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.. Scénář - 15. epizoda - Divoká smečka (The Wild Bunch) ..

[Fraser's apartment. Dief is looking out window]

Fraser: One's for dinner. Make sure he finishes them and no snacking in between.

Willie: He won't eat it. He hates vitamins.

Fraser: Well they're good for him. He's been looking a little peeked lately.

Willie: He just wants to get out. Don't you boy.

Fraser: Hm. Them again.

Willie: They're not bad.

Fraser: Oh, I'm not saying they are. [to Dief] But you think you could exercise better judgment when choosing friends don't you? [whine] Oh no. Don't start with me. Remember what happen last time.

Willie: Oh come on! They're dogs, they're suppose to knock over trash cans.

Fraser: Thirty-seven trash cans all in a row?

Willie: So they got excited.

Fraser: One was a Sanitation engineer and I didn't notice either of you offering to carry him to the hospital.

Willie: He weighed three hundred pounds and besides, all he did was faint. Okay, I'll watch him this time. He'll never leave my sight.

Fraser: He's already had one walk today so you feed him and when I get home from work, we'll all take a walk together.

Willie: You gave me the job, why won't you trust me with it?

Fraser: Well I do trust you, I do. It's just that [woof woof woof coming from outside] It's that he just seems out of sorts lately and I don't know what the problem is because he won't open up and talk to me but I think once he and I have had a little chat.

Ray: Okay, I'm here. If you want a lift get in the car.

Willie: I thought he blew it up.

Fraser: He did.

Ray: We're not talking about that, okay? We don't mention it, we don't discuss it.

Willie: Sure.

Ray: Fine. Let's go.

Willie: What's he driving?

Ray: Heard that!

Fraser: Be right there Ray. [To Dief and Willie] Alright try and have a good day.

Willie [to Dief]: Yeah, I know. How about a nice game of monopoly. No, huh?

[in loaner car]

Fraser: Nice glove box. Very spacious. Good seat covers. Motor pool?

Ray: I thought we agreed not to talk about it.

Fraser: Ah, of course. I'm sorry. The loss of a loved one is always a shock.

Ray: Fraser.

Fraser: Well, I'm sorry but-but I do understand. You'd be hard pressed to find a finer example of Detroit's automotive engineering than the 1971 Riviera.

Ray: Enough! Okay? Enough, alright? You took the Riv, you drove it all over the countryside, you gave it to a convicted felon, you ran it into a ditch and you forced me to blow it up. You've done enough.

Fraser: Lives were saved, Ray.

Ray: And yours was spared. I loved that car. [car makes dying sounds. stops running] Not a word.

[Dief still watching out window]

Willie: Can't you tell them to shut up. Somebody's going to call the cops. They're your friends. Do something. You heard Fraser, You're grounded. [whine] forget it. [whine] Okay? You're a bad influence on me you know that? [whine] Okay, okay. [Willie opens the window, barking outside, Dief heads for his pack] Hey Diefenbaker! Diefenbaker, wait up! Hey! Hey! I've got milk bones. Anybody want milk bones? [Dief joins his friends] On no! I'm dead!

[chases dogs. Dief heads for Maggie's house, collects her then off they go. Animal control truck is cruising, sees them and is following.]

[pack of dogs crosses in front of Ray and Fraser]

Ray: Dogs.

Arnold Benedict: [catches Maggie]: Well, well just what the doctor orders. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Nice and easy, come here. Come here. Yeah, that's good. Maggie is it? Well, not anymore. Come on. Come on. [puts Maggie in truck]

Willie: Diefenbaker! No!

Fraser: It's not a bad ride. I mean, we've been driving how far we been driving?

Ray: Two blocks.

Fraser: Ah. Oh brake! [Ray slams on the breaks and a wolf runs past]

Ray: Idiot.

Fraser: Diefenbaker?

Ray: I know, I know, follow the wolf.

Fraser: Oh Ray! [the whole pack goes by...a couple seconds later, the littlest dog goes by]

Ray: Ah great. Is it safe now or should I wait for the cattle drive.

Fraser: No go ahead. [Ray starts to pull out]

Willie: Hey watch it birdbrain. [car dies]

Fraser: You know Ray I'm just gonna

Ray: Good idea. [they both jump out and start running after the parade]

[animal control truck still driving around, sees Dief in front of his truck and looks like he won't stop. Willie runs over and stands with him]

Willie: Dief!

Ray: Get that kid. If I find you or the wolf, you're both dead!

Willie [to Benedict]: Hey back off alright.

Fraser: Excuse me sir, I'm Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. May I help you?

Arnold Benedict: Not unless you have a gun.

Fraser: Well-well I'm afraid I'm not actually--

Arnold Benedict: And this animal is under arrest.

Ray: Alright, I'm the cop here I'll say who's under arrest. [to Fraser] Who's under arrest?

Arnold Benedict: This wild animal. He chased me for six blocks. He not only violated the leash law, he's also guilty on disturbing the peace and creating a public nuisance.

Fraser: Officer uh, Benedict?

Arnold Benedict: Yeah. Arnold Benedict.

Fraser: Diefenbaker is my wolf. I'm afraid I'm entirely responsible for his unfortunate behavior.

Willie: No you're not. I am. Look, I'm sorry. He just looked so sad cooped up inside that apart--

Fraser: We'll discuss your part in this later. In the meantime, I have his license right here if you'd be so kind as to write up a ticket--

Arnold Benedict: Hey, I don't care if you have a license. That animal is crazy, I told you, he tried to attack me.

Ray: Alright. Look buddy, obviously there's been a misunderstanding here. So the wolf and his friends got a little frisky. Can't we settle this without going through all that nasty, time consuming paperwork?

Arnold Benedict: No dice. [Dief growls, attacks Benedict]

Arnold Benedict: He bit me!

Fraser: That's enough! I'm terribly sorry officer, it's not at all like him.

Arnold Benedict: Sorry isn't enough Constable. That is a dangerous animal. He's going into quarantine.

Fraser: Quarantine?

Arnold Benedict: You don't like it? Talk to a judge.


Officer Cuthbert:: Could be rabies. Or it could be he just had a bad day. We'll know soon enough.

Fraser: Thank you officer.

Officer Cuthbert:: Hey don't worry. We'll take good care of him.

Fraser: Yes sir. [to Ray] It just isn't like him. What could he possibly be thinking?

Fraser: I don't know Fraser, for some reason wolves rarely share their inner most thoughts with me. Now you're gonna have to go to court and even if he isn't sick you're still gonna have to prove that he isn't a chronic biter.

Fraser: Diefenbaker is never bit a person in his life. I have all of his papers, his shots are up to date. He must have had a reason.

Ray: He does have a reason. He's a wolf.

Fraser: That's a popular misconception Ray. Wolves only attack human beings if they've been severely provoked.

Willie: So, did you spring him?

Fraser: No! I can't do that Willie. Diefenbaker's broken the law. We have to let justice take it's coarse.

Willie: You gotta be kidding me.

Fraser: Hm um.

Willie : Come here. [leads the both onto the other side of door, points to Officer Cuthbert:] See the way I figure it, that guy in there is really soft so let's just slip him a few bucks.

Ray: Good idea.

Fraser: That would be bribery.

Willie & Ray: Right!

Fraser: Absolutely not. The only way we're going to help Diefenbaker is to insure that he receives a fair hearing.

Ray: Oh come on Fraser, he bit the guy. You saw him, I saw him. The wolf's guilty.

Fraser: But what happen before we got there. There could be extenuating circumstances, witnesses to those circumstances, we won't know this until we've completed out investigation.

Ray: Our investigation! Look, I've got a full case load with crimes involving humans. I think that takes precedence.

Fraser: You're right. You're too busy.

Ray: Oh come on Fraser.

Fraser: No. No I mean that Ray. You have more important things to do. We'll manage.

Ray: The kid? You're gonna send a known felon out to solve a crime?

Willie: Hey I'm strictly misdemeanors and you know that.

Ray: Fine. Do it on your own. See if I care. Probably won't make it past the first witness.

[neighbor's door in Fraser's apartment]

Ray: Well it seems the wolf has made a less than favorable impressions on your neighbors.

Fraser: Well I can see why. I mean he's very personable once you get to know him.

Ray: Really. Let's review. One. Runs with pack of motley stray dogs.

Fraser: Ray, they're not dangerous. They just haven't had a bath.

Ray: Two. Knocked over fifty-seven garbage cans while leading the afore said pack.

Fraser: Thirty-seven and he helped clean them up afterwards. Furthermore, he is not their leader.

Ray: Three. Suspected of killing and eating missing neighborhood pets.

Fraser: Ray, really, that's another misconception. Wolves only kill when they're ravenous and their preferred prey is large hoofed animals. I don't see how Mrs. Pumputis' Pekinese can bear a passing resemblance to a caribou.

Ray: Well....

Fraser: Even if it was wearing shoes.

[on street]

Fraser: Well we haven't actually found anyone who saw Diefenbaker harass Officer Benedict.

Ray: Yeah, we haven't found anyone who said Benedict provoked him either.

Fraser: The burden of proof rests with the opposition Ray.

Ray: Aw come on Fraser. Think. We got a wolf on one hand, animal control officer on the other. Who you going to believe.

[to Molly's owner]

Fraser: Excuse me ma'am, I couldn't help noticing that you're--

Jackie Alexander: Oh have you seen her? She's a husky. Gray and white. About 35 pounds.

Fraser: Uh, no. I'm afraid not. How long has she been missing?

Jackie Alexander: So you're the Mountie. That wolf is yours, isn't he?

Fraser: Well I do own a wolf, yes.

Jackie Alexander: Well how can you bring a wild animal into this neighborhood? Don't' you have any conscience at all?

Fraser: Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm not sure I'm understanding what you're suggesting.

Jackie Alexander: That wolf of yours has been hanging around these alleys for weeks. Now I was so scared, I couldn't even let my son take the dog out for a walk.

Ray: Alright lady, the wolf's in custody, there's nothing to worry about.

Jackie Alexander: My dog is missing. I've been talking to the people in the laundry mat. They've lost pets too. Now some of them right out of their own backyard.

Ray: So call animal control.

Jackie Alexander: Well I did! None of them were picked up. They just disappeared like Maggie! I swear to you, if that animal of yours hurt our dog--

Fraser: then if that is the case then I will personally see to it that this situation is immediately and irrevocable dealt with. However, if you don't have any actual evidence against my wolf...

Jackie Alexander: This is my evidence. [hands him a missing dog poster] I just better find my dog. Understand?

Street guy [hands collar to Fraser]: Constable. I just picked this up in the alley and I thought you might want to see it. Some might call it evidence. Could send a certain wolf up the river for a long time.

Fraser: Thank you very kindly. [street guy salutes and leaves]

Ray: Great. A dog collar.

Fraser [reads the name on the collar]: Maggie.

[Dief whining, barking, talking to Maggie in the next room]

Arnold Benedict: Cut it out. Shut up you stupid mutts

Officer Cuthbert: Alright, alright everybody settle down. Thought that room was suppose to be empty.

Arnold Benedict: A stray. Just brought her in.

Officer Cuthbert:: Want me to write it up?

Arnold Benedict: No. I'll do the paperwork later. Thanks.

Officer Cuthbert:: Now you behave, huh?

Arnold Benedict: Shut up in there.

[Barking and talking]


Bailiff: Next. Okay. Case number ninety-five dash m one dash three two seven three nine. The City of Chicago vs. Diefenbakia?

Fraser: That's Diefenbaker sir.

Judge: Uh huh. Constable Fraser is it?

Fraser: Yes sir.

Judge: Okay. What I have here is a statement from animal control blah blah blah. Okay, it seems pretty straight foreword. Anything you care to add before I give you my ruling?

Fraser: Yes, there is your honor. May I?

Willie: He's going to tell the truth. We're dead.

Ray: Just give him a chance.

Fraser: On Tuesday last, the accused, that is my wolf, Diefenbaker--

Judge: Wolf?

Fraser: Well yes sir. He's a wolf. Uh partly anyway. I'm not sure what the other part is.

Judge: Wait-wait-wait. You let a wolf loose in the streets and he attacks somebody. Why doesn't that come as a surprise to me?

Fraser: Uh, well you see sir that's a popular misconception. The fact is--

Ray: Yo Benny, fall back. Your honor. Detective. Vecchio.

Judge: Uh huh.

Ray: Let's cut to the chase. So the wolf took a piece out of the animal control guy. He's a city beurcrate. I mean, come on, wouldn't you do the same if you had the opportunity?

Willie: Oh great!

Fraser: Uh, Ray.

Judge: *Ray* Vecchio?

Ray: Uh yes, your honor?

Judge: You're the cop that got Justice Powell committed to county psychiatric?

Ray: Hey look, just because a judge gets carried out of court on a stretcher screaming a particular Detective's name--

Judge: No-no-no-no. I'm very honored. Really. See I've always wanted to know just how many members of his immediate family did you actually indite.

Ray: Wee four including the toddler. But that was an unfortunate error.

Fraser: Uh, your honor about my wolf?

Judge: Okay. Uh, how many people has he actually attacked?

Fraser: Well none. Except in the line of duty.

Judge: Excuse me?

Fraser: Well you see sir as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police I tend to run across desperate criminals on occasion and Diefenbaker has often been extremely instrumental in bringing about their capture and their subsequent incarceration. As a matter of fact I have a letter of gratitude here from an Inuit elder in Tuktoyuktuk

Judge: No, that's okay. Thank you very much. Has he ever killed?

Fraser: No, of course not. Well at least not without cause. There was a nasty incident involving a wolverine on a northcumberland sound.

Judge: Okay so the answer to my question is 'Yes'. Tell me Constable just how long have you had this animal in captivity.

Fraser: Well I've never really thought of him as captive your honor. You see Diefenbaker was born in the wild, but he came to live with me of his own free will.

Judge: You mean he's wild? He'd not domesticated?

Fraser: Oh. No-no. He's very sociable if that's what you mean.

Judge: No Constable, that is not what I mean. What you have here is a wild animal living in an apartment. By your own admission has bitten more than one individual and is responsible for killing at least one other animal. This is not Lassie. Order the animal to be put to sleep.

Willie: You can't kill him. He didn't mean to hurt anybody. Look it was my fault.

Judge: Son, why don't you let the grown ups handle--

Ray: Your honor, you can't euthanize him just because he's wild. Why don't you send him back to the woods from where he came.

Judge: I can't do that Detective. Not so long as there is any question about him being a danger to man. Sorry.

Willie [to Fraser]: You can't let them do this. Fine. To hell with the law and to hell with you. [Fraser is ready to cry. Barely keeping control]

[pound. Fraser is sitting in Dief's cell]

Fraser: Well the good news is that Ray says we have nothing to worry about. It turns out, luckily for us that he's very well acquainted with a number of sitting judges and he's confident that one of them is bound to grant us a stay of execution. Well I know but it's not inconceivable that he would know one of them and the least we can do is let him try, don't you think? You know I was thinking today about that time you pulled me from the sound and uh I know I never really...you did want to come here didn't you? I just took it for granted that...I know I never really discussed it but I would hate to think you came here and stayed here all of this time just out of some kind of misplaced sense of duty. You wouldn't do that would you? [Dief whines. Fraser smiles] I didn't think you would. You know I-I could stay if you'd like. I, uh, I brought my bedroll. Okay, well if you'd rather be alone then....[Dief looks at the wall, high pitch whine, is clearly agitated. woof woof]

Arnold Benedict [getting Maggie in a port a pet carrier]: Here you go.

Fraser: Diefenbaker what's wrong? Diefenbaker! [Dief calms down and looks at Fraser] Alright. I'm leaving now, I'll be back in the morning. [Dief sees Maggie and tries to get past Fraser] No! [Fraser gets bit on wrist]

[27th precinct]

Elaine: Poor Diefenbaker.

Ray: I said not to worry didn't I say that? This is America, land of the lengthy appeal. I can tie this case up for years faster than you can say 'Judge Wapner'

Elaine: Sure.

Ray: Now I know some judges that are big dog lovers. A couple of calls and bin bang boom Dief is as good as a free puppy. You know I had a loss of my own recently Elaine and you didn't say anything about that.

Elaine: It was a car, Ray.

Ray: Can we not talk about this. Hello. Judge Axelrod? Yes, Detective Vecchio here. Uh yes sir. No. Why thank you sir, it has been a long time. Well I thought it was an open and shut case myself too sir. Dinner plans? Of course I'll get right to the point. Now you are a pet lover are you not sir? I recall seeing a picture of Prince I believe it was-- Your wife's dog. And the divorce proceedings aren't going well. Well gee, I'm really sorry to hear that sir. Didn't as a child? Uh, well if I were in your shoe I'd do exactly the same thing. Yes. Uh, my call, you know what sir? That's really not important. I mean you got enough uh, yes. Fine. Well thank you sir and god bless. Yes. It's going great. I mean I put in a lot of calls and you know this animal is as good as sprung.

Fraser: I appreciate your trying Ray.

Ray: No-no-no. This book--see this book here? This contains over fifty jurists and law makers. I have compromising photos of several. I mean you know we have not yet begun to fight. Let's see, Gold...Gold...Harry Gold.


Officer Cuthbert::There you go boy. I know we don't like to do it but when an animal bites it's owner well...I brought a little something extra for ya. Against the rules but a condemned man needs more than a bowl of kibble and a chew stick.

Arnold Benedict: Oh! What are you still doing here?

Officer Cuthbert:: Uh, last meal for 21B.

Arnold Benedict: Why bother?

Officer Cuthbert:: Any dog that would bite you can't be all bad, can it?

Arnold Benedict: Oh that's funny. Yeah.

Officer Cuthbert:: A new one?

Arnold Benedict: No, a mistake. I'm taking him back to his owner.

Officer Cuthbert:: Well lock up.

Arnold Benedict: Yeah.

Officer Cuthbert:: Good night guys.

[as soon as Officer Cuthbert: leaves, Benedict lets in the dog buyers]

Buyer 1: Bring us your injured, your weak and your homeless.

Buyer 2: The wretched refuse of your teaming shore.

Arnold Benedict: You don't pay me enough to listen to your stupid jokes.

Buyer 1: We do pay you to deliver and you're not the only worm around here that will steal peoples pets just to earn a couple of bucks. Where's the husky?

Arnold Benedict: Beauty, huh? Just like you ordered.

Buyer 1: Yeah, too bad -- cause she won't be when those lab people get through with her.

[Benedict loads the cages on the truck]

Arnold Benedict: Hey. Where's my money?

Buyer 1: We get paid on delivery. You get paid when we get paid. See you tomorrow.

[Willie sneaks in. Dief sees him and greets him]

Willie: Hey boy it's me. Boy you don't look so good. What have they been doing to you in here? Ah no, don't tell me, I can imagine. Hey-hey-hey, I'm here to help, okay? We'll have you out of here in no time. Back. You sure your okay? I mean, what that Judge said about you just ain't so, is it? You know that you're mad about not being in the wild and all? Well, even if you are, doesn't matter. Now you won't bite me will ya? I mean, we're friends aren't we? I mean you wouldn't go biting a friend now would you? [Willie cuts the lock] There, you see? This is going great. I'm here guy. I'm here. See? I told ya. I didn't give up on you. How you doing boy, yeah. Come on. You better get out of here.

[27th precinct. Ray is making more calls]

Ray: Vecchio. V-e-c-c---what do you mean he doesn't remember me? How can he not remember me? Alzheimers. Well, alright, fair enough.

Fraser: It's alright Ray.

Ray: Ah, look Fraser, I know that animal's your best friend.

Fraser: Yes but he is an animal.

Ray: Oh and a Riviera is just a car.

Elaine: Judge Maxwell's office just called. He died two years ago.

Fraser: Thank you Elaine.

Ray: Well those pictures weren't worth much anyway. [phone rings] Hello? Hold on.

Officer Cuthbert:: Hello. It's the ACC. Your wolf seems to have escaped.

Fraser: Escaped?

Officer Cuthbert:: It looks like he might have had some help. It could have been one of those groups who release pets from labs. It's the fashion these days.

Fraser: Willie.

Officer Cuthbert:: What's that?

Fraser: What will you do now?

Officer Cuthbert:: Notify the authorities and send an armed officer out to track him down. He has been ordered destroyed.

Fraser: I understand. Thank you. [to Ray] Can you take me home?

Ray: Sure.

[Fraser's apartment. He unlocks trunk and takes out rifle]

[Fraser gets into the loaner car]

Fraser: Did you get them? [Ray shows him a box of shells] Could you hold them till I ask for them?

Ray: It that your father's rifle? Why don't you let me do it for you.

Fraser: No, he's my wolf.

[Willie and Dief hitchhiking]

Trucker: How far you going?

Willie: Canada.

Trucker: Jump up.

Willie: Come on boy.


Officer Cuthbert:: Imagine, running away to try and release him. Kids got spirit.

Ray: Kid's a pain in the ass.

Fraser: Would you please notify all the border control points? Thank you.

Ray: What he's taking him to Canada?

Fraser: He's taking him back to the wild.

Ray: Hey that's out of my jurisdiction.

Fraser: Willie's in danger, Ray.

Fraser: From what? Diefenbaker? [shows Ray the bandage on his wrist, Ray mouths 'Oh my God']

Trucker: What's with him?

Willie: I don't know. Diefenbaker? Come here boy.[they get out of truck, Dief runs into the woods] Aw come on man, this isn't Canada! Diefenbaker, wait up!

Ray: Want to talk about it.

Fraser: No.

Ray: Come on you loved that wolf.

Fraser: You loved your car.

Ray: Yeah, but a car isn't a person, a car is nothing but a hunk of metal and steel bolts and leather. I mean I know that. But the wolf, it was the damnedest thing. It was like a person inside.

Willie: Diefenbaker! Where you going? You're going the wrong way. We just came from there. Canada's that way. Hey! Hey! [hard time keeping up]

Ray [into the radio]: That you, Elaine? [Ray is driving in the slow lane, going just about half the speed of everyone else]

Elaine: I just got word for a Lake County Dispatcher. A trucker reported picking up a kid with a wolf.

Ray: Ya got to hand it to the kid, he's got fugitive in his blood.

Elaine: Trucker said he dropped them outside of Waukegan. I checked the map. There's an interchange there that serves the I-94.

Fraser: We're coming up on it now.

Ray: Thank you kindly Elaine.

Willie: Do you know where you're going? You're stubborn, you know that? Stubborn and stupid. Hey Diefenbaker, wait up. Dief, wait up. Where you going boy. Wait up! Come on boy! Diefenbaker!

[tracking on foot]

Fraser: That's odd. These tracks, they're headed south. That's' back where we came.

Ray: Doesn't the kid know where north is?

Fraser: Well of course he does. I gave him a compass.

Ray: Yeah, I got a compass for my 10th birthday. Every direction I turned, it pointed north. Well it wouldn't matter Ray. If he was confused or the compass was broken, all he'd have to do is follow the highway. Yet these tracks go the other way.

Ray: Good, maybe he got smart and he's going back home. Look Fraser, the wolf's crazy why don't you let the animal control guy take it from here.

Fraser: He's not crazy. [looking at the tree trunk]

Ray: He did that?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Oh, I wouldn't call peeling the back off a tree normal behavior even for a demented wolf.

Fraser: It's hunting behavior. When a wolf kills it's prey, he peels off the hide. It's more efficient for the digestion. But I don't see a carcass anywhere.

Ray: It's a good sign.

Fraser: Every wolf born in the wild is raised with the instinct to kill. For food or self preservation or to protect it's own. His anxiousness lately, running with that pack of strays. Now this. I think he's returning to his wild state.

[still chasing after Dief who is heading for a group of buildings]

Willie: Is that where we're going? Oh man! and what was with that bark thing. If you were hungry, all you had to do was say so. I mean gee. I did pack sandwiches. Oh man! Fraser's going to kill me. Wait up Diefenbaker.

[Lab buyer is examining Maggie]

Buyer 3: She'll be fine. Can't use the other's.

Arnold Benedict: What do you expect me to do with them?

Buyer 3: Bone cancer clinic in Skokie. [he hands Benedict a card] Call them.

Arnold Benedict [into phone]: Yeah, no problem. I'm heading North on I-94 right now. Don't worry, I'll get him.

Buyer 1: Who's that?

Arnold Benedict [into phone]: I gotta go. [then to Buyer 1] That crazy wolf? He got loose.

Willie: Where are you going? Diefenbaker, wait up! This isn't our property you know. Diefenbaker.

[Dief enters building, Willie close behind. Dief growls, runs, knocks over two guys and tells Maggie to follow him. Well, he does.]

Arnold Benedict [to escaping Molly]: Hey you!

Buyer 1: Get the husky. [he lowers the door to keep the dog inside the building]

[Fraser and Ray have tracked Dief to the group of buildings. Fraser hears a noise, turns and spots Dief running off. Arnold Benedict stops near them, he has a rifle in his hands]

Ray [to Benedict]: Hey, what are you doing?

Arnold Benedict: I got orders.

Ray: Yeah, well now you got new ones. Back off.

Fraser: Give me a bullet Ray. Quickly.

Buyer 1 [as he pulls Willie from the floor]: Come here. Alright.

[Fraser puts the bullet into the rifle and takes aim, but holds off. Willie and Maggie run out of building, Dief turns and barks to Maggie to follow him]

Arnold Benedict: Do it.

Willie: Nooooooo!

[Fraser spots the dog and lowers his rifle]

Fraser: Maggie?

Ray: What?

Fraser: The collar. Maggie! [Arnold Benedict aims at Dief, Fraser turns and shoots rifle from his hands]

Willie: There's more guys inside.

Fraser: It's my wolf. [Fraser pushes Benedict toward the buildings, Willie is romping with the dog and wolf]

Arnold Benedict: You can't do this. We haven't done anything illegal.

Buyer 1: Well, not strictly.

Ray: Tell it to the judge. [ and locks them into a large cage]

Fraser [to Dief]: You know you could have told me about this. It's not like we were complete strangers. [whispers to Dief] I think she seems to be a very good choice.

Ray: That's what this was about? He's got a girlfriend?

Fraser: Well, actually it's a little more complicated than that Ray. [leans close to Ray and whispers] This dog is with child.

[Maggie's house]

Willie: Puppies? Wow!

Maggie's boy: His name is Buster. [offers puppy to Ray] Her name is Sunshine.

Ray [sitting there like a log]: Yeah that's real nice kid but try not to get wolf hairs on my clothes.

Jackie Alexander: You sure you don't want one?

Fraser: Oh no thank you. One wolf in the family is enough. [To Dief who whines at him] Well, we can visit. I'll bring him.

Jackie Alexander: Actually I think he can find his own way. But you're welcome to join him. Anytime.

Fraser: Oh well uh, thank you kindly but I-I-I wouldn't dream of--

Jackie Alexander: I'll cook.

Fraser: We'd be delighted. [to Dief] Wouldn't we?

[on street]

Ray: Ah well I guess it's a kind of cynical thing. You blowing up the Riv and me saving your wolf. On the other hand my Riv can't be replaced and your wolf seems to have triplets.

Fraser: Why can't it be replaced?

Ray: Fraser, 1971 Riviera's are extremely rare. I traveled all the way to Buffalo to find that car. They're impossible to find.

Fraser: Huh.

Ray: Huh? What? [Fraser nods toward the street as a Riv goes by] Oh my God! [Ray runs after it and guess what? He lucks out cause the plate number is the same as his old Riv] Hey wait! Hey, stop! Police! Stop! Stop! Hey, hey! Stop! Police! 555-2683. 555-2683. 555-2683. Hey! Hey! Wait up!



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