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.. Scénář - 2. epizoda - Diefenbakerův volný den (Diefenbaker's Day Off) ..

[Dief lying on the rug, Fraser is getting ready for work.]

Fraser: Now before I go to work, there's something we have to discuss. We are no longer in the Yukon. This is a big city and you can't just run around freely anymore. Like it or not you need a license. And I can't seem to get a license for a wolf. I've tried but they just don't issue them. Additionally they have something here called Animal Control Officers whos specific job it is to take unattended animals off the street. No. No. You can't take that attitude. These are hard working civic employees who perform a fine service for the community and for the animals themselves. [Dief barks and whines at him] All right, occasionally they put them to sleep but that's neither here nor there. The point is until we can work this out you have to stay in the apartment while I'm gone. So it's agreed. [Dief barks and whines] Good. I'll see you after work.

[in the hall Fraser stops and peeks through the key hole at Dief who is still in same spot]

Fraser: Morning Mr. Mustaffi.[slam] Mr. Campbell.[slam] Good morning Mrs. Garcia. [slam] [to woman with her hands full of bag and baby] Oh . . . may I help you?

Woman: Sure.

Fraser: Oh! Very unhappy. Come on. Okay let's go. This floor is it?

[two floors up]

Charlie: Come on Sweetie, I'm gonna be late.

Lucy: Please can I go with you?

Charlie: I already told you, daddy's got to go to work today.

Lucy: I'll be very quiet.

Charlie: I know you will but you got school. Hey, who's the toughest guy in the whole wide world.

Lucy: You are.

Charlie: And who can stop me from coming home to you?

Lucy: Nobody.

Charlie: And what would I do it someone tried?

Lucy: Upper cut. Hook. Hook on the eyes.

Charlie: That's right. Now you got your lunch all packed. Now do you promise to wait upstairs until the bus comes. I'll see you tonight, killer.

Fraser: Good morning Lucy.

Lucy: You know my name?

Fraser: All the pretty girls are named Lucy.

Lucy: It's on my lunch box.

Fraser: Ah! you found me out.

Lucy: Are you a police man?

Fraser: Well yes I am but in Canada and the Consulate where I work. But outside the consulate I'm not. Unless I'm in Canada. That's not very clear. Um. Do you know what a Liaison Officer is? No of course you don't. Liaison Officer is, uh. . .

Lucy: Policeman help people, right?

Fraser: Well yes, we try.

Lucy: Can you help my dad? He keeps on hurting himself.

Fraser: He does? Where is he?

Lucy: That's him.

Fraser: What's his name?

Lucy: Dad.

Fraser: Well yes it would be. You know actually I'm on my way to work right now. You know what? I can spare you a few minutes.

Lucy: You'll help him?

Fraser: I'll help him.

Lucy: Thanks.

[Dief went out the window and is now roaming]

Lady on Street: Hello Whitie. Want your cookie?

[on the street]

Charlie: What are you doing?

Fraser: I'm sorry. Benton Fraser, RMCP.

Charlie: You're a Mountie?

Fraser: Yes.

Charlie: Where'd you come from?

Fraser: Apartment 3-J. You all right?

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah sure. I'm fine. Guess I should watch what I'm doing.

Fraser: Stop, look, listen. It's a simple motto but one worth adhering to.

Charlie: All right I gotta go. Thanks huh.

Fraser: Perhaps we can talk again another time.


Fraser: Morning.

[screech of tires and thump of a body]

Driver: He stepped right in front of me. I couldn't stop.

[Harper Medical Clinic]

Fraser: Harper Medical Clinic? Now you sure about this because I can have you in an emergency room in less than--

Charlie: I wanna see my own doctor. Dr. Howard.

Nurse: Right this way.

Doc: Constable Fraser. I hear you're quite the good Samaritan I didn't know we had any left in this town.

Fraser: Well, I'm sure anyone of his neighbors would have done the same.

Doc: Yeah. Well, Mr. Pike has suffered considerable soft tissue damage but none of his injuries are life threatening.

Fraser: Thank you. Oh excuse me Dr. Howard. Is there any medical reason why Charlie might be prone to accidents? Perhaps an inner ear imbalance resulting from an old boxing injury?

Doc: How did you know Charlie was a boxer?

Fraser: Well his nose cartilage has been reduced by almost 80% and his left eye socket is raised about a half a centimeter above the right indicating a slight shift in the cranial plates.

Doc: Where did you study?

Fraser: The Inuvik public library. My grandparents were librarians.

Doc: You're kidding.

Fraser: No.

Doc: Well you're quite correct. Uh judging from today perhaps Charlie's taken one to many blows to the head.

Fraser: I see. Will you be releasing him soon?

Doc: There's no concussion, he should be home by this afternoon.

Fraser: And the bill?

Doc: Well you must have inspired me Constable. This ones on me.

Unlucky Driver: I just hit a guy. Look I know you have rules but cant' you just tell me if he's okay?

Nurse: Just a moment.

Fraser: Pardon me, is there a pay phone?

Nurse: Down there.

Fraser: Thank you kindly. Sorry.

Nurse: I told you sir, if you'll just leave you name and phone number someone will contact you.


Ray: Cranberry club soda, wedge of lemon.

Bartender: Sure you can handle that?

Ray: What are you a comedian? [phone rings] Ma, I can't talk I'm on a stake out.

Fraser: Uh, Ray?

Ray: Benny. Benny you gotta get down here right away. The Bears are finally kicking some butt.

Fraser: Ray I need your help with something. I'm having a bit of a problem getting a license for Diefenbaker and I'm not sure if it's because he's a wolf or just because he's deaf.

Ray: Yes! Yes!

Fraser: Then you think you can help me?

Ray: What?

Fraser: With the license. Of course I wouldn't want you to use your influence unduly.

Ray: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure-sure-sure-sure. Just leave it to me.

Fraser: Okay. Uh, Miss! Thanks Ray. Miss! Miss!

[parking lot]

Fraser: Excu -- oh-oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to--I didn't mean to--

King: Are you following me?

Fraser: No. Well, yes, I am but I'm not trying to--

King: I think men who skulk around after women are the lowest scum of the earth, don't you?

Fraser: Well, yes I-I suppose-suppose they are but I'm- you see I'm-I'm-

King: How did you know where to bring him?

Fraser: You mean Charlie?

King: Friend of yours is he?

Fraser: Uh, no. No I just met him at the accident sight. Well at the accident sight before that.

King: So you do that a lot?

Fraser: By thins you mean?

King: Would you spell your name for me?

Fraser: Uh, certainly. B-e-n-t-o-

King: You're a very interesting person, Bento. I'd like to see more of you.

Fraser: Um, no that's Benton. Benton Fraser.

King: How bout dinner tonight.

Fraser: Dinner. Well I'd love to but-but I-I have a dog.

King: Got a good suit?

Fraser: Two actually.

King: Lakeshore Room eight o'clock. Wear the suit, leave the dog.

Fraser: Oh dear.


Warren: McKenzie Kings desk. No she's not. Call back. McKenzie Kings desk.

King: I got the story Warren. I got it. You're sweating on my phone. Hey, call back. Any massages?

Warren: I send you on a press conference you come back with x-rays. Why am I confused.

King: Take a look at these obituaries. James T. Ryan. Carlos Escobar, Lewis Mendowski. What do they all have in common.

Warren: None of them covered the press conference?

King: All dead prize fighters, Warren. All died in automobile accidents in the last eight months. All the death certificates signed by the same doctor. And if you think that doesn't stink, take a whiff of this. There's a Mountie involved.

Warren: A what?

King: Honest to God! Big hat, sweet little grin, crooked as they come.

Warren: A crooked Mountie? You're bringing me a crooked Mountie? Look-look Mackenzie. I know you hate cops. All of Chicago knows you hate cops. But I am not printing any more retractions. You-you keep making accusations about police corruption and you can't prove you're gonna get yourself suspended again.

King: Hey, I screwed up last time. Look it changed me. I spent three months in a dark apartment Warren. A Persian cat under one arm and a tub of Cherries Swirl in the other. I've been to hell and back in a flannel nightgown Warren and so help me God I will never wear flannel again. This time, I nail them dirty. Tonight, eight o'clock his little Canadian butt is mine.

King: Could you get that? Thanks.

[Dief heads home, Fraser heads home]

Fraser: Evening Mrs. Garcia.[slam] How are you tonight. Evening Mrs. Campbell.[slam] [to Dief] I brought you supper. Oh you know I was hoping to uh be able to spend some time with you this evening but you see uh I have a dinner engagement with a very nice woman that I met in a parking lot. And I can't cancel it because I don't know her phone number. Or her name for that matter. No it's not what you're thinking. It isn't. And you know something? I-I-I don't appreciate your attitude. You're very judgmental. Just because you were right once does not make you infallible. I am perfectly capable of handling myself in any situation. I am. I am a Mountie. [Puts milk in the cabinet, not the fridge][gets ready to meet King to the tune of American Woman]

[Lake Shore Room]

Manager: Lake Shore Room.

Fraser: Excuse me has a ...

Matre'd: Woman called to say she'd be late? No.

Fraser: You're sure because it's uh, ten after eight.

Matre'd: This would be the woman with no name?

Fraser: Well, I'm sure she has a name, I'm just not sure what...I'll keep waiting.

[Fraser holds door for couple]

Wife: That was an absolutely wonderful meal.

Husband: Careful where you step, darling.

Wife: Good evening.

Husband: Thank you young man.[tips Fraser]

King: Been waiting long?

Fraser: actually yes but I seem to have profited by - may I just say you look -

King: thanks. That's your good suit?

Fraser: Oh, I knew I should've worn the other one. You know if-if we have a couple of minutes I could run home right now.

King: No you're fine. A little red.

Fraser: Um, this is for you.

King: A wrist corsage?

Fraser: Well, actually two.

King: You want me to wear them on both wrists?

Fraser: I forgot to ask what color of dress you'd be wearing.

King: Reservations for two. MacKenzie King.

Matre'd: Right this way Miss King.

Fraser; Your name, you wouldn't be related to-

King: No.

Fraser: No. Of course you wouldn't.

King: So you live in the same building. You and Charlie you started talking.

Fraser: Well actually his daughter asked me to help him.

King: The way she looked at you, you just couldn't refuse.

Fraser: Well she had these sad eyes.

King: Don't they all.

Fraser: Do you mind if I uh-

King: Go for it. You and Charlie make quite the team.

Fraser: By-by team you mean?

King: He falls under cars, you save him.

Fraser: Well he does seem to have a few-

King: How much do you make?

Fraser: Me? Well it's in Canadian funds so you have to deduct thirty-eight percent but uh-

King: Enough.

Fraser; About myself. Absolutely. Consulate work is pretty dull. Although there was this one passport case-

King: Wait a minute. You work at the Consulate?

Fraser: Why yes. That's why I'm paid in Canadian Funds. It's some - It's an odd governmental regulation.

King: So now you're denying you work with Charlie?

Fraser: With Charlie? No. No I could never be a professional boxer. I mean in high school I-

King; I saw you bring him in. Are you telling me you don't feed patients to the clinic? You're not involved in this million dollar insurance scam? You're just this straight arrow, do goody Mountie out to help the little guy? Tell me why I find that hard to believe.

Fraser: Well I understand your skepticism. Appearances can be deceiving. For example, you're a nurse yet you wear extremely high heels to work which indicate you either haven't been there very long or you have remarkable arches. Also the way you hold your wrists suggests that you spend many hours at a computer keyboard and add to that the slight crook in your neck which indicates extended phone usage and minuet traces of printers ink underneath your three quarter's inch nails which by the way must make bandaging quite a challenge. A less trusting person might assume that you weren't a nurse at all. A less trusting person might assume that you work, say, for a newspaper. But then appearances can be deceiving.

King: and you've known this since?

Fraser: The parking lot. Also you should check your tape recorder. I think either your batteries is leaking or you've spilled some liquid into the motor. From the smell of it I'd have to say it's mace.

King: so you just came along for the free meal and the amusement of watching me make a fool out of myself?

Fraser: No. No I think Charlie is in trouble and I thought maybe you could tell me something that would help.

King: You're trying to get information from me? Forget it!

Fraser: I understand. You've already been of great help.

King: I've no appetite all of a sudden.

Fraser: Can I at least walk you home?

King: Walk me home? He wants to walk me home.

Fraser: Well, I thought it was expected

King: Oh yeah? What else did you expect.

Fraser: Well, nothing, I mean, I don't know

King: You want to do something for me? You get Charlie to talk to me on the record.

Fraser: If Charlie is in trouble what he needs is help not an interview.

King: Then all you're getting out of this date is the check.

[Fraser is handed the check]

Fraser: I--do you happen to know the current exchange rate?

[to couple on the street] Fraser: Good evening.

[Fraser's building, in the hall]

Charlie: I told you it ain't enough. I cannot live on what you bastards pay me.

Bab Guy: Two hundred's what you agreed to. Two hundred's what you're going to get.

Charlie: At Two hundred dollars I can't even pay my stinking rent. Listen. You want me to keep on taking dives you better make it worth my while.

Bad Guy: You wouldn't be threatening me would you Charlie? Cause that wouldn't be healthy.

Charlie: No. I'm not threatening you. But I have a child to support.

Bad Guy: Not my problem and count yourself lucky. It doesn't take any skill to fall under a car.


Fraser: Evening.

Charlie: Hi ya.

Fraser: Excuse me but I couldn't help over hearing that--

Charlie: You over heard that? You know something Pal? You better learn to mind your own business.

Fraser: Well actually your daughter--

Charlie: You know nothing about me and you don't know anything about my daughter. So just back off.

Fraser: I know you're in trouble and if I can, I'd like to help.

Charlie: That's easy. Stay away from me and stay away from my daughter.


Fraser: Hi. You know Lucy, your father...he has a good heart. He's a good man.

Lucy: It's okay. I understand. Can't help everybody.

Fraser: Lucy. I...uh...

Lucy: It's like the doctors. They tried but they couldn't help my mom. It's ok.

[27th precinct]

Ray: Okay, I'm on the edge of my seat. What's this huge morale dilemma your carrying on your shoulders?

Fraser: I've given my word to a girl.

Ray: Fraser, you do not have to marry every girl you meet.

Fraser: Oh no, its--she's a very young girl.

Ray: Well then you do have a problem.

Fraser: No, I mean she's a little girl Ray. She's six years old. She's very sweet. She's asked me to help her father.

Ray: I can see you are making those minor adjustments to bring out the flavor Hugo.

Hugo: Camomile, Right?

Fraser: Thank you Hugo. Now I discover that her father is doing something illegal

Ray: What's the dilemma, we bust him.

Fraser: Then I'd be breaking my word to a little girl.

Ray: And this gives you a problem?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Oh.

Fraser: And if I don't turn him in I'm withholding evidence of a crime.

Ray: Very good Benny. You can go to the head of the class.

Fraser: So I've given it some thought and I've come up with the only-only logical solution. You have to arrest me.

Ray: For what?

Fraser: I can't tell you that.

Ray: Well then I'm not gonna arrest you.

Fraser: But you have to.

Ray: Well I'm not.

Fraser: You have to.

Ray: Oh, I'm not.

Fraser: You have to.

Ray: Uh, this guy the dad, just how illegal is this activity he's involved in.

Fraser: It's serious but he's not the one who's profiting from it. In fact he stands t lose more than he's made.

Ray: So If you and I could get the bigger fish maybe we can let the little girls dad slide on this one.

Fraser: Is this legal?

Ray: Would I be offering it to you if it wasn't? Yes, it's legal! Now tell me everything you know.

Fraser: You won't use it against the man in question?

Ray: On my word as a transvestite.

Fraser: What's that, Ray?

Ray: It's a Chicago thing.

Fraser: Ah.

[outside a gym]

Ray: Okay, so how you know the guy who paid Charlie's a fighter?

Fraser: His wrists. They were completely hairless indicating he wears gloves that are tied tightly in a constant use.

Ray: So we're tracking a guy with hairless wrists.

Fraser: Also, the second knuckle of each hand is slightly lower than the others. His jaw clicks slightly when he spoke indicating a fractured mandible. And his eyes are shifted downward in a laterally in there sockets. This is caused no doubt by blows to the zygomatic arch.

Ray: Okay, that I'll buy but how'd you know he worked out in this gym?

Fraser: It was written on his T-shirt.

Ray: You couldn't have said that in the first place? You had to go through the hairless wrists and the fractured mandibles?

Fraser: I'm sorry, Ray.

Ray: Aw, man. [Dief on street, animal control looking for him]

[inside gym]

Fraser: I don't see him. Perhaps if we gave out a description.

Ray: Look, why don't you leave this to me. Ya see, I've been hanging out in joints like this since I was a kid. There's a certain way to talk to these types.

Ray: What's it going to cost me to work out for a little while?

Man: Maybe you life?

Ray: Just give me a towel.

[in ring, to his opponent]

Ray: So I figure kill a guy or not sooner or later I gotta get back in the ring. Still I find it hard to make ends meet training all the time like this. How do you do it?[knocked out]

[in ring with his opponent] Fraser: Now you'll have to refresh my memory on the American rules cause I know there's some subtle differences from ours. Ah, you see right there. That would have been disallowed under the Canadian system. As would have that. I wonder while we're boxing if you'd mind answering a few questions. Ah, now I believe that was my fault.


Fraser: Approximately 6 feet tall. With a deviated mandible. And a noticeably fractured zygomatic arch. Oh.

Boxer: Ow.

Fraser: Sorry.

Boxer: Your old man taught you how to box like that?

Fraser: My grandmother actually. Although I'm beginning to suspect that the book she used was somewhat outdated.

Manager: Spit. Not on the floor.

Fraser: You were saying about Charlie?

Manager: Yeah. I knew him. Used to train here until he gave it up last year. Bring his little girl when he couldn't get a sitter.

Ray: But you haven't seen him since?

Manager: 'Fraid not. Oh.

Fraser: Yeah.

Manager: I don't know. I heard he was in trouble that's all. Nothing strange at all about that. Lots of guys in here spend the summer in the joint.

Fraser: Well if you hear anything else, we'd appreciated you giving Detective Vecchio a call.

Manager: I got the card.

Fraser: Thank you kindly. You're probably going to need this more than me.


Ray: Your grandmother?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Think I can get a copy of that book?

Fraser: He's in on it.

Ray: Who?

Fraser: The trainer.

Ray: How do you know?

Fraser: You'll get upset.

Ray: No I won't just enlighten me as to how in a span of two minutes conversation, you figured out that this guys in on it.

Fraser: You're sure.

Ray: Yeah, I'm sure.

Fraser: All right. Spittle.

Ray: Spittle?

Fraser: During the coarse of our conversation, he tried to spit several times but he couldn't because his mouth was too dry which would indicate that he's lying.

Ray: So let me get this straight. This is what they do in the Yukon? They arrest everybody who doesn't drool?

[watching from a door in the gym] Bad Guy 1: So?

Bad Guy 2: Looks like Charlie made some new friends.

Bad Guy 1: Too bad. Try to help somebody and he just ends up hurting himself.

[Charlie's apartment]

Charlie: Yeah.

Bad Guy 1: Charlie. Can you do it right away. It's a trucking company. Drivers in on it. We can go five hundred this time.

Charlie: Yeah. Except my daughters not home from school yet. I have to wait she--

Bad Guy 1: No time guy. I'll get someone else.

Charlie: No-no-no-no. Listen, uh, I'll do it-I'll do it. Where?

Bad Guy 1: Be on the corner of Haskell and Commerce. Three forty five. You're okay Charlie.

Bad Guy 3: You need me?

Bad Guy 1: Charlie's going to meet with an accident. Such a shame. I always liked Charlie.

[in Riv]

Fraser: They're going to kill Charlie.

Ray: You've got to teach me how to do that with the lips. Hey-hey-hey, the stairs are right over there.

Fraser: Oh, sorry.


King: I had a change of heart. I decided to see you again.

Ray: They're following you around town?

Fraser: You'll have to get out of the car, Miss King.

King: MacKinzie. So what do you know?

Ray: MacKinzie King? The one who wrote that crap about corruption down in division? Get the hell out of my car.

King: Yeah, but I got it wrong cause I trusted a cop.

Ray: Tell you something about cops!

Fraser: Ray! We have to go.

Ray: Not till she's out of my car!

Fraser: If I asked you politely?

King: Yeah, that would do it.

Fraser: Ray. We'll miss 'em.

Ray: All right, I'm driving, okay? I'm driving.

Fraser: That was a stop sign Ray.

Fraser: That was another stop sign Ray.

King: There!

Fraser: Take a left up ahead.

King: Go around.

Ray: Oh yeah, you'd love that. Maniac detective slaughters pedestrians.

Fraser: Stay in the car.


Fraser: May I?

Construction guy: Sure, go ahead.

Fraser: Thank you kindly. [Fraser climbs to the top of the crane to look around]

King: You got a camera?

Ray: Get out of my car!

Fraser: Follow me!

[answers phone]Lucy: Hello?

Ray: You again? Get out of here.

Fraser: Run.


Doctor: This man was boxing? He shouldn't even be breathing. When's the last time he saw a doctor.

Fraser: I believe yesterday.

Doctor: Then you better get a second opinion. See these old hair line cracks? One more blow to the head and it'll be his last.

[Charlie's apartment]

King: It'll be okay. I told your dad I'd take real good care of you. Okay? As soon as they get his woozy head all fixed up at the hospital, Fraser will bring him right home.

Lucy; I think you call it a concussion.

King: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Some people do.

Lucy: I wish Fraser was my daddy.

King: Well, Fraser's a real brave guy. But your daddy's the bravest guy I know.

Lucy: Why?

King: Well, cause he is that's all.

Lucy: But he's doing bad things and I don't call that brave.

King: Sometimes being brave means knowing you have to do something and just doing it. No matter what happens.

Bad Guy 1: Come in, Nurse.


Charlie: What are you ? Nuts? I ain't talking to no D.A.

Fraser: Detective Vecchio assures me you won't be prosecuted and if you need protection we can--

Charlie: I can take care of myself just leave me alone, all right?

Fraser: You know Charlie when I was thirteen years old, I found a caribou trapped on a mountain side. I tried to coax him down but his fear of me only drove him higher. By the time he let me near enough to him, he was so weak from the cold that I couldn't save him. And he died on that ledge.

Charlie: You think I'm afraid of these guys?

Fraser: No, I don't. I think you're afraid of something else.

Charlie: If my name gets in the papers or on TV, Lucy's going to know about me. She thinks I'm a boxer. A great boxer. She finds out what I do for a living. Look. All I got in my life is the way she looks at me. That is all I got. That is all I need. If I ever loose that.

Fraser: She'll understand, Charlie. Trust me.

Doctor: Excuse me guys. You Fraser? Telephone. At the nurses station.

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

Doctor: You got one too. This man called. He said to tell you that he's taking care of your little girl for you. He said you'd know who. Guess he didn't want you to worry.


Ray: I'm saying the place is totally cleared out. Files, medical records, everything.

Fraser: And Howard?

Ray: By now probably on a beach in Costa Rica. Want me to pick you up? Fraser? Don't' do this to me. Fraser!

[Charlie's apartment]

Lucy: Daddy!

Charlie: Don't you touch her or so help me God I'm going to kill you.

Bad Guy 1: Hey Charlie you come with us nothing happens to her.

Bad Guy 2: Sorry Charlie. We just can't have you talking.

Fraser: You won't be needing this.

Fraser: Charlie!

King: Nice.


Dog Catcher: Got cha.

Bad Guy 1: Geeze.

Lucy: Let me go! Noooo! Daddy!

Bad Guy 1: I've got you.

Fraser: Charlie!

Lucy: Daddy!

Lucy: Daddy!

Charlie: Hey, I'm a professional. I'm okay. Hey! Who's the toughest guy in the whole wide world.

Lucy: You are.

Charlie: And who can stop me coming home to you?

Lucy: Nobody.

Charlie: and what would I do it any of them tried?

Lucy: Upper cut, hook, poke her in the eye.

Charlie: Damn straight.

Dog Catcher: I got cha! Where you going now fella.

Fraser: Hi. Diefenbaker. Remember what I told you. Benton Fraser RCMP and this is my dog, uh, wolf.

Dog Catcher : I thought that was a wolf. Well he's mine now cause you sure in hell don't have a wolf license.

Ray: In fact he does.

Dog Catcher : You can't have this. It doesn't exist. It never did.

Ray: Signed by the mayor himself. Special dispensation. Now unhand that wolf.

Dog Catcher : Look what you did to my van.

Fraser: You got it. I only asked you once and you got it.

Ray: Of course I got it. You asked me for it, right?

Fraser: From the mayor himself?

Ray: Well no not exactly. Ya see I didn't want to bother him so what I did was I Xeroxed a dog license and I put in wolf. Wonderful thing photo copiers, huh?

Ray: Hey, Dr. Quack! Get your hands off of that.

Ray: Here take this scum off the street. Oh and uh one more thing for a neck spasm is that hot or cold?

Fraser: See you got your story.

King: Are you kidding? There's going to be a bidding war over this baby.

Fraser: And Lucy's father, will you be mentioning him in your article?

King: Look, Fraser. I don't want to see Lucy get hurt anymore than you do. But if there's one thing I've learned is that peoples feelings aren't as important as the facts.


Fraser: You know when I was thirteen years old, I found a caribou on a . . . no, that's not going to work.

Lucy: Fraser. You don't have to help my dad any more. You were right. He is the bravest man in the whole world.

King: You know you're a really bad influence on me, Bento.

Fraser: I'll be seeing you.

King: Yeah in your dreams.


King: I wonder if he's here legally.



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