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.. Scénář - 21. epizoda - Viktoriino tajemství II. (Victoria's Secret - Part 2) ..

Fraser: Ah I understand. [Thinking Ray is giving him an excuse to look around]*

Ray: No no I mean it. [puts burning can in shower and turns it on]

Fraser: Ray [shows Ray an empty knife holster]

Ray: Where's the knife

Fraser: Its not here.

Ray: picks up an empty cigarette box. It has his address on it] Canadian.. Oh my God.

Victoria: Hello

Fraser [on phone]: Get out of the house.

Victoria: Well... what's going on?

Fraser: He's got your address. Get out of the house and go somewhere pubic. The zoo where I took you. I'll meet you there.

Victoria: Okay.

Motel guy: Maybe 15 minutes ago...

[Fire crew arrive, Victoria takes a taxi to the zoo]

Victoria: Keep the change.

[Jolly pulls up and he has the missing knife]

[Back at the polar bear place... Victoria waits for Fraser. A woman with her two children walks by.. and the little girl runs off]

Mother: Jenny [chases after her]

Jolly: I thought you wanted to see me again [grabs her] Don't tell me I thought wrong. Just tell me where the money is love.

Victoria: I told you I don't know where the money is.

Jolly: Did I mention I don't believe you?

Victoria: You never told me where you hid it .

Jolly: Ed knew.

Victoria: Ed's dead.

Jolly: I'm thinking he told you...I'm thinking maybe you told someone else. Someone to pick it up if things went bad. And somehow things went very bad didn't they?

[Victoria stabs him and runs away]

[Ray and Ben arrive at the Polar Bear place to late]

Fraser: How long would it take to get from your house to here?

Ray: Not this long. Maybe she went to the wrong place.

[Fraser spots blood]

Ray: I'll take from here to the lagoon. [They run off in opposite directions.]

[hide and seek between Jolly and Victoria.]

Ray [swings a woman around]: Oh, I'm sorry I thought you were somebody else.

[Fraser climbs a hill and scans the area... spotting Victoria and Jolly and chases after them]

Victoria trips]

Jolly: You know what love? Money isn't everything.. I can always make more, right? [his knife at her throat*

Victoria: Oh God

Jolly: I'll settle for peace of mind.

[Fraser swings through waterfall from above]

Fraser: Run!

Jolly: I should have known it was you...[they, Fraser ends up hanging over the edge of the water fall] You think you know her? You don't! [Jolly cuts Fraser's hand causing him to fall]

[Jolly's car outside the zoo. He gets in and Victoria is already sitting there]

Jolly: Come to your senses have you....

Victoria: A long time ago. [She shoots Jolly at point blank range and walks off]


Ray: Ah they're still looking for a weapon and a witness.

Fraser: Anybody see anything?

Ray: Come on. After Victoria left did you see where she went?

Fraser: No

Ray: She'll probably try to contact you.

Fraser: If she thinks Jolly's still after her. I don't know.

Coroner: Don't even ask you'll see it tomorrow.

Fraser: Anything you can tell us will be a great help. It's very important

Ray: And personal.

Coroner: There's a small stab wound to the abdomen. A single shot wound to the head. Single entry point, single exit. Close range, two feet at the most.

Fraser: He walked right up to him.

Ray: Ah Didn't walk anywhere. Exit wound on the left? Who ever did this was sitting right there.

Coroner: Uh huh.

[Officer: Got a bullet.

[In the Riv*]

Ray: She'll show up.

Fraser: Thanks Ray.

[Fraser's apartment]

Fraser: We have to get you an attorney they're going to charge you with this till we find out who's done it.

Victoria: What is wrong with you? I shot the son of a bitch.. he was trying to kill me if he didn't do it today he would have done it tomorrow.

Fraser: Then we'll plead self defense.

Victoria: How? . He was sitting right there. I picked up the gun and I shot him.

Fraser: You had a very real fear for you life, that's grounds for self defense. Now I'm going to talk to the state's attorney..pre arrange bail.

Victoria: For murder. with my record?

Fraser: They haven't laid any charges yet if you go in now. make a statement I think you stand a chance. I know a very good attorney we will.

Victoria: Oh I had a really good attorney last time I still wound up with 10 years.

Fraser: That was different..

Victoria: Was it? Have you ever been in prison? Do you have any idea what it's like to watch your whole life go by? To watch everything you want go away and know that you can never get it back.

Fraser: You can't run away from this.

Victoria: Why not?

Fraser: I promise you I will do everything. I mean everything in my power to help.

Victoria: You mean you wont go away?

Fraser: Never.. I won't let you down.

Victoria: Not this time. Okay? Okay?

[27th precinct]

Louise: Have you actually spoken to you client.

Fraser: Actually I approached Ms. Boswell on her instructions.

Louise: And she's willing to make a full statement.

Ms. Boswell: Against my advice.

Louise: Deals open 'til midnight.

[Ray's Desk]

Fraser: [On the phone] Thank you Mr. Mustafi [Hangs up] He knocked on the door. she's not there.

Ray: Ah.. She's probably on the way down.

Fraser: Yeah.

Ray: You told her you'd call?

Fraser: Yeah.

Ray: Yeah. Maybe she got anxious she'll be here any minute.

Officer: We finally got a match on the second set of prints in your apartment.

Ray: Yeah?

Officer: The prints were yours Detective, yours and Constable Fraser's.

Fraser: No one else's?

Officer: Sorry

[Ray sighs]

Fraser: You want anything from the canteen?

Ray: No thanks.

[break room]

Robert: Hi son.

Fraser: Where'd you find the new Stetson?

Robert: She's not coming, son.

Fraser: You don't know her.

Robert: Neither do you.

Fraser: I'm in love with her.

Robert: Doesn't mean you know her.

Fraser: Did you know Mum? I mean, did you really know who she was or did you know who you wanted her to be?

Robert: I knew who she was in her soul. That's what I loved about her.

Fraser: Come on Dad you were never around long enough to call her by name. You know I've got almost no memory of you two together.

Robert: You were only 6 when she died for God's sake, and don't tell me I didn't love your mother. I still do. I wrote her every damned of my life.

Fraser: I know I read your journals. You write beautifully

Robert: No professional training but. [Feigning slight embarrassment]

Fraser: Do you want to know something? I mean, you never saw who she was. You never saw her when she was angry, you never saw her when she was frightened, she never saw her when she was brave or when she was petty. You never saw her.

Robert: She was a good woman she deserved better.

Fraser: No she didn't she deserved you and I'm not going to make the same mistake. Victoria is in trouble.. now.. she scares the hell out of me. I don't even know if I can help. but I know I need to be here and I know who she is.

Robert: Is it snowing out son?

Fraser: What?

Robert: Is it snowing out?

Fraser: No .

Robert: No I don't suppose it would be. It's almost summer I don't know why I brought this coat.[stairs in the precinct]

Elaine: There you are. I just got off the phone with your consulate. They said a Sergeant Mears has been trying to reach you he called a dozen times.

Fraser: Thank you.

Elaine: Where's the 343 area code?

Fraser: The Yukon.

[Ray's Desk]

Ray: Yeah thanks.

Fraser: Detective Huey's desk.

Ray: I just got off the phone with ballistics. The bullet that killed Jolly came from a 38. They matched it to another slug. Whoever shot him also shot Diefenbaker.

Fraser's Apartment]

Ray: Don't you keep this trunk locked?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray [on cell phone]: Vecchio. Ah yeah, yeah.. I understand I'll be right there.

Fraser: Did they find her?

Ray [sigh, shakes his head]: Internal affairs want to speak with me.

[Victoria at the train depot putting a case in 1 locker and locks it then puts an identical case in the locker next to it.]

[Interview room at the precinct]

Internal affairs officer: Vecchio you want a cup of coffee.

Ray: No I'm good, thanks.

Internal affairs officer: So you and Fraser you're pretty close, huh? Best buddies?

Ray: Best buddies. Yeah right. We play stick ball together after work. What the hell is this all about?

Internal affairs officer: Did he ever tell you why he came to Chicago?

Ray: He came for the pizza.. Now is this about him or is it about me?

Internal affairs officer: Ah well actually -

Welsh [entering room]: How are you doing Detective?

Ray: What the hell is this all about Lt.?

Welsh: Sorry it's out of my jurisdiction..

Internal affairs officer: Yes it is Lou. So if you'll excuse us?

Welsh: Sure. But Malner gets to stay.

Internal affairs officer: Why is that exactly?

Malner: David Malner, Police protection league.

Internal affairs officer: Did you call an attorney Detective Vecchio?

Welsh: Yes.

ray: Did I?

Welsh: Yes.

Ray: Do I need one?

Welsh: Yes.

[Ray's desk]

Fraser: [on phone] I'm not following.

Mears: We found it in a metal box buried under the floorboards in you fathers cabin.

Fraser: How much?

Mears: 10,000 dollars. We did a routine check on the serial numbers. The bills are from a robbery in Alaska a few years back. It was one of your cases.

Fraser: I remember.

Welsh: Constable. I hate to have to do this but we're going to have to ask you some questions in an official capacity.

Fraser: I understand, sir.

Mears: Ben you realize, of course, I'm going to have to share this information.

Fraser: Yes sir. Staff Sergeant Mears RMCP [hands phone to Welsh]

[Interview room 1]

Ray: What kind of money

Internal affairs officer: This kind. notice the serial numbers.

[Interview room 2]

Louise: The money was never recovered from the robbery. Suddenly it starts appearing a few days ago only in Chicago not Alaska.

Louie: A sharp teller noticed the mint condition D5 20s he checked the hot list and called it in. He notified some other banks in the area and more started showing up.

[interview room 1]

Internal affairs officer: Deposit records.. Small retailers mostly in the same neighborhood.

[interview room 2]

Louise: You live at 221 West Racine?

Fraser: Yes

Louise: Rent a movie from Video Duo?

[interview room 1]

Ray: I don't know these places.

Internal affairs officer: You know Ricki's Cleaners? It's a block from your place. Sheryl there says you gave her this.

[interview room 2]

Louise: You usually pay for everything in cash?

[interview room 1]

Ray: She must have slipped him the money without his knowledge.

Internal affairs officer: Oh yeah beautiful women are always slipping me money.

[interview room 2]

Fraser: Victoria Metcalf

Louise: So you were alone for a week after the robbery? What did you talk about?

[interview room 1]

Internal Affairs officer: Let's say he knows where 1/2 a million dollars is stashed and he knows the bad guys are going away for a long time.

Ray: You don't know this guy.

[ interview room 2]

Louise: Do you own a hand gun?

[ interview room 1]

Internal Affairs Officer: This guy comes back for his money I'm not going to be left with a lot of options.

[ interview room 2]

Fraser: It's a standard RMCP issue.

Louise: That would make it a 38?

[ interview room 1]

Internal affairs officer: Did he report it stolen

Louis: He said nothing was missing.

Ray: He didn't shoot the guy.

Internal Affairs guy: Did you see the shooting.

[ interview room 2]

Fraser: She ran because she was frightened.

Louise: Is this the same woman who spent 3 days in your apartment without leaving a print?

[ interview room 1]

Internal affairs officer: has anyone seen this woman?

Ray: There were a lot of people.

Internal affairs officer: Can you name one?

Ray: Yeah me.

Internal Affairs officer: Do you mind if I look in your wallet?

Internal affairs officer: Is this her?

[ interview room 2]

Fraser: Yes

Internal Affairs officer: [sigh] She's dead Fraser. Two months ago. Automobile accident.

[Line up. Fraser is next to Gardino, Fraser is No. 4]

Louis: I'm sorry about this.

Fraser: It's all right.

Soap seller: Number 4.

Welsh: Take your time.

Seller: Hey the guy gave me a 20 for a piece of soap.

Welsh: Thank you. [walks into the waiting room] Mr. Dewy . [Walks back into the line up viewing room] Take a close look . Any doubts what so ever.

Dewy: Number 4.

[Ray's desk]

Ray: So this is what it comes down to. We're hanging by a thread and Huey and Louie hold the scissors.

Welsh: This is nonsense two witnesses saw the woman at the zoo.

Louise: There is no woman. She's dead. Everybody involved with the robbery ends up dead and Fraser ends up with the money.

Internal Affairs Guy: Which he shares with his good friend Ray.

Louis: Sir, I know that Vecchio's a real weasel but he's a straight up cop.

Internal affairs guy: You mean that?

Huey: Oh yeah. serious weasel.

Louise: We have 10,000 dollars in Fraser's cabin, a motive, an opportunity and a 38 that's conveniently missing. I want an arrest.

Welsh: And I want a murder weapon.

Louise: Lieutenant, you're allowing your personal feelings to interfere with -

Welsh: Your damned right I am.

Louise: Suspend Vecchio and maybe he'll roll on him.

Welsh: For a couple of 20s?

Internal affairs officer: We have possession and possible conspiracy to commit murder. This is not your call . Suspend him. that's it.

[Ray's Desk]

Ray: And I thought this woman would come between us.

Fraser: Things aren't what they seem. Ray.

Ray: She set you up Fraser.. She slipped you bad money and then scrubbed her prints from your apartment and she stole you gun. Dief must have been trying to stop her.

Elaine: I talked to the police in Alaska concerning the death of Victoria Metcalf. It was a car accident. Sounds like it was pretty gruesome. Went off a cliff. 3rd degree burns over 90% of the body.

Ray I'm getting they didn't use dental records for identification purposes.

Elaine: No need they had a positive ID by the sister. The body was cremated.

Fraser: Thank you.

Ray: She identified her own body. That's pretty gutsy.

Welsh: Vecchio. Get in here.

[Welsh's Office]

Ray: Constable Fraser under arrest Sir?

Welsh: No but tell him not to leave town.

Ray: Thanks for sticking up for him Sir.

Welsh: Detective Vecchio I have to ask you for your shield.

Ray: Sir?

Welsh: You're on suspension. Affective immediately.

Ray: Anything else sir?

Welsh: I'm sorry.

[Ray's Desk]

Ray: Let's go.

[Welsh's office]

Huey: Weren't you supposed to ask for his weapon as well?

Welsh: Was I? Detective Huey get a picture of this deceased Metcalf woman and bring it out to all the shops where the money was passed.

Huey: Yes Sir.

Welsh: Detective Gardino. Get the crime scene squad over to Vecchio's and dust it from top to bottom if she was there I want prints, hair, nail clippings anything. you guys search the parking lot at the zoo for the murder weapon?

Louie: Every inch.

Welsh: Good I'll do it again.

[Victoria's Hotel]

Receptionist: No one of that name.

Ray: Take another look.

Receptionist: Sorry.

Fraser: I dropped her off at the lobby she must've been waiting in the cab when I came back.

Ray: This woman really has it bad for you doesn't she?

[Video shop guy behind counter looks at photo and shakes his head]

Huey: Thank you.

[Vecchio's house Huey, Louis and crime squad are printing the place]

[Outside the phone exchange in the Riv*]

Ray: Phone calls from my house. take a look at the entry for 3 o'clock.555 7333. She called Jolly 20 minutes before we got there. She didn't leave anything to chance.

[The confessional booth*]

Diamond thief: You some kind of religious freak.

Victoria : You got the diamonds

Thief: 128 Water Street. You come on your lonesome.

Victoria: I'm not coming at all my partner'll handle the exchange.

Thief: Smart move. Let your partner know that if any thing goes wrong there's no place to hide if we want to find him.

[Zookeeper drags a gun out of the polar bear pool]

[Animal hospital]

Welsh: How's he doing?

Fraser: Much better thank you. You found the gun..

Welsh: Constable I'm about to ask you if this is your weapon before you answer would you like to have a lawyer present.

Fraser: No sir. That is my weapon.

Welsh: I'm sorry. Detective. would you read Constable Fraser his rights? Hand cuff him and take him down town..

Huey: Are the cuffs really necessary?

Welsh: He's being charged with 1st degree murder. Please hand cuff him.

Huey: I'm sorry Fraser.

Fraser: It's your duty.


Ray: I put together your bail you should be out within the hour.

Fraser: You can't do that Ray it's too much.

Ray: The judge considers you a flight risk. But I don't.

Fraser: But you don't have that kind of money you'd have to mortgage your house.

Ray: Are you going to skip on me

Fraser: No.

Ray: Then there's nothing to worry about. I'll meet you out front.

[Ray walks back through the precinct followed by his dead Dad.]

Mr. Vecchio: You'll never see that money again.

Ray: Pop, I'm warning you. Stay out of this.

Mr. Vecchio: I leave you my house. This is what you do with it.

Ray: Don't you have things to do in Hell or wherever you are?

Mr. Vecchio: Purgatory and for my sins I've got to with you make stupid mistakes. And who gave you permission to use my pool table.

Ray: Give it a rest Pop.

Louise: Have you considered the offer Detective?

Ray: There's no need. Answer's the same.

Louise: Your friend is going down and you're this close to going down with him.

Ray: Let me tell you something. You can go to Hell and if you need directions you can ask the guy who's following me.

[Riv outside Fraser's building]

Ray: You sure you don't want to get something to eat?

Fraser: No thanks anyway.

Ray: We will find her you know?

Fraser: You should take the deal.

Ray: I haven't been offered one.

Fraser: You should take it anyway.

Ray: Hey Benny. Not in your life time.

[in a desperate attempt to recapture what he thought he had with Victoria, Fraser lights all the candles]

Robert: What are you doing.?

Fraser: Go away..

Robert: She's not coming back to you and why in God's name would you want her to?

Fraser: Because. [Ben starts crying] because I need. Oh God.

Robert: You're not going to get it. Sometimes in life all you need is that second chance and it's the one thing you're not going to have.

[Knock on the door. Ben wipes his face on his sleeve]

Mr Mustafi: You finished with my power drill yet?

Fraser: No I'm sorry. I've not.

Mr. Mustafi: That's OK. There's a woman on my telephone for you.


Victoria: You go through the store to the back room if you don't come alone I won't be there. And Ben. Bring some quarters.

[back room of a porn house Fraser feeds in a quarter, the window lifts revealing Victoria]

Victoria: Hi.

Fraser: You must really hate me for what I did.

Victoria:Yeah. Hate.. Love.. those two emotions about cover it

Fraser: The girl in the car wreck was your sister.

Victoria: She borrowed my car. The police just assumed it was me. I had an opportunity. I took it. Fooled everybody.

Fraser: Except Jolly.

Victoria: Except Jolly. There were only two ways to end that relationship. One of them was with me dead.

Fraser: What do you want Victoria?

Victoria: You.

Fraser: No you don't.

Victoria: Why do you think I did all of this?

Fraser: Revenge.

Victoria: Maybe. But I need you I want you to go away with me.

Fraser: You know I can't do that.

Victoria: Why not? You don't have much to stick around here for. And you won't like prison.

Fraser: I'm sorry.

Victoria: I'm sorry too because I need you to make an exchange if you don't there's a key. This key fits a locker and in that locker is 25000 dollars in sequentially numbered bills. The key is at your friend Ray's house. You have one hour to decide and then I call Internal affairs and tell them where to find it.

[the door between them slides shut, kicks the door of the room in but Victoria has already gone. he runs to Ray's house]

Fraser: Ray? [tears Ray's house apart looking for the key. He finds it in a snowstorm paper weight. Phone rings]

Victoria: You know you never should have introduced me to your friends.

Fraser: I'll do it.

Victoria: I do love you, you know.

Fraser: Where do I go?

Victoria: There's a car parked in the alley behind the strip club. The money's in the trunk. 128 Water Street. And Ben if you don't come back with the diamonds I'll make the call. [She hangs up the receiver and then makes another call] Internal Affairs Please.

[animal hospital Fraser leaves a note on Dief's cage marked 'Ray' then drives to 128 Water Street on the way an old lady stops him]

Lady: A man just stole my purse can you help me please?

Fraser: No ma'am, I'm afraid I can't.

[128 Water Street]

Thief: You think I'm a fool?

Fraser: No I think you're a criminal.

Thief: You think we wouldn't check the serial numbers? You could've come to me, told me your problem. I could've given you some value for what you have. Maybe twenty cents on the dollar but you got greedy. I warned your partner. She didn't seem to place too much value on your life, does she?

Fraser: Apparently not.

Thief: Keep one diamond give the rest back to me.

Fraser: No I'm afraid I have to take them all.

Thief: You know what? I've changed my mind you can't keep any.

Fraser grabs all the diamonds and makes a run for it]

Victoria: Show me. Show me [He shows her] Very nice now don't drop 'em.

Fraser: They're going to come after us.

Victoria: Not me sweetie. Put them in here.

Fraser: You made the call didn't you?

Victoria: No loose ends.

Fraser: What about me?

Victoria: You're going with me, right?

Fraser: No [Victoria pulls out a gun]

[Vecchio's house]

Internal affairs officer: No key, dame [found the broken snowglobe]

Victoria: Put 'em in the bag

Fraser: Ray's back up gun?

Victoria: No loose ends.. Open the door [She hesitates and then pulls him towards her .They kiss before she boots him out of the car and drives off]

[Train Station]

Announcer: Train to New York now departing. Train to New York now departing.

[Victoria puts the key in locker 3343 and it wont fit a guy comes up to help]

Guy: Is there a problem?

Victoria: No.

[Outside the station. Ray has arrived in his Riv. Ben arrives at almost the same time on foot]

Ray: Back up's coming she better be here.

Fraser: She's here.


Guy: Here's your problem, you got the wrong locker

Victoria: No.

Guy: Easy to get confused.

[Victoria finds the other key in her bag.

Guy: Here's your bag honey.

Victoria: It's not my bag.

Guy: Sure it is. it's your key.

Victoria: It's not my bag.

Guy: It's your bag because -

Victoria: It's not my bag.

[She fires her/Ray's gun and the guy drops the bag it opens revealing a lot of cash. She runs off and a lot of people rush in and try to steal the money. Ray and Ben enter the scene]

Ray: Put it down, put it down, put it down.

Fraser: You wait for them.. I'll go after her.

[Fraser grabs Victoria as she gets on the train. She drops the diamonds]

Ray: [to people trying to grab the money] Get out of here.

Victoria: Pick them up.

Fraser: I can't do that.

Victoria: You son of a bitch, you set me up. I should have shot you

Fraser: And I should have let you go.

Victoria: Well you're going to this time.

Fraser: Sorry.

[Back where all the cash was dropped]

Ray: Make sure you tag these. She's armed.

[Ray, Huey and Gardino run down to the platform]

Victoria: Then shoot me because I'm getting on this train. No? Okay. [She gets on] Ben. Come with me. Come with me. You'll regret it if you don't. Fraser come with me.

[Fraser runs after her and jumps on the train. Ray and the other officers run parallel to him on the opposite side of a wire fence]

Ray: She's got a gun.

[Ray shoots and hits Fraser, he falls from the train. Ray and others rush up to him]

Fraser: I should be with her.

Welsh: What did he say?

Ray: He said get me to a hospital.

Fraser: [mumbles some words. it is generally believed he is reciting a poem called 'The Windhover.' I can make out the phrases daylights' dauphin dapple and underneath him steady]

Ray: I can't understand you.

Welsh: He's reciting a poem.




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