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.. Scénář - 27. epizoda - Slib (The Promise) ..

[Consulate car]

Thatcher: If you'd picked me up on time when I told you--

Fraser: Uh yes sir I was uh--

Thatcher: --driving in endless circles around the Justice Building--

Fraser: Well there was a No Stopping -

Thatcher: --I would be fully dressed and ready for the theater instead of half dressed and late.

Fraser: Uh, yes sir and I appolo-

Thatcher: This is a Consulate vehicle with diplomatic plates. Nobodies going to haul you off to jail for double parking.

Fraser: Understood. Uh - here are your tickets.

Thatcher: Put them in here. [hands him her bag]

Dief moans

Thatcher: Do you always bring your wolf with you on assignment?

Fraser: Well he's not feeling very well so I - I didn't want to leave him all alone. Um...if he's bothering you.

Thatcher: I don't dislike animals Fraser, I've had pets.

Fraser: Really.

Thatcher: Small ones. A dauchshun

Fraser: Ah.

Thatcher: He died.

Dief moans.

Thatcher: Just ... don't get hair on my feet. There it is.

Fraser: Uh yes I see it.

Thatcher: You need to stop.

Fraser: Well that would appear to be prohibited.

Thatcher: Stop anyway.

Fraser: Certainly.

Thatcher: You're not stopping.

Fraser: No sir. I'm not.

[in front of the theater]

Street person: Spare change. Spare change, spare change, nickels and quarters. Could you help me out. [continues with this same line over and over]

[in alley. Guy walks to a parked car and get's in]

Sunny: Where's Elliot?

Johnstone's Body Guard: Nice car.

Sunny: It was a gift. Where's Elliot?

Johnstone's Body Guard: He decided not to come. I think he's unhappy with you.

Sunny: Sorry to hear that.

Johnstone's Body Guard: So is the Senator. See he really enjoyed your services but you were paid once and he sees no reason to pay you again.

Sunny: Alright. If he would rather do this thru his press press agent.

Johnstone's Body Guard: I think we can come to some kind of accommodation.

Sunny: I'm so glad.

[still looking for a parking space]

Thatcher: There's a parking space right there.

Fraser: Sorry. Handicapped.

Thatcher: Oh what about that one.

Fraser: Taxi stand.

Thatcher: There's an alley right there.

Fraser: Yes there is.

Thatcher: Fraser!

Fraser: It's a fire lane sir.

[in front of the theater, street person still looking for spare change. Sid and Andy are pick pocketing]

Andy: [bumping into a person] Excuse me. [gets something]

Sid: Two more.

Andy: I already did three.

Sid: Two more. [takes what she's gotten so far] That's it? That's better. Two more. What are you deaf? Come on.


Thatcher: That's a parking place.

Fraser: Yes you will notice the-

Thatcher: Constable.

Fraser: Parking. I'll wait.

Thatcher: I'll take a cab.

Fraser: Yes but it might rain.

Thatcher: Suit yourself.

Attendant of some sort: What's the matter you can't see the diagonal striped lines?

Fraser: No-no. I'm sorry I'll move it.

Attendant of some sort: Be quick about it.

Fraser: Sorry.

Attendant of some sort: Yeah, keep it moving.

[Johnstone's Body Guard gets out of car, drops garrot down a grate that leads to the sewer]

Andy: Oh! Sorry. One down.

Thatcher: [realizes her bag is in the front seat with Fraser] Oh! My bag. Fraser! Watch where you're going! Hey! Hey! Somebody stop that little thief. She stole my brooch. Thief!

Johnstone's Body Guard. [realizes he has been robbed] Stop that kid! Hey! Stop. Hey!

Fraser: [to the street person who was asking for change] Would you mind? [meaning would he mind watching the car]

Street person: No problem. I'll drive around and meet you.

Thatcher: Oh Fraser, thank god.

Fraser: I'll be right back.

Thatcher: Fraser!

Chase continues to the roof]

Sid: [to Andy] Go go go on! Come on, come on. Gotcha! [and finally into the sewer]

Fraser: I'm sorry. They're obviously much more familiar with the territory than - sir?

[27th precinct]

Associate to Sunny: I waited in the lobby for twenty minutes and then I took my seat. I assumed Barclay had been delayed on business. It wasn't uncommon.

Huey: Were you aware of any particular appointments Miss Barclay last evening?

Associate to Sunny: No. I wasn't privy to that kind of information.

Huey: But you did work for her.

Associate to Sunny: We were associates.

Louis: And she provided you with clientele.

Lawyer: They were associated, I think. I think that is sufficient.

Louis: Well then ask--

Fraser: The demantoids.

Ray: What?

Fraser: The demantoids. They're a green gemstone. A variety of ------ commonly known as green diamonds.

Ray: Lt. Is this an interrogation or a first date. I mean I realize she has a set of - great eyes but -

www: Do you mind?

Fraser: Apparently the Inspector's brooch was a gift and has some particular significant that makes it irreplaceable so I -

Ray; the book. Ask about the book. Or would that be an irrelevant question.

O'Neil: His own case load.

Welsh: Shut up.

Ray: Sir you don't understand.

O'Neil and Welsh: Shut up!

Fraser: It's a very attractive brooch.

Ray: Shut up.

Lawyer: --open with her responses Detective.

Louis: We understand Miss Barclay had a book with names, addresses and private phone numbers.

Associate to Sunny: People have address books.

Huey: This book is rather exclusive. A lot of names of clients who are somewhat publicity shy.

Louis: : Especially if it's the wrong kind of publicity.

Associate to Sunny: I'm afraid I wouldn't know about that.

Louis: We're not asking you to implicate

Ray: Come on. Look lt. She knows all about the book. She used to be one of Sunny's girls. Most of the guys she spends her evenings with are all over magazines.

O'Neil: Does your Detective not have a leash?

Ray: Look Lt, ya gotta give me this case. I spent 6 years. I know how to handle this sort of thing.

O'Neil: Vecchio! God only knows what addresses are in that address book.

Welsh: It requires very special handling.

O'Neil: Not your special handling.

Ray: Oh and what's that suppose to mean?

Fraser: I think what the Commander is suggesting is that your methods tend to be a little how do you put it?

Ray: In your face?

O'Neil: Exactly.

Welsh: Commander have you met...

O'Neil: The Mountie. Sherry O'Neil.

Fraser: Benton Fraser. Pleased to meet you.

Associate: I'm afraid I have a pressing appointment if you need any more information my attorney will give you his card.

Ray: Ohhh1. I see where this is going. Yeah, why don't we give this to the Duck Boys. They're perfect for the assignment. They don't ruffle anybody's feathers.

Louis: Hey are those Chenille posts?

Associate to Sunny: Yes.

Huey: Stunning.

O'Neil: They'll do fine.

Ray: Yes, it was my mistake huh? Instead of being out there solving crimes I should have been attending charm school.

O'Neil: He always whine like this?

Fraser: Well I wouldn't use the word whine but he does have an occasionally a nasal quality.

Welsh: Yes, he does.

Ray: Is that a sexist remark? Do I detect reverse discrimination?

Reporter: Commander O'Neil do you have a suspect in the Barclay murder?

O'Neil: No statement.

Welsh: Constable, do you happen to have an insignificant and time consuming case in your back pocket.

Fraser: As a matter of fact sir, yes. There's a matter of a street urchin.

Welsh: Oh perfect. Perfect. Take Vecchio with you.

Fraser: Thank you leftentant.

[Celia's Fine Reusables]

Celia: Nogahide.

Sid: No it's leather. Smell it.

Celia: Nogahide. 50 bucks for the lot.

Sid: 50-quality stuff is worth twice as much.

Celia: Well take it or leave it.

Sid: What about this? Some kind of computer. It's got to be worth at least a 100 bucks.

Celia: I've got 10 of them.

Sid: Show her the brooch. Show her.

Andy: Well I thought I could keep this one.

Sid: No, we need the money.

Andy: Well it's mine.

Sid: No, nothings yours. Not until I say.

Celia: Maybe you ought to listen to your sister.

Sid: Somebody ask you?

Celia: Look at your hand. Hard to pitch quality stuff I would say with those size mitts. Ya gotta remember where your breads buttered.

Sid: You want the pin or not?

Celia: [looks at Andy, knowing she wants to keep the pin] Can't more it. Take it somewhere else.

Sid: Thanks. Come on. The matinee is getting old. [Celia and Andy smile at each other] Who does the business in this family, huh? Who?

Andy: It's just a stupid piece of jewelry. I don't ask you for much. I don't ask you for clothes or money or anything. Not that you'd give it to me if I did,

Sid: Get you jewelry when we can afford it.

Andy: I want it.

Sid: Look fine. You can starve to death. [Andy gets in the van, that is also their home. Andy goes in the back and looks at photographs and puts the pin in the photo box]

Sid: Yeah, right. [ Sid has that look of what else could go wrong as Carley drives up]

Carley: How you doing today Sid?

Sid: I don't have time for you Carley.

Carley: Well you better or otherwise I'll have to invite you and your sister down to the office for an interview. Now that would be an official interview. Cost us both time and money.

Sid: I'm out of here. Look, I gave you 500 bucks last week.

Carley: That was last week.

Sid: Well I don't have it.

Carley: Can you get it?

Sid: No.

Carley: I do have an obligation to turn your sister to a foster home.

Sid: My sister's staying with me.

Carley: Not if you can't afford it. Stay out of trouble now.

Sid: Yeah, what ever. [gets in the van and starts it up] Andy, today! [meaning get out of the back of the van and take a seat, I'm driving off]

[Coffee shop]

Johnstone's Body Guard. About this tall. Her mother's worried sick about her. This is a number I can be reached at.

Waitress: We get a lot of run aways in here. I'll ask around.

Johnstone's Body Guard. Thank you.

[on the street they have just gotten out of the Riv. Dief is with them]

Ray: There's no way we're gonna find these kids. They're street smart. They live underground. We might as well be looking for a pendent winning Cubs team.

Fraser: I promised the Inspector Ray:

Ray: You promised her. The same woman who's been trying to get you fired for weeks. Does the word sap mean anything to you Benny?

Fraser: Of course it does, Ray: It's from the Latin Sapire.

Ray: It is? [Dief goes back to the Riv]

Fraser: Don't be a sap Ray.

Ray: You don't really know Latin.

Fraser: [speaks some latin]

Ray: Ah you're making that up. [notices that Dief isn't with them and heads to the Riv, Ray tags along]

Fraser: You're babying yourself, you know that. Now it's only going to make the situation worse.

Dief whines.

Ray: Ah leave him alone. He's sick.

Fraser: Ray he is my wolf. I believe I know what's best for him.

Ray: How would you know what's bast for him. You haven't been sick a day in your life.

Fraser: I most certainly have.

Ray: With what?

Fraser: Various childhood illnesses.

Ray: Such as?

Fraser: The usual.

Ray: Could you be a little more specific?

Fraser: Pink eye. Both of them. Swelled up like watermelons.

Ray: Pink eye.

Fraser: Alright. Suit yourself.

Ray: Yeah. My heart's bleeding for you. You know I hear that pink eye can be fatal.

Fraser: In the North? Most diffenently.

Fraser: You know first impressions can be misleading Ray.

Ray: No, you just have to find the good in everyone even if you have to manufacture it.

Fraser: Look at this.

Ray: Ah. Somebody has a sweet tooth.

Fraser: mmm.

Ray: Did I ever tell you how much I hate it when you do that mmm thing?

Fraser: mmm. Underground.

Ray: Oh no, no. I am not going underground.

Fraser: I'll be right back.

Ray: Fraser! Fraser! Oh why do I always let him do this to me. Alright. Alright. I'm coming. But remember, this is Chicago. If we crawl into this thing we may never come out. Ohhhh! [splat] Fraser, where are you?

[We can't see them but we ae still on the street and are following them by their voices]

Fraser: I'm here Ray: Just follow my voice.

Ray: You see the kids?

Fraser: No.

Ray: The brooch?

Fraser: No.

Fraser: Exactly, so lets just turn around.

Fraser: Ray.

Ray: This is a swill pit. You brought me into a swill pit.

Fraser: No, it's not a swill pit Ray: First of all, swill entails a more pungent odor and a pit is generally a circular indentation with only one entrance from the top. This however fits the definition of a tunnel. A long straight-

Ray: Ow!

Fraser: Correction, a long meandering tunnel.

Ray: Alright, call it what you want but all I see is dirt and mold and -- oh my god. Oh My God. You're not gonna put -- don't put that --

Fraser: I'm just smelling it Ray.

Ray: Like there isn't enough to smell in here you have to dredge something up from the sledge.

Fraser: A carrot!

Ray: What?

Fraser: It's a carrot.

Ray: Alright great. It's a carrot. Just drop it.

Fraser: Hmm, it's fresh too.

Ray: You ate it?!

Fraser: Ray calm down I'm sure there's nothing in here less sanitary than -- ohh - stay away from that Ray.

[they exit thru a manhole]

Ray: Out. That's it. Out! Now. Out! Do you know how many suits of mine you've ruined? Twenty-four perfectly good - Holy Cow! [almost gets hit by a car] Come on man, get out of here. What is it with you? Does dirt not stick to you? Were you scotch guarded at birth?

Fraser: Hanky? [the overly clean Mountie offers a hanky to the really dirty faced Cop as Andy walks past. they don't see each other. She whispers to another girl who just bought a pretzel with mustard. She promptly runs into a man]

Man: Hey, hey, look what you did. This is genuine leather.

Johnstone's Body Guard. Police, she's a pick pocket. [grabs Andy and is dragging her away] Where is it? You stole something from me and I want it back.

Fraser: Stop right there. [Johnstone's Body Guard lets Andy go and runs off] [to Ray] You take him. [Ray chases Johnstone's Body Guard. andy starts into the sewer but Fraser is already there] Fraser: I'm sorry, you'll have to come with me.

[27th precinct]

Thatcher: You have my brooch?

Fraser: Well uh, no sir.

Thatcher: I see. You brought me down here in the middle of my busy schedule and you don't have my brooch?

Fraser: The police would like you to help identify a suspect who might have stolen it.

Thatcher: But they don't have my brooch either.

Fraser: No.

Thatcher: I thought I made it clear you are not here to clean up America. This is their problem.

Ray: Well thank you, I appreciate you pointing it out.

Thatcher: I'm not interested in retribution, I'm interested in results. Even a rudimentary understanding of dealing with criminals would indicate you would have a better chance at locating the where abouts of my brooch with the suspect free to be followed. Or am I mistaken Constable?

Fraser: Uh, no sir you're quite right.

Thatcher: Well then, get going.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Ray: Oh yeah, I'd crawl through a sewer for her any day.

Cop: Cleaned out her apartment got every book we could find. Fiction and nonfiction.

Huey: Looking for an appointment book with names and numbers of possible suspects not a good read officer.

Louis: How long you been out of the academy. It's useless.

Ray: Cut the kid loose.

Fraser: Ray! The man who assaulted her was the same man she stole from.

Ray: Look, you spend the day picking other peoples pockets, you're going to tick somebody off.

Fraser: Well that's hardly comfort to a 14 year old is it?

Ray: Well what do you care so much about this kid for?

Fraser: Alright.

Ray: All right. Please tell me it doesn't involve sub zero temperatures or Inuit legends.

Fraser: No. It does not.

Ray: Aw, course it does. It always does.

Fraser: Ray, all right. When I was little my grandparents too me on vacation to Aklavik.

Ray: What for? A little sun and sand?

Fraser: Oh, hardly. It's a thriving urban center. Anyway, one day I wandered off alone when they were window shopping. There I was all alone in a big city. The thing is Ray, I became hungry. Very hungry. I didn't know anyone. I didn't have any money. I was desperate.

Ray: So you ate a polar bear?

Fraser: Don't be ridiculous, Ray. I boiled my shoes. My oxfords. My left oxford to be exact. Boy, my grandmother ever tan my hide over that one.

Ray: Oh--That's a good one, so what's the point?

Fraser: The point is Ray, being young and alone is frightening. Without proper guidance they'll do things that are out of character.

Ray: Look they're petty thieves. You know they rob and assault people for nickels and dimes.

Fraser: Ray, will you at least let me talk to her for a second.

Ray: Okay, okay, then you promise to leave me alone.

Fraser: I promise.

Ray: Okay, go ahead.

Fraser: Thank you.

Fraser: Excuse me, can I talk to you? The man who accosted you.

Sid: Who is this guy?

Fraser: Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was the same man who chased you last night, was he not?

Lawyer: Excuse me are you here in some official capacity?

Fraser: My superior officer has lost something. A brooch.

Sid: We don't have to listen to him, right?

Ray: Your sister has been accosted twice by the same man in the last 24 hours.

she's fine.

Fraser: Not if we hadn't been there.

Sid: Look I'm telling you I can take care of her.

Fraser: I think you probably can under normal circumstances.

Sid: Like I said, do we have to talk to him?

Lawyer: No you don't.

Sid: Fine.

Fraser: Excuse me, you forgot your sugar cubes.

Andy: Thanks.


Andy: Sid?

Sid: What? What?!

Andy: Nothing, nothing.[They get in the van]

Sid: This what you stole from that guy?

Andy: Yeah, I guess so.

Sid: Must be worth something.

Andy: No, it's just junk, you heard Celia.

Sid: No it's worth something. Maybe even a thousand.

Andy: Well then give it to the cop. You heard the Mountie, he tried to kill me.

Sid: Yeah so when has a pig ever been straight with us.

Andy: Don't we have enough saved up already? Can't we just jet?

Sid: No, we need more.

Andy: We always need more.

Sid: Look, we're going, okay? Don't I always do as I say? You want to go back to the foster home? I'm taking care of you. [Andy storms out of van] Andy? Andy! You meet me back at Celias, do you hear me?

[at a horse taxi]

Andy: [to horse] Listen buster, if you eat all your carrots, I've got sugar cubes for dessert for you.

Fraser: It's a very good choice. Plenty of carotene.

Andy: What's that?

Fraser: It's a red or yellow crystalline pigment found in carrots among other things. The body converts it into vitamin A. It's the orange stuff.

Andy: Oh.

Fraser: Have you ever ridden in one of these things?

Andy: Sid says it's a waste of money.

Fraser: Sid's not paying. Excuse me. May I? I've had some experience.

Horse owner: Go ahead. But she only moves for me.

Fraser: Really? There, come on up. Diefenbaker.

Andy: It's a wolf, huh?

Fraser: Yes, his name is Diefenbaker.

Andy: He looks pretty sick.

Fraser: Oh, it's just a plea for your sympathy I assure you. So it's just you and your brother then?

Andy: No we have a family. They got a big ranch with lots of horses. Um, we're just hanging out, making a few bucks until we can hook up with them again. You ever been to Wyoming?

Fraser: As a matter of fact, I have. I arrested a man in Wyoming.

Andy: Then you know where we're going. I'll have my own horse when we're there.

Fraser: mmhum.

Andy: I'll ride him everyday.

Fraser: mmhum.

Andy. That's why Sid's got us working so hard. He's just trying to get us there.

Fraser: Well I imagine you'll be leaving quite soon.

Andy: Yeah, pretty soon I guess.

Fraser: When? A week? A month?

Andy: I don't know.

Fraser: It's a big trip. You musta been planning it a long time. You must talk about it a lot.

Andy: Yeah we talk about it. Well, I talk about it.

Fraser: How long?

Andy: What?

Fraser: How long you been planning the trip?

Andy: A few months maybe. More like a year actually.

Fraser: Ah.

Andy: Look, we're going okay? Sid always does what he says. Always. It's just that ... we got to go together. Look, we promised.

Fraser: Okay. Here, you want to try this? Just hold em nice and loose. That's it.

[27th precinct, Huey's desk]

Huey: Personally I prefer Myrtle Beach to Martha's Vineyards. You?

Someone: Tell me, is that blouse from the gap?

[Ray walks by and steals a file and keeps going]

Andy: So, what do you want?

Fraser: Excuse me?

Andy: Sid says people only do stuff for you when they want something. So what is it?

Fraser: Well you know the worlds a big place. Sid's only seen a little part of it.

Andy: Do you think that guys going to come after me again?

Fraser: I think that's very likely.

Andy: He kept saying something about a book or something.

Fraser: Is that what you stole from him?

Andy: I haven't said anything about stealing anything.

Fraser: Oh that's right you didn't. Want to go around again?

Andy: Well it's kinda raining.

Fraser: Oh yeah. I'll help you down.

[27th, the bathroom]

Fraser: The killer has a specific tattoo on the side of his neck. She says she pick pocketed something from him the night of the murder.

Ray: Yeah so?

Fraser: Well she said she took some kind of device. I think they call it an electronic organizer.

Ray: The book. address book.

Fraser: Perhaps. There's something more Ray. She said he tried to use a wire on her. I think it was a garroting wire.

Ray: Now guess who was killed the same way.

[flash over to Sid in alley with address book]

[Fraser and Ray in a tatto shop]

Fraser: It was a small tattoo. The stars and stripes. Located approximately 4 centimeters below the left ear. I remember quite distinctly. And judging by the sharpness of the color, our man either avoided the sun or the tattoo was relatively new. Now if we can just match up the style of the tattoo with the artist.

Ray: Fraser, a tattoo is a tattoo. It doesn't take a Michael Angelo to doodle old glory on somebody's neck.

Fraser: On the contrary Ray. A tattoo is a very individual thing. You don't hand it over to just anybody. You have to have faith in a vision and the integrity of the artist.

Ray: The artist?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: You call this art?

Fraser: Very much so. And you know something? It's exactly that kind of assumption that has contributed to the commercialization of this ancient from in recent years. Excuse me. These subtle shadings are they Zulu influence or Tanganican?

Guy: Boyd. [Boyd comes out of the backroom]

Fraser: Ah.

[They start going from one parlor to the next until we find them in one where the artist is drawing on Fraser's left arm]

Artist: Nuance. You don't get a lot of it in this business. That's why I remember him.

Ray: Nuance?

Artist: The man favored subtlety. At first I thought he was just another cro-magnum knock off. I had him figured for the dancing Statue of Liberty. The flag of Iwojima. Jon Bon Jovie. You sure you only want red and white?

Fraser: Uh, yes, just red and white. Thank you.

Artist: Then he did something unexpected like he had ordered a bottle of 1970 Chateau Margo with his burrito.

Fraser: You mean the American flag on the back of his neck?

Yeah, postage stamp size. You have to appreciate it. You're sure. I got a very nice metallic puce.

Fraser: No, no uh red and white will be sufficient. Thank you and I believe you will find that the maple leaf actually has three points unlike the oak which you have , you have rendered quite, uh, accurate here.

Artist: Problem?

Fraser: No. Carry on.

Ray: Do you know where we might find this guy with all the nuance?

Artist: No. He just paid cash and then he left.

Ray: Did he talk about his work? Mention a favorite restaurant or anything?

Artist: Not the talkative type. He gave me this though.

[Hands Ray a campaign pin]

Ray: Johnstone. Senator Johnstone. Come on, let's go.

Fraser: Ah well, perhaps next time.

Ray: Well that's very nice. Is that the Tanganikian influence?

[the van]

Andy: Okay, so Sid, when are we going to leave?

Sid: Leave me alone.

Andy: Sid, when?

Sid: Don't know. A month or two. Look at this. It's movie actors and football players. They've got lots of money.

Andy: So what?

Sid: Some of their names are in this computer. I knew it was worth something. I knew it.

Andy: Okay. How much do we have saved.

Sid: You don't worry about that. That's my business. You dip, I do the rest. What the hell are you doing?

Andy: Looking at our money.

Sid: Oh - give it!

Andy: Look, that money is mine too. I must of lifted 1200 bucks last week. now where is it?

Sid: I spent it, alright. Andy! Don't you walk away from me.

Andy: You spent our money Sid.

Sid: Look, I put food in your mouth and a roof over your head.

Andy: You always said it was okay to steal from other people.

Sid: Look, you know how much it costs me to keep you out of that foster home?

Andy: You said it was all so we could go to Wyoming.

Sid: There's nothing in Wyoming! It's just some stupid idea you got in your head.

Andy: What are you talking about Mom has family that live there. You said that--

Sid: Mother lied. [Andy slaps him]

Andy: And you said you'd take me there. You lied.

[in elevator heading to Johnstone's office]

Ray: Celebrities no different than the next guy Fraser. The only mistake you can make is treating them like they are.

Fraser: Still Ray, there's a matter of etiquette.

Ray: Are you saying I don't have any etiquette?

Fraser: Etiquette is a loose clarification of the rules of conduct in polite society and I believe that preconcludes accusing a United States Senator of murder, conspiracy and moral deviants.

Ray: Fraser, this is America, we do that all the time.

Ray: Excuse me, Senator Johnstone please.

Campaign manager: We have dozens of campaign workers. We don't demand a psyciatric history before we allow them to stuff envelopes. This one. [pointing out to one of her workers which item to use]

Ray: The woman killed was Sunny Barclay. Maybe you seen some of the press coverage?

Campaign manager: Adjust the slogan. This way Detective. That's quite an accusation.

Ray: Uh, who's accusing? I'd just like a word with the Senator.

Campaign manager: Sounds to me like you want to start a smear campaign.

Ray: Look, I've got a dead madam, a missing address book and a guy running around with a garroting wire who's a walking advertisement for Elliot Johnstone. I think that warrants a conversation with the man.

Campaign manager: If you believe the Senator, a well known advocate of family values, knew Miss Barclay?

Ray: It wouldn't be the first time a politician preached one thing and practiced another.

Campaign manager: You have proof of this?

Ray: Look, all I'm asking for is five minutes of the mans time. Now you can keep stonewalling me and I'm going to start getting suspicious. Like maybe the Senator did know Sunny Barclay. Maybe they exchanged phone numbers and maybe that phone number found it's way into her little black book.

Campaign manager: So you are accusing him.

Ray: All I'm saying is it's possible.

Campaign manager: Well, it's not.

Ray: Oh and you know this for sure. You know where he is and who he's with every minute of every day and every night?

Campaign manager: Yes. I do.

Ray: And I thought you were his campaign manager.

Campaign manager: I am. I'm also his wife. [picks up phone] What district did you say you're with?

[Sid is in Celia's Pawn Shop on the phone to Johnstone's Body Guard]

Sid: A waitress gave me your number. I have what you're looking for.

Johnstone's Body Guard: Yeah.

Sid: A book with names in it. Want to hear some?

Johnstone's Body Guard: Be smart kid, take the book back to the alley where you stole it. I'll meet you there.

Sid: I want an award. 10,000. If you don't pay, I take the book to the cops.

Johnstone's Body Guard: The girl. She's your sister, isn't she?

Sid: What?

Johnstone's Body Guard: I thought so. She looks a lot like you.

Sid: My sister?

Johnstone's Body Guard: The alley. One hour. Bring the book.

Sid: What about my sister.

Johnstone's Body Guard: Oh, don't worry. I'll keep a close eye on her.

[Andy gets up from a table in a diner and goes outside. She's playing the the brooch. Sid is running, looking for her. Johnstone's Body Guard grabs her from behind]

Johnstone's Body Guard: You're not lucky. [puts his hand over her mouth] I told you ---------? Get in the car. [he pushes her in, the gets in]

Sid [spotting her in car as it drives off]: Andy![he looks lost and not sure of what to do]

[27th precinct, Welsh's office]

Welsh: Now that takes real vision. Shaking down a United States Senator.

Ray: Honest to God sir all we did was ask Mrs. Johnstone a couple of questions, she completely over reacted.

Welsh: Oh you think. You did accuse her husband of consorting with a world famous prostitute.

Ray: Suggested sir, never accused.

Welsh: That makes a big difference.

O'Neil: Harding. What were you thinking?

Welsh: Excuse me?

O'Neil: You let this idiot question a United States Senator?

Welsh: Can't we talk about this in private?

O'Neil: I don't have time for that. I have to report to the Mayor's office and explain to them why your Detective lost his mind.

Ray: Sir we have compelling evidence trying one of the senators men to the murder of Sunny Barclay.

O'Neil: Oh really. And what would that compelling evidence be?

Ray: Well that would be uh...you see sir it's sort of a small uh...

Fraser: It's a tattoo sir.

Ray: Yeah that's what it is sir.

O'Neil: Johnstone has a tattoo?

Fraser: An employee. His body guard I believe.

Ray: The guy with the tattoo murdered Sunny Barclay and stole her organizer and we have a witness.

O'Neil: Someone saw this guy kill Sunny?

Ray: Well not exactly. Our witness stole the organizer from the killer.

Fraser: A young pick pocket sir.

O'Neil: A credible witness.

Fraser: She was later threatened by the tattoo man with the same type of weapon.

O'Neil: So you proceeded to grill the Senators wife on the word of a thief.

Fraser: Well not just the thief sir we also spoke with the tattoo artist and he gave us this.

Welsh: Fraser, there are thousands of these things all over the city. I have one myself.

Fraser: I believe sir that you will find all those other pins are labeled 'Johnstone 96'. This one was labeled from his earlier campaign in 1990. Indicating that whoever wore it had to have a particular attachment to the senator to have kept it and be wearing it six years later.

O'Neil: Your pickpocket can she I.D. the guy?

Fraser: Yes.

O'Neil: Is she here ready to make a statement?

Ray: Well she's not on the premises sir.

O'Neil: Have you stashed somewhere?

Ray: Well we don't actually have her in our actual possession.

Welsh: But you know where to find her.

Fraser: Oh no sir we don't have the slightest idea.

O'Neil: Oh you are a piece of work Vecchio. And you wonder why you're career is going no where. Nope. You are so incompetent you couldn't get to no where if I drew you a map.

Cop: Detective Vecchio.

O'Neil: I'm not through with him.

Cop: Uh, Commander, the kid says it's urgent.

Ray: Uh what kid?

O'Neil: Would you mind not interrupting me?

Welsh: Commander, This is still my unit, these are my Detectives. Now Detective Vecchio needs to be disciplined, I'll do it.

Ray: What does he want?

Cop: Something about an address book?

Ray: Well if you'll excuse us please?

[Alley, sitting in Sid's van]

Sid: He said he'd be here. He's going to see us. He's going to know I went to the cops.

Ray: Relax. He doesn't think you're that smart.

Welsh: All units report.

Ray: Unit one's in place.

Huey: Unit 2.

Welsh: Unit 3. Unit 3 are you there? Unit 3.

Louis: Unit 3 check.

Welsh: Suspect appears. let him get in position. Don't overreact just wait for my command. That is unless you...

O'Neil: It's your department.

Welsh: Thank you sir.

Huey: They're here.

[Johnstone's Body Guard gets out with Andy, goes into alley. Andy is crying and asking to be let go.]

Louis: Moving this way.

Johnstone's Body Guard[to Andy]: Shut up!

Louis: Hold it police. Hold it. [Andy kicks Johnstone's Body Guard and runs. Louis is knocked over by body guard] We're blown.

Fraser [to Sid]: Stay put.

[the chase goes to the roof, same route she took getting away from Fraser the first time.]

Louis: They're on the roof.

[Ray heads up the ladder]

[Sid runs down an alley, up a pole. Andy is still running, but Sid knows the routine and knows where she'll end up and he is going to be there when she arrives. She almost makes it but Johnstone's Body Guard grabs her by the ankle as she is scurrying up the last bit of the roof.][Ray is on the roof, so is Huey, they meet up]

Huey: Nothing.

[Andy screams, they head toward the sound. Johnstone's Body Guard again has Andy and is heading toward the ladder, Fraser pops up on the ladder]

Johnstone's Body Guard: Move it!

Fraser: I can't do that.

Johnstone's Body Guard: I'll kill her now. Get out of the way.

Fraser: Won't do you any good.

[Andy bites Johnstone's Body Guard and gets away again and in her panic, she goes over the edge, Fraser is barely holding onto her. Johnstone's Body Guard picks up a pipe ready to hit Andy or Fraser. Sid runs up from behind]

Sid" Andy! [Sid's momentum carries him into Johnstone's Body Guard and they both go over the edge. Andy is struggling now trying to get to Sid. Fraser loses his grip on the ladder, they both start to tumble but Ray grabs him by the front of his jacket at the very last moment and grins down at Fraser.

[on the ground, in the alley]

O'Neil [to reporters]: Well actually Sunny Barclays address book was recovered…

Huey [to paramedics about body guard]: Just get him ready to go into court.

Sid [on stretcher to Andy]: You okay?

Andy: I'm fine.

Sid: I was thinking maybe we should get out of this place.

Andy: You just fell off a building.

Sid [Ray and Fraser} She never wanted to steal. I made her.

Ray: Ah, not to worry. I got a friend down at the State Attorney's.

Fraser: Good luck. [Sid is loaded into the ambulance, Ray and Fraser start walking] Your friend hates you Ray.

Ray: Ah it's just a ploy.

Fraser: She would like to see you incarerated.

Ray: So she likes handcuffs.



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