Fraser: Well of course you did. Maybe you just weren't fully aware of it.

Ray: I was very aware of my feelings toward you, Fraser.

Fraser: Well, if you didn't know what I was planning, then why'd you play along?

Ray: I wasn't playing along. I was begging for my life!

Fraser: Oh. Oh. Well. Uh, my mistake.

Ray: Mistake? You coulda gotten me killed.

Fraser: Well no, I'd never allow that. You're my friend. You're my best friend I'd have to say.

Ray: I am? Hey! Exactly how many best friends have you had?

[27th precinct]

Ray: Elaine you should have seen me. So I land on the conveyor belt and this guy he jumps on my back and then suddenly--

Elaine: Fraser saves you.

Ray: No-no, I flipped the guy off. but then he grabs a crowbar right? And he swings it at my-

Elaine: Fraser grabs it.

Ray: No, I duck and then out of nowhere--

Elaine: Fraser appears.

Ray: Did you know that he pins his wallet to his underwear?

Elaine: Cool.

Fraser: Well, actually I was very young and the underwear was rather long and I . . . Ray?

Elaine: Okay.

[Ray's desk]

Ray: Lt. you see I was gonna clean that out but --Willie!

Welsh: He said you told him if he gets lost he should come here.

Ray: Anybody can get lost right?

Welsh: Yeah. You win kid.


Welsh: Oh Vecchio, good work.

Ray: He came back!

Willie: If I didn't you woulda got it trouble, right?

Ray: Right.

Willie: I figure that's worth a twenty.

Ray; No question about it.

[outside Fraser's apartment]

Fraser: All right you come over feed and walk him twice a day and I'll take him out again when I get home at night. Deal?

Willie: Deal.

Fraser: It's twenty five dollars a week as long as you stay in school.

Willie: Wait a minute that uh --

Fraser: I know, I know, I'm sorry. Ray, would you mind?

Ray: Here, take the wallet, just give me an allowance.

Fraser: There you go.

Willie: Come on Dief.

[in car]

Ray: You can't keep doing this you know.

Fraser: What's that?

Ray: Romping through the streets of Chicago rescuing widows and orphans as you may.

Fraser: It's just one kid, Ray.

Ray: You're not in a small town anymore you can't rescue everyone you meet.

Fraser: No. I understand.

Street Person: Hey Fraser! Thanks for the boots!

Fraser: Glad they fit, Gerome.



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