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.. Scénář - 28. epizoda - Maska (Mask) ..

-Do mah ah-

*Its evening Ray and Fraser are in a museum, Ben is checking the security systems*

Ben- I'm almost done Ray.

Ray- Look you touch that thing one more time, you're going to wear a hole in it.

Ben- Well any job worth doing is worth well.

Ray- You're protecting rocks Frasier.

Ben- They're not just rocks Ray. They're transformation masks, hand carved basalt over 1000 year old, you know the Tsimshian people use them in a winter ceromony to pray that the gods will return the sun to them in the spring.

Ray- Yeah well they give me the creeps.

Ben- Well you should stop looking at them.

Ray- Theyre looking at me.

Ben- You now it's intersting you should say that because that's what they're supposed to do. You see the inner mask has it's eyes open and the outer mask has it's eyes closed and they interlock, one inside the other. It's the only matching set in existance.

Ray- Yeah well that's great, can we go now? ..*pause(Ray walks away)* Frasier *Ray doesn't look back*

Ben- Coming *Checks one of the beams.*

Ray- Frasier

Ben- *Waves Stetson infront of beam*-Coming

Ray- Frasier(shouts)

Ben - Yep.

**Walking through the museum**

Ben -In 1879 the masks were confenscated by an Anglican priest, named Duncan who had been sent to convert the Tsimshian and as was the custom in those days he took their religious symbols from them. He later sold the masks to two separate countries and they're finally being reunited after more than 100 years.

Ray- So?

Ben- It's an important moment of history for both Canada and France. Not to mention the Political, cultural and religious significance it holds for the North American Innuit people.

Ray- And?

Ben- Worth over a million dollars

Ray- Oh..Now you're talking.... The car is *this* way. (Ray walks one direction Ben walks the other then Ray doubles back and follows Fraser.)

****In the museum***

Thatcher- it was the summer I spent at the Sourbonne. I was young and a trifle niiave, I'm afraid

Curator- Yes what artist model isn't? Do you still have the sketches.

Ben- Sir?

Thatcher- What is it Fraser?

Ben- I've completed my inspection of the security systems, I've checked the motion detectors, the emergency back up system, the pressure plates, and examined the perimeter of the building....

Ray- Twice.

Thatcher- Fine carry on.

Ben- May I introduce Detective Vecchio, Mr. Robinson is the museum's curator and I believe you know Inspector Thatcher.

Ray- Hello Mr. Robinson.

Curator- Police? Constable, the museum has a well deserved reputation for top notch security, I think that we have it covered.

Ben- Yes Sir, but still..

Thatcher- Thank you Fraser I think we should let Mr. Robinson get home to his family.

Curator- Well, it'll be a long drive, my parents live in Pensicola.

Thatcher- Really I love Pennsicola, where is that exactly.?

Ray- She want's him.

Ben- For what?

**Lights are turned off, museum is shut up with a few scattered guards.**

**Ben and Ray walk towards the Riv. Ben keeps looking back**

Ray- They'll still be there in the morning.. come on.

**Cut to mask, robbers are climbing down from a vent in the ceiling (being lowered down on a rope and winch)**

**Back to Ben and Ray walking towards the Riv.**

Ray- the dragon lady and Mr. Museum guy oh she must be desperate.

**Robber takes masks **

Robber 1(David)- OK

**The glass the robber drops a circle of glass on the floor * **ALARMS RING**

**Fraser and Ray run back to the museun**

Robber 1 (David)- Pull me up, pull me up... Come on don't leave me here **Winch is jammed and robber 2 runs off.**

Ray- All right we got it....Freeze.

**Ray takes the robbers mask off.**

Ray- Give me a hand...

**Meanwhile Fraser chases robber 2 across the roof. The robber knocks Fraser off the roof and he is dangling by his finger tips.**

Ben- Eric? ERIC?

**Raven flies down and knocks Fraser off the roof, he lands in a dumpster**


**Outside the museum**

Ray- So you fell?

Ben- Yes I fell

Ray- You fell. Oh no you see that just doesn't make any sence as Mounties don't just fall, they leap they bound, crash and tank but they don't just fall.

Ben- I think I knew him.

Ray- Who the thief?

Ben- Yes.

Ray- And you got a good look at him whilst you were dangling there?

Ben- Well no Ray of course not. The truth is I'm not sure what it was I saw.


**In the Interrogation room. Robber 1/Fraser/Ray present**

Ray- We've got your picture out on the wire sooner or later it's going to come back witha name and a place and you will have watsed a great deal of this detectives time and in the process made him very angrey so why don't you make it easy on yourself?

Robber- I told you I came to see a blackhawks game.

Ray- You know the museums a funny place to be catching a game.

Ben- Your partner took the masks and left you hanging there why are you protecting him.

Robber- I got nothing to say.

**Ray slams robbers head onto table**

Ben- OK Ray.

Ray- Let me tell you something...

Ben- RayRayRayRay, he's right there's nothing he can do for us.

Ray- Well there's nothing we can do for him.

Ben(IN TSIMSHIAN SUBTITLES SAY)- "Would you like a glass of water."

Ray- So what was that, some form of secret Canadian you only speak to one another.

Ben- Tsimshian.

Ray- That was going to be my next guess.

Ben- I'm a little rusty but he seemes to understand what I meant.

Elaine- OH there you are your right he's Canadian... 1 misermeaner, charges dropped. David Kitikmeot from Nak-i-na?

Ben- Nak E na.

Ray- That's Canadian for frozen, or cold or maybe even Tundra.

Ben- Thank you kindly Elaine.

Elaine- not so fast Welsh wants to see you and you've got visitors.

**Welsh's office**

Thatcher- Miss Dechamp is here representing the French government, Mrs Kelly, the Canadian. The Masks?

Ben- Nothing to report Sir.

Thatcher- You weren't able to apprehend the thief?

Ben- No Sir, I'm afriad not.

Thatcher- That's not good enough is it?

Ben- No Sir it's not.

Ray- Look he gravitated 50 ft off that roof trying to get that guy.. he's lucky to be alive.

Thatcher- Of course

Ray- Nice shirt.

Thatcher *Tucking said article into her skirt* - Yes...well... you caught me changing.

Ray- I'm sure we did.

Ben- Were are interogating a suspect. A Canadian citizen apprehended at the museum, May I?

Welsh- Are they all this polite?

Thatcher- He's native?

Ben- Yes he is

Canadian- that makes sence.

Duchamp- Leutenent, My government is very concerned you see we have recieved demands by the Canadian Aboriginal people for the return of our half of the masks.

Kelly- As has our government

Welsh- Meaning.

Ben- It's a Tsimshian religious symbol Sir, and apparently they would like it back

Welsh- That's understandable

Dechamp- But irrelivent they sold it to us

Kelly- And us.

Ben- Well that would appear to be a matter of considerable dispute.

Welsh- Really.

Thatcher- needless to say if the masks are not recovered by the gala opening on Saturday ...

Welsh- I trust you can put aside your many open cases and give this one your complete undevided attention.

Ray- Most definately Sir.

Welsh- I thought so.

Dechamp- Thank you for your co operation Leutentent.

Welsh- My pleasure

Thatcher- We'll discuss this later.

Ben- I'm sure we will Sir.

Kelly- 'Left' tenent

Duchamp- Leutenent. **They walk out of Welsh's Office.**

Duchamp- Detective Vecchio, I trust you will grant the French all the curtosy that you extend to the Canadians.

Ray- Of course.

Duchamp- Thankyou.

Ray - Au revoir.

Duchamp- Au revoir....

Ray- Women 101 learn 1 word in every foriegn language.

Ben - Understood.

Louise- Vecchio

Ray-For this one ..?Va moose?

Louise- freeze detective.

Ben- Ray would you *Hands him a paper cone of water. and makes a quick get away*

Ray- Coward... Louise did I tell you how good you look in green. Now if this is about our date on Saturday night.

Louise- My My office tells me that you have a minor child in custody against all good sense and logic.

Ray- Oh he's no choir boy Louise.

Louise- Would yo please explain this to me Detective and please also tell me that you are not actually interogating him under these circumstances.

Ray- Louise*hands her the cone of water *

Ray- Thank you.

**In the Interview room..David makes a paper bird.. Ben and Ray watch from behind the one way mirror**

Ray- Well since he's 17 and juvie's full, child welfare are going to take him to a temporary shelter. St. Laurent made a deal with the public defender to pedal him until charges are laid tomorrow. In consideration of the conversationwe did not have with him.

Ben- He'll disappear.

Ray- Yeah well, we don't have a lot of choice it's out of our hands...all right....come on.

**Ben gets the discarded paper bird**

*Outside in Riv*

Social worker- OK Daivd.. here we go.

Ben- So what happens now?

Ray- Child welfare get's comfortable and turns on the cable and we spend the rest of the night out on our bunions that's what...Waste of time

**David runs out having hit the social worker**

Ray- I'll get the social worker

Ben-I'll take David.

Ray(To social worker) - Are you all right.

Social worker- Yeah I'm all right

Ray- Yeah

**Ben chases David into the underground station.. David and Ben shadow each other sliding in and out of the train, David gets the upper hand and gets off the train he had got on and jumps onto another, Ben chases it down platform but doesn't manage to catch it. David waves to him from the train**

**Ray and loads of cops turn up**

Ray- I knew I didn't trust that kid...

**Bens' apartment**

Eric- I was wondering when you'd get here Mountie.

Ben- I was wondering when you would show up... Hello Eric.

*Dief whines*


Eric- David was young and idealistic when we heard that the masks would be brought together and David and another Tsimshian boy disappeared from their villiage I knew where he would go. This thuderbird is a symbol of a worried society that is calling to our youth together 'nourdays when youth feel the power of the spirit thay are not patient and willing to leave this to their elders or the proper authorities they will take things into their own hands.

Ben- It was you wasn;t it.

Eric- Me.

Ben- On the roof of the museum

Eric- What took you to the roof of a museum?

Ben- A thief.

Eric- David's friend Joshua Springer perhaps..

Ben- I don't think so. It was you.

Eric- I was here you can ask your wolf.

*Dief whines*

Ben- It was you.

Eric- I heard a story once it tells of a man who became a raven and went to skyworld to steal the sun. The raven stole the sun and brought it back to his people so that they could have light. But left skyworld blind. Perhaps it was the raven you saw on the roof...

Ben- No it was a man I saw on the roof and I'm going to find him.

Eric- You will

**Next bit plenty of subtext going on... you get the feeling that Ben thinks the masks should be back with their 'rightful' if not lawful owners**

Ben- Yes I will and then I will arrest him and I will return the masks

Eric- I'm going to find my nephew, David and I'm going to return the masks

Ben- Then we both seek the same thing.

Eirc- maybe I could help you. David left a trail, left a lot of tracks behind him.You're going to trust me aren't you?

Ben- Good.. so we understand each other.

Eric- So this is where you sleep

Ben- Well.. yes..you're welcome to stay

Eric- It's a bit cramped.

Ben- It's not that bad once you get used to it.

Eric- You've changed Mountie.

Ben- I've changed?

Eric*goes on to fire escape*I'll be comfortable out here.


**2 Girls throw a ball at Ben who is asleep in his bed...waking him**

Eric- Finally, I thought you were going to sleep all day

Ben- It's six in the morning.. what are they doing here?

Eric- Cooking

Ben- Did you invite them?

Eric- They're my family I could hardly keep them away

Ben-Ah... Victoria, Albert.. It's been quite a long time.

Victoria(no not that one:O)- Hello Frasier, Are you all right?

Ben- Yes I'm quite fine thank you.

Victoria- Oh.

Albert- I brought a TV I hope you don't mind we dont want to miss our programmes.

Ben- No please, make yourselves at home

Albert- Chicago doesn't seem to have a very good selection.

Ben- I was unaware of that.

Victoria- We're just happy to be here Fraser.

Ben- And why are you here?

Victoria- We were worried about David and I've always wondered about the archutecture here.

Ben- Ah

Albert- Have you found him?

Ben- No but we are looking.

Albert- Well you've wasted half the day

Victoria- Breakfast?

Ben- No thank you I'm already quite full..

Eric- Let's go....

Ben- Eric I have to confess to feeling a little bit of embarrassment regarding my incompetence as a host. I'm not to mention some real concerns about over crowding

Eric- I guess none of us fidured on the apartment being so small, good thing Sarah and Patty didn't come those two couldn't pack light if their house was on fire.

Ben- Right...Well... Let's call Ray.**Opening the apartment door**

Sarah- We left our shoes in the hall.(There are a LOT of bags in the hallway)

**Outside the apartment**

Eric- I'm sure they will be fine. thanks for leaving them the guide book.

Ben- Ray, this is Eric from the Territories, he's here to help us look for David and his friend and he may be able to offer some assistance in finding the masks

Ray- Hey Eric...

Eric- David rented a car in Chicago using a stolen credit card

Ray- Oh yeah, I know this place it's on the south side... Frasier there's black smoke coming out of your apartment..

Ben- Not to worry.. let's go

Ray- Not to worry?

Ben- It's a cooking fire, Ray It's completely harmless believe it or not there is an entire family of Tsimshian living up there

Ray- Yeah what are they trying to elect, the pope?.... Let's see what we've got here... 'Belisima's' no... no... too expensive, I don't want her thinking I'm trying to impress her which I am but we don't want her to think that.

Ben- Ray- Pedestrian..

Ray-Where? ...oh... Thanks

Ben- Who's the she you refer to?

Ray- St. Laraunt.

Ben- States Attourney St. Laraunt

Ray- Yeah, I'm taking her out to dinner Saturday night. Eric could you hold the wheel for me? Oh 'Balardies' .. nah... I go there to often.. If it doesn't work out I wont be able to go back there for a couple of weeks.

Ben-What do you mean if it doesn't work out.

Ray- Oh you know it is with women. When they tell you nothing fancy, pick me up at 8, dress casual, what they really mean is you'd better do it up first class and break the bank at every turn or they're going to fix you with??? a ghost horse??? You know what I'm saying?

Eric- Remind me to ask you later.

Ben- I have no idea what he's taling about ....

Ray- hey Benny do me a favour, you pick 1 out.

Ben- Crabs and things.

Ray- Would you give that to Eric please.

Eric- Hey how about the Loose Moose..

Ray- You guys no nothing about wining and dining women. Eric, hold the wheel.

**Car Rental Shop- There is a youth behind the counter, Ray flashes his badge.**

Youth- Cops Cool.

Ray- Look I need you to look up the rental that was made using this credit card number.

Youth-(looking on computer)- Here we go .. oh yeah.. I remember this guy.. Indian .. medium height... dark hair, rented a white mid size... very polite... Canadian driver's licence.

Ray- You got a Chicago address?

Youth- Err... the real one or the one he gave me?

Ray -You want to expand on that?

Youth - Well.. I'm pretty sure the one he gave me was made up but when he pulled out his credit card there was a reciept from a rooming house so I put both the addresses into the computer.

Ray(to Fraser)- Sneaky.. I like that.

Ben- Excuse me if the information he gave you regarding his address was false would it not follow that the info he gave you vis-a-vis his intention to pay for the car or to return said vechile would also be false?

Ray- Give us the second address.

*** A large area of concrete on which is a stripped car**

Ray- 845 Deren St. Lying little clerk... Well your pal David's sitting somewhere laughing at us right about now...we're never going to find him...

Eric- Let's have a look

Ray- It's been stripped.

Ben- On the contrary Ray, you just have to know what to look for... hamburger..

*Dief whines*

Ben(Tossing hamburger to Dief*- Oh all right.

Eric- Special sauce... McDonalds.. his favourite.

Ray- Really cos I was hoping this trail of evidence would lead us to Wendy's.

Eric- Frasier Look.

Ben- Ahh yes excellent preservation.

Ray- What?

Ben- You don't see it?

Ray- No what? what is it?

Eric- A footprint.

Ray- Well how do you know it's his?

Eric- ?Mufflered? feet leave and odd indentation

Ben- Not as odd as a ?Res runner?

Eric- No those are tough but you know with a pair of mufflers his size, his weight, the wear on the soles, his knees are slightly bowed since birth...

Ray- Oh come on there must be a hundred footprints here.. you mean to tell me there's not one car stripper in this neighbourhood with bowed knees?

Ben- Ray, Please the man knows what he is doing.

Eric- Special sauce... It's him.

Ray- I don't believe this we're tracking a happy meal.

**Duchamp sat watching smoking in car.**

**On the street**

Ray- Let me guess... french fries?

Ben- No.(Ben stops walking Eric carries on and then turns back to Ben)

Eric- Yes, of course, I would've missed it.. you're still sharp Fraser.(Ben looks smug)

Ray- So what is it? Apple pie, Chicken McNuggets?

Ben(Smugness spread all over his face)- Daivid ditched the car, doubled back, then he went inside, Eric missed it.

Ray- Why is this my life? Mounties, wolves, Tsimshian?

**In the apartment block**

Janitor- Second on the right.

Ben- Thank you kindly

Ray- All right beat it... I hope this doesn't take to long I've got reservations to make. POLICE OPEN UP.

Eric- Do we need a warrent?

Ben- I'll let him explain it to you.

**Ray kicks in the door.**

Ben- You see none required.

Eric- David was here.

Ray- Yeah the kid travels light.

Ben- The second boy from David's villiage?

Eric- Joshua Springer.

Ben- Joshua Springer... Doesn't eat much does he? **Points to the one plate that has been washed up.**

Eric- Appartently.

**Ray finds a loose floor tile in the bathroom... under it is the masks**

Ray-Hey Frasier, Look what I've found.... That was easy.

Ben- Yes very.

**AT the museum**

Curator- I'm sure you must be feeling very conflicted at the moment. But I want you to know that because of your efforts thousands of people are going to be able to share in the beauty of those masks. Thank you.

Eric- Will they pay?

Curator- What admission? Yes of course.... 3 - 50 why?

Eric- OH..Just doing some math.

Kelly- This is very exciting I'll call Ottawa

Thatcher- I've already taken care of that.

Kelly- The newspapers should be told.

Thatcher- Already done.

Dechamp- And the French gvernment?

Thatcher- I'll leave that to you.

Dechamp- Thank you.

Ray- How do you know?

Ben- I just know.

Ray- Yes but how?

Ben- Well how does anyone know anything, Ray... you just... you know.

Thatcher- Good work Constable.

Ben- I hope so Sir. Sir regarding the masks is the curator quite satisfied?

Thatcher- Yes.

Ben- And Mrs Kelly and Ms Dechamp?

Thatcher- Absolutely.

Ben- And yourself Sir?

Thatcher- I don't want to hear this do I?

Ray- No Constable Fraser believes it was too easy.

Thatcher- Ah he does.

Ben- Well yes Sir...and I believe that if we were to bring in a native expert, someone who was impartial...

Thatcher- There are no impartial natives when it comes to these masks Fraser. I suggest a more constructive use of your time ... sell these..

Ben- Tickets?

Thatcher- For the opening night gala. You have a table to sell... get cracking.

Ben- Yes Sir

Ray- How much?

Ben-$100 a ticket

Ray- Wow.

Eric- Party huh?

Ray- Black tie... a hundred a plate.

Eric - plus 3-50 admission... (adding up the profits)

**In the Riv outside Ben's apartment...White smoke is now pouring out of the window**

Ray- Ahhh looks like we got a pope.

Eric- We're late...we'd better hurry, there'll be a line up...

Ray- A line up?

Ben- A sweat lodge Ray.

Ray- There's a sweat lodge in your apartment?

Ben-**Walking up to his apartment**-Mrs Garcia. Miss Krezfapolov

Albert- Did you find David?

Ben- No.

Albert- Did you find the masks?

Eric- Yes

Ben- No.

Albert- Times up.

Mr. Mustafi- (coming out of the sweat lodge)- Hey Fraser! Love your guests. Can I borrow this later?

Albert- Of course.

Ray- They built a sauna in your living room.

Ben- A sweat lodge Ray.

Ray- Like there's a difference.

Ben- Oh yes,,,a sauna eases tired muscles. The purpose of a sweat is for spiritual purification.

Ray- Well there's no way I'm getting purified. I'm not going to take my clothes off and sit in 100 degrees surrounded by other people sweating.

Patty- Sarah's gone in with Albert and I need a partner.

Ray- OK So where do I change?

****Eric and Ben in the sweat lodge****

Eric- I remember you almost fainted the first time I brought you into one of these.

Ben- I was 10

Eric- You were ?scrawny? then.

Ben- I still am.

Eric- But you can still move fast.

**Ben's dreaming/seeing a vision/hallucinating?? There is a man dancing with the masks. The masks get smashed**

Ray- You guys finished Patty and I are waiting to sweat.

**Outside walking towards the Riv.**

Ray- You robbed me of a very important spiritual moment back there Frasier.

Ben-I saw Eric in a vision, Ray

Ray- No what you saw was a dancing man and a big black bird where I come from that is not called a vision.

Ben- The bird is the raven, the raven is the trickster, the trickster came to return the masks to the Tsimshian people

Ray- Raven's don't break into museums

Ben- No they don't, but Eric did. Eric is the trickster, what he discovered was the masks were fake, he knew if he led me to the fakes I would in turn lead him to the real ones.

Ray- So that's what we're doing?

Ben- Yes, it's all part of his plan.

Ray- Great, so now we're playing his game and you're tracking by vision.

Ben- Yes

Ray- Normally this would be cause for concern but seeing we don't have any hard evidence or any real clues, dreaming some up might not be such a bad idea.

Ben- Well we at least have this much, Ray, if the masks he took are fakes, someone must have stolen the real ones and replaced them.

Ray- Well that would require a forger.

Ben- Yes it would.... Do you know any forgers?

Ray- Yeah

Ben- Can we go and talk to them?

Ray- Sure.... would you like to do that now>

Ben- Preferably.

***The stairs of a really dingy building.***

Ben- This was your friends only suggestion?

Ray- This is Chicago, Frasier. Not a lot of call for forgers who carve in volcanic rock.

Ben- The door is ajar.

Ray- Yeah... Not a good sign.

**There is a dead guy on the floor of the room behind the 'ajar' door.**

**A person gets away through an open window, Ben follows, Ray retraces his steps**

**Outside they apprihend the fleeing person....**

Ray- Freeze....

Ben- Ms Duchamp?

Duchamp- I didn't kill him.

Ray- Tell it to the judge... excuse moi. You have the right to remain silent, anything you do say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attourney. If you can not afford an attourney one will be appointed to you free of charge...

**Interview room at the 27th**

Duchamp- Thousands of dollars of art are stolen every year and finds its way into private collections but for every dollar stolen there's ten forgeries hanging in galleries all over the world. Even experts at the Louvre have purchased such fakes. Can I smoke?

Ray- No

Ben- And what about the masks?

Duchamp.- All I can tell you is this- When I left Paris the French half of the masks was very and definately real.

Ray- So what's with all the cloak and dagger stuff?

Duchamp- When I...er..sawa that constable Fraser was working with the Tsimshian I felt it was in my government's best interest to find out were allegences rested.

Ben- Allegence is based on trust You don't appear to be a very trusting person, Ms Duchamp.

Duchamp- Appearences can be deceptive.

Ray- Oh let's cut through the bull. You killed the forger.

Duchamp- I did not. I did not kill him.

Ray- No you just dropped by to take his pulse.

Elaine(Sticking her head round the door)- Vecchio...(Ray goes out of the room with Elaine, she continues...) -Balistics - The bullet that killed him was a 45, hers was a 9mm. No match.

Ray- Time of death?

Elaine- Between 8 and 1.

Ray- Hey Benny...(Ben joins them)

Ray- She didn't kill him.

Ben I know... Look out.(He spies Louise aproaching)

Louise- You have a French citizen with diplomatic immunity in there being interviewed and I have a very angry French official in my office. Now tell me, what do those two things mean to you.

Ray- Just another opportunity to see your lovely face Louise. She's all yours.

Louise- Thank you ... What's the catch?

Ray- Oh Louise, I'm hurt.

Louise- Just wait til tomorrow night..

Ray-Hey Benny... How did you know.. OK so if it wasn't her then who was it... no, no, no don't tell me...The curator?

Ben- No. He may be guilty of forgery and switching the masks but he's not a killer.

Ray- David, he's an activist.

Ben- He's a thief not a killer.

Ray- Well ...Eric... no he was in the sweat lodge with us... there's nobody else.

Ben- Well actually there is.

**Cut to museum, Kelly is with the curator**

Kelly- Change of plan I'm leaving tonight.

**Ray and Benny in the Riv.**

Ray- The Canadian? The Cnadian is the killer? On that's so unCanadian...

**Back to the museum**

Kelly- This time tomorrow we'll be rich.

**They walk out of the museum and David is there.*

David- You have something that doesn't belong ot you...(Shot is fired and Ben and Ray who have arrived at the museum run to the scene)

Ray- Police Freeze... (To the curator)- hands behind your headp(They all chase Kelly into the museum

Ray -Stop... You don't want to hurt anybody.

Ben- I believe she already has.

Kelly- Quiet.

Ben- Sorry.

Kelly- Get the case please... over there.

Ben- I'm afriad those masks don't belong to you. Do they Eric? (Eric comes out of the shadows)

Eric- I'm glad you agree.

Ray- What about the other guy.

Ben- There was no other guy, there was no Joshua Springer was there?

Eric- No

Ben- No.. there was only you and David.

Eric- Right

Kelly- Those are my masks.

Eric- Maybe you haven't changed.

Ben- No I haven't

Eric (in Tsimshian to David)- "Give me the gun"

David(in Tsimshian to Eric)- "No"

Eric(in Tsimshian to David) - "The Gun"(David throws the gun to Eric.

Ben- Good now we all know where we stand.

Ray- Drop the gun Eric or I'm going to have to shoot you....

Eric- I think you've got your hands full American.

Ben- Give me the gun I'll return the masks and perhaps the governments involved won't prosecute.

Eric- I think that's highly unlikely.

Ben- All right let's explore another option, you kill me, you take the masks and you escape.

Eric- Now that's a plan too. I shot a caribou once. The next time I looked he turned into a man.

Ben- YOu saved my life I was greatful.

Eric- And now..

Ben- And now you may have to shoot me.

Eric-(In Tshimshian to David)"Run now."(In English)-You win Mountie.

Ray - Both hands behind your head.

**Ben looks at the two cases which contained the masks one has masks in but two are gone..**


Ray- Let me guess Eric's disappeared.

Ben- He does seem to have a knack for that.

Ray- Yeah so I noticed. Well.. at least you've got your masks back.

Ben- Yes it would seem that everythings where it should be.

***Ben's office**

Thatcher- Well I'm off

Ben- Well good, you're off.

Thatcher- Ahh Have you written your report yet?

Ben- It'll be on you desk in the morning Sir.

Thatcher- Thank you. I er...

Ben- Yes Sir...

Thatcher- Nothing... You won't be mentioning anything outside the case, will you?

Ben- Excuse me?

Thatcher- In your report - will anything of a personal nature about anyone be making it into your report?

Ben- A personal nature, Sir?

Thatcher- Don't be coy, Fraser.

Ben- I'm not trying to be Sir.

Thatcher- You know damn well I had communication with the curator outside of office hours.

Ben- Well no actually I..I.. wasn't aware that...I mean...

Thatcher- Look I had one perfectly innocent lunch with a criminal all right... 1 lunch and 1 dinner... and a couple of drinks ...I think...

Ben- Ah.

Thatcher.- Never mind, do what you will.(Turns to leave.)

Ben- Sir,

Thatcher- What?

Ben- Quite honestly I have no idea what you are talking about.

Thatcher- Oh good..... Thank you.

Ben- Yes Sir.

**Dief whines**

Ben(To Dief)- What?

**Dief whines**

Ben(To Dief)- Oh please....

**Ben's apartment Ray and Louise are in the sweat lodge(the camera is outside the sweat lodge)**

Louise- Well I have to hand it to you, Ray, you really know how to show a girl a good time, different but good.

Ray- Hey that's me and just wait until you've tried this.

Louise- Oh Ray

***Tshimshian Party outside somewhere they are all wearing black tie The msks are seen in the foreground. Champagne flows**

Everyone- To the masks.

(Do mah ah)



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