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.. Scénář - 25. epizoda - Svědkyně (The Witness) ..

[Fraser is dashing down the street, carrying what appears to be dry cleaning in a clear plastic cover on a hanger. He runs into the Consulate, past a Mountie standing guard duty and up the stairs]

Thatcher's secretary: Good luck.

Thatcher: You're late.

Fraser: Uh yes, there was a delay at the dry cleaners.

Thatcher: I thought true blue types like you didn't believe in excuses Fraser.

Fraser: Well you're quite right and I'm sorry for apologizing. If I'd only noticed the smoke earlier I --

Thatcher: Smoke?

Fraser: Yes. Apparently the pressing machine short circuited. Now by the time I got the cashiers out, racks A through E were already in flames and I was only able to save this. I'm afraid it's a little singed.

Thatcher: You ran into a burning building to save a mohair sweater?

Fraser: Yes sir.

Thatcher: Pardon me if that sounds like pure stupidity.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Thatcher: You don't agree.

Fraser: No sir. Stupidity would have been if I ran back in for your leather chaps.

Thatcher: Dismissed.

Fraser: That's what you said yesterday.

Thatcher: Well it may take a few days, you're a civil servant, there's formalities. I have to get confirmation from Ottawa. Or you can make it easy on me and request a transfer.

Fraser: Yes, I suppose I could.

Thatcher: Think about it.

Fraser: Yes sir I will.

Thatcher: Dismissed.

Fraser: Don't you need your glasses sir?

Thatcher: I don't wear glasses.

Fraser: Understood.

Thatcher's secretary: Transfer request.

Fraser: Huh.

Thatcher's secretary: I understand the leaves are changing in Kamloops.


St. Laurent: You're the arresting officer, is that correct?

Ray: That's correct.

St. Laurent: Detective, what time did you receive the call to go to the scene.

Ray: I got the call around 9:15 and I arrived approximately five minutes later.

St. Laurent: Please tell us what happen from the time you arrived outside the liquor store.

Ray: When I arrived, the crime scene had already been established. Uniformed officers had taped off the area and the medical examiner was in the process of removing the store owners body.

St. Laurent: Were there signs of a struggle?

Ray: No.

Robert: You thought about it yet son?

Fraser: It's only been an hour.

Robert: Well you ought to you know.

Fraser: Dad.

St. Laurent: Were there any witnesses on the scene?

Ray: Yes. An eye witness came forward. Mrs. Rosanna Torres. I questioned the witness and based on her description was able to put together a line-up of probable suspects.

St. Laurent: Was she able to make an identification?

Ray: Yes. She identified the accused.

St. Laurent: Can you identify him please.

Ray: Mr. Robert Kruger.

St. Laurent: After Mr. Kruger was identified, you applied for a search warrant?

Ray: I did and we found a nine millimeter hand gun recently fired.

St. Laurent: Which perfectly matched the bullet that killed Mr. Garcia. This ballistics report is states exhibit 23 your honor. What happen next, Detective.

Ray: I arrested Mr. Kruger on charges of armed robbery and murder.

St. Laurent: Thank you. That's all.

Judge. You may leave the witness stand Detective Vecchio.

St. Laurent: I'd like to call Rosanna Torres your honor.

Bailiff: Rosanna Torres to the stand.

Ray: [about Louise] She wants me bad.

Fraser: I think she wants to kill you.

Ray: Hmm, that too.

St. Laurent: Mrs. Torres, on the night of June 14, 1994, you were walking along Center Street when you heard gun shots.

Fraser: Should we wait and listen to her testimony?

Ray: No-no-no-no-no. It's all over now except for the shouting.

Fraser: What shouting.

St. Laurent: You describe to us what you saw when you turned and looked toward the sound of the gun fire.

Mrs. Torres: No.

St. Laurent: You did not see the defendant exit as--

Siracusa: Objection. Leading.

Judge: Sustained.

St. Laurent: Okay, what did you see?

Mrs. Torres: Nothing.

St. Laurent: Nothing? What about your sworn statement to Detective Vecchio?

Mrs. Torres: It was dark. I'm sorry.

St. Laurent: What about your statement?

Mrs. Torres: It was a mistake.

St. Laurent: A mistake?

Mrs. Torres: I tried to tell you but he

Ray: Okay, what the hell is going on here?

Siracusa: Your honor I more for a dismissal.

Judge: Both of you, in my chambers. Now.

St. Laurent: Great, just great.

[Judges chamber. Louise and ccc arguing, you only see them from the neck down. Between them and back a ways is Ray sitting in a chair. He isn't happy]

Siracusa: Urban proof. Admissibility. Relevance.

St. Laurent: Armed robbery. Murder. Criminal intent.

Siracusa: Perjury.

Ray: Perjury?

Siracusa: Not to mention a blatant disregard of my clients 5th and 7th amendment rights. If you don't rule of this immediately then I'll file charges of misconduct faster than you can say Subordination of a witness.

Judge: Save your grandstanding for the paying customers, Mr. ccc

Siracusa: Will you rule on my motion to suppress the gun?

Judge: Miss sl?

St. Laurent: Judge?

Siracusa: No witness, no warrant. No warrant, no gun. No gun, no case. It's all fruit of the poisoned tree.

St. Laurent: Judge, Detective Vecchio is an experienced officer with a commendable record.

Siracusa: Of manufacturing evidence.

Ray: Bull!

Judge: I caution you Detective you are still under the courts jurisdiction during this proceeding. What about your witness.

Siracusa: She just swore under oath that she didn't see him.

St. Laurent: Oh yeah and I have a signed deposition in my hand that says she did.

Siracusa: Your honor, Detective Vecchio has a history with my client.

St. Laurent: That's irrelevant your honor.

Judge: Here in chambers nothing is irrelevant.

Siracusa: Clearly persecution.

Ray: Oh please, give me a break.

Judge: Okay let me get this straight. Detective Vecchio, you and Kruger have a history?

Ray: Uh yes your honor. I arrested Mr. Kruger on similar charges two years ago.

Siracusa: My client walked on that your honor. It was a case made entirely in Detective Vecchio's head. Not unlike this one apparently. Never got over that one did you?

Ray: He beat an old woman in a smoke shop and got off on a procedural fowl up.

Siracusa: And you've been on him ever since.

Ray: Oh maybe that's an over reaction to the fact that he keeps committing crimes?

Judge: What we have here is a woman who says you cohersed her into giving false testimony.

Ray: She's lying and maybe somebody should find out why.

Judge: You will have no further contact with the witness understood?

St. Laurent: Your honor, I would like to request a postponement while the state revisits elements of the case.

Judge: I'll consider it Miss St. Laurent. In the meantime, this is what I want. A report on the lighting conditions outside the victims store that evening as it pertains to visibility. I want Mr. Kruger's previous arrest report and most of all, I want your case notes on both incidents, Detective.

Ray: Your honor, I'm not sure --

Judge: You do keep personal notes on your cases?

Ray: Well I do but don't--

Judge: Get em. You've got until three o'clock this afternoon.

[court hall]

Ray: The witness says I cohorst her.

Fraser: Will your case notes prove you're telling the truth?

Ray: No! If I don't produce them it'll look like I'm lying, Kruger walks and I'm toast.

Fraser: Ah. Miss St. Laurent.

St. Laurent: Oh God, the other one. Old habits die hard, eh, Vecchio?

Ray: Louise, did I neglect to tell you how fine in a prosecutable way you look in that suit?

St. Laurent: Do your friend a favor, Fraser, convince him to find those case notes. I don't give second chances. [she gets in the elevator they were waiting for]

Ray: She's just playing hard to get.

Fraser: The stairs.

Ray: Don't you think?

Fraser: Think what?

Ray: That's she's playing hard to get.

Fraser: To get what?

Ray: Oh never mind.

[27th precinct]

Welsh: Unofficial case notes and why do we keep them? Stupidity? Carelessness? Any Ideas Vecchio?

Ray: They're personal notes sir. We don't actually expect anybody to produce them.

Welsh: Oh no, never do. You just got things down on matchbooks and napkins. We don't use the proper forms. And then we're surprised when a lawyer accuses us of withholding things that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

Ray: Every cop in the station keeps a notebook sir.

Welsh: Yeah but every cop doesn't hang on to them in the hopes that someday they might incriminate them. [Fraser is straightening through the file cabinets] What is his involvement in this?

Ray: Ah certainly unofficial sir.

Welsh: Why do I not find that reassuring.

Ray: Well he can't help that it's a Canadian thing sir. I think he gets extra points for neatness.

Welsh: It's a quality I admire. Still, knowing the States Attorney's past fondness for Big Red [Fraser finds a Riv rearview mirror in the cabinet and before you write and ask how I know it's from a Riv, it's Ray's files so of course he'd keep extras just laying around]I would have thought you'd go to great pains to keep both of them far apart. The handling of this case is uh, reaching new heights of fruitillity.

Ray: Well no more discouraged then myself sir.

Louis: Hey sorry to hear about your troubles man.

Ray: Thanks for your feigned concern.

Huey: States Attorney called. They want photos of the lighting set u0p on the street by the liquor store.

Welsh: Well do as the States Attorney asks.

Huey: Yes sir.

Welsh: And Gardino. Loose the goatee.

Ray: You check the case? No. We won't be needing that.

[in the Riv, Ray driving, Fraser in the back seat, Elaine sitting up front. Her hair is wet. Fraser is digging around in the case that Elaine brought with her.]

Elaine: Thank God you called Vecchio because otherwise I might be enjoying myself right now. Let's define our terms here. Does Day Off mean anything to you?

Fraser: Towel.

Elaine: One day out of two weeks I ask for a little peace, a little relaxation, a little personal nurturing.

Ray: Elaine you have no life, stop whining.

Fraser: Conditioner.

Ray: Kruger, Robert D. Arrested June ninety-four. Armed robbery, murder one. No pretrial went straight to the grand jury.

Elaine: No idea. Take me home.

Ray: Elaine.

Elaine: I have County records. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it!

Ray: Elaine. A man died in that hold up. Kruger killed him, but nobodies going to care about that if they think the cop who charged him is dirty, okay? I need your help, okay?

Elaine: Okay.

Ray: And besides, Fast Eddie's on security. He likes you.

Elaine: What?

Fraser: Hot brush?


Eddie: You know the case number you're after?

Ray: Uh, yeah that's the reason we come down to County records.

[Eddie is making this annoying ba-dump-ing noise over and over. I think he thinks its music]

Eddie: So you want something here? And you want it fast? You come to me. That's why they call me Fast Eddie. That and other reasons. [more of the ba-dump-ing] Of course it's not strictly in alphabetical order, but I could help you with that. [more of the ba-dump-ing]

[court house]

Ray: So?

Huey No street lights. Not within two blocks. No neon. Not even a bill board.

Louis: Shoulda told us about it man.

Ray: Hey look the light was coming from somewhere alright? If I could see it, so could she.

Huey Look, don't get with us Vecchio. You're not straight with us we can't back you up.

Ray: Yeah, thanks for your vote of confidence.

St. Laurent: Vecchio?

Judge: On the matter of visibility, I have photos here that indicate it's highly unlikely that the witness would have been able to see anything on exiting the liquor store.

Ray: She came to me voluntarily. She said she could I.D. the guy who shot the store owner. Voluntarily.

Siracusa: And you didn't think at the time to ask her how she could possibly make an identification under those conditions?

Ray: She I.D.-ed a guy I know to a tee. A known felon. I picked him up, she picked him out of the line up and no we did not discuss the damned lighting.

Judge. I assume your case notes will support that. Let me have them.

Ray: Uh, no. I just need a little more--

Siracusa: Your honor I move for a dismissal and I want charges brought against this officer for harassment and perjury.

Ray: Thais is not about case notes. This is about some piece of garbage with a good mouth piece trying to make a good cop look like a bad guy so his client can go free on a murder charge.

Judge: Detective I instructed you to have those case books in my office by three o'clock. You're in defiance of a court order.

Ray: I'm not in defiance of anything. I'm being railroaded here. Come one your honor don't let some ass kissing defense lawyer's paper chase give this guy a walk.

Siracusa: Ass kissing.

Judge: Careful Detective

Ray: Look if you let this scum back out on the street he's gonna murder someone else and I'm gonna have to turn around and arrest him all over again.

Judge: Stop.

Ray: Back off.

Judge: That's enough Detective you're in contempt.

Ray: You're damned right I'm in contempt. I'm in contempt of this whole lousy process. I'm in contempt of you, you and you.

Judge: Get the deputy in here.

Ray: I know there was lighting in that alley. You're on your own. The car's parked out front.

St. Laurent: This is a capital office you can't throw it out a procedural matter.

Judge: Nothing happens until he apologizes. See you back in court in 48 hours. Enjoy it. Mrs. Torres. [Mrs. Torres goes into the Judges chambers]

Fraser: You know he would not fabricate evidence.

St. Laurent: That is the least of what I know about him. If I can find a way to tie you into this, it would make my year.

Kruger: Hey Vecchio! Looks like we're gonna be neighbors for a while.

Ray: First time arresting a cop?

[Fraser is preparing to drive the Riv. Gets it, then out, paces off the distance between him and the car behind him, gets in, fools with the seat belt, mirror, starts the motor, the wipers...]

Robert: So we're off then. [he looks at the transfer papers]

Fraser: Do you mind! This is private.

Robert: I don't know about you but I could use a change of scenery.

Fraser: What possible difference could scenery make in your condition.

Robert: Well I always liked a good view.

Fraser: What? Barren rocks and snow?

Robert: You used to climb those rocks.

Fraser: I still do.

Robert: Well let's choose one then [pulls out a map]

Fraser: Dad, I don't have time for this. I'm in the middle of a case.

Robert: Oh. Lord Nelson. Your mother and I had a cabin. One bedroom with stove and all the coal she could carry and 360 degree view of the strip mines.

Fraser: Sounds attractive.

Robert: Three months and your mother was a raving lunatic. Then we moved on to Nelson Port, Nelson House. The names alone drove her around the bend. We finally ended up in Rat River. Oh I have fond memories of the Rat. Your mother didn't.

Fraser: I can imagine.

Robert: Gotta look ahead son, not back.

Fraser: I haven't left yet.

Robert: You will.


Guard: Open C-203. We're at the stairs right now. You got a lot of friends here Ray.

Ray: Got a lot of friends everywhere.

Guard: Not like these friends. Word spread about you joining us.

Ray: Hey you trying to scare me?

Guard: C-218. I'm just telling you the way it is.

Ray: Appreciate it.

Guard: C-254. Your lieutenant called. We're gonna do our best. You know the drill.

Ray: I know the drill. [inmates look Ray over, Ray looks them over]

[Riv is speeding along, screeching and finally comes to rest in front of a hydrant. Fraser gets out, examines the alley, almost steps on broken glass]

Fraser: Dad? Good.[Dad is gone but Dief is complaining] Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. [he climbs the building to examine where the lighting use to be]

Cop: Hey! Spiderman! You mind coming down from there, sir?

Fraser: No, not at all.

Cop: Just stay off the walls on my beat.

Fraser: Understood. [reads the ticket he got for parking next to the hydrant] Thank you kindly. Oh stop complaining. [gets back in pulls out without looking, gets honked at by several people]

[radio conversation while Fraser is trying to drive]

Louis: 1680 West Banister, Apt 410.

Fraser: Uh thank you Louis.

Louis: St. L hears about this -

Fraser: I understand. Ohhhhh dearrrr. [runs into the trash piled on the curb and almost into three people.] I'm sorry. I'm sorry, my mistake. [one guy is thumping the hood in anger] It's entirely my fault. I'll just uh- [he backs it up.

Louis: Do you hear me?

Fraser: My lips are sealed, Louis.

[prison hospital]

Trustee: Vecchio, I'll be right with you. Grab a mop. Try and keep a low profile alright? This corner right here.

Inmate: [steps on the mop Ray is using and smiles at him] Ray, how are ya?

[laundry mat]

Mrs. Torres: Those lawyers. They bring me to the courthouse. They ask me the same questions over and over. For months I have been answering these questions.

Fraser: Do you have any hangers?

Mrs. Torres: Basket. I don't have time for this. I have children. Work.

Fraser: Have you tried telling them the truth?

Mrs. Torres: Yes. I don't trust those people. In my country those people...

Fraser: Can you uh...was your husband at the courthouse today?

Mrs. Torres: No.

Fraser: Oh, I'm sorry. I noticed your wedding ring.

Mrs. Torres: My husband doesn't time for questions either.

Fraser: No of course not. So who was that man with you today?

Mrs. Torres: What man?

Fraser: The tall one with the long hair.

Mrs. Torres: Don't know him.

Fraser: He seemed to know you. Where is your husband Mrs. Torres. There's no men's clothing in this laundry.

Mrs. Torres: Look, my husband is none of your business.

Fraser: You're a religious woman aren't you? You wear a St. Sabastion medal. Patron saint of prisoners. The medal protects them. Of course in today's prisons a prisoner wouldn't be allowed to wear such a medal. But someone might wear it for him.

Mrs. Torres: Look, I'm sorry about your friend, but he's a policeman. They take care of their own.

Fraser: Do you know what perjury is? There was a light in that street. Three months ago it hung from the building less than 20 feet away from that liquor store. A light may not be there now but there will be records and there will be permits and when the lawyers get a hold of it there will be more questions. So I will ask you again, Do you know what perjury is?

Mrs. Torres: I don't have time for this.

[prison visiting center]

Fraser: Torres, Edward H. Two Prior convictions. Both for grand theft auto.

Ray: It's getting crowded up hear.

Fraser: He was transferred from Joliet two weeks ago to face parole hearing.

Ray: Kruger. What you want to bet they're bunk mates.

Fraser: Well perhaps we should notify States Attorney.

Ray: Oh yeah, She's going to be thrilled you're talking to a witness. And ten to one says she thinks I put you up to it.

Fraser: Well maybe you could find Torres, try to talk to him, offer him immunity.

Ray: In my position I can't offer him anything. Besides how am I going to get to him from segregation?

Fraser: uh, it does seem our options are somewhat limited. And don't tell me, you fell?

Ray: I was mopping. Floor jumped up and hit me right in the head.

Fraser: You know you could try apologizing.

Ray: To who?

Fraser: To the judge.

[Welsh's office]

Fraser: I'm not asking for your permission sir nor should this be construed as some kind of bid for absolution. I simply felt that you ought to be informed. As a superior officer. I mean I realize you're not my superior officer, we don't work for the same police force. Or for the same country for that matter. On the other hand it would appear my own superior officer would prefer not to be my superior officer therefore under the circumstances it didn't seem entirely inappropriate--

Welsh: Stop.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Welsh: This has to do with Vecchio doesn't it?

Fraser: That would be a safe assumption sir. Yes.

Welsh: You've seen him?

Fraser: Yes sir and he claims to have an altercation with a floor.

Welsh: Any particular type of floor?

Fraser: Interlocking linoleum I believe.

Welsh: Oh yeah, yeah, They can be very tricky. Is there anything I can do to assist?

Fraser: Well, nothing actually sir. No. Do to the nature of the situation I would prefer to do this off the record and on my own initiative. I simply felt that I ought to notify someone. Force of habit I imagine.

Welsh: I see. And this new inspector, she's not the type of person you could...

Fraser: Oh sir, she's not the type of person you would...let me put it this way. We seem to lack repoire.

Welsh: Any idea why?

Fraser: Not in the slightest.

Welsh: Women in authority. It's a quandary. It shouldn't be but it is.

Fraser: Sir?

Welsh: I mean you want to treat em like the rest of the guys, want them to have sweat rings and maybe a little too much garlic on their breath. But no. No. Not women. Women smell goo. And women look good. And then they smile at you and before you know it you're smiling back. And the first time they tear a piece off you, it's like somebody sticking an ice pick through your heart.

Fraser: Sir? Uh...sir? I have no idea what you are talking about. [he heads for the door and O'Neill is there]

Fraser: Hi. [he then bows] Excuse me.

Commander Sherry O'Neill: This is much better. Thank you.

Welsh: Yes sir.

Commander Sherry O'Neill: You okay?

Welsh: Yeah, sure. [they both smile. She leaves]

[at a store, near the candy]

Louis: You sure you want to do this?

Fraser: Quite sure.

Huey: Once we do it, there's no going back.

Fraser: I understand.

Huey: After this no more favors, okay?

Fraser: No, I'll never ask again.

Louis: Nice and slow. Take your hands out.

Fraser: Hmmm hum.

Louis: Grab the milkduds and put them in your pocket.

Fraser: Understood. Perhaps I should pay for them first.

Louis: Then you wouldn't be stealing.

Fraser: That's a good point. Should you be watching?

Huey: He's right. We'll be over there.

Louis: Right.

Fraser: [to Dief who is staring at him] What? Yes I realize this is setting a bad example but it is necessary. Sh. You'll give up the game.

Huey: What?

Fraser: I can't. I mean maybe if it were less expensive or...

Louis: They're milkduds.

Huey: It doesn't matter how much it costs. If you're not going to take em. We're going to arrest you, got it?

Fraser: It's a good point.

Louis: Fraser, you can do this.

Fraser: I can do this. [he heads for the candy, does a turn around as is back] I can't. I can't. I can't do this.

[Louis grabs him by the arm, walks him over and puts a box of milkduds in his pocket]

Huey: There. You're under arrest.

Fraser: [so relieved he begins to babble] Oh thank you kindly. I have the right to remain silent anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law...

[prison. Ray is mopping the infirmery, looks up and sees Fraser in prison clothes. Fraser sees him and gives in a 'thumbs up.'

Ray: Oh God.

Fraser [to guard putting him in lockup]: Oh uh, I'll be fine. [to the group of inmates] Good evening. Evening fellow prisoners. My name is Fraser, B. Number uh...1219 and you would be? Ah! You would be 8356. It's nice to meet you. Good evening sir. Excuse me I wonder if you might be able to um...no I don't imagine you could. [spots an unmade bunk] Ah! There's the ticket. [whistles Swing Low Sweet Chariot] Good evening. Ah. I suppose you are all wondering what it is I am attempting to achieve. Now the secret to perfect corners lies in the tuck. A firm tuck from corner to corner. Now if you could just grab that end please. Good now, grasp the sheet tightly. No now you see that would be far to firm a grasp. Anyone else? [whole group is laughing, cell door opens and laughter stops. Everyone scatters as 2353, Carl, enters. This guy is seven feet tall, muscular and you wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley] Good evening uh ... 2353: Would you prefer the upper or um... [Carl takes the lower, made bed]

Voice: Lights out!

Fraser: I guess I'll just...well.

Robert: Nice.

Fraser: What now?

Robert: Of course it's not the Rat. But very few places are.

Fraser: Go to sleep dad.

Robert: Good night son...[sings] swing low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home. Swing low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home.

Fraser: That's enough dad.

Robert: Thank you.

[next morning in line for breakfast]

Fraser: Boy oh boy I tell you I haven't spent a night like that since...well I guess since basic training. Although, I did spend a very restful evening once on an ice flow moving through Northcumberland Sound. Now picture this--

Inmate: Shut up!

Fraser: Understood. Ah! It that cinnamon?

Food server: Carbon.

Fraser: Ah well, thank you kindly.

Server [to Carl]: We're out. [Carl holds his plate out and waits] Move on! [Carl wraps his hand around the server's throat] Gasp. Carl-Carl-gaurd-gaurd-gaurd.

Fraser: You know something. I'm feeling kind of full this morning. Would you be interested in...[Carl lets go of the server and takes Fraser's offered tray]

Inmate: Hey Carl, you want mine? [Carl ignores him] Hey come on Eddie, give him yours. [Fraser spots Eddie sitting next to Carl. It's Eddie Torres]

[Fraser pusing book cart down hall]

Fraser: Afternoon gentlemen. I happen to have a complete 11 volume set of History of Civilization by Will and Arial Durant. Any takers?

Ray: Yeah, right here.

Fraser: Ah!

Ray: Benny what are you doing in here.

Fraser: I'm delivering books Ray.

Ray: I can see that. How did you get in here?

Fraser: Well the same way most people get in here. Ray, I committed a crime.

Ray: You committed a crime? Benton Fraser Royal Canadian Mounted Police committed an actual crime?

Fraser: Ray, I know you think I'm incapable of this but I'll have you know I am not entirely naive to the ways of the world. I've been arresting criminals my entire life and it didn't seem to be a particularly large step to actually steal.

Ray: Steal?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: You stole something?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: What did you steal?

Fraser: I'd rather not talk about it.

Ray: No, come on. Come on. What did you steal? A car?

Fraser: No.

Ray: A television set?

Fraser: No.

Ray: What?

Fraser: mmmm....du....

Ray: Excuse me?

Fraser: Milk. Duds.

Ray: Milk Duds. What did the judge give you? AN hour and a half?

Fraser: No actually he was inclined to be lineate but Detective's Huey and Gardino who insisted that he throw the book at me.

Ray: Benny. You know you might get yourself killed in here?

Fraser: It's nonsense, Ray. Nobody knows who I am. In my capacity as book monitor I have free passage through out the entire institution.

Ray: Book monitor.

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: What is that? Like a librarian?

Fraser: It's similar. I monitor books. I pass books out, I try to collect on over due fines but I'll tell you something, it is proving hellish in this place. It's absolutely remarkable how many people in here think nothing of folding, spindling, mutilating--

Ray: Benny!

Fraser: What?!

Ray: Get to the point.

Fraser: Right. I found him.

Ray: Who?

Fraser: Prisoner 3-2-0-5, Torres, Edgar, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ray: Optimist?

Fraser: Apparently. It is 12 days past due. I think I should pay him a visit.

voice over speaker: 1330 visitors hour in cell block 28.

Fraser: Oh, I almost forgot. Here. This is for you Recherche De La Temp Perou by Marcell Proust. It's uh, missing a few pages but seeing the whole thing is basically one long run on sentence, I don't think you'll mind.

Ray: Is it funny?

Fraser: Oh it's hilarious. If you like that kind of thing. Alright, last chance for the complete 11 volume set of Will and Arial Durant's The Story of Civilization. Going once, going twice, your loss gentlemen.

[Visitor's room]

Mr. Torres: ?Mi Amor QUe Paso.

Mrs. Torres: It's nothing, It's nothing, it's alright. A man came to see me. Some kind of policeman.

Mr. Torres: What did you tell him?

Mrs. Torres: Nothing. Eddie please, don't get upset

Mr. Torres: Rosanna.

Mrs. Torres: He knew. I didn't tell him anything. He just knew.

Mr. Torres: Okay then go home. Go home.

Mrs. Torres: It's until tomorrow.. All you have to do is stay out of trouble. Go to Kruger. Talk to him. Maybe he--

Mr. Torres: No! No! If he hears talk of the police he'll kill me. You want that?

[Mrs.Torres hangs up the phone and sits there looking miserable]

[Outside the Vistor's room]

9262: Walden, Life in the Woods by Thoreau. This is a thriller?

Fraser: Not exactly, no. It out lines one mans dream to live a life of perfect fulfillment.

9262: I had a dream like that once.

Fraser: Really?

9262: Yeah. I dreamed me and Jane Fonda were on a couch naked.

Fraser: I see. And was this couch in the woods?

9262: Yeah, it just so happens that it was.

Fraser: Oh well then you should enjoy this then.

[Eddie pushes past them]

Fraser: Ah, excuse me.

9262: Certainly.

Fraser: Excuse me, sorry. Coming through. Book mobile, coming through.


Fraser: Excuse me, book mobile. Ah, Mr. Torres I believe you have an overdue book.

Mr. Torres: Yeah? So what?

Fraser: Well another prisoner has requested it. I believe you may know him. He's a friend of mine.

Mr. Torres [looking over at Ray in the next yard]: No. I don't know him.

Fraser: I'll spot for you. He's a police officer. This friend of mine. He arrested a man named Kruger for killing a shop owner but at the trial, something went wrong. His witness lied. And now my friends in prison and Kruger will be set free.

Mr. Torres: I don't know your friend and I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Fraser: You see the problem is, Mr. Torres, that Kruger found out the witness has a husband in prison and threatened to kill him and now that man is alone and he has no one to protect him.

Mr. Torres: Your friend the cop should be the one who should be worried, not me.

Fraser: Yes, he should be, but he's not now. I promise you Mr. Torres, if you help me, I will guarantee you safe passage to you parole hearing without incident.

Mr. Torres: I don't want your help.

Fraser: Well, you may have no choice. [they both look at Kruger and his friends, then Fraser looks at Ray as Torres walks away] But don't let me influence you.

Kruger: You're very talkative Eddie.

Mr. Torres: I didn't say nothing, man. [they are both in line to get back in from the yard.

Kruger: Sure. Not a very good move. See, I'm not prepared to return to incarceration before I did that, it would hurt you. Hurt your life. Hurt your kid. [he cuts Torres with a home made knife]

[Fraser sees what is happening and heads toward Kruger. Carl also sees it, but is looking more at Fraser being the one in trouble. He rises, like he's ready to go to his aid but waits]

Fraser: Uh, excuse me Mr. Kruger. Excuse me, I'm terribly sorry Mr. Kruger but apparently your copy of Don't Call Me Sugar Baby is over due. [Torres gets inside and is safe]

[Ray is mopping the infirmery, Fraser is sitting near and you see Torres in the background getting bandaged]

Ray: Right. So we're gonna protect him. You and me surrounded by nine thousand violent offenders.

Fraser: For God's sake, Ray, don't blow the situation out of proportion. There's only eight thousand nine hundred and seventy three prisoners here.

Ray: And I thought our odds didn't look good.

Fraser: Look Ray, it's only for one evening. Tomorrow Torres will be free, his wife will testify.

Ray: Look, a lot of people can be killed in one evening. If Kruger wants to get to Torres, he's going to get to him, you can count on it.

Fraser: Exactly! So we make it easy for him.

Ray: Benny, you're not getting the hang of this.

Fraser: Ray, the best place to hide a person is in plain view. Now Kruger knows that Torres is injured. Knows he's in the infirmary. Fine. Let's keep it that way.

Ray: Alright, fine. So what do we do?

Fraser: Well it could be a long night, how about we take in a movie?

[At the movies. They are showing Sullivan's Travels]

Ray: Something's wrong with the picture. It's in black and white.

Fraser: There's nothing wrong with it Ray, it's just old.

Ray: Well if it was any good, it would be in color.

Fraser: Well it was made in black and white Ray. It's a classic.

Ray: The Ten Commandments is a classic, Benny. The Poseidon Adventure is a classic. Saturday Night Fever with my man John Travolta -- that's a classic. This is black and white.

Fraser [not willing to argue with Ray]: Sh.

[Kruger walks in. Goes to his goons, says something then points at Ray and Fraser]

Fraser: Perhaps you should have ordered a personal guard.

Ray: Yeah and maybe you should have gotten us a better movie.

[Kruger cuts his own arm and goes to guards. Ray turns around, no Kruger. About now we notice that Fraser has Torres stuffed under the cover under the projector. Meanwhile, in the infirmery...]

Doctor: I need some gauze. [he leaves. Kruger shakes knife from his sleeve and goes to Torres' bunk only to find him not in it but clothes stuffed in his place] Back to movie, Robert is trying to share his bag of popcorn with those around him]

Kruger: Where did you put em. I smell bacon.

Ray: Any suggestions?

Fraser: Nothing springs to mind.

Ray: Well you better think of something quickly.

Fraser: Alright [jumps in front of screen] stop right there. I am a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

[small riot, doors are blocked to keep out the guards, Ray, Fraser and Torres all head out one door and end up in the bathroom.

Ray: Come on Kruger, you don't want to do this.

Fraser: I think they do Ray.

Ray: Alright look and see if theres a way out of here. A vent.

Fraser: No vent.

Ray: Grate?

Fraser: No grate.

Ray: How bout a drain?

Fraser: We're too big Ray.

Kruger: I been looking to do this myself. [shakes knife out of his sleeve and --

--Carl appears, taking Kruger by the throat]

Carl: I don't care for you. You have to understand something. This man? He has behaved with decency and courtesy and you've been rude. You've made them feel unwelcomed and that's a shame cause for what lessens him lessens us all. Do you understand? [Kruger drops the knife, Carl let's Kruger go, Kruger drops to floor. Ray has that look of disbelief on his face and you can just tell that Fraser thinks it all perfectly normal.]

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

Carl: No. Thank you. [then walks off]

[Ray signals Torres to come on, they all exit past the rest of the now calm cons]

Ray: Wow. Hey! What book did you give him?

[Ray sorta parks in from of the courthouse, jumps out, kisses Elaine who has his case notes for him]

Ray: Thanks Elaine. I owe you one.

[Judges Chambers]

Ray: And you have my sincerest apologies. My behavior was inexcusable even though I was right and the accused was found guilty and I was completely exonerated. But enough said. [leaves. has a very big grin on his face]

St. Laurent: Thank you your honor. [follows him out] Vecchio. This does not end here.

Ray: [still grinning, relaxed] I should hope not. [dumps his case notes in trash]


Fraser: Yes sir. I want you to know I've given very serious thought to the matter of a transfer.

Thatcher: And?

Fraser: While I find the prospect of returning home appealing, I would prefer not to leave at this time. I've come to feel that I um...

Thatcher: You feel that maybe in a small way you have something to offer them.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Thatcher: Dismissed.

Fraser: Yes sir.



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