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.. Scénář - 10. epizoda - Vozkův dárek (Gift Of The Wheelman) ..

[Street, talking to Dief in the Riv] Fraser: Now you stay in the car and keep your nose out of those packages. They are not for you. [to Ray] He's searched through every cupboard and drawer in the apartment trying to find out what I got for him but this Christmas he will not succeed.


Clerk: Well what do you think?

Del: How much is it again?

Clerk: Seventy five dollars. Well I have some over here that are less expensive and you really can't tell the difference.

Del: Well he can tell. He used to have one just like it.

Clerk: It is a beautiful gift.

Del: Okay, okay, I'll buy it.


Ray: Oh no, I know that tone in your voice. You think I'm being cheap.

Fraser: No, I think there's nothing wrong with being frugal. If you can't afford to buy presents well getting them by opening an account is a viable if not inventive alternative. Ray: But you think I can afford it. You think I'm just being cheap. That's what you're thinking.

Fraser: I think nothing of the sort. Now where

Ray: Right here. Savings and Loan.

Fraser: Ah, of course.

Ray: See? You see? That's the tone I'm talking about. You see that tone?

Fraser: What tone?

Ray: That tone. You see?

Fraser: You can't see a tone Ray.


[Various Crime Santas : Stay down. Move it, move it. Get the hell out of here. Leave it, leave it. Toss me the bag.]


Fraser: Ray.

Ray: Fraser, it's a fire alarm.


Ray: Hey Chris Kringle, where's the fire.

Crime Santa: Where the hell is he?

Ray: Anything?

Fraser: No. but this young man did.

[27th precinct]

Santa: Come on, this is crazy. You know how much money I'm loosing right now? Every kid that sits on my lap, I get two bucks.

Huey: Yep.

Santa: I can go through forty kids an hour!


Santa 2: No! No one can do fifty and live.

Louis: It's not a difficult question, okay? Where were you at twelve o'clock today.

Santa 3: Hey man, I got three hours of booking at the department store.

Louis: Yeah. One of those elves said you went out for about twenty minutes.

Santa 3: Yeah well, he's a lying rat bastard.


Huey: No, you. What are you waiting for, Christmas?


Elaine: We're not interested in how fluffy his beard was.

Lady witness: That's him!

Elaine: That's the sixth you've pointed to. Can we focus a little here.

Lady witness: He had a twinkle in his eye.


Ray: I don't understand the problem here. Some citizen pulls the alarm and ran away.

Fraser: But ask yourself 'Who'

Ray. All the businesses above were closed. All the employees and patrons were on the floor. Anyone coming in would have been noticed by the wheelman. After they took over that building only four people had access to that

Ray: So what are you saying? One of the robbers pulled the alarm?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: That's ridiculous.

Fraser: About as ridiculous as going to a robbery with an unleaded shotgun.

Ray: I'll tell you for a second there Fraser, I thought I was...why would a guy pull the trigger of a gun he knew was unloaded?

Fraser: Seems improbable doesn't it?

Ray: Yes! You know the wheelman knew exactly when the bagman was behind the counter. If he pulled the alarm, they panic. He comes running in, the bagman is trapped behind the counter, he throws the bag to the wheelman who throws him back the gun.

Fraser: Clever isn't it?

Ray: Hey in the heat of the moment I'd take a gun over a bag any day. The whole things a double cross.

Welsh: Detective Vecchio, Huey, Louis, join me for some eggnog.


Welsh: The last half hour I've gotten calls from seven department stores, the Salvation Army, two parade officials and the director of a children's pageant. This was further augmented by calls from four city councilmen, the deputy mayor and the police commissioner. All curious as to why we are detaining all the Santa Clauses in the city on Christmas Eve. The police commissioner was especially irked since his daughter was sitting on Santa's knee in a department store when said Santa was cuffed and thrown into a paddy wagon. In our zeal to solve this case, I can't help but wonder if we haven't been, I don't know, how do you say it? Excessively stupid?

Louie: Detective Huey and I have a theory sir.

Welsh: Oh this I'd like to hear.

Louie: See we believe the perpetrators were dressed in Santa Claus suits in order to facilitate their get away by blending into the crowd.

Welsh: In that people don't usually notice armed men fleeing a crime scene in big red suits.

Huey: Actually they couldn't have had jobs in local department stores sir. I mean, that would be the perfect cover.

Welsh: This is your theory?

Huey and Louie: Yes sir.

Louie: It's not our only theory.

Huey: We have others sir.

Welsh: Detective Vecchio do you have a theory?

Ray: Uh, yes sir. But actually it's Constable Fraser's theory sir.

Welsh: Oh really?

Fraser: Afternoon Leftenant.

Welsh: Oh Merry Christmas Constable. I assume you're working on some kind of a North Pole connection?

Fraser: No sir. And actually it's a misconception that the North Pole is in Canada, sir. Its ownership has been in dispute ever since Admiral Perry planted a flag there in nineteen-o-nine. A fact that in itself has been in dispute ever since. Many believe it was Matthew Hensen, an African-American who first discovered--

Ray: Constable Fraser and I believe the wheelman pulled the alarm in order to throw the whole situation into chaos thus double crossing his partners.

Welsh: Oh sure. One of the robbers pulled the alarm himself.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Ray:And we have a witness who saw the wheelman without his beard. We got him out there going over the mug shots right now. If the wheelman's out there, he's pretty much in our pockets sir.

Welsh: Alright. Vecchio, you get out the wheelman. Huey and Louie you get the other three.

Huey: Yes sir.


Santa 6: Which one of your flatfoots took my reindeer.


Del: I looked. He's not in there.

Ray: Look one more time.

Del: I already did.

Ray: Look kid, whoever this guy is, he's no first timer. If he's done this before odds are one hundred to one he's right there in front of you. Maybe he looks a little differently but he's there so I need you to look again.

Del: He's not in there.

Ray: Look kid, I'm having a good day, okay. It's Christmas Eve. I am filled of love for my fellow man, but I swear to god if you don't look again I'll slap you upside the head.

Fraser: Ray. May I? Del, why don't you just describe the man you saw.

Del: I didn't get a good look.

Ray: The guy was three inches from your face. It doesn't get any better than that.

Fraser: Uh, Ray, maybe Del is just afraid of what would happen if he identifies this man.

Fraser: Well maybe Del should be afraid of what will happen if he doesn't. Look kid, you're not the only one who saw a face. This guy was so close to you he could count your pores. How hard do you think it'll be for him to find out where you live. You put your finger on this guy and we can protect you and if you don't --

Fraser: We'll still protect you.

Fraser: Maybe he will but I won't and no other cop will either.

Del: You really were touched with the spirit of Christmas.


Ray: The kid's making a big mistake. What's that?

Fraser: It's a gift.

Ray: I don't know, maybe I was too rough on him.

Fraser: Yes.


Elaine: Hey guys. They pulled a palm print off the counter top. Your bagman is Robert L. Flannagan. FBI has him linked to six bank jobs with James and Cameron Donnelly.

Ray: No kidding.

Fraser: It that significant?

Ray: All the Donnelly's are something of a local legend around here.

Elaine: They had a partner named Nick Stalidas who skimmed some money from them. He took off to Mexico. The federales found him in bite-sized pieces in the Sea of Cortez.

Ray: There's only two rules writ in the pavement in this town. You don't steal from the mob and you don't cross the Donnelly's.

Fraser: Mmm, I think I should return this gift.

Fraser: Oh that's good Benny, we only have a couple of hours to find the wheelman before they turn him into fish food and you're delivering Christmas presents?

Fraser: Thank you Ray.


[alley behind Porter apartment]

Jimmy Donnelly: Hey, hey. Hi Del. Came looking for your dad. He wasn't home.

Del: Yeah.

Jimmy: You tell him Jimmy Donnelly dropped by will you? Tell him I expect to meet him tomorrow at the distillery as planned. Will you do that for me?

Del: If I see him, yeah.

Jimmy: That's a good boy.


[alley behind Porter apartment]

Fraser: Uh, Del, you left this at the station.

Del: Thanks.

Fraser: I'll give you a hand with this. William Porter, is that your father.

Del: Yeah.

Fraser: A writer is he?

Del: Not really.

Fraser: My father was quite the writer.

Del: Professional?

Fraser: No. A Mountie. But he kept journals. He must have filled up almost a hundred. You know it's odd. We never spent that much time together when we were young so it's only recently through his writing that I feel that I'd gotten to know him.

Del: Is he dead?

Fraser: Yes.

Del: Sorry.

Fraser: You know, I've always thought it was the bravest thing a man could do. Writing down his innermost feeling that any stranger could read.

Del: Well, I'm the only stranger read any of these.

Fraser: Mind if I read em?

Del: Suit yourself.


Fraser: Oh uh, the gift. Is that for your father?

Del: Yeah.

Fraser: I'm sure he'll treasure it.

Del: It's nothing.


Fraser: He wasn't scared. He knew the thief.

Ray: Did he I.D. him?

Fraser: Yes. He just didn't intend to.

[27th precinct]

Louis: Ow.

Elf: I told you everything I know about him.

Louis: Just a few more questions, okay?


Louis: Come on, come on Hurry up, let's go.

Elf: Hey what do we look like rats.

Louis: Don't push me.


Ray: Thank you.

Ray: Right.

Ray: Okay. Thanks. Parole office says Porter's been a model citizen. Worked as a janitor past six years. No complaints. Never missed a days work. You got that Elaine?

Elaine: Got it.

Ray: He'd come home to take care of his kid, then spends half the night writing short stories something he picked up in prison I guess.

Fraser: And the boys mother?

Ray: Left him with an Aunt about eight years ago and did a bunk. when he finally got out, he took the kid back.

Elaine: William Sydney Porter pled guilty to one count of armed robbery. He was the driver. Served seven years released on good behavior. Nothing since.

Fraser: Doesn't make any sense. Why would he leave his son.

Ray: Fraser, this may come as a shock to you, but here in the United States of America we've discovered bank robbers aren't usually the best family member.

Fraser: He leaves prison. He reclaims his son. He works six years at a minimum wage job.

Elaine: Twenty-seven. Elaine Bessbris.

Fraser: This isn't a man who would abandon his life without an awful lot of thought. When the Donneleys found out he betrayed them, his son would have been their natural target. I don't think he'd leave him behind unprotected.

Ray: Maybe he acted on impulse.

Fraser: No-no. I think he has a plan. We just don't know what it is.

Elaine: Thanks. Porter's passport expired last month. No request for renewal.

Ray: So where's he planning to go?


Ray: I brought the wire tape request over in person sir. But his honor had consumed a great deal of Christmas cheer and started cursing at me in Norweigen. I wasn't aware he spoke it either sir. I'd appreciate that. Alright.

[stake out]

Ray: Did you have to bring him?

Fraser: Well it is Christmas Eve, Ray.

Ray: What are you reading?

Fraser: My father's journals. I'm just going over old cases to see if there's anything similar.

Ray: Is there?

Fraser: Not that I've found.

Ray: What is it?

Fraser: I just wish I'd spent more time with him. There's a lot of things I should have learned.

Ray: I learned two things from my father. One -- timing. Mostly when to duck and two you never hit a kid, cause it doesn't teach him anything. I'm going to go to the gas station. I'll be right back.

[From the Journal of Robert Fraser] Sam Dalton made only one mistake. He planned everything but how he was going to spend the money. Before he hit Whitehorse he left a trail of twenties that took me right to his door.

Robert Fraser: That Sam's case was nothing like this.

Fraser: No I know but what I can't seem to find is--

Robert Fraser: Hello son.

Fraser: Hello Day. How are you?

Robert Fraser: I'm dead son. Other than that, do you mean?

Fraser: No, that's what I was asking.

Robert Fraser: Oh, that's good. Never be ashamed to ask a stupid question, son. I taught you that, didn't I?

Fraser: Not specifically, no.

Robert Fraser: Well, no time like the present. So fill me in on the case.

Fraser: The case.

Robert Fraser: The case. the case you're working on. Something about it bothers you about it.

Fraser: Well. In a nut shell. There was a bank robbery today, now we've identified the perpetrators, but the wheelman, that's the driver in Chicago parlance, double crossed his partners. Now what we can't seem to figure is there any insanity in our family?

Robert Fraser: No, not that I'm aware of.

Fraser: Good.

Robert Fraser: Well, there was your Uncle Tiberius who died wrapped in cabbage leaves but we assumed that was a freak accident.

Fraser: Oh, well...

[Donnelly's place]

Jimmy: You take your time Robert. Doing a little Christmas shopping I see. Robert: Check this

Ray: Porter had a second car parked in an alley about a block away.

Jimmy: Really. Cameron, have to apologize to you. Seems Porter isn't planning on sharing after all.

Cameron: Apology accepted James.

Jimmy: Ah Robert. I meant to ask you why did you toss Porter the bag?

Robert: I was trapped behind the counter man, the cops were coming.

Jimmy: So instead of running around the counter ya threw the bag and jumped over.

Robert: Yeah.

Jimmy: Well it makes sense.

Robert: I was thinking of getting out with the cash, you know.

Jimmy: But you didn't did you? You're the bagman Robert, you're suppose to carry the bag.

Robert: Hey Jimmy, Jimmy, come on man. He threw me the gun man, I mean the alarms were going off.

Jimmy: No no I understand. Everyone gets one mistake and that was yours. See what he got us.

Cameron: Far Side Calendars.

Jimmy: Oh I love those. Now let's see what young Del got.

[stake out, in the Riv]

Fraser: So did you just happen to pick this moment to reappear.

Robert Fraser: Well obviously you needed my help son and it was my fault. If I'd better prepared you, you wouldn't be floundering around like this.

Fraser: Well I'm not completely over my head Dad, I mean--

Robert Fraser: Don't try to make me feel better son. I failed you as a father. I'm gonna make that up to you now.

Fraser: How exactly do you propose to do that Dad? I mean it's not as though--

Ray: Anything happen?

Fraser: In what sense?

Ray: There's a light up there and it's condemned.

Fraser: Stay.

Robert Fraser: Me? Benton, Benton. See how fast he noticed that? Observation is everything, son.

Fraser: Thank you Dad.

[in alley]

Ray: They're out back.

Fraser: There!

Ray: Police. Freeze.

Robert Fraser: Count to three and rise up together shooting.

Fraser: I don't carry a weapon.

Robert Fraser: You what?

Fraser: I don't carry a weapon.

Robert Fraser: Is that smart, son?

Fraser: It's the law dad.

Robert Fraser: Well no time for niceties. Here, use mine.

Fraser: Well I appreciate the offer but it's imaginary.

Robert Fraser: Oh, so it is.


Ray: It's my last clip.

Robert Fraser: They're maneuvering for position.

Fraser: I can see that.

Ray: See what?

Fraser: They're maneuvering for position.

Ray: I can see that.

Robert Fraser: You only have a few seconds left.

Fraser: Right again.

Ray: About what?

Fraser: We've only got a few seconds left.

Robert Fraser: What you need son, if you don't mind me saying is a good solid plan--or you can just throw a rock.

Fraser: Fire your entire clip

Robert Fraser: Then he'll be out of bullets.

Ray: Then I'll be out of bullets.

Fraser: I heard both of you.

Ray: Is there an entire conversation going on here that I'm entirely unaware of?

Fraser: Yes. One. Two. Three.

Robert Fraser: At least you found the villans son. There's something to be said about that.

Fraser: Thank you.

Ray: Anytime.

[27th precinct]

Ray: We know your father did it. We know he has the money and we know that you know where it is. What we don't know is how smart you are.

Del: I can't help you.

Ray: Now we know. Benny talk to him. Ask him if he knows the guys with guns that were coming after him. You're father left you hanging kid. Maybe you should stop worrying about him and start worrying about yourself. Tell him that Benny.

Fraser: I will Ray.

Ray: Yeah, you do that.

Louis: Hey we said elves you moron (they bring in Elvis') Elves!

Fraser: Del I know you want to help your father. You wouldn't be much of a son if you didn't. The only way to protect him is if we can bring him in off the streets. Now it took us several hours to identify your father during which time he could have easily left town but he didn't.

Del: How do you know that?

Fraser: Yes I do. He wouldn't leave you. And yet he didn't get you out of town before the robbery. Or arrange to meet you someplace else now why is that?

Del: Well maybe his plans just didn't include me at all.

Fraser: Well I don't believe that. And I don't think you do either.

Del: Think again.


Ray: Talk to him?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Look kid we all didn't get the best fathers. And yours? Well he isn't going to win any parenting awards but he's all you got. so are you going to help him or not.

Del: He's gone by now.

Ray: Then you can go.


Ray: Just check out at the front desk before you leave.

Fraser: We can't just let him go back out there.

Welsh: All right. Keep a close eye on him. You're right his father will try to contact him again.

Fraser: What? We're going to use him for bait?

Ray: Something we like to do every Christmas.

Welsh: Don't lose him and don't let the Donnelley's get him.

Ray: Oh, I've got to call my ma and tell her why I'll be late. Meet you out back.


Robert Fraser: I never taught you in interrogate a witness son.

Fraser: I know.

Robert Fraser: The seven ways to tell if a man is lying.

Fraser: Well I kinda pieced it together for myself.

Robert Fraser: Oh good. So then you know what to watch for in their eyes?

Fraser: Yes.

Robert Fraser: You know if they look up and to the left, they're lying.

Fraser: Uh huh.

Robert: Unless they're aware of this in which case they try to look straight at you.

Fraser: Yeah.

Robert: Or they over compensate and end up looking to the left?

Fraser: Oh really? Would you mind waiting right here. I'll be right back.

[Riv, Fraser jumps in]

Fraser: Drive! Quick! Before he comes back.

Ray: Who?

Fraser: My father. Drive. Go.

Ray: Fraser, your father's dead.

Fraser: I know. And I don't want to speak ill of him, but he's driving me nuts.

Ray; Your father.

Fraser: He's not really here. I know that. It's all in my mind it's just that he refuses to stay there or rather he refuses to leave there. I really don't understand it but I tell you it's beginning to wear a little thin. I mean, does he think I'm completely ignorant? I bet the next thing he'll do is try to start a fire. You know Ray, I have half a mind to tell him to pack up and move out.

Ray: Of your mind.

Fraser: Yes.

Robert Fraser: Hello son.

Fraser: Oh God, he's back.

Robert Fraser: What's that?

Fraser: I said glad you're back dad.


Fraser: Not a word, all right?

Ray: Hey, No problem Benny.

Robert Fraser: That's him!

Ray: Who?

Fraser: There.

Ray: Where? Right in front of the police station? Now that is cheek.

[Porter's car]

William: We got a few minutes.

Del: I don't need to hear any excuses.

William: Will you just listen to me. If something happens to me, I gotta know.

Del: I don't want to hear this.

William: Something happens to me. You gotta know where I hid the money.

Del: I don't want the damn money.

William: I don't care what you want.

Del: There is a surprise huh?

William: Just listen to me. I don't know how this thing is going to turn out.

Del: Dad, you said you were finished. You know you promised me.

William: Del, Del, Del, I didn't want to do this. Just listen, just lis- just listen to me. If something happens to me I gotta know you're okay.

Del: That I'm okay huh? Now you think of this?

William: Don't talk to me that way, I'm your father.

Del: You're a looser. That's what you are. You couldn't make one damn thing work out for yourself, not one. So why should I listen to what you have to say?

William: Del! [Del runs off] Del! Del!

Fraser [standing behind a piling]: You won't get away with it. I know you must have a plan but there's no way it will work.


Ray: Now there's a man who loves his work.

Fraser: I don't think so Ray.

[27th precinct]

Fraser: You sure you don't want something?

Robert Fraser: No thanks son. I couldn't. Well this is the first Christmas meal we've had together in twenty years and I'm not even really here.

Fraser: Aren't you?

Robert Fraser: I don't know anymore about this then you do son. Am I here? Am I in your head? You in mine? Damned if I can figure it out.

Fraser: Well, finally, something you don't understand.

Robert Fraser: Well there's lots of things I don't understand, Benton! How I lived all those years and didn't get to know my son.

Fraser: You know I should be able to see his plan. I mean, there aren't that many variables. But no matter which way I twist it, I can't seem to see how he thinks he'll get away with it. I mean you don't double cross your partners then stay around town. You don't plan a get away and forget about your son. Unless you don't plan on getting away with it.

Robert Fraser: How do you mean?

Fraser: The only thing that explains his actions.

Robert Fraser: I don't follow you.

Fraser: No one would plan a double cross this intricate and leave the get away to chance. He did plan it through. He knew exactly what he was doing and he is not planning on getting away with it.

Robert Fraser: Nobody plans to fail son, it doesn't make sense.

Fraser: Yeah but it's the only logical solution, it doesn't have to make sense.

Robert Fraser: What the hell does that mean?

Fraser: Don't you see it?

Robert Fraser: No!

Fraser: Of course you do. It's obvious.

Robert Fraser : I don't!

Fraser: Really?

Robert Fraser: No.

Fraser: You don't?

Robert Fraser: No.

Fraser: Oh.

Robert Fraser: But you do. Go bring em in son. That's what I taught you.

[stake out, Fraser just shows up]

Fraser: Anything happen?

Ray: In what sense?

Fraser: Is Del still in there?

Ray: Yeah. Yeah.

Ray's Dad: Twenty-four hours and you still haven't solved the case.

Ray: Come on dad, it's Christmas day you want to give it a rest.

Ray's Dad: Hey, if you don't care about your work, it's fine with me.

[Porter apartment]

Del: First time he went to prison I was six years old. Actually thought it was my fault. I thought if I didn't ask him for all those kid things kids ask their fathers for, you know like bikes and toys or whatever, that he wouldn't go out and steal and get them for me. When he got out I was so careful not to ask him for anything. Cause I thought that if I did he'd go out and do something like this again. You know all I ever wanted was him here with me but it didn't matter what I wanted, did it? He didn't even tell me about this he just went out and did it. Well you know what? This isn't my fault and he's not my responsibility. He can go back to jail. He can go to hell for all I care.

Fraser: Oh he isn't going back to prison Del. That's not his plan at all. He's going to let you know where the money is. Then he'll kill the Donnelly's, then he'll kill himself. He'll make it look like the money was destroyed. You'll get it all. He's planning to die. And he's doing this for you.

Del: You know when I was most proud of him? What do you want me to do?


Fraser: Let's go.

Ray: Distillery....something closed down or abandoned.

Elaine: O'Hare and Sons Distillery closed about ten years ago. South side

Fraser: Thank you kindly Elaine.

Jimmy: Hello William. I'm here. Well you're a man of your word William. Bring me that big gun I like. I almost never get to use it.


Ray: Okay, you got two minutes then I'm in there.


William: You're one unlucky Canadian.

Fraser: I'd be careful if I were you. I think you're standing in a pool of gasoline.

William: I'm not interested in killing you. If you want to walk I'll let you.

Fraser: I can't do that. You know it took me a while to figure out what you were doing. One doesn't ordinarily equate crime with self-sacrifice.

William: I guess I'm going to have to take my offer back.

Fraser: You went straight William. Along time six years.

William: I love how people like you think that earning four dollars an hour is great and noble. I couldn't afford to buy my kid a Christmas gift. That's not noble. It's pathetic.

Fraser; I don't think your son would see it that way.

William: You know what my son saw? He saw Santa work twelve hours a day at a job he hated and then came home and worked another six hours at a job nobody wanted to pay him for. The only thing I ever showed my kid was how to be a loser.

Fraser: And you thought robbing a bank would win his respect?

William: Respect? Oh. Oh I haven't thought about that in a longtime. All I wanted was three dollars. Three dollars for the whole year and I'da made it. I was standing there at the counter with his gift in my hand. The girl says to me you're three dollars short. I started laughing. I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna have a heart attack right there in that department store. I suddenly realized that if I died right then and there, I'da left my son sixty two dollars, some lousy manuscripts and a lot of excuses and that's not good enough, that's - that's not enough to leave your son.

Fraser: You know William, I think there is only one thing a father needs to leave his son and that's a good example of how a man should live his life. Anything else the son can learn from himself. The greatest gift my father ever gave me was the courage to trust my own abilities. And I learned that through his example. You know you can give your son anything you want. But if you don't leave him a good example of how to be a man, you leave him nothing. That's what you'll leave Del. Nothing.

Ray: Put the lighter away William, you don't want to do this.

William: You stay put.

Ray: Nobody has to die here.

James: Now look at this Cameron. It's a Christmas party.

Ray: Drop the gun.

Cameron: Stuff it.

William: Jimmy.

Jimmy: Now you weren't' being totally frank with us were you William?

William: You want to kill me Jimmy? You want to do that? Go ahead.

Jimmy: That erector set I got you last Christmas was obviously a mistake.

Ray: You can't get away with this.

Fraser: Actually he can Ray. Everyone involved in the robbery will die so his son is safe from retribution. There's enough cash in that bag to convince the forensic experts that the money was destroyed in the blaze. The police will stop looking for it. All he has to do is drop that bottle. He gets away with it.

Ray: Thank you for backing me up on this one Benny.

Fraser: Sorry Ray. It's your decision William. Do you leave something for your son or do you steal from him?

William: Drop it. Drop it. (to Ray) Not you you moron.

Ray: Sorry.


William: Hi. Looks like I screwed up our Christmas plans.

Del: Yeah, it's okay.

William: US Attorneys agreed to three to five.

Del: That's good.

William: You'll be a man before I get out.

Del: I'll be all right. Aunt Celia's a cool guy you know.

William: I'm sorry Del. I'm really sorry.

Del: I got you something Dad.

William: Thanks. It's beautiful. It must have cost you a fortune. I used to have one just like this. You were six then. How do you remember that?

Del: I used to watch you write. You know I'd think, uh, that's my dad.

William: I didn't get you anything son.

Del: Yes you did.

[Fraser's apartment]

Fraser: You know, I think you're wrong about Sam Dalton. Cases weren't entirely dissimilar. Dad? You still here?


Robert Fraser: Merry Christmas Son. Merry Christmas.



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