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.. Scénář - 19. epizoda - Mezi nebem a zemí (Heaven & Earth) ..

[Opening: It's evening, two college girls are walking, laughing, a flash and you see Fraser reaching his hand down to someone, end of flash, the girls separate. Camera follows one girl. Flash again to Fraser reaching down to someone, end of flash. Girl ducks into parking structure, flash to Fraser reaching to someone, end of flash. Girl drops books, bends to pick em up, notices someone approaching her, she stands, he grabs her. Her necklace comes off in the struggle. Car trunk opens, flash to Fraser reaching to someone but this time the surrounding dirt/sand begins to cascade into the hole he is reaching down into.

Garret, a street person wakes with a gasp. He opens his hand and we see he's holding the girls locket]

Garret: Not again. Not again.

[27th precinct, vending machines]

Ray: Look I don't care what you have to confess, I don't want to hear it.

Fraser: I'm sorry Ray, I realize this may not be the best venue nor the most appropriate moment but it's

Ray: I'm working on a big missing persons case. I haven't slept. This is the first chance I've gotten away from my desk in seventy-two hours and I'm trying to get some food so can we do this some other time?

Fraser: I'm disturbing you.

Ray: Yes, you are.

Fraser: I should leave? Oh, Ray.

Ray: But you won't.

Fraser: Well I am sorry but here's a certain matter that I've withheld from you for some time now, and I feel if I don't clear my conscience soon.

Ray: Okay, okay, clear.

Fraser: It appears that there's a situation which I have unwittingly encouraged and it's taken a turn that I perhaps foolishly had not anticipated or was even aware of as a remote possibility but insofar as it is a matter of the heart and directly affects someone who is close to both of us.

Ray: Fraser, you've got from here to my desk. Make it count.

Fraser: Saturday last your sister came to my apartment in the middle of the night dressed in what can only be described as less than requisite attire and offered herself to me.

Ray: Okay, great. Now beat it. [Fraser turns and heads off as fast as he can as it dawns on Ray what he just said] My sister?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: You slept with my sister?

Fraser: Did she say that?

Ray: No, she did not say that. She is my sister. I do not discuss sex with my sister.

Fraser: So, she didn't say...?

Ray: No.

Fraser: Oh well. Very well. Forget that I mentioned it. (runs)

Ray: Hey, Fraser!

Cop [spotting Ray in hall]: Oh! Detective Vecchio, I got another one for you.

Ray: Uh, yeah, great, get a statement.

Cop: Uh, uh, he'll only talk to you.

Ray: Alright uh, bring him up to my desk. I'll be right up. Hey Benny!

Frannie [to Elaine]: Okay, I'm standing at his door. I drop my coat I look at him and he looks at me. You know how a squirrel looks just before you hit him?

Fraser: Ah yes, it's just up the stairs, down the hallway-

Ray: Will you excuse us?

Woman getting directions: Sure.

[into the closet]

Ray: Okay, the way I see it, [pauses to let Dief out] you have two options: you can tell me exactly what happened with my kid sister that night in your apartment or one of us isn't leaving this closet alive.

Fraser: You're upset.

Ray: That would be correct.

Fraser: Ray, I had no choice. The door just opened...she was standing there, and then when she took off her coat there was very much more of her standing there.

Ray: Did you sleep with her?

Fraser: I told you I can't tell you that. It wouldn't be chivalrous. However if you have the need to call me out then I-

Ray: Call you out? What is that, some kind of hockey expression?

Fraser: No. I mean it has nothing to do with hockey. It has to do with honor and under the circumstances I-I-I understand.

[knock on door then it opens]

Elaine: Hi.

Fraser and Ray: Hi.

Elaine: Am I disturbing you?

Fraser: No.

Ray: Yes, you are.

Elaine: Lt. Wants to see you.

Ray: Don't move.

Fraser: I won't move.

Elaine: Can I ask you a personal question? Franchesca?

Fraser: Franchesca?

Elaine: Vecchio.

Fraser: Vecchio. [he pulls the door closed]

Ray: Who's the suits?

Cops: FBI.

Ray: What the hell are you doing? Those are my files.

Huey: Not any more.

Louis: You're off the case.

Ray: Who says?

Huey: Couple old friends of yours.

[Welsh's office]

Ford: All that's needed here is a little cooperation, Lt. Surely your people can manage that.

Welsh: I've seen your version of cooperation. They're still replacing windows down in Chinatown.

Ford: We're not blaming you for Chinatown. Although there are some in Washington who are a little dismayed by the lack of respect your people show for federal authority. [Ray walks in]Here's a case in point.

Ray: See you guys ran out of things to screw up in Washington.

Welsh: Dt. Vecchio, these gentlemen are here seeking out cooperation on the Madison Case.

Ford: Howard Madison has asked us to get his daughter back.

Ray: Oh, asked you?

Ford: He's a defense contractor with a number of influential friends in Washington, the director being one of them.

Ray: Come on, it's only been three days.

Ford: You have nothing, we're taking over.

Ray: Lt, this is a missing persons case, pure and simple. If we turn it over to these bozo's

Deeter: Bozo's?

Ray: Oh, excuse me, Agent Bozo's.

Ford: Call Washington.

Welsh: Oh, no-no-no that won't be necessary. Dt. Vecchio, you know the frill.

Ray: Come on Lt.

Welsh: You'll be kept informed.

[Ray walks back to his desk defeated. Huey and Louis look smug. Ray puts his head on his desk. Garret puts

Ray: What the hell you looking at?

Garret: I'd like to help. I have something about the girl.

Ray: Yeah, well you know what? Why don't you tell it to them. [gets up and grabs his coat, it's obvious he is leaving]

Garret: Please.

Ray [to cop]: Look, get a statement from this guy and get him the hell out of here.

Fraser: You see, a chivalry code of behavior dictates a certain amount of restraint on the part of a gentleman no matter how he may feel in order to respect the ladies reputation.

Elaine: And your grandmother taught you this.

Fraser: Yes.

Elaine: And you believed her?

Cop: Come on.

Garret: Oh, I really don't want…[sees the flash of Fraser reaching down and saying 'come on'] It's him!

Cop: Who?

Garret: You're the one! He's the one. In the red coat. You're the one who kidnapped the girl.

Cop: Are you kidding? He's a cop.

[Garret makes a break for it and gets away, Fraser picks up the locket and compares it to the photo]

Deeter: Yep it's hers. Father confirmed it.

Ford: Get it analyzed.

Ray: There's no sign of him. Come on, let's get out of here.

Ford: Sit down. He said you did it Constable.

Fraser: That's correct sir.

Ford: He even referred to you as the one in the red coat.

Ray: Gee, I wonder why he would say a thing like that? Come on.

Ford [to Ray]: I wasn't talking to you! [to Fraser] You work downtown.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Ford: You ever spend anytime at Haven Hill College? Take any night courses?

Ray: Oh this is great, so now you're going after the Mountie?

Fraser: It's alright Ray. Uh, I'm sorry I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of visiting that campus. However if you need an account of my activities that night, I'd be happy to furnish you with a detailed itinerary. In the meantime, perhaps this will be of some assistance. I'm not convinced about the ears.

Ford: This is very good Constable. Perfect perspective, attention to details. Apparently embarrassing senior officials on you own time isn't your only talent.

Fraser: I'm sorry sir?

Ford: Let's be very clear about one thing. This time you are not going to come in the way of my investigation. In fact, if I so much as catch sight of your little red coattails, I'm going to nail them and you to a wall. Understood?

Fraser: That seems perfectly clear sir.

Ford: Good.

Fraser: May I um…

Ford: Leave.

Fraser: Yes, I may.

Ray: Sure you wouldn't prefer wallet size? So we got a face, what else we got?

Fraser: Judging from the rumpled state of his clothing, I'd say this is a man who lived on the street. Yet he didn't appear to be ill nourished. So he must be managing to feed himself.

Ray: Food stamps or maybe he's begging for food from diners or coffee shops.

Fraser: His fingernails. Everything else about him is dirty except for his fingernails.

Ray: You saw that?

Fraser: Well he pointed it straight at me Ray. There was something else. Something in his clothing, something pungent. Mace powder. Chili. Chili. It's the best I can do.

Ray: Okay, so we are looking for a transient with clean fingernails who smells like chili.

Frannie [to Gloria]: I'm not sure but I think it was

that look in his eyes. You know that long slow drift from here [neck] down to - [below waist] well you know. It's so romantic.

Ray [to Fraser as he hears Frannie telling Gloria}: I'm telling you, nothing better have happened.

[shelter one]

Cook: Best chili in town, they come from Midtown to Lakeshore. You know, in this business, it's word of mouth that counts.

Ray: Oh yeah, I bet. Fraser.

Fraser: It's very good. Worstishire sauce if I'm not mistaken.

Cook: Yeah, it gives it a little oomph.

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

[shelter two]

Cook: Sure I got lots of dishwashers.

Ray: Got one about five-ten with short brown hair with a beard?

Cook: That would describe about half of them.

Ray: How bout this guy?

Cook: Sorry.

[shelter three]

Ray: Hey what a surprise. Chili. Benny?

Fraser: Mace powder. [to cook] Excuse me, your chili recipe.

Cook/dishwasher: Eat it or toss it.

Fraser [spots Garret washing dishes]: Garret.

Garret: Get away from me get away.

Fraser: There's no need-

[27th precinct, interrogation room]

Ford: So you found the locket in the parking lot. Did you find anything else?

Miss Wilson: Mr. Ford, we've been over this ground-

Ford: Thank you Miss Wilson. Hey, just walk me through this okay? You find the locket at the parking lot, it's lying next to the car, you pick it up.

Garret: Yeah.

Ford: Sounds reasonable. Were you trying to break into the car Mr. Garret? Is that what happened?

Garret: No, I told you I just found it.

Ford: Yes. All you wanted to do was return it to it's rightful owner. How did you know who owned it.

Garret: I didn't. it's a police station right?

Ford: You asked to speak to Dt. Vecchio about the Madison case so you must have known it was hers.

Garret: I saw her picture in the paper.

Ray: The picture released to the media didn't have a locket in it.

Ford: Hey, why didn't you sell it? It's got to be worth something I mean….you could use the money, right?

Garret: I told you I just wanted to help.

Ford: You just wanted to help. Can I tell you what I think Mr. Garret? I think you came in here today because you wanted to tell the truth. Because your conscience was bothering you. You saw her on her way home from school, didn't you? Purse dangling, cold jewelry. She's gotta have money on her right? You didn't want to hurt her you just wanted to rob her.

Garret: No.

Ford: But she struggled. Things got out of hand, she screamed, so you hit her.

Garret: No. That's not the way it happened. She just…no…

Ford: Where's the body Mr. Garret.

Miss Wilson: I object to this line of questioning. There has been no body recovered.

Garret: I found a locket that's all I did. I found a locket.

Ford: That is a lie, alright? Everything you've said here today is a lie.

Miss Wilson: Ford, if you have some evidence…

Ford: Picture of her in the paper. She wasn't wearing a locket so you couldn't have know it was hers. And another little detail, she doesn't own one.

Garret: Listen to me, I didn't do it.

Ford: Because you're a liar Mr. Garret. You lied to the Sgt. at the desk, you lied to Dt. Vecchio, you lied about Constable Fraser and now you're lying to me.

Garret: No.

Ford: You saw her, you robbed her and you killed her. Plain and simple.

Garret: No. She was breathing.

Ford: When? After you hit her?

Garret: No. In the trunk of the car she was alive.

Ford: What kind of a car.

Garret: Little car.

Ford: Car, small car, was it red? Green?

Garret: I wasn't there. I just see things.

Ford: Yeah, just like you saw the Mountie, right?

Miss Wilson: Mr. Ford this is enough.

Ford: He probably helped you put the body in the trunk, right?

Garret: No buried her. He buried her. I see a hole, the earth is falling in. you're saying something. He's reaching for.

Ford: What? Her neck. Did you break her neck?

Garret: No! No! No!

Ford: Alright.

Garret: No.

Fraser: She's alive.

Ford: Vecchio. Deeter!

[in hall]

Welsh: Out of curiosity, where was the wolf during all this time?

Frannie: Well, it kinda happened like this.

Miss Wilson: Hey I'm sorry but my client will answer no further questions.

Fraser: This will only take a second.

Ray: Yeah, thanks.

Fraser: She's alive, isn't she? You saw her.

Garret: Yeah.

Fraser: What else did you see?

Garret: Nothing.

Fraser: You saw me.

Garret: Yes.

Fraser: With her? When you saw me, was the girl there as well?

Garret: No.

Fraser: Thank you. Excuse me.

[Garret sees the flash of Fraser again]


Ray: What the hell was that?

Fraser: He saw her Ray.

Fraser: Okay, great. So now all we have to do is place him at the parking lot.

Fraser: No, I don't think so, he wasn't there.

Ray: You believe that?

Fraser: If he's guilty, why would he give us the locket? It only serves to incriminate him.

Ray: Because he's delusional or a liar.

Fraser: Or because he sees things we can't see.

Ray: Alright, you're loosing me Fraser.

Fraser: There are more things in heaven and earth than have been dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio. You see, Horatio was...

Ray: Hamlet's best friend. I know. I saw the movie.

Fraser: Well, Hamlet sees his father's ghost.

Ray: Yeah. He also kills his uncle and spends entirely way too much time talking to skeletons.

Fraser: Well, I suppose that would follow.

Ray: Look, how is this relevant.

Fraser: Well it isn't but! It is possible.

Ray: He was a crazy person, okay? Elaine, tell him Hamlet was a crazy person.

Elaine: Can't vouch for Hamlet but I'd watch out for Rosencrants and Gildenstern if I were you.

Welsh: Vecchio! Bring the Mountie. This showed up at Howard Madison's office a half an hour ago.

Ray: She's been kidnapped.

Welsh: That's generally what a demand for ransom indicates.

Ray: So Garret's innocent.

Deeter: The letter was mailed yesterday. Your transient could have written it days ago.

Ray: Oh so then he changes his mind, walks in here and decides to confess? That's nuts.

Deeter: So is he.

Ford: Cut him loose.

Deeter: What?

Ford: Vecchio has a point. Cut him loose.

Deeter: What about the girl.

Welsh: Kidnappers are demanding a million dollars in cash by five p.m. or she's dead by morning.

Ray: So she is still alive.

Fraser: For the moment.

[planning the money drop off caper]

Ford: No sharp shooters, no helicopters, no guns. We need him alive. We only have one shot at this people.

Cop: What about the armored personnel carrier?

Ford: No. Have Madison take his limo to the drop sight, tell him leave his driver at home. We'll supply one of ours.

Ray: If the kidnapper sees the driver, he'll spook.

Ford: Tell him to drive himself. Okay? Any questions? Good.

Ray: Good plan.

Fraser: Mmmm.

Ray: Too good.

Fraser: Mmmm.

Ford: Where's Deeter?[Fraser points to Deeter]

Ray: Mmmm.

Fraser: Mmmmhmmmm.

[bullpen. Gloria hands the ransom note to Ray]

Gloria: Five minutes. That's it.

Ray: Okay, okay, I owe you one.

Gloria: You owe me ten.

Ray: I know, I know. Thanks. [kisses her on the cheek]

[interrogation room]

Fraser: Garret, tell me about the kidnappers.

Miss Wilson: He doesn't have to tell you anything.

Fraser: FBI has a ransom note.

Miss Wilson: My client has been exonerated.

Ray: No. He's been released. There's a difference.

Miss Wilson: What are you saying?

Ray: I'm saying maybe they'll find somebody at the drop and maybe this will all go away in an hour. But I'm telling you if something goes wrong, they're gonna come looking to lay this on somebody and that somebody's going to be him.

Fraser: Here's the note. We have very little time.

[Garret takes the note and describes what he is seeing]

Garret: I see dark hair. It's a wig maybe. A baseball hat.

Ray: Any insignia?

Garret: No.

Fraser: What about his face.

Garret: His face. [pulls hands away from the note as Ford enters]

Ford: Well isn't this interesting.

Fraser: Tell me about the face.

Miss Wilson: My client has nothing further to say.

Ford: Don't loose Garret.

[Garret leaves the station]

[At the ransom drop off point]

Ford: Everyone into positions?

Unit one ready.

Unit two in position.

Unit three ready.

Ford: Okay, signal Madison.

[the kidnapper is watching Madison from his car. Madison is standing near phone booth. Kidnapper calls on cell phone]

Ford: Okay, it's showtime. Everybody heads up.

Madison: Yes? Yes. Yeah, I see it. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

[Fords phone rings]

Ford: What?

Unit 17 guy: Yeah this is Unit 17. We uh we lost Garret.

Ford: What? Where?

Unit 17 guy: I don't know, not far from you.

Ford: Attention all units. Garret made his more. Keep your eyes open.

Ray: They're going after the wrong guy.

[phone booth phone rings again, but Madison walks to a grate and drops the money down it]

Ford: What's he doing? Son of a bitch. What's under this place?

Ray: He's in the garage.

Ford: The parking garage, the parking garage. All units move out. I want a man at every exit. Seal it off now.

[in garage they find the car. We see the kidnapper, now out of disguise walk up the stairs]

Ray: They couldn't find an eggroll in Chinatown. [Fraser and Ray check out the trash and find the wig, Ford scurries over so he doesn't get left out]

Ford: All units in sector seven.

[kidnapper gets into a second car]

Ford: Parameter around State street to LaSalle. Anything suspicious stop and apprehend.

Cop in marked car: Got him. Suspect east bound.

[Very long car chase with the Riv, kidnapper, Ford, the cops and motor cycle cop all chasing the kidnapper all over the place. It finally ends at a refinery where the kidnapper runs into a gas pump, stalls the car and is trying to start the car when Ray and Fraser show up. Fraser jumps out of the Riv and rushes toward the kidnapper]

Fraser [yelling to the kidnapper]: Get away from the car.

[everything explodes, knocking Fraser over. Ford arrives]

Ford [on phone]: Yes sir the kidnapper's name was Jefferson Adams. Date of birth five twenty five forty nine. No fixed address. Well it's hard to say sir, uh. He may have been some kind of disgruntled employee. Uh, apparently he worked at Madison Systems for uh…

[back at the precinct]

Ray: …fifteen years. Plant closed. Laid off last time, a couple of misdemeanors. Nothing but petty stuff since then. Nothing that's going to get us to the girl.

Fraser: Where's the plant.

Ray: Skokie. FBI's already up there. No sign of her.

Deeter: Where the hell is he?

Ray: Who?

Fraser: It's Garret. They can't find him.

Ford: No-no sir. I wouldn't hopeless. We still have a suspect, an accomplice. Garret. Correct. Yes sir, I'll have him in custody within the hour. Uh. Half hour yes. Yes sir. Yes sir. Goodnight. Get the Mountie in here.

Deeter: The Mountie?

Ford: Get him in here!

[Deeter goes into bullpen and looks around but Fraser and Ray have already left]

Deeter: Great.

[in Riv]

Ray: So, Francesca.

Fraser: Your sister.

Ray: You're not going to tell me, are you?

Fraser: No, Ray.

Ray: I'm going to have to live with this, aren't I?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Stupid, right? I mean, if I want anybody to sleep with my sister, and I'm not encouraging this, I'd want it to be you.

Fraser: That's very generous of you.


Garret: He's dead.

Fraser: Yes.

Garret: No. What I see I see doesn't help people. I feel them. I feel them until they crush me. Other peoples lives, other peoples pain I don't know if it's me anymore. I don't know weather if it's them. I let them in and they swallow me until I feel like I'm suffocating. I don't want their pain anymore. I don't care, I just want them to stop.

Fraser: But they won't.

Garret: No. No they won't stop. It took me years to cut out the sounds of their voices. I still see em but I don't hear em any more. Not for a long time. Not until now.

Fraser: So why did you let her in?

Garret: She's strong. She wants to live.

Fraser: Help her.

Garret: Not my responsibility. If I take you there, she's dead. They'll blame me. Said I did it. They'll say I killed her.

Fraser: You'd be running that risk, but you've been running for a long time Garret. They're your visions. You have to look at them and listen to them.

Garret: Why?

Fraser: Because if you don't a young girl is going to die.

[Driving around]

Garret: There's no floor, just dirt or sand but it's inside.

Ray: What did you see? A factory? A warehouse?

Garret: God.

Fraser: God?

Ray: Oh great.

[in front of Goddard factory]

Garret: I could only see part of it through the window. G-O-D I couldn't be sure. It's all the windows with safety glass. Industrial. Dirty.

[getting ready to go up in a helicopter]

Ford: I want ground teams primed and ready. There won't be much time when we find them.

[in factory]

Fraser: Diefenbaker, be careful! [Dief goes off in a separate direction]

Garret: Good listener.

[in helicopter]

Ford: Go to Romeo Tango Zero Niner. We're looking for a green Buick Riviera.

[Goddard factory]

Fraser: Miss Madison!

Fraser: Good boy, Diefenbaker. [who located her] Miss Madison!

Garret: This is it. [he is seeing things that were in his vision]

Fraser peers down a hole, the sand around it begins to give and he moves back]

Fraser: Miss Madison! This whole area is unstable. But the kidnapper must have used something to keep his weight from undermining the sand.

Miss Madison: Who's there?

Ray: It's the police Miss Madison. Just sit tight and we'll have you out of there in a minute.

Miss Madison: Don't you go away. Please.

[Fraser and Ray rush off in search of something to shore up the hole]

Garret [to Dief who is trying to look in hole] No dog.

[Fraser locates 2 by 6's, helicopter sounds, Garret watches the vibrations, it's causing to start a sand slide.]

Miss Madison: I can't make it. Help me.

Garret: Oh. [he can feel her panic and jumps into the pit.

[sand is steadily running into the pit as Garret pushes Fraser pulls her up and Ray hangs onto the Mountie. Up she comes, Ray sits her to one side. Fraser reaches again for Garret.]

Fraser: Take my hand.

[He is sliding in, Ray laces a chain through Fraser's Sam Browne Belt and pulls on the chain to keep Fraser from going in any deeper. Garret reaches for Fraser, then it dawns on him, that what he had been seeing was Fraser saving him, not harming the girl. He takes the offered hand and is pulled up. Ford shows up, too late to take any glory]

[outside factory the paramedics are checking Miss Madison over when her father arrives. She rushes over and hugs him]

Miss Madison: Daddy.

[Miss Madison goes to Garret and gives him her necklace. Lots of cop cars and flashing lights everywhere]

Fraser [to Garret] Can we drop you somewhere?

[Garret smiles and begins to make his way out of the hustle and bustle.

Ray [taunting Ford]: Great job.

[27th precinct]

[Fraser clears his throat but says nothing. Ray understands and says nothing back. They part. Ray runs into Frannie.]

Frannie: Hi. Where's the Mountie.

Ray: Come here. We gotta talk.

[Ray hauls her into an interrogation room. Fraser steps into the observation area and watches them]

Ray: Stay away from him, okay?

Francesca: Excuse me?

Ray: Look, Frannie. You heard what I said. Just stay away from him, okay?

Francesca: Ray.

Ray: Frannie. You are in over your head.

Francesca: Meaning?

Ray: Meaning guys like him don't marry girls like you. That's fairy tale. And girls like you get hurt and guys like him don't even know it and that's life.

Francesca: Oh yeah? You know this?

Ray: Why do you do this? You always do this to yourself?

Francesca: Yeah, I do. You know what your problem is, Ray?

Ray: No, Frannie, why don't you tell me?

Francesca: Yeah, I'll tell you. Your problem is that you are so afraid to dream. You are so afraid to reach out for something that you really want. You know what happens to people like you? They get old. They get alone. and they die. And they never know. Well, that's not me.

[she starts to leave]

Ray: Hey, hey, hey. Come here... Come here. Did you sleep with him?

Francesca: Oh god. Why? Why? Would it matter to you if I did?

Ray: Yes, it would. You're my sister... I care about you. [they hug. Frannie leaves. Ray leans heavily against the table. Remember, he's been up for over 72 hours]


Fraser: Hello.

Frannie: Hi. Well, um, I-I-I'll see you.

Fraser: Can I walk you home? I mean your home. I assume that's where you're...

Frannie: That's okay. Some other time. [she leaves]

[Fraser plays with the water fountain, it isn't working. He looks around, kicks it sharply and tries again. This time it works.



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