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.. Scénář - 26. epizoda - Vrabec v hrsti (Bird In The Hand) ..

[Airport: coming down escalator is two US Marshals and Gerrard...in cuffs. They unlock and pass through 2 doors. The second is a bathroom. One Marshall searches it then Gerrard is allowed to enter it. One of the Marshals light a cigarette.

Marshall 1:Airport You can't smoke in the terminal.

Marshall 2: So arrest me.

[Gerrard in bathroom takes a key and screwdriver out of the ball in the toilet tank. Key for the cuffs, screwdriver for the grate above the toilet, Gerrard out the grate and escapes]


McFadden: Special Agent McFadden, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and this is --

Borland: Special Agent Borland, FBI.

Fraser: I'm afraid Inspector Thatcher is out of town. I'm Constable Fraser, Deputy Liaison Officer. [Turnbull clears his throat but doesn't look up from what he is doing] And this is Constable Turnbull, our temporary assistant interim associate Deputy Liaison Officer.

Turnbull: Sorry, I didn't notice you.

Fraser: Yeah. [Dief whines] and this is Diefenbaker.

McFadden: Your office.

Fraser: Yes, please.

Turnbull: Would you like me to hold your calls?

Fraser: Yes, I'd appreciate that.

Turnbull: And what reason should I give.

Fraser: I'm sorry?

Turnbull: The Americans. Should I say you're in a meeting?

Fraser: Yes, that would be good.

Turnbull: Ah- so it's not a secret meeting?

Fraser: I'm sorry?

Turnbull: High level. Inner agency. Off the record.

Fraser: Not that I'm aware of, no.

Turnbull: Ah, good. Of course if it was you shouldn't even tell me. So perhaps it is secret and you just can't say. If that's the case, I understand.

Fraser: It's not the case.

Turnbull: Ah. I understand. [phone rings] Canadian Consulate, Liaison office. I'm sorry but I can't tell you that. He may have ordered lunch from your establishment or he may not have.

Thatcher's Secretary: Who's in there?

Turnbull: Where?

[Fraser's office]

Fraser: He was my father's best friend on the force. They went to the academy together. I've known him all my life.

Borland: You have any contact with him since his incarceration?

Fraser: No.

McFadden: I imagine not. I mean the man killed your father. You're not just going to pick up the phone and kick around old times.

Fraser: How can I be of assistance to you?

McFadden: You seem very cool about this.

Fraser: Gerrard is serving a life sentence. Whatever my feelings they ended with his imprisonment.

Borland: Two months ago Gerrard reached out crown attorneys. Let it be known he'd be willing to talk about his involvement in other criminal activities in exchange for making his life easier.

McFadden: Apparently he had an arrangement with an American arms dealer named Lloyd Nash. It's a name that interested us.

Borland: Last week Gerrard was in transit to testify here in front of a Grand Jury. Two U.S. Marshals picked him up in Toronto and flew him to O'Hare where he disappeared.

McFadden: He had help.

Borland: We've been looking for him for seven days. We can't even find his shadow. And as you said, you've known him all your life. We figured you'd be able to help.

Fraser: Well, I would still have to clear it through the Consulate.

McFadden: Grand Jury convenes on Wednesday. We have one day to find Gerrard or Nash will never see the inside of a prison gate but that's our problem. Your problem is the man who killed your father is out there enjoying life. Clear it all you want.

Borland: Anything you can think of. Contacts he might have here. Family. Friends we might not know about. We'd appreciate it.

[27th precinct, Ray's desk, Louise drops a 12 inch pile of files in front of Ray]

St. Laurent: Vecchio. You're going to trial a week from Wednesday on the Turner brothers case. I've turned it over to Assistant State's Attorney Hilliard.

Ray: Stress related vacation Louise?

St. Laurent: I've assured Hilliard you will have a complete and thorough recollection of the case so as not to embarrass him on the stand because if you embarrass him, you embarrass me and you don't want to embarrass me. Read it.

Fraser: Busy.

Ray: Nope. Nash, Lloyd. How do you get any respect as a criminal with a name like Lloyd.

Fraser: Is that a serious question?

Ray: No Fraser. Is this the guy Gerrard is suppose to testify against?

Fraser: Apparently.

Ray: [looking through files]Ah. here it is. Lloyd P. Nash [snicker] You want to know what the 'P' stands for?

Fraser: Is it pertinent?

Ray: Not even close. Well I can see why the states attorney wants him so bad. Indictments seven, convictions zero. Yeah it seems all key witnesses have a funny way of disappearing just before each trial.

Fraser: Where can we find him?

Ray: Come on. [carelessly drops file in place and closes he drawer and starts to leave. heavy sigh. Fraser is straightening files] Fraser, if you're going to keep doing that, people aren't going to be able to find anything around here.

Fraser: I'm sorry. [closes file drawer]

[Nash's warehouse]

Ray: Alright so here's the plan. Good cop, bad cop.

Fraser: And I play?

Ray: Take a guess.

Fraser: Ah.

Ray: So when we go in you tip your hat and curtsy, I threaten to burn down the warehouse if he doesn't turn over Gerrard. None of which will do any good.

Fraser: Well why's that Ray?

Ray: Well use your head Fraser. If Gerrard is suppose to testify against him do you think he's gonna turn him over to us?

Fraser: Never hurt to ask.

Ray: Oh, now that's not true. Sometimes it hurts very much. People tend to shoot bullets at other people.

Nash: Make sure they're all there. You say this guy Gerrard is suppose to be giving testimony against me?

Ray: Hey don't play like you don't know, alright? The question is 'How much heat do you want to bring upon yourself.' Cause it just so happens I have a pack of matches in my breast pocket.

Nash: Yeah, I noticed the bulge.

Ray: You wanna play? Alright, let's play. What's in the crate.

Nash: Christmas decorations.

Ray: You got a permit for them?

Nash: In fact, I do. Why don't you go pick up a warrant and I'll show it to you. Now I suggest you and your friend step off my premises. It's not a safe place to be standing. A bulb might burst.

Ray: Look, let me tell you what's not safe alright?

Fraser: We appreciate your time.

Ray: No he appreciates your time, I don't appreciate anything.

Fraser: Ray-Ray I think Mr. Nash understands our position and if it's in his interest to cooperate he will do so. Why don't you give him your business card?

Nash: No need. I have your number.

Ray: And we got yours Lloyd. Why don't you ask him what the 'P' stands for. [at the Riv]What did I tell you?

Fraser: When Ray?

Ray: Waste of time.

Fraser: You recorded that conversation?

Ray: Yeah, it's a new policy. Anytime I go anywhere with you I record everything. Mainly because if I have to go to court, no jury will ever believe the damn things that come out of your mouth. Why isn't this thing turning? [bangs recorder on the roof of the Riv]

Fraser: Did you depress the red button?

Ray: Yes I depressed the red button.

Fraser: And did you press play at the same time?

Ray: Of course I pressed play at the same time.

Fraser: Here let me have a look.

Ray: I know how to operate a tape recorder.

Fraser: Well I wasn't saying that you don't.

Ray: Then why did you ask me if I depressed the red button?

Fraser: Well I only meant that sometimes it's the obvious things we overlook Ray. I mean...by way of example. It was obvious that Nash was operating openly. In fact he appeared to be flaunting it.

Ray: Look, buying guns isn't illegal. Smuggling them out of the country will get you arrested. [bangs the recorder more]

Fraser: Still it's not the way you'd expect a person to behave if they were under threat of an indictment. One could almost conclude he was trying to tell us something.

Ray: Look, if he was trying to say something I would have heard it, okay? [phone rings] What?

Nash: Are you still recording?

Ray: You're a very funny man. What do you want?

Nash: I made a call for you. The package you're looking for is at the Waverly Hotel. Room 311. Told you I had your number.

Ray: He just told us where to find Gerrard.

Fraser: Something's not right Ray.

Ray: There's nothing right about this Fraser. Nothing at all. [at Waverly Hotel] If someone was going to testify against you would you tell the cops where he was?

Fraser: We've been through this Ray.

Ray: Na, I don't like this Fraser. We're gonna knock on that door and the shotgun blast is going to remove a portion of my body I'm not ready to part with.

Ray: Benny, take this. [offers him a gun. You can either think the worst of Ray for doing it or think of him as testing Fraser's intent]

Fraser: No, I can't Ray.

Fraser: Look, two will get you seven that Gerrard's not even there. But if we find him and he should put up a fight and try to escape?

Fraser: Then we'll pursue him.

Ray: Yeah, but maybe I can't keep up. Maybe my ankles going to give way.

Fraser: Ray, are you saying you need to see a doctor?

Ray: [sigh] Look, this man killed your father. If he should shoot at you or if he should come toward you in a threatening manner?

Fraser: Then I'll disarm him.

Ray: Okay, say you needed to defend yourself. To discharge a weapon and accidentally kill Gerrard. I'm just saying I would let people know that it was self defense. You don't have to worry that I would let them know that it was anything but self-defense.

Fraser: I understand Ray. And I appreciate that. But I simply want to see Gerrard returned to prison. That's all.

Ray: Okay, let's go say hello. [they break into the room and find it empty] I knew it was to good to be true. I'll come in from the street.

[Benny over roofs of buildings, roof of car and in front of Gerrard and right hook to Gerrard's jaw]

Gerrard: I never thought you'd be the one they'd send to kill me.

[shots fired from a roof, Ray goes up the ladder but the shooter is already gone and so is Fraser and Gerrard]

[Fraser's office]

Gerrard: A little tighter, I can still feel my fingers. [meaning the cuffs]

Fraser: [on phone] This is Constable Fraser for Detective Vecchio. Please, it's urgent. Well when he does come in would you please tell him that I'm at the Consulate. Yes. Thank you kindly. [puts boot in Gerrard's chest and shoves] Who was shooting at you today.

Gerrard: You brought them with you, you tell me.

Fraser: Nash.

Gerrard: Nash? [laughs] You really don't know what's going on do you?

Fraser: Who wants you dead?

Gerrard: Who sent you looking for me?

Fraser: They shot at me. They shot at my friend. I want to know what it is we walked into.

Gerrard: What's wrong Constable? People not behaving the way you want them to anymore? The good guys don't wear their white hats and the bad guys don't like black?

Fraser: You're going back to prison, Gerrard.

Gerrard: I don't think so, Ben. The moment you turn me over I'm dead. You already guessed that much, you just don't know what it means.

Fraser: I don't give a damn.

Gerrard: See I forgot for a moment who I was dealing with. You're Bob Fraser's son. I can't tell you the number of times he almost died trying to bring some low life to justice. He'd give them his food. He'd carry them on his back. Men who had done unspeakable things. Men he detested--men who had tried to kill him. But he never brought one back dead because the moment they were his responsibility he'd sacrifice himself before letting them die. That's what finally got him killed you know. He was trying to bring me in and he walked into a trap. You're cut from the same bolt. I don't have to tell you anything more than you already know. And you'll go out there and lay down your life trying to protect me.

Robert: Shoot him son. Shoot him between his rat-like little eyes. Don't walk away from me! This is your father talking. [Fraser leaves room, closes door behind him. Robert knocks, Fraser opens it for him]

Robert: The bastard is in there bragging how he had me killed and all I ask is that you do one small thing for me. Shoot him in the stomach and let him bleed to death. Think of it as a sons gift to his father -- You did forget my birthday.

Fraser: You were dead!

Robert: Still, one can have feelings. Not even a card!

Fraser: I am not going to shoot him.

Robert: Well now your being silly. Here, use mine they won't be able to trace it.

Fraser: Dad we've been all through this. That is an imaginary gun. It fires imaginary bullets.

Robert: Well it wouldn't hurt to try son. Go on pump a dozen into his torso. If it doesn't kill him, maybe he'll have a heart attack.

Fraser: All right. You want me to try? (takes gun, shoots three lamps, nothing happens) Satisfied?

Robert: Alright, point taken. Grab the lamp and crack his skull. Make it look like a freak lighting accident.

Fraser: Freak lighting accident?

Robert: Sure. Happens all the time. Lightning strikes the wire, send a jolt through the line. The lamp hops up and strikes him in the skull, splits it in two, you never have a chance to prevent it. Happened so fast.

Fraser: Dad I know what he did and believe me it takes every bit of restraint I have not to walk back in that room and separate his head from his shoulders.

Robert: Oh you should always go on an impulse.

Fraser: Well I can't do that and neither could you.

Robert: Well if I could pick up a lamp I'd sure as hell try.

Fraser: No you wouldn't.

Robert: I would.

Fraser: Dad, you're only saying that because your dead and know you can't.

Robert: Exactly which is why I'm asking you to do it.

Fraser: If you loved me son, you'd strangle him for me.

Robert: No. If I really loved you I would've -- forget it.

[Ray arrives]

Ray: Where is he?

Fraser: In my office.

Ray: Is he still alive?

Robert: He'd shoot him for you if you asked.

Ray: You ok?

Robert: Well he would.

Fraser: I'll be right back. Diefenbaker. (he and wolf return to his office]

Robert: (Robert then offers gun to Ray) Hey. Hey. Yank.

Fraser: [to Dief]: Watch him. If he tries to escape, tear out his throat.

Turnbull: Anything I can help you with Constable?

Fraser: As a matter of fact there is. There's someone in my office, I can't tell you who.

Turnbull: Ah. I understand.

Fraser: Now don't let anyone go in or out of that door.

Turnbull: Including myself.

Fraser: Especially not yourself.

Turnbull: Not in or out.

Fraser: That is correct.

Turnbull: But I'm already out sir.

Fraser: Yes.

Turnbull: So if I find myself inside, I should just stay there.

Ray: Whoa-whoa-whoa-we're not taking him?

Fraser: No.

Ray: Fraser, you want to explain this to me?

Robert: Son, did I ever teach you how to make a proper noose?

[Gerrard makes a call and Dief lets him. After all, he was told not to let him escape]

Elaine: [on phone] Thanks. [to Ray] Three years ago the ATF got a tip that Nash was taking a truck load of automatic weapons into Canada. Some small border crossing in Minnesota. Some how the FBI got wind of it too and insisted on being in on the bust. They staked out the crossing, Nash shows up, they arrest him and a couple of side kicks and seize the truck. It's suspected that someone had paid off the Canadian customs officials but all the Feds could do was to report their suspicions to the nearest RCMP.

Fraser: And they called Gerrard.

Elaine: It was his jurisdiction.

Ray: Nice arrangement and he bribes the border guards and the Feds ask him to investigate his own crime.

Elaine: Here's where it gets strange. Nash and his men were released the next day and no charges were ever brought.

Ray: Hmm, they had him cold with a truck load of weapons.

Elaine: That's all she could tell me.

Ray: Ah. Agents Borland and McFadden. Now might be a good time to tell them you found their prisoner but you're not willing to give him up yet.

Fraser: I'd rather avoid that. [they head for the back exit]

Ray: Good idea. So where we going?

Fraser: Back to see Nash.

Ray: Ah this is crazy. The guy is spinning you in circles you know a con'll tell you anything to stay out of the joint.

Fraser: Someone tried to kill him Ray.

Ray: Yeah, Nash.

Fraser: Well if Nash wanted him dead, why would he have sent us there?

Ray: Well maybe he wanted to kill us too.

Fraser: What possible motive could he possibly have had.

Ray: You know sometimes you are the most annoying man I know. There's plenty of times I want to kill you and I'm your best friend.

Fraser: Now Ray, that's just not true.

Ray: Look. I don't know what this Gerrard guy is up to but he's playing you like a juke box and he's pushing all the right buttons.

St. Laurent: Vecchio! [they almost run into her in their attempt to escape McFadden, they head for yet another exit]

Ray: Oh God! Pretend you didn't hear that. Go-go.


Ray: Hey Benny, do me a favor. Pin this to your chest.

Fraser: It says I'm mentally deficient.

Ray: Yeah, I just want Nash to know so he doesn't shoot us both dead.

Fraser: It's not going to happen Ray. All I'm gonna ask him to do is tell the truth.

Fraser: Just pin it to your chest.

Fraser: No.

Ray: Pin it to your chest.

Fraser: No.

Nash: Why?

Fraser: Because I think you know it's in your best interest.

Nash: Let me tell you a story. I had a friend. A man who unlike myself dealt in the illegal weapons trade.

Ray: I wonder who this could be.

Nash: My friend had a very sweet set up with some Canadian who had helped him bring goods across the border. This went on for a few years. And all involved took a small cut and were content with that. Till one night when things went bad. Now it wasn't till later when he suspected his Canadian friend had set him up in order to make a larger profit.

Ray: All good reasons for your friend to want to kill said Canuk. Especially if that Snowback was going to testify against him.

Nash: See it may be true that my friend would like to see this Canadian below some freshly turned soil, but not until after he gives testimony to the grand jury.

Ray: Fraser, give him that piece of paper. I think he should be wearing it.

Nash: When my friend took his truck to the border it was leaded with some very expensive automatic weapons. When the same truck reached the federal impound, it carried only a few cheap hand guns. Now while my friend was pleased to be released with a slap on the wrist, he realized someone had stolen from him.

Ray: So you're saying agents from the ATF and FBI stole your weapons.

Nash: My friend only knows he was out a quarter million dollars. This is not an expense this business can easily absorb. He would just like someone to pay. One way or another.

Fraser: So you called the States Attorney.

Nash: My friend has a deep belief in the integrity of the criminal justice system. He'd like to see it work.

Fraser: Nash wasn't the target of the grand jury. They're out to indite the agents on the scene. That's who Gerrard was suppose to testify against.

Ray: Oh great, so now we're going to help some criminals bring down two arms of the federal government. You know I am so glad we have this on tape. I can't wait to get back and tell it to Oliver Stone. What is wrong with this thing!

Fraser: Did you check the batteries?

Ray: Look if you ask me one more time -

Fraser: Sorry.

Ray: Great. [phone] What? Well hello Madam States Attorney. Uh huh, which witness would that be? No, um, I'm sorry I haven't seen him all day. Yeah, he's right here, hold on.

Fraser: Constable Fraser. Mm hum, mm hum. Understood. Well I'm under arrest.

Ray: Under arrest for what?!

Fraser: Obstruction of justice.

Ray: Obstruction of justice?!

Fraser: Cuffs, Ray.

Ray: Oh this is ridiculous. Obstruction of justice. She's gotta be --[he can't get them unhooked from his belt]. Out of her-

Fraser: Here, let me give you a hand. [he can't either]

Ray: Nah, forget it.

Bird in Hand


Turnbull: I'm sorry but I'm not at liberty to divulge that information.

[Welsh's office]

St. Laurent: How can you be so stupid? All I want to know is if Gerrard is in Fraser's office and -

Borland: We asked for his help we didn't ask him to kidnap the guy.

St. Laurent: Is that how the FBI finds all their criminals? By relying on helpful Canadians?

Ray: Well it seems to have worked so far.

Borland: You know I've heard about you.

Welsh: He won't tell us if he's there.

McFadden: For all we know he might be dead. I mean he certainly has motive.

Borland: If he's there tell him to put him on the phone.

Fraser: Well I'm afraid he won't do that.

Welsh: Fraser says put him on the phone.


Turnbull: In order to do that sir, I would have to confirm that there was someone here.

Gerrard: I have to use the bathroom you moron!

[Welsh's office]

Welsh: He's not there-whose that yelling to use the bathroom.

McFadden: That's it! I want Vecchio arrested for aiding and abetting.

Welsh: He said he never even seen the prisoner.

Ray: Which is true!

McFadden: It's complacentness. He knows where he is.

Ray: Well so do you. I want him arrested.

St. Laurent: Just go with him and get Gerrard and bring him back!

Fraser: Well you can't do that actually, he's on Canadian soil. He's under my protection.

St. Laurent: That's it. Lock him up.

Ray: You can't do that he has diplomatic immunity.

Fraser: No, strictly speaking I-

Ray: Shut up Fraser!

Fraser: Will do.


Turnbull: If it's of any help sir, I can confirm that we do have a bathroom.


Fraser: Thank you Ray.

Ray: Don't talk to me I'm in a bad mood.

Fraser: I'm sorry Ray.

Ray: Want to know why I'm in a bad mood?

Fraser: Well that would require that I - why Ray?

Ray: I'm in a really bad mood because I'm not used to arresting people and then immediately bailing them out, okay? It's embarrassing. Did you see those guys in lock up? How they were laughing at me. This is not a good thing Fraser.

Fraser: Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if it's entirely legal.

Ray: Want to know what I found out or not.

Fraser: Oh, I'm sorry, please, go ahead.

Ray: I have a friend down at the bureau.

Fraser: Really?

Ray: Don't be so smug, okay? He told me ever since Waco the FBI has been making a lot of noise about absorbing ATF. They want to embarrass as many as they can. And when they heard about this case, the FBI have been walking around with big grins on their faces. All this leads me to the conclusions that the more I know about this case, the less sense it makes and I don't want to know anything else. Do you understand?

McFadden: I need to have a word in private.

Ray: Why?

McFadden: There's something you should know.

Ray: Well I don't want to hear it!

Fraser: Ray.

Ray: Alright, fine. Follow me.

McFadden: The truck was seized and impounded and when they6 went to log the evidence it wasn't there.

Ray: Cruller?

Go ahead.

Ray: Who had control of the truck.

McFadden: Two men from my district office.

Ray: Both ATF agents?

McFadden: Yeah.

Ray: So what's all this about Gerrard testifying against Nash.

McFadden: You think I want to advertise to the grand jury about the indictment of my own men?. I wasn't there. I wouldn't even know there were guns there in the first place. Maybe the Feds took em. I just know this happened on my watch and if my men are involved I have to bring em down. If I don't clean my own house then the Feds are going to do it for me. I can't afford that.

Ray: That's why you're talking to us about who to love.

McFadden: Let's just say Special Agent Borland has his own agenda. I need Gerrard to testify. I'm asking you to turn him over to me so I can take him in.

Fraser: I'm sorry I can't do that.

McFadden: The grand jury convenes tomorrow morning. Can I trust you to get him there?

Fraser: Yes, you can.

McFadden: Understand my concern. This guy is doing time for murdering your father. If he disappears again, or steps in front of a truck or comes to harm in any way while he's in your care, I can guarantee I'll have you indicted for murder and use the full weight of my agency to insure a conviction.

Ray: Here, try the one with sprinkles. You take your job way to seriously.

McFadden: We'll meet on the steps of the court house and we'll walk him in together.

Fraser: Alright.

McFadden: I guess that's the best I can do.


[toilet flushing in background] Gerrard: I don't know who's stupider. That Mountie or your dog.

Ray: Sorry I'm late. I had to help somebody with a tire.

Fraser: You helped somebody with a tire?

Ray: Hey look, you're not the only one around here who can turn a good deed.

Fraser: Well...I'm sorry Ray.

Ray: Let's go.

Fraser: You can open your eyes now.

Turnbull [sitting with his hands over his eyes]: Oh, thank you. [sings We stand on guard for...]

Thatcher's Secretary: Where'd he go?

Turnbull: Who?

Thatcher's Secretary: Uh-never mind. [sings: God keep our flag]

[as they pull away from the Consulate, an FBI van starts to follow, but the back tire is flat]

Fraser: The FBI's van? That's-that's really quite commendable.

Ray: Thank you Fraser! [that's the tire he 'fixed']

[hide out. Ray looks around before unpacking trunk of Riv. Fraser lights lanterns upstairs and Dief is watching him. Ray carries his stuff upstairs]

Ray: You got everything you need out of the car?

Fraser: Yes Ray.

Ray: Oh yeah, it's going to be great for my allergies. You couldn't go to a hotel, huh?

Fraser: Since we don't know who it is that's looking for him, we don't know what their search capabilities are. [to Gerrard] Raise your hands. [removes cuffs]

Ray: Oh yeah, just take those off. You'll go on the honor system here. Fraser what are you thinking?

Fraser: He's not gonna run.

Ray: Oh did he give you his word as a Mountie?

Fraser: No, he just knows if he tries, I'll kill him.

Gerrard: You got me so terrified I won't be able to sleep.

Ray: Oh, Benny, can I have those back please.

Fraser: Sorry.

Ray: [puts the cuffs back on Gerrard] Sleep tight.

Fraser: Ray.

Ray: One more peep out of you and I'm going home. [makes a pallet fit for a king. Looked like 4-5 pillows, blankets, the whole thing is fluffy and inviting. Fraser spreads out his very thin sleeping bag and sits on it]

Ray: Need a pillow?

Fraser: No, thanks Ray.

Gerrard: I'd like one.

Ray: Did I ask you? That's it. I can't sleep here. I'll take first watch.

Fraser: Alright. Thanks Ray.

Ray: Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Dief takes over Ray's bed.]

Gerrard: You are just like your father. You put duty before everything else. Duty to the force, duty to your friends. Even duty to your enemies. I can't say I understand it but I admire it.

Fraser: You know I'm not really interested in talking to you so I suggest you go to sleep.

Gerrard: His greatest strength was his greatest weakness. You could always predict exactly what he was going to do. [carefully removes his knife from his boot] I knew I could count on him. [tosses it at Gerrard. It sticks in the barrel Gerrard is propped up against. Gerrard, for his part doesn't react to it] And I knew I could count on you.

Fraser: [goes and retrieves his knife] I'm really not in the mood to talk.

Gerrard: [laughs] Have a good sleep.

Robert [shows him a noose]: Psst. Look what I made for you son.

Fraser: Oh Dad.

Robert: All right all right. Deep down I knew you couldn't. If you could just go over there and kick him a few times.

Fraser: [watching Ray through the window as Ray patrols below. There is a car, but hidden behind the building so Ray doesn't see it] I knew you were in trouble you know.

Robert: What do you mean?

Fraser: When we talked that last time before you died. I knew something was bothering you.

Robert: You couldn't. I didn't say a thing.

Fraser: No, I heard it in your voice.

Robert: I didn't ask.

Fraser: Do you know how many times I wondered why I didn't? Do you know how many times I thought if I'd just done that -- that one thing, maybe you'd still be here.

Robert: I am here!

Fraser: No, I mean alive.

Robert: Dead or alive, you still never listen to me. Just one good kidney punch. If I could just see him writhing in pain I could rest easy.

Fraser: It was always the same with us, wasn't it. I mean if I knew something was bothering you, something personal, I wouldn't ask, I wouldn't push it. I used to tell myself it was out of respect for you, but the truth is, I was afraid. It was that fear that got you killed.

Robert: If you'd asked, I still wouldn't have told you.

Fraser: Why?!? I could have helped. I coulda done something.

Robert: Father asking his son? for help? Not an easy thing to do you know. That would be admitting I was old.

Fraser: Or human.

Robert: You wait until your my age and some young turk comes up and says 'Can I give you a hand with that Pop.' See if you say yes. He was my friend, I had to bring him in myself. I owed it to him.

Fraser: Well what did you owe me?

Robert: Oh -- God. If it's going to be this kind of conversation --

Fraser: You know you were so afraid to open up. It's as though you chose to be killed rather than expose your feelings.

Robert: That's ridiculous.

Fraser: It's more or less what happened isn't it? The thing is, I'm no better. I never loved anyone as much as I love you.

Robert: Stop that kind of talk right now.

Fraser: And I could never, ever say it.

Robert: Well if you did I woulda hit you.

Fraser: Dad.

Robert: Well it's my fault. Shouldn't of left you with your grandmother all that time. You don't know until it's to late the effect women'll have on you. For years your living a perfectly normal life and then right out of the blue you start thinking about feelings and emotions. That was my mistake, not yours, son. You go ahead, you blubber on.

Fraser: No. I'm fine thank you.

Robert: Well you're not going to sulk now are you?

Fraser: I'm not sulking. I don't sulk. [He is. Ray still patrolling spots something and draws his gun and is promptly slugged from behind. Fraser doesn't see him and looks concerned but dismisses it and goes back to conversation with dad] He said I was just like you.

Robert: Shows you how much he knows.

Fraser: He knew what I was going to do. [Gerrard pops him in forehead with a two by four and prepares to do it again]

Diefenbaker: Woof.

Robert: Look out son.

Diefenbaker: grrrr growl snarl

[Ray is tossed into the room. Surprise! It's McFadden]

McFadden: Call him off.

Fraser: Diefenbaker!

Robert: Good dog. Bite him again.

McFadden: We've come for your prisoner.

Gerrard: You took your sweet time about it.

Ray: Sorry Fraser.

Fraser: No, no that's okay Ray. I didn't see it myself. [stands]

Robert: See what son, I'm somewhat confused.

Fraser: McFadden and Gerrard were working together. McFadden's men stole the weapons, they split the profits.

McFadden [to one of his goons]: Bring the car around to the front.

Fraser: Of course Agent McFadden wasn't on the scene so he was in the clear but he knew if Gerrard named names in front of the grand jury his would be at the top of the list so they cut another deal.

Gerrard: I'll take the keys.

Ray: Yeah, bite me. [goon kicks him, takes keys and tosses them to Gerrard]

Fraser: They had to get Gerrard away from the marshals, but McFadden had to make it look at though he was doing everything in his power to bring him back. Course you knew that you could count on me to not turn you in.

Robert: Stab him with your knife son. [Gerrard takes Fraser's knife from his boot] Too late.

Gerrard: A simple quid pro quo. They get my silence I get my freedom. Unfortunately I was forced to kill you and your friend in making my escape. The irony is you're the one to be blamed.

Fraser: No actually Gerrard the irony is you just helped plan your murder. McFadden can't let you disappear because he knows if you ever resurfaced he'd be right back in the same box he's in now.

McFadden: Give me the cops gun.

Gerrard: I held up my end of the bargain.

McFadden: Yeah, you're an honorable man. I appreciate that. [to Ray] You get over with your friend.

Ray: Yeah, carry me. [gets kicked again]

Gerrard: You kill all three of us you can't cover it up. They're going to know it's you.

Fraser: Well no actually. I think he did quite a good job of reminding everybody that I had good motive to murder you. And you me.

Robert: Well I don't think you should be arguing their favor son.

McFadden [to Gerrard]:Step away from the door.

Gerrard: Go to hell.

McFadden: Alright. [shoots Gerrard in the arm]

Robert: Finally, somebody shoots him.

Fraser: Before you kill him there's something you should know about this man. [he is trying to stop McFadden from shooting them right away] I don't understand it now but when I was a boy I admired him.

Robert: For God's sake son, what are you saying?

Fraser: And I can still remember the first time he came to visit us.

Gerrard: Oh God, do I have to listen to this?

Robert: Oh stop it son, you're embarrassing yourself.

Fraser: He stood so tall in his uniform. You know I never told him this but secretly-secretly I wished he were my father.

Gerrard [to McFadden]: If you're gonna shoot me, shoot me.

Fraser: I don't know. Maybe it was because he was so much taller.

Robert: He's not taller than me. People shrink when they die, everyone knows that. In life I was six-two.

Fraser: the think I wanted to say is [he kneels next to Gerrard]

Gerrard: Get away from me.

Fraser: You broke my heart.

McFadden: Oh this is just to sick [points gun at Fraser but Fraser has reclaimed his knife and throws it -into the barrel of McFadden's gun. Ray jumps up, bowls over goon and tackles McFadden. During all of the following, there is a gun battle going on. I am not going to try to keep track of most of it but lots of shooting is going on. Oh. Dief takes cover and stays out of the way]

Ray [to Fraser]: What the hell was that all about.

Fraser: Well we needed an advantage Ray so I had to unnerve them. And there's nothing more unnerving to men than talking about feelings.

Robert: Measure him. He's not a hair above six-one. Ask him for a tape.

Fraser: I will not ask him for a tape.

Ray [who thinks Fraser is talking to him]: I've already got one. [hands Fraser a very tiny tape recorder]

Fraser: This works? [he tries it and sure enough, Ray go tape!]

Ray: Of course it does. Alright. You head for the door and I'll cover you.

Fraser: I can't leave him, Ray.

Ray: Look, we don't need him. We got everything we need on tape. Besides, he's not going anywhere.

Fraser: I gave him my word that I would protect him. I owe it to him whether he deserves it or not.

Robert: That's where I made my mistake son.

Fraser: I'm going for him. [dashes out, shoulders Gerrard and dashes back but is shot in the let before he makes it all the way back. Ray rushes to him]

Ray: Feel better?

Fraser: Well no Ray. I have a bullet in my leg.

Robert: Your mother was nearly six feet and I was taller than she was.

Ray: I'm out of bullets. I'm out of bullets.

Robert: [pitches his voices for the bad guys to hear] Let's get out of here!

McFadden: Let's get out of here.

Goon: I'll get the car.

Fraser [to his dad] How did you do that?

Ray: Are you alright?

Fraser: Yeah. [Ray chases after McFadden and goons who hop in car and drive off. Gerrard goes out a window, tries for the roof but can't make it and is hanging from window. Robert offers him his hand]

Robert: Take my hand.

Gerrard: You're dead.

Robert: No time to be choosy. [Gerrard tries to take it and falls] Oh. My mistake.

[Gerrard and McFadden's car almost collide, but McFadden swerves and hits a stack of metal barrel. Fraser joins his father at the window]

Fraser: What did you do.

Robert: Nothing. Just tried to give him a hand.

Fraser: You don't have a hand.

Robert: Well still, I had to offer it son. Whether he deserved it or not. [they watch as Ray makes arrests and Dief prances around looking helpful]

Ray: Alright throw down your guns and keep your hands where I can see em.

[Courthouse steps, reporters, photographers Gerrard in cuffs snearing. Ray and Fraser watching from a short distance away. Fraser is on crutches]

Ray: So how's your leg?

Fraser: Fine. [They begin to walk slowly down the street]

Ray: Is that the same let they shot you in the last time?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Same leg they stabbed you in.

Fraser: Yes Ray.

Ray:Your country give you a medal for getting wounded like that?

Fraser: No, not that I'm aware of.

Then I think you should have this.

[Gives Fraser a note]

Fraser: Please shoot other leg. Well that's just not amusing Ray.



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