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.. Scénář - 22. epizoda - Co bylo to bylo (Letting Go) ..

[Opening Scene Fraser is lay on a hospital stretcher/gurney being rushed down a corridor towards surgery. Flashbacks are mixed in with him being wheeled down the corridor]

Doctor: Caliber?

Ray: 9mm

Doctor: Range

Ray: About 50 yards

Doctor: Angle

Ray: I don't know.

Doctor: There's no exit wound. It must have hit something.

Ray: Like what?

Doctor: I want him intubated, number 8 intratrachial tube. Get ready to bag him.

[Cut to VS scene in diner where Fraser speaks to Victoria for the first time in Chicago]

Victoria: Hi

[Back to the hospital]

Doctor: Estimated blood loss

Another Doctor/nurse: About 2 units.

[Back to the diner scene]

Victoria: I thought I saw you standing in the middle of the road.

[Back to the hospital]

Doctor: Is he a drug user?

Ray: Negative

[Back to the diner]

Victoria: You hungry?

[back to the hospital]

Doctor: Time.

Ray: 20 minutes down now.

[To the confessional scene in VS]

Fraser : It was as though I'd known her forever.

[Back to the hospital]


Female Doctor/nurse: ETA systolic. Pulse weak and thready.

[Cut to VS scene where Fraser and Victoria are watching telly]

Victoria: Why doesn't it have any sound?

Fraser: It's broken.

[Cut to VS scene where Victoria comes to Frasers apartment and it's snowing inside. you know the one.]

Victoria: How could you do this to me?

[Back to the hospital but we're still hearing lines from VS]

Fraser: What aren't you telling me.

Victoria: I shot the son of a bitch he was trying to kill me.

Robert: She's not coming back to you and why the hell would you want her to?

Fraser: She had the most beautiful voice.

[VS scene at station]

Victoria: Come with me.

Fraser: I made a mistake and I can't make it again.

Victoria: Come with me.

Fraser: She's the only woman I ever loved and I put her in prison.

Victoria: You're gonna regret it if you don't.

Ray: She's got a gun.

Doctor: Are you the next of kin?

Ray: Why?

Doctor: You might want to call someone.

Ray: He's okay right? He's okay he's breathing right?

Doctor: You'll know when we know.

Fraser's voice: I should be with her.

Victoria [In hospital scene dressed as a doctor complete with mask] He'll be fine, won't you Fraser.

Ray: Fraser, I'll be right out here.

Doctor: Coming through.

[ ECG/EKG monitor showing sinus rhythm and bleeping annoyingly Fraser is hooked up to a drip and there is a large fly sitting on his big toe. He trys to reach for a back scratcher hung on the rails on his hospital bed but knocks it on the floor.]

[Ray is with Therapist]

Therapist: The shooting team cleared you that must've been reassuring.

Ray: Yeah.

Therapist: How is he?

Ray: They found the bullet in the T8 vertebrae where ever that is.

Therapist: The thoracic region.

Ray: It's to close to the spine they didn't want to risk taking it out.

Therapist: I'm told he's expected to make a full recovery.

Ray: Yeah.

Therapist: Have you talked to him about any of this?

Ray: He's barely conscious.

Therapist: Then you don't know how he feels.

Ray: Look what's to know, okay? I shot him. He's fine, I'm fine, we're all fine, all right?

[Fraser's hospital room. Dief is watching a blonde leading an aerobics class through the window and Barks his view shifts and we see a woman in labor yelling at her husband]

Fraser: Listen just because you can see them and their blinds are open it's not to be taken as an invitation. It's unethical. It's also against the law. Besides from which you'll go blind [Fraser gives a half laugh and then says under his breath] Oh for crying. [Back to normal volume] Don't listen.

Dief : woof

Fraser: No you see this is different I have a wound that leaves me no choice but to face the windows. Uh, yes, I could close my eyes but I'm not going to do that because I am not actually prying. [hospital window scenes of the exercising, the woman in labour, two guys smoking on the roof.]

[night. office facing Fraser's window. The two are kissing, Fraser's mind is on he and Victoria doing the same thing. The guy leaves the office and we see the lady inject something into her thigh. Someone is taking photos of her from the room next door.]

[It's day time and Ray is having a television fixed up in Fraser's room.]

TV Guy: There you go all hooked up.[the picture is all broken up]

Ray: Doesn't this thing have an automatic horizontal hold?

TV Guy: That's extra.

Ray: Extra?

TV Guy: Want to press the red button.

Ray[presses a button on the remote]: Hey this thing is broken.

TV Guy: Hey, that's not my department call 217 for service.

Ray: It was never working in the first place. I finally get you to say yes to the damn thing and it's broken. [sigh] three weeks, twentyone days staring at beige walls with beige linoleum day in and day out.

Fraser: You know you can leave Ray. I mean you don't have to come here every day.

Ray: I know that.

Fraser: I mean you have a job. You should go to work.

Ray: I do go to work.

Fraser: When?

Ray: When you're asleep, you do that a lot you know.

Fraser: Oh, still I think --

Ray: Look you start your physical therapy, you get your sea legs back and in the mean time we get through this the only way I know how. Baseball [Swivels the wall mounted TV round to face Fraser's bed. The picture is of baseball but it is still all broken up so you can barely make it out. Ray sits on a chair on the opposite side of the bed from the TV.]

Fraser: Who's playing.

Ray: Who cares?

Fraser: This is great Ray thanks. [It isn't great at all]

Ray: [eating chips Dief is begging] Don't they have rules about this kind of thing?

Fraser: Ah the nurses have all taken pity on him. They feed him, they water him, they walk him regularly, they like him, he likes them, he eats better than I do. I think he's even happier here. Ingrate.

Ray: They haven't found her you know.

Fraser: The investigation.

Ray: Officially it's still open, unofficially it's on the back burner. The diamonds were recovered and the murder victim. He's a convicted felon. For all we know she could be in Afghanistan.

Fraser: I still see her. I'm not sure what I see actually.

Ray: Oh, you know those painkillers they can do it to you.

[Fraser throws the painkillers in the bin]

[Dief barks at Ray]

Ray: What? Look, no more, okay? It's going to make you fat.

Fraser: You're in his chair.

Ray: Oh. Okay. I'm going to get out of here. Can I get you anything?

Fraser: No you've done more than enough already.

[Ray leaves and Fraser hits the TV, turning it off]

[Fraser's dad silently appears]

Robert: Hello son.

Fraser: You've got to stop doing that.

Robert: More boring the other way.

Fraser: Couldn't you just have sent some flowers or a card?

Robert: You're just mad because I didn't get here earlier.

Fraser: Relieved is more like it. If you had've come sooner I might not have been able to tell which one of us was actually...

Robert : Dead?

Fraser: Yes.

Robert: It's not a dirty word son. Besides there are worse things than being dead.

Fraser: Oh really like what?

Robert: Like you for instance. You wouldn't catch me moping around here just because I was shot.

Fraser: I suffered massive nerve and muscle damage, I was lucky to survive.

Robert: I'd 've been back on the post next morning.

Fraser: I hardly think so.

Robert: You've been lying here for three weeks you can't lie in this bed forever.

Fraser: I don't plan to. This is called recovery. I am recovering.

Robert: She got you good didn't she.

Fraser: No. I was thinking of going home.

Robert: To the Territories?

Fraser: I thought I'd rebuild your cabin.

Robert: What ever for?

Fraser's Grandmother [enters with a pair of child's PJs]: Robert

Robert: Oh my God.

Fraser: What?

Grandmother: Here, tell him to put these on. They're warmer.

Robert : It's 70 degrees. These won't do him any good.

Fraser: Who are you talking to?

Robert: You don't see her?

Fraser: No.

Robert: Oh it's your grandmother. She brought you some pyjamas.

Fraser: Oh, well, thank her for me.

Robert: Of course.

Fraser: Anybody else drop in?

Robert: No, not so far.

Grandmother: You're babying him Robert.

Robert: He was shot Mother.

Grandmother: Can't stay in bed for ever [exits via the closet]

Robert: You didn't see her?

Fraser: No how is she?

Robert: Not dead enough son.

[Jill from the aerobics class at the beginning]

Jill: Am I interrupting?

Fraser: No no come on in.

Jill: I'm Jill Kennedy .

Fraser: Yeah

Jill: From.

Fraser : From the hospital.

Jill : Right I'm the.

Fraser: Physical therapist.

Jill: You recognised me?

Fraser: No, actually. That was, um, deduction.

Jill: You deduced me?

Fraser: Err yes, yes. I did. You see your hands although small are --

Jill: Excuse me [she is looking him over]

Fraser: --uncommonly muscular. As are your triceps, biceps, deltoids, pectoral, latissimus dorsi and abdominal rack. Also there is --

Jill: May I? [Continues to remove his gown]

Fraser: about you the scent of eucalyptus which is a common ingredient in muscle liniments and that is mixed with, I would say chlorine, which I would imagine would be from the whirl pool and on top of that there is. . .errr. coconut . . . hand lotion?

Jill: Shampoo.

Fraser: Ahhh there. You see... all of that is very consistent with a physical therapist who has very clean hair.

Jill: That's quite a talent.

Fraser: I'm sorry.

Jill: That's okay. You're a policeman right?

Fraser: Yes, from Canada. A Royal Candian Mounted Policeman.

Jill: Ahh that would explain the bowed knees.

Fraser: Bowed?

Jill: I'd say five-eighths of a centimetre, quarter horse. 16 hands?

Fraser: As a rule.

Jill: Hmm, well you've got quite a few momento's here[She closely examines OFM] Left legs been broken and reset, oh, twice. Second one was pretty nasty. Fell what? Fifty? Sixty feet?

Fraser: Fifty-seven.

Jill : Off a building?

Fraser: Off a cliff.

Jill: Some one push you?

Fraser: I jumped actually.

Jill: Oh that would do it. Oh serious knife wound. Seven inch blade serrated edge. What was he hunting?

Fraser: Me.

Jill: Hmm, and this is recent. A minor laceration. Small but deep. Glass door?

Fraser: Tempered.

Jill: Ouch. And this is interesting. it's old. Maybe 20 years. There's plenty of scar tissue so it was deep. It's an object but it's something soft, with teeth and hair. This is going to sound really silly but --

Fraser: It was an otter. I was 10 it was dead. Someone hit me with it. Can we move on?

Jill: Okay-okay. You ever going to use this thing [unhooks handle hanging above bed] ?

Fraser: Thinking about it.

Jill: Keep thinking three months. Start using, couple of weeks [She pulls the dressing off Fraser's wound]

Fraser [flinches]: I'm sorry.

Jill: Thats okay . Cold hands. Another hunter?

Fraser: A friend actually. He was aiming for someone else.

Jill: Who.

Fraser: A woman, she had umm committed a crime and was attempting to escape . He drew his weapon.

Jill: And you just happened to step in between.

Fraser: Yes, um, what?

Jill: Nothing you just don't strike me as the clumsy type. [She leans down to look where Fraser is looking] Nice pectoral muscles don't you think? [refering to the woman teaching the gym class]

[Their gaze moves to the office where the two people were making out earlier in the episode. A man hands the woman an envelope which she opens]

Jill: What is it?

Fraser: Photographs.

Jill: Well this is kind of mesmorising. [the woman burns the photos] Wow.

[rehab gym, Fraser is laying on a bench using a pulley system to exercise his leg]

Jill: Getting on all right?

Fraser: A-1

Jill: Blackmail.

Fraser: Excuse me?

Jill: Now grab the handle. Of course what else could it be. Tell me if this is painful. You'll tell me?

Fraser: Uh huh.

Jill: You saw the photos.

Fraser: Well I didn't see what was in them.

Jill: you saw how she reacted.

Fraser: Well perhaps it was a sad occasion.

Jill: That's what a person does when she sees sad pictures? Burns them? So what else did you see?

Fraser: When?

Jill: You've been lying there staring in those windows for three weeks . What else?

Fraser: I guess my mind was elsewhere.

Jill: Elsewhere? Like you don't want to talk about it... I get it...

Ben-Errr no no .. I think I prefe....

Jill- that's Ok we can just keep this simple... you're the patient... I'm the Physio..We don't walk no problem

Ben- OK

Jill- Times up *Drops his leg onto the bench*

Ben- OW

**Jill and Ben on a set of practice steps in the gym**

Jill- You're kidding...

Ben- No, I'm sure it's nothing.

Jill- A surgeon with a needle in her thigh, that's not nothing... It's drugs... and if it's drugs that's professional misconduct- Malpractice suits from every person she's every treated.

Ben- You said there was a photocopy room next door maybe somebody was making photocopies.

Jill- At 2 in the morning.

Ben- As for the injection she could be diabetic or taking some other kind of medicine.

Jill- She's a junkie.

Ben- I think before we jump to conclusions we should take a deep breath and....

**Cut to the hydotherapy pool Ben in trunks Jill in one piece**

Ben- You're being unreasonable...

Jill- I am being perfectly logical what you saw was a rich doctor with a drug habit whose about to be blackmailed.

Ben- No what we saw was a woman open an envelope and burn the contents. We have no actual evidence of an actual crime took place.

Jill- OK let's get some. I have a friend in maintenance...he's got keys to all the offices.

Ben- Miss Kennedy, is it your custom to incite all your patients to break and enter?

Jill- No do you usually ignore a crime?

Ben- I am not a police officer in this jurisdiction. And even if I did have the authority to investigate... I've taken a leave of absense.

Jill- OH

*Ben flinches he is obviously in pain*

Jill- You OK

Ben- Ummm (It's obvious he's not.... she starts to drag him albeit very slowly to the pool steps)

Jill- Are you sure?

Ben- Uh hu...

Jill- Threw in the towel hey(continuing earlier conversation)

Ben- No as you can see I just need some time to recuperate.

Jill- This? Oh this you'll get over in no time the other thing... well maybe you're right...

Ben- What do you mean?

Jill- You know the thing we're not talking about.. some guys never recover from that 1 good punch and they're knocked out cold.. and never recover.

Ben- You have no idea what you are talking about.

Jill- Of course not.

Robert*Stood in pool in full dress uniform*- She's a lovely girl

Ben- She's not a girl she's a therapist.

Jill- Excuse me

Robert- Then one of is going blind.

Ben- It's nothing.

Jill- Still I suppose it is your choice.

Ben- What is?

Jill- Well you can ignore it if you want but she's just not going to go away is she

Robert- By the way Son, could you see your way clear to imagining me in a pair of trunks?

Ben- Do you mind?

Jill- I mean everytime you open your eyes she'll be there...

Ben- All right that is enough... thank you... Miss Kennedy..

Jill- Jill

Ben- Jill... You're a very fine physical therapist and I've no doubt you're a very fine, caring and decent person and while I appreciate that... I would appreciate it a whole lot more if you would confine you're comments and advice to my physical well being... and leave my personal life to me.

Jill- I was talking about the doctor..

Ben- Oh well that's ummm that is a completely different thing..

Jill- It's true though...

Ben- What is?

Jill- I do hate to see a good man go to waste.

Robert*lay fully clothed flat on his back in the pool hands behind his head- singing(yeah it is kind of surreal)*- Oh Rosemary I love you.... I'm always dreaming of you.....

**Ben's room Ray has given Ben a present. Ben opens it.**

Ben- Ahhh

Ray- It's a power saw.

Ben- So it is.

Ray- Top of the line, guaranteed not to rust, with a life time warranty.

Ben- Ummm what's it for?

Ray- Your Dad's cabin... I thought we'd go up there together and I'd help you rebuild it...

Ben- Oh.. Ray... you hated the cabin....

Ray- No I didn't I just hated leaving it to go to the can... which brings me to this... pick one my treat *hands Ben a brochure on 'bathroom suites'*

Ben*flicking through the brochure*-You know you really don't have to do this.

Ray- Ahhh trust me you do...(You get the feeling this is one thing he is buying for himself) OK so what err I figured we'd go up there maybe 2, 3 weeks you'd get back your health and I'd kill maybe 3, 4 thousand mosquitoes... I'll get that (the handle over the bed)... You OK?

Ben- Yeah *lifts himself in the bed* just a little tired..

Ray- Wait wait wait wait....*Clears the presents off the bed and helps Ben on to the bed* You want me to go?

Ben- No

Ray*sits down in the wheel chair*- Hey this is pretty cool.... You know I think it will be good that we err go up there for a while... try to put Victoria behind us... You know... It'll be like a do over... like a fresh start right..

Ben- Right.

*Flashback to The VS scene where Ben walks VM back to her hotel*

Victoria- I had a really nice time...

Ben- So did I

*Back to the present*

Ray- It'll be great...

Ben- Yeah..

Ray- Hey so where do you buy lumber up there.?

Ben- You cut it...

Ray- What? Like from the forest?

Ben- Yeah

Ray- You're kidding right?

Ben- No

Ray- Wow... you know how to do that?

*Ben swings his arms like he's using an axe.. he clicks his tongue making a sound like he's chopping timber*- clk, clk.

Ray- Wow... I don't have an axe...

Ben- I have an axe...

Ray- I'll have to go and buy an axe... d'you've got an axe for me?

Ben-Yeah.... I have 2 axes.

**Bens Room... evening 8.55pm.. he is picking at his hospital meal.... it must be bad... I mean this guy eats mud for fun:O)*

Jill- Hi

Ben- Hi

Jill- What's that?

Ben- Oh.. well tonight I believe they're billing it at chicken surprise.

Jill- Oh

Ben- What've you got?

Jill- Well I used to go to this place when I was a kid.. they have the best chilli dogs in the city... I wasn't quite sure what you would like so....

Ben- All of it.


*Dief whines*

Ben- You'd better give him something he'll just embarrass himself *she throws some food at Dief who unwraps it and gobbles it down*

Ben- You really didn't have to do this but I appreciate it but I'm sure you must have other plans...

Jill- You want to know if I have a boy friend? no not at the moment...

Ben- Oh..... pickle?

Jill- Ah no thank you.... I did a little digging... You can't ignore this... the contents of Dr. Carter's garbage can... from my friend in maintenance .. now technically that's not breaking and entering...*Ben puts something out of the garbage contents in his mouth* Oh you don't know where that's been...ah this note...

Ben*reads note*- Office, tonight 9pm... You know this could mean...

Jill- Well wait five minutes and we'll find out.... A gift for you*pulls out a pair of binoculars.*

Ben- A card would have been sufficient.

Jill- Not in your case

Ben- This is silly...

Jill- You had plans?

Ben- Well no...

Jill- Shh *action in the office has started*

Ben- Well she can't hear us...

Jill- Sshh

*In the office- Jill commentates on the action in Ben's room*

Jill- Oooohh whats this? *the couple are getting friendly again*

Ben- it's a friend I think he's a doctor...

Jill- No he's an intern .. I've seen him on rounds- Bingo..*She hands him an envelope*. I wonder how much..

Ben- Oh now we don't actually know there's any money in there.*The money is taken out of the envelope*

Jill- You are right I was jumping to conclusions...She wants him to go in her place... *the woman gives him a gun*He's going to kill the blackmailer.

Ben- No no.. she gave it to him for protection.. He would have checked the chamber of he intended to use it.

Jill- I do have a cat...

Ben- I bag your pardon?

Jill- His name's Barney...

Ben- Oh

Jill- She's gone...

*Their view shifts to the court yard below..*

Jill- Look by the fountains now give him the envelope... he's going to kill him...

Ben - No no...

Jill- He's in on it... Black mail.

**Ben's room next morning**

ray- Blackmail?

Ben- No

Jill- Yes

Ray- OK which is it?

Ben- Suspicion of blackmail..

Ray- You have anything to back up your suspicions?

Ben- No

Jill- Yes... um... Photographs *spills out the torn up, burnt photos*

Ray- Anything else?

Ben- Strictly speaking no...

Jill- Well there's the photos, the drugs, the money, what more do you want?

Ray- Something physical something I can put in my hand, we call it evidence...OK Benny..

Ben- I'm sorry could you excuse us just briefly?

Ray- You want to tell me what this is all about?

Ben- I know it seems odd Ray..

Ray- Yeah odd.. and she's very pretty.

Ben- Well I don't see how that figures...

Ray Look what we have here is a series of coincidences and a very attractive nurse. She's sympathetic...

Ben- Ray I know it's all circumstantial ...

Ray- Come on... You're a cop ... you know how this works...

*Ray picks up the binoculars*

Ray- That her?

Ben- Yeah... She's a doctor, he's an intern... they're lovers.

Ray- So? Ben- He's betrayed her .. She's going to kill him.

Ray- Benny, not every woman with long, dark hair tries to kill her lover.

Ben- Oh..(it kind of comes as a big surprise to him)

Ray- All right I'll ask some questions...

Ben- Thanks

Ray *leaving speaks to Jill*- We're going to ask some questions...

Jill- Oh hey wait you'll want these.*hands him the bag containing the photos*

**Corridor - Ray is speaking to Dr. Carter**

Carter- Yes I have a hand gun, which I have a permit for.

Ray- And is that permit current?

Carter- Yes. Is there something wrong?

Ray- No... just routine. Sometimes the computers spit out the wrong registrations, one of the many potholes on the information super highway. May I see it?

Carter- Yes. It's here in my office.

**Cut to Ben's room where he and Jill are watching out of the window.**

Jill- He's in

Ben- Yes it would appear so.

Jill- Now this is delicate... I hope he knows what he's doing.

Ben- He'll manage.

**Carter's office**

Ray- Great*has checked the permit* may I see the gun?

Carter- Yes of course... I work nights.*Ray checks the gun*

Ray- OK thanks very much.

Carter- Is there anything else?

Ray- You know how to use that right? I mean, you take lessons?

Carter- Of course why?

Ray- Oh it's always good to be prepared. And women tend to be easy targets. We get a lot of reports of harassment and assault, that sort of thing... You haven't run into any trouble like that have you?

Carter- No

Ray- But if you did you wouldn't hesitate to contact us right?

Carter- Oh I'm sure I wouldn't.... hesitate.

Ray- Good .... well...that's why we're here.... Nice family...

Carter- This isn't about my permit is it?

Ray- No it isn't doctor.

Carter- Well?

Ray- We got a report about an unusual occurrence in your office last night. Something about you and a gentleman arguing ... a gun was displayed.

**Back at Ben's room.**

Ray- She's a diabetic.

Jill- And you believed her?

Ray- No I believed her Medic alert bracelet. So I ran it though the DMV and they confirmed it's on her licence.

Jill- What about the drugs? Ray- Insulin... I checked the bottles myself she lined them up on her desk one at a time.

Jill- Well how can you be so sure it was insulin?

Ray- That's what I said so she gave me this for testing*Shows her a vial of insulin*

Jill- She must have done something... She put 100s of dollars in an envelope and he handed it to a complete stranger.

Ray- To who, to her? him? you?

Jill- That I don't know.

Ray- You got a description of the guy?

Jill- Not too tall, medium build....

Ben- It was dark.

Ray- So no description.

Jill- She gave him a gun to carry

Ray- Not according to Dr. Carter it was in her desk... I checked.

Ben- Well she did give him a gun Ray.

Ray- It was in her desk.

Jill- What about the pictures.

Ray- I was coming to that... they did have an affair...

Jill- Who?

Ray- The Doctor and the intern ... You want to stay with us?... She's married and got a kid. A friend of hers took some pictures at a convention last year where she and the intern were getting a little too friendly. So she burned them.

Ben- The negatives?

Ray- She said she could get 'em for me if I needed them- I told her that wouldn't be necessary.

Jill(to Ben)- You knew this?

Ben- I saw them...

Jill- Well so what? Everyone has affairs these days - Why pay blackmail if you can get away with an 'I'm sorry' and a couple of extra therapy sessions? It's got to be more than that.

Ray- Look she's got answers and you've got a bag full of ashes either was it's your word against hers.

Jill- Oh so we're just imagining things... nothing we saw really happened?

Ray- I didn't say that.

Jill(to Ben)- Is that what you think?

Ben- I think appearances can be deceptive...

Jill- I can't believe you're going to let them get away with this.

Ben- He's right we have no evidence.

Jill*leaves and speaks to Ray on the way out*- A pleasure to meet you...*Dief goes with her*

Ray- I like her she puts her cards on the table... Hey Benny.... Victoria was not your fault... It could've happened to anybody... You were blind sided.

Ben-*somewhat distant* - I was going with her you know.

Ray- I know.

**Its night Ben is in his room looking out of the window. You see his Grandmother in the back ground she looks at him and nods before leaving... Ben returns to his bed and picks up a hard backed book but doesn't read it... Meanwhile Jill enters the office with Dief...

Jill- OK now...You stay here and guard the door.

* Ben spots Jill going into Dr. Carters office ...*

Ben- That is the most Contrary woman... *He wheels himself over to the phone and picks it up* Yes internal extention for Carter... C. A. R. T. E. R..... Busy? no I'm sorry.... I don't think that's quite* he hangs up. Jill waves the empty gun container at him and Ben waves the phone at her signalling for her to put it back on the hook - she ignores him... Ben puts the phone back on the hook and as he does it rings phone rings*

Ben- *picking up the phone- Hello?

Ray- Frasier

Ben- Ray

Ray- It's the damnedest thing... I'm on my way home and this call comes in over the radio- Robbery, homicide. The dead guy's in a photographers loft so I figure what are the odds??

Ben- And..

Ray Vamares(SP?), David... Not too tall, medium build...

Ben- Jill Kennedy is in Dr. Carter's office.

Ray- I'm on my way.

**Ben rings Jill who puts the phone on the hook**

Ben- Get out of there now.

Jill- What? Ben- She killed the photographer.

**The intern enters Carters office , Jill and Dief hide in the closet**

Intern- You're phone's been busy.... *He says before he realises she's not there*

*Enter Doctor Carter*

Intern- You're phone's been busy so I came up to ...

Carter- Look for these? Or were you hoping to take some more?

Intern- I'll talk to you later...

Carter- I don't think so*She pulls her gun out*

**Ben's room**

Ben- *On phone* Security.. There's a person in 104 with a gun... Yes I am a patient here... No I am not medicated.. I'm...no... I'm...*Gives up and leaves his room*

**Carter's office**

Carter- Why didn't you just ask me for the money?

Intern- Would you have given it?

Carter- In a heartbeat... I loved you...

Intern- I couldn't....

Carter- What you were to ashamed to let an older woman pay you for sex? I am so stupid... I actually thought you cared for me..

Intern- I do

Carter- Don't lie to me

**Whilst this conversation is going on you see insets of Fraser trying to get to the office in his wheel chair.. He falls out several times and gains a cut to his head. **

Carter- Did you ever love me or did you plan the whole thing from the start... the pictures? Or did you just rollover one morning and see me lying besides you and just decide you didn't love me any more.. is that it? That's the way you decide things when you're 25 isn't it? or maybe it was Vamares .. talked you in to it?

Intern- Yes I owed him...

Carter- OH the lies just roll off your beautiful lips

**Ben falls out of chair at bottom of stair way.He climbs the stairs with some degree of difficulty**

**Back to the office**

Carter- I followed you ... I wish I hadn't.. I don't ... I don't know why .. I keep asking myself why.... You gave me some hope... the way you touched me

Intern- It can be like that again...

Carter- You made me feel like a woman... It was so perfect... how dare you... how dare you....

**Dief barks Jill tries to grab the gun**

Carter- Give it me back

**The gun goes off and Carter and everyone else makes a run for it out of the office .. They get to the corridor and Carter points the gun at the intern... Ben hobbles round the corner**

Ben- Dr. Carter.. the police are on there way... put down the gun.

Carter- No don't come any closer.

Ben- Perhaps we could talk.

Intern- She's trying to kill me.... She's trying to kill me.

Ben- I can see that. You hurt her... I understand that...

Carter- You don't understand anything.

Ben- I understand that sometimes you can love someone so mush that you are willing to do almost anything for them the power of a love like that can be very frightening.

Carter- I don't care.

Ben- Oh I think you do care... I think you care so deeply that when he betrayed you, you tried to do the only thing that made sense.. you tried to destroy yourself... Don't let him do that to you..

Carter- Who's that?

**Police appear on the scene**

Ray- Drop the gun Ma'am...

**Carter shoots at Ben... Ray dives at him and takes the bullet**

**Ray is carried off on a stretcher, Dr. Carter is lead away by two people, Jill helps Ben down the corridor**

**Ben's room. Ben (in a wheel chair) is pushing Ray in another wheelchair over to the window**

Ray- All right...stop jerking it... be careful... ok OK... OK

Ben- Does it hurt? Ray- Of course it hurts.

Ben- Thanks

Ray- For what... getting shot?

Ben- Yeah

Ray- Yeah I figured you'd like that...

Ben- Well I'm not proud about that but I'll admit I did get a certain perverse pleasure out of it...

Ray- Ah you see you were mad at me...

Ben- Well you shot me in the back...

Ray- But that was an ACCIDENT!

Ben- Well so was your's .. It was an accident wasn't it Ray?

Ray- Yes. Of course it was...

Ben- Ah well there you go. Enough said. Even Steven

Ray- Even Steven? Just give me the binoculars will you... Even Steven.... nobody says 'Even Steven' any more.

Ben- Really?

Ray- Yes.

Ben- Why?

Ray- It's juvenile.

Ben- Oh dear *Really, really sarcastic tone of voice*

**Fades to black**

Ray- Is there something going on in that window over there?



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