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.. Scénář - 29. epizoda - Julie krvácí (Juliet Is Bleeding) ..

**A bar somewhere in Chicago. Some thugs come in and start smashing the place up.**

Thug- Stay where you are

Bar tender- Hey what the hell are you doing... we're protected.

Thug- Not any more this is from the Dorio Brothers.

Bar tender- What are you crazy? This is Frank Zuko's place.

Thug- Tell Frank Zuko, he's out of business as of now.

**They leave and get into a car. The guy in the back hands a parcel to the guy in the front.**

Guy in back of car- Michael... Present.

**The Riv rolls up in front of a restaurant, we can hear voices from inside it.**

Huey- You can't afford this. Let me stop you embarrassing yourself.

Ray- Eat your heart out, Jack.

Louis- Everything's on you..the whole check?

Ray- This is a significant raise, my friend.

Huey- Yeah you read my mind.

Ray- Hey, let me tell you something, this is the best restaurant in the world. They got a ?Pucanesta? like no other and the wine cellar.

Huey- Wine cellar? You see this man? last time he got a promotion he bought us a case of generic beer...

Louis- And we had to give him five cents for every bottle we didn't return.

Ray- Well this time it's first class all the way, my friend.

Louis- Well I'm going to have the Calamari after that I'm *He rambles on and Fraser talks over the top of him*

Ben- Ray, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly does a Detective first grade make?

Ray- 35 thousand, five hundred and eighty dollars.

Ben- And what did you make before that?

Ray- thirty three five.

Ben- The average cost of an entree?

Ray-Oh fifteen bucks

Ben- And the wine?

Ray- I don't know, twenty dollars a bottle.

Louis- And after the expresso I'm going to have the Chocolate ??*****?? no I think I'll have two.

Huey- I think I'll have the same, three maybe.

Ray- How much?

Ben- I think I'm going to have the soup.

Ray- You're a good man...*Deif whines* Who invited him?

Ben- You did.

Ray- To stay in the car.

Ben- Oh well then I misunderstood. I just thought it being a very special occasion and that Deifenbaker being in part responsible--

Ray- Responsible, he tagged along.

Ben- He's been looking forward to this. He hasn't eaten all day.

Ray- Fraser, they don't have wolf portions on the menu...All right... I'll bring you a doggy bag.

*Deif whines*

Ben- I'm just having the soup.

**In the Restaurant**

Ray- Thank you, we have a reservation.

Huey- Happy Birthday Frank, what is this?

Louis- Zuko... This is going to be good.

Pat- Ray, how're you doing buddy, look I tried to call you. It's a private party.

Ray- What are you saying, Pat, you're kicking me out?

Louis- These guys hate each other, Pat, didn't you think of that before you made the reservation?

Pat- It's Frankie Zuko's birthday what am I going to tell him... No?

Ben- The man does have a point, Ray.

Ray- You know the rules of the neighbourhood. You cater for both sides and you don't play favourites.

Pat- But Ray, come on...

Ray- How you say, I walk in there and I see if I can find a valid carry permit for every gun in the house?

Pat- You trying to get me killed?

Ray- No I'm just trying to get a table.*walks across to Franks table.*Frankie, good to see you.

Zuko- Ray, what brings you to Pat's on a night like this?

Ray- A reservation.

Zuko- What no gift?

Ray- All I want is my table right?

Zuko- Pat get him a table.

Pat- Jimmy, set up 27.

Ray- Hey come on Pat, 27's the side room.

Zuko- Ray, you want to sit on my lap?

Ray- No thanks Frank, your cheap cologne is giving me a head ache from here.

**Credits roll**

Ray- What do you want, Charlie?

Charlie- Mr Zuko wants to say hello....... to the Mountie.

Ray- What he can't wait?

Louis- We're never going to eat. We're never going to eat.

*Fraser goes over to Zuko*

Zuko- Ah Fraser?, right?

Ben- Yes.

Zuko- I'm glad you can be here tonight. It looks like the scars have healed pretty nicely.

Ben- I beg your pardon.

Zuko- I mean, I'm sorry. Sometimes the boys can get a little carried away, blood on the tracks.

Ben- I have no idea what you are talking about.

Zuko- All right. come here, I want you to meet some people. hey Jimmy, come over here I want you to meet somebody. My loyal friend, Jimmy Roast Beef, Constable Fraser.

Jimmy- How're you doin' good to meet you.

Ben- Likewise Mr. Roast Beef, is that your given name?

Jimmy- Yeah sure

Zuko- Hey where've you been?

Michael- Sorry, frank, just keepin an eye on things.

Zuko- Keepin an eye on things, drive me crazy keepin an eye on things. I want you to meet somebody, this is my good friend and business associate Michael Sorrento, Constable Fraser.

Ben- My pleasure

Micheal- How're you doin?

Zuko- Oh you shouldn't have*Michael hands Zuko a gift which he opens- it's a box of cigars* My favourites- Constable?

Ben- No thank you I don't smoke.

Zuko- You're loss. Jimmy? Michael.

Michael- Thank you.

**The Bar, Ray is stood behind it looking for something**

Irene- What's the matter, can't you say hello.

Ray- Hi

Irene- Irene.

Ray- Yeah I know, I know.

Irene- What are you looking for?

Ray- I got it

Irene- It doesn't look like you got it

Ray- I got it.

Irene- What are you looking for....?.... How's your Mom?

Ray- Ohh errr She's good. How's what's his name?

Irene- Actually we err we split up.

Ray- Oh... it's about time. No what I mean to say is I'm sorry

Irene- Yeah well I'm not, it's good to be home.

Ray- Frank's house?

Irene- My father left it to both of us.

Ray- I'll try to remember that.... four...*gets wine glasses* So... errr ... how's the kids?

Irene- They're good... You were always so good with kids.

Ray- Well what can I say I'm one hell of a catch.

Irene- Yeah too bad you can't dance.

**Zuko's Table**

Michael- Those guys down the west side maybe more of a problem than we thought.

Zuko- Punks! I never heard of them. No one's ever heard of them.

Michael- Yeah you'd better tell them that 'cause they busted up another one of the places tonight, bad. Frank you can't sit on this any longer, people are starting to talk. Maybe we got a problem we can't handle.

Zuko- Michael, Let me handle the Dorio Brothers all right? I don't want to hear anything more about it you're going to spoil the party. It'll keep.

**Ray's Table**

Ray- You see this, this comes with a gun.

Louis- Good one Ray.

Huey- Forget it I'll go.

Louis- Get me an expresso while you're at it.

Ben- Maybe we should go somewhere else for coffee.

Ray- We get the side room, he gets the whole joint. He drinks hundred dollar bottles of wine, and we get spit. He still runs this neighbourhood. Boy what wouldn't I give to go another round with him.

Ben- Perhaps we should just skip coffee and go bowling.

Ray- Ah what the heck, I'm going to go shake his peaches..

Zuko*shouts*- How about a song for my birthday.

Ben- Shake his peaches?

Louis- Yeah the part where we break chairs over their heads.

Ben- Oh.

**Mrs. Zuko's table.**

Ray- Excuse me Mrs. Zuko, may I say how lovely you look this evening?.... *then to Irene*Would you like to dance?

Irene- With you?

Ray- No with the man in the moon.

Irene-*Looks across at Frankie* OK

**On the dance floor**

Irene- You always did like to take chances

Ray- And you always looked good in blue velvet.

Irene- Who are you dancing with him or me?

Ray- What do you mean?

Irene- You know what I mean... we can't do this

Ray- heyheyheyheyhey... come on..... You're beautiful

Irene- Thank you.

**He kisses her**

Michael- Irene, your brother would like you to cut the cake

Ray- Yeah well tell him to cut it himself.

Zuko*shouts*-Irene NOW come on.

Irene- Why don't you just go Ray?

Michael- Perhaps you should leave.

Ray- Hey I can leave on my own...

Michael -PIG

Zuko- OK no guns.. get in there.

**Big punch up starts two women walk across the foreground**

Woman 1- Look I broke my nail. I paid 15 dollars for these nails.

Woman 2- 15 dollars? where?

Ben*removing a knife from Michael*- Excuse me, I believe that is an unfair advantage.

**Fight continues**

**In Welsh's Office everyone is shouting at once**

Welsh- Enough, Enough, ENOUGH Constable?

Ben- Mr. Zuko's sister was involved, Leftenent(sic)

Ray- Oh great.

Ben- But Mr. Sorrento did start the altercation.

Ray- What did I say?

Ben- Although Detective Vecchio did provide am---

Ray- Didn't I tell you to shut up?

Ben- Yes you did Ray.

Welsh- Mr. Sorrento charges that Detective Vecchio punched him in the face causing serious bodily harm

Ray- It was a love tap.

Ben- That's not entirely true

Ray- All right so I belted him but he pushed me first.

Ben- Well that much is true.

Welsh- Thank you.

Louis- That's exactly how it happened.

Huey- Absolutely

Welsh- All right, shut up. Mr Zuko's pressing charges.

Huey and Ray- WHAT?

Louis- Son of a bitch.

Ray- Charges for what?

Welsh- Harrassment, assault, trespassing

Ray- In Pat Scarpelli's place?

Welsh-Real charges the kind that come with F.O.P. lawyers, suspensions for misconduct not to mention civil suits that could threaten your career.

Huey- It was all his fault

Louis- Yeah we just were there to eat.

Welsh- you two are on report, go see the duty sergeant on your way out. Not you Vecchio. How come every other cop in this station can sit in Scarpelli's side by side with the Zuko's of this neighbourhood without breaking up the place.

Ray- You need an answer?

Welsh- The sister.

Ray- Look Leiu, this is my business, this is private.

Welsh- I know, but when you went into Scarpelli's place breaking heads you made it my business. Now tell me straight out. Go to Zuko, bury the hatchet. End this thing.... all right a weeks suspension without pay. You leave your shield.

Ben- What about me Sir?

Welsh- Oh you can go too.

Ben- Thank you kindly Sir.

**Outside the station**

Louis- What a night!

Huey- I think it was worth it to see the big man go down.

Ray- Yeah you could here his teeth pop.

Huey- Which reminds me one gold filling you owe me.

Ray- I owe you?

Huey- Yeah you owe me.

Louis- I'm starving let's go eat.

Ray- How can you still be hungry, you ate through half my raise.

Louis- What can I say, fast metabolism.

Ray- All right Olympo's

Louis- Keys.

Ray- For what?

Louis- I'm gonna take the car for a spin.

Ray Hahaha I don't think so.

Louis- Relax my coats in your front seat.

Ray- All right, here catch.

Louis- Order me pig's in a blanket.

Ray- All right.

Ben- Ah Ray would you order me pigs in a blanket too.

Ray- You don't even know what they are.

Ben- They sound yummy.

Ray- What did he leave in my car.

Huey- I have no idea.

Louis- Hey Mario what's up?

Ben- Louis...LOUIS...LOUIS

**The Riv blows up as Louis opens the door**

Huey*Running on to scene*- LOUIS We've got to get him out of there, we've got to get him out of there, we've got to get him out of there, we've got to get him out.*Ben and Ray restrain him*

Ray- It's over, Man, it's over.

**At the Station**

Welsh's Superior- IF it was a bomb and they haven't collected up the pieces yet...

Ray- It was Zuko, he meant to hit me.

Welsh's superior- Right in front of the station house.

Ray- Look he hit the Cadaro brothers in their own bedroom. It was a pipe bomb, the kids were in the next room.

Huey- Who's in charge of these.

Guy in charge of them- I got it.

Huey- This is sloppy work!

Guy in charge of them- Back off!!

Huey- You break a seal you tamper with evidence, he's an idiot.

Welsh- Go downstairs.

Huey- He's an idiot.

Bomb Expert- Each one of there has a signature. A distinctive way in which a bomb is made. To us it's like a finger print, sometimes you get lucky enough a piece of this survives the blow

Ben- And double knots at either end?

Expert- Yeah-

Ray- What is it?

Ben- A signature.

***Interview room***

Bomb builder- I've got nothing to do with Frank Zuko

Ray- You helped take out the Cadaro Brothers

Huey- You went to gaol for him.

Bomb builder- ten years ago.

Ray- And now you're out lucky for you

Bomb Builder- I want to talk to a lawyer.

Ray- I'm sure Frankie will be happy to supply you with one, all right lock him up and then call his lawyer.

**Back in the Squad room**

Ray- You got a warrant?

Officer- 30 seconds

Ben- The plastic coating on the wire is barely melted.

Ray- So?

Ben- Aluminum nitrate fuel burns at over 2000 degrees Celsius with a burn rate of 4243 metres a second. It would have incinerated

Ray- But it didn't.

Ben- Look nitric acid leaves a yellow discolouration on the skin, now did anyone check his hands?

Ray- Saddle up.

**Zuko's house, Frank is on the phone.**

Zuko- Look there's 50 of them right here, all over the street. There tearing up the lawn, they're rippin up the house, and they're terrorising the kids. ... Well I'll tell you what I want. What I want is for you to get your 300 dollar an hour butt over here and get these people out now.*Hangs up*

Charlie - It's in order.

Zuko- What are you? A lawyer?

Ray- Get the computers.

Irene- What's this about?

Ray- Why don't you ask him.

Irene- Frank?

Zuko- Stay upstairs..

Bomb disposal officer- We've found a device.

Michael- I couldn't stop him Frank, they've dug up the whole damn back yard.

Bomb disposal officer- The detonators were under the floor boards in the tool shed.

Zuko- The tool shed?

Bomb disposal officer- Cyclamate, won't initiate without electricity.

Welsh- OK cuff him.

Zuko- You did this you planted this crap in my back yard.

Ray- You killed a cop, you think you were going to get away with this, let me tell you, this isn't a set up, pal.

Welsh- Get out of here.

Zuko- This is a set up you call a lawyer and you have him meet me down town.

Charlie- Get the car.

**Out side the house**

Ben- You're arresting him?

Ray- We got everything we need.

Ben- Ray it's not logical. The detonators in his own house 10 metres from his daughters bedroom window.

Ray- It's more consideration that he gave the Cadaro brother's kids, they're dead.

Ben- The box was found in the shed, anyone could have planted it there.

Ray- Maybe

Ben- Ray, think. Zuko constructed a bomb on his own. Plants it under your car in front of the police station.

Huey- Come on Fraser, Frank's a psycho, everybody knows that.

Ben- The man I saw on that street was not Frank Zuko.

Ray- Look you pay anybody enough money and they'll do anything and Frank's got plenty of it.

Ben- What about his alibi?

Ray- He was home?

Ben- Witnesses?

Ray- None..

Ben- None... Ray, please, think this through. Zuko kills somebody and he does NOT arrange for an alibi.

Ray- Who the hell do you think died out here huh? So you got a wire that should be melted but it's not. You got an absence of finger stains, you got Zuko without an alibi when he should have one. All right maybe someone planted those detonators and maybe they didn't. All I know is we've got a dead cop, a friend and we got the guy who did it. DO YOU FOLLOW ME?

Ben- Yes I think I do.

Ray- Good.

**THE FUNERAL- Ray, Ben, Welsh, Huey + 2 others(all in uniform) carry the coffin, the flag which is over the coffin is given to (presumably) Louis's parents, There is a gun salute fired**

**A diner**

Charlie- You want to help Frank Zuko?

Ben- No, I have no interest in seeing Mr. Zuko anywhere other than in prison.

Charlie- So how can I help you constable.

Ben- A police officer, a friend has been killed and I would like to see the killer brought to justice.

Charlie- Agreed dead cops are bad for business, even Frankie boy knows that.

Ben- And yet every piece of evidence points to him.

Charlie- This bothers you?

Ben- Yes it does, it means the real killer of Louis Gardino goes free.

Charlie- What a piece of work. You've got Zuko in the ringer and you don't want to pull the handle and you call yourself a cop.

Ben- What I would like and what the law dictates are two different things and right now that difference is the only thing that's keeping him alive.

Charlie- You're renewing my faith

Ben- Well I'm glad. Now someone went to a lot of trouble to help the police. That would presume a motive.

Charlie- To bring Frank down. Find me somebody who doesn't have one. He's not like his father.

Ben- Very few of us are. And yet you stayed, you protect him

Charlie- Out of respect for his father.

Ben- And now?

Charlie- Look I'm 56 years old and my arches have falled. I don't run too good. The young guys have me winded before I'm down the front stoop. You've got to know when to get up before somebody gives you a push.

Ben- Is somebody pushing you?

Charlie- Young men have ambitions but ..umm.... Frank's troubles are Frank's troubles, he's going to have to get someone else to watch after him now. I wish him luck... *To Dief* Hey you want to come to Florida with me?

**Irene's bedroom.... She pulls down the curtains that surround her four poster. There is a noise at the window she goes to look**

Ray- Sorry.

Irene- Damn it.

Ray- I'm sorry.

Irene- What the hell are you doing? You scared me to death

Ray- The signal I thought you'd remember.

Irene- That was 15 years ago.. Are you insane? Get in... get in... I got you*She helps him through the window.*

Ray-OK pull.

Irene- Shh shh shh

Ray- OK

Irene- Shh Shh oh my gosh...

Ray- O God, O God.

Irene- Ohmigod.

Ray- You know that vine's dead you should have someone cut it down.

Irene- I know my father tried twice, but it grew back. You look like hell.

Ray- Huh thanks

Irene- That op who died huh? Oh you're so cold.. let me warm you up, come here, come here, come here, come here.

Ray-It's snowin' outside.

Irene- I know come here *she wraps him in the thick curtain she pulled down earlier*

Ray- Oh WOW yeah I remember these, I always like these, You're the only girl I ever knew who slept in a tent.

Irene- And that was information you shouldn't have had.

Ray- Well I never told a soul.

Irene- Yeah right... outside of the basketball team maybe.

Ray- I swear I never told anyone.

**Ben is out side going house to house**

Ben- Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing that you have rather a good view of the house across the road...

**Irene's room**

Irene- So it's really stupid of you, coming up here you know that?

Ray- That's what I do best.

Irene- Frank is going to get crazy.

Ray- Yeah well let him

Irene- You know what, go home.

Ray- What, what? The little prince is goin---

Irene- Don't talk, don't talk about him like that in his own house OK?

Ray- I thought it was your house too.

Irene- Yes it is.

Ray- Yeah but that doesn't matter right? Cos nothing changes. You're just as scared of him as you were of your old man.

Irene- The way I deal with my family is none of your business.

Ray- Yeah and they keep going round killing people and I've got to keep turning the other cheek just because I'm in love with you?

Irene- No, no, no... You'd be goin after him even if it weren't for me. You to have been going at each other since you were kids.

Ray- Your brother is a murder, Irene, You know that, you've always known that.

Irene- He did not kill that cop. He was in this house. You know it

Ray- So what?

Irene- What that makes no difference to you?

Ray- My friend is dead.

Irene- He didn't do it... He's my brother Ray.

Ray- I'm sorry, look, I didn't come here to get into this with you.

Irene- What did you come for then?

Ray- I came for you. I love you. I've always loved you.

Irene- This is never going to end, this is never going to end you're going to end up killing each other first.

**Ben is in cigar shop**

**Interview room**

Lawyer- I'm trying to get you into the count here but I'm not getting much co-operation.

Zuko- Of course you're not getting much co-operation, I'm surrounded by a hundred cops who all want me dead.*Ben enters* It's OK... Your friend come to his senses yet?

Ben- No I'm afraid not.

Lawyer- Frank you don't have to...

Zuko- Eddie, do me a favour, go make yourself useful OK? *Ben produces a box of cigars* My favourites, good memory constable.

Ben- I like to study people's habits for example, this is your brand, hand rolled to your specification.

Zuko- Yes it is.

Ben- And before smoking it you cut off the tip like this. Now our friend the bomb maker, he also has his habits. He tells me he likes to use an articulated set of wire snippers. Now I found these in his room, so I assume he is telling the truth. You see. It's a very straight cut, very easy to attach to a detonator. Now he has other habits. He likes to tie double knots at either end if his wire. So we can assume this is his work. This was found at the bomb site. This wire was cut using a different implement so either our bomb maker has changed his habit or*Ben cuts the wire with the cigar cutter* well now isn't that strange especially for a bomb maker who doesn't smoke.

Zuko- I like your thinking. What's the point?

Ben- Johelador tells me he doesn't sell very many of these, they're too expensive. In fact, you are apparently his only customer for this item, and you give most of them away as gifts. The police didn't plant the detonator caps in your back yard, whoever cut this wire did.

Zuko- Who?

Ben- I can't imagine, can you?

Zuko- Yes I can, the Dorio Brothers.

Ben- Are they on your list?

Zuko- Not that one!

Ben- Well then you have a problem, perhaps it is somebody closer to you. Someone who is on the list?

Zuko- Who Charlie?

Ben- No no his arches have fallen.

Zuko- Are you trying to turn me against my own people. People who are loyal to me huh? You cop? You Mountie.

Lawyer- Well Frank, let's go, someone just did you a big favour.

***In the bullpit***

Ray- What's up

Huey- The Mountie, he's in there with Zuko and the States Attorney.

Louise*coming out of Welsh's office*- His alibi has been confirmed.

Welsh- The kid saw him.

Ray- What?

Zuko- Thanks again Constable, Seeya later, Ray.

Ben- He didn't kill Louis.

Huey- And what do you base that on mud... You licked off his boots?... Answer me!

Louise- Don't push this off on him, you didn't even canvas the neighbourhood. What were you thinking, no one would?

Ray- So that's it he walks?

Louise- Oh we'll get him on conspiracy. His phone is tapped and we have a surveillance truck on his house 24 hours a day.

Ray- That could take weeks.

Welsh- Right, Vecchio, Huey, in my office... come on... don't push it.

Ray- What is it with you, man? You've got to know when to hold the line. You gotta know when to work the rule.


Ben- Good evening, Gentlemen.

Michael- You must be lost.

Ben- What makes you say that?

Michael- Intuition. Is this your guard dog?

Ben- He's a wolf actually.

Michael*to Dief*- Hi Buddy

*Dief growls*

Ben- I have a present for you from Mr. Zuko.*Hands him a cigar cutter*

Michael- I already have one.

Ben- Yes, well, he thinks yours may be damaged, you know these really shouldn't be used for cutting wire. Good night.

Michael- You and Frank been spending time together?

Ben- Not anymore no. He's been released.

Michael- Frank's out?

Ben- Yes an hour ago and I have a feeling he'll be looking for you.

**Ben leaves and a phone rings in the back ground**

Bar tender(to Michael)- For you.

**Ray and Huey are in a truck on surveillance(of Zuko's house). The scene cuts into Zuko's house**

Zuko(on phone)- Right I want you to find him NOW*Hangs up the phone* Where is he?

Charlie- Out keepin an eye on things.

Zuko- Don't get smart with me, Charlie, I need you now... Irene where are you going?

*Irene is leaving with a packed bag*

Irene- I'm going to see a movie Frank.

Zuko- No, no movie. Where's the movie, Toledo?

Irene- Frank, something is going on here and I just don't want any part of it.

Zuko- No you stay.

Charlie- Let me take her to a hotel

Zuko- Look she's not going to a hotel, she's running off to see her boyfriend, isn't that right.

Irene- Frank, I just want to get out, OK?

Zuko- Out of your own house?

Irene- This is not my house, Frank, NO THIS IS NOT MY HOUSEFull of guns and full of fear and full of hate. You stay Frank, you've earned it and you keep it.

Zuko- No you're not going to humiliate me like that. You're not going to run off and leave this house and climb into his bed. I'm not going to have it I won't have it.

Irene- Frank get out of my way.

Zuko- I will kill you first.

*Irene slaps him and Frank slaps her back before Charlie can restrain him. Irene runs back up the stairs.*

Zuko- Don't you ever hit me.

Irene- Go ahead Frank.

Zuko- I'll kill you.

Irene- Just go ahead.

**In the surveillance truck Ray has over heard all of this and leaves the truck to get Irene. Ben intercepts him and throws him against the back of the truck**

Ben- Ray, wait.

Ray- Get out of my way.

Ben- Ray, listen to me, you are not thinking and a police officer who doesn't think is dangerous.

Ray- I know where you stand.

Ben- No you don't. You are so full of hate, all you can see is Zuko. That's all you've been able to see right from the beginning. But do you hate him enough to let the real killer walk free as a consequence?

Ray- Let go of me.

Ben- Ray please. Do you honestly believe by gaoling him, you won't have to feel guilty any more?

Ray- Get your hands off me.

Huey- Vecchio, Zuko's got company. Michael Sorrento.

Ray- All right. I'm going in after her you call for back up.

**In Zuko's house**

Zuko- The coffee bar was you and the warehouse fire and Gardino.

Michael- Our business is a big responsibility, needs a strong hand you know that Frank.

Zuko- I should kill you right here.*Ray runs into the house* What the hell is that? No, no you get out. What are you doing?

Irene- I can handle him Ray.

Ray- That's what that cut on your face says.... let's go.

Zuko- Take your hands off my sister.*Zuko is pointing a gun at Ray*

Ray- Frank, don't be stupid.

Zuko- You're not getting out of this house with my sister.

Irene- For God's sake Frank.. no.

Ray- I tell you what, let's take it outside.

Zuko- I'll tell you what, how about you get out of here before I kill you.

Ray- OK OK.

Irene-NO.. *Shots are fired.. Ben and Huey rush in, Ben grabs Zuko, Huey grabs Michael.*

Ben- Drop it.

Huey- Drop it... back..

Ray*Seeing that Irene has been shot*- Oh God, oh mi god, OHMIGOD*Ray picks Irene up*

Zuko- Irene wait... NO

Ray- Call an ambulance.

Irene- You never listen. Promise it ends here.

Ray- Shh It does.

Irene- Promise me, promise me it does..

**The Hospital**

Huey- How is she?

Ray- She didn't make it.

Huey- Before you say anything, we can still get Zuko.

Ray- It was an accident

Huey- All you've got to do is say he shot her with intent and---

Ray- It was an accident, man, it was an accident.

**We see a door, through the door there is a lot of people from the press**

Ben- I don't think you want to go in there.

Ray- You know the first time I ever danced with her was in P.E. class. She kept trying to lead. I finally had to ask her to relax, that it would be OK, just put your head on my shoulder and close your eyes. Everything would be OK....

*Screen fades to black*



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