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.. Scénář - 31. epizoda - Ostří (The Edge) ..

[outdoors, looks like a woodsy scene, assault team dressed in Bush running through it, view house, they head for it, drill open the lock, remove the door, enter and search. You see Ray is one of the team]
Fraser: Freeze!

Assassin: Shoot me and my hand squeezes 3cc's of Lake Michigan into her neck. PCB will cause cancer. The other toxins will cause meningitis, leprosy, dementia and internal hemorrhaging and ultimately very agonizing death.

Ray: Fraser!

Fraser: Well the threat of leprosy's probably overstated, there's only been 7 known cases in this area-

Assassin: Back off!

Ray: Any ideas?

Fraser: If you take a shot he stabs her. If I take a shot he stabs her.

Anita: [Spanish]

Assassin: Shut up.

Fraser: Between the shot and the time it takes to depress the plunger, we have a 1/2 second window of opportunity. Not enough time.

Anita: [Spanish] Shoot him!

Fraser: I don't have a shot.

Ray: Neither do I.

Anita: Shoot him!

Ray: Any other ideas?

Assassin: The idea is we're gonna move straight ahead together and then we're going to walk out of here.

Ray: Bad idea.

Bennett: Times up boys.

Ray: Fraser?

Bennett: Ladies and gentlemen what you have seen is a perfect example of what not to do in a training exercise. If this were a real hostage situation you would have just killed the Secretary of State. Thanks. Thanks agents. I can only hope that the cooperation between our three nations will be more productive at the summit conference. Or god help us all.

Ray: In what manual does it say you bite the assassin.

Anita: Well I had to do something you weren't going to.

Ray: But you are the hostage.

Anita: We are the third world country, we aren't suppose to fight back? [Spanish]

Fraser: That's Spanish explorer.

Ray: That's not what she said. I know what she said. I know what you said and that's not what she said. You did not say Spanish explorer.

Fraser: Ray-Ray-Ray please. Please please. This entire situation was my fault.

Anita: The American shot him why is he apologizing?

Welsh: He's Canadian.

Thatcher: People enough. It is imperative that the North American Free Trade Summit operates without incident. This conference is a milestone in the relationship between our three countries. It's about cooperation. It's about growth. It's about--

Ray: Money?

Welsh: Ah Mr. Bennett

Bennett: Lt.

Welsh: Mr. Bennet is the US Trade official in charge of this summit. Uh and I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

Bennett: Helms, Bush, Casey.

Ray: Secret service.

Helms: That's need to know Detective. Vecchio. And Washington has received some very scary very believable threats to the safety of the summit. Due to the large crowds of press and demonstrators expected security consideration has become a nightmare. Let me just say noting will interfere with the security and safety of this summit conference.

Bennett: Special agent Helms will be heading up security. Now our respective countries are all counting on this joint task force to be an example of international cooperation. I trust I can count on you? [Helms, Bush, Casey and Bennett all leave]

Welsh: Meaning if you screw up we're all toast.

Ray: Look, this could be a problem sir. I don't think we really bonding. Perhaps Fraser and I should be the ones--

Welsh: Listen Vecchio, the three of you have less than 72 hours to uh bond.

Ray: That's not enough time sir.

Welsh: Vecchio, are you familiar with that old Spanish expression "El Gardio del traffico?"

Ray: Understood sir. We will be a well oiled machine by tomorrow.

Anita: The American shot you.

Fraser: I don't think he intended to.

Thatcher: thank you, we clean our own personnel here.

[in the Riv]

Ray: Look it was a simple mistake.

Fraser: No it was a miscalculation and I haven't made a miscalculation since....

Ray: Since when?

Fraser: Well-since the last time you shot me. I'm just grateful you had the presence of mind to shoot me again.

Ray: Well it wasn't my fault. She jumped the gun.

Anita: She heard that.

Ray: I know.

[at phone company]

Ray: Police anybody home?

LaCroix: [you don't see his face] I.D.

Fraser: It's Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I'm here on behalf of the uh joint security task force to pick up the telephone security codes for the Trade summit. I believe you were expecting it?

Lacroix: Your health insurance number.

Fraser: 555764921.

LaCroix: Mother's maiden name?

Fraser: Pincent.

LaCroix: Code word of the day?

Fraser: Manatee.

LaCroix: Sign here please.

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

LaCroix: Thank you.

Ray: What's with all this security hocus pocus for a Trade Meeting?

Anita: Not any trade meeting. Top Nafta representatives.

Ray: Yeah well, in my country nobody knows what Nafta is or cares.

Fraser: Somebody does apparently enough to --

Ray: What?

Fraser: That security official stamped this document kind of hard.

Ray: Yeah well those phone company boys are tough.

Fraser: Yeah but it you stamp documents all day long and you do it that hard Ray, you develop tendenitis. So you start to use a rolling motion.

Ray: Come on!

[they find the phone company guy tied up]

Anita: Are you alright? Okay.

[Fraser finds the note LaCroix left behind]

Helms [reads the note]:"I know what it is to love your home and loose it. I'm loosing mine. Canadian forests are being destroyed to build houses in American. American forests are being destroyed to build houses in Mexico. Trade representatives Sinclair, Franklin and Tedesco have betrayed us. I will wee them die before they are allowed to betray their countries again." Lunatic and you say you don't know this man?

Fraser: Not to my knowledge, no.

Helms: He knows you.

Fraser: It would appear so, yes.

Helms: yes, it would.

Bush: You didn't get a look at his face?

Fraser: The blinds were down the room was dark.

Casey: the room was dark or your eyes weren't sharp, Constable.

Fraser: My eyes are just fine, thank you.

Casey: just not today.

Fraser: No.

Casey: You've been working in the law enforcement for sometime haven't you Constable?

Fraser: For sometime, yes.

Helms: Is there anything going on either physically or emotionally that could be putting you off your game?

Fraser: No.

Bush: did you observe anything about this person, Constable.

Fraser: I observed many things. His most salient feature was his hands. He spent a lot of time out of doors. He worked with his hands.

Helms: Somebody walked away with top secret copies of a summit telephone codes right under your nose Constable and the only thing you can recall is perhaps he spent a lot of time out of doors. You weren't on the detail at the Prime Ministers residence last year, were you?

Fraser: No.

Helms: Keep in touch.

[Fraser's apartment]

Fraser: [to Dief] I made a mistake. No. I made two mistakes. Oh boy, they say your muscle tone and reflexes start to go in your early twenties. Of course in your case that would be in your early threes. But we've made up for it haven't we? We have increased knowledge, we have increased skill...yes, eat up we have to go to bed early.

[Fraser is in bed, dream, you hear a heartbeat. Fraser is sitting facing three chairs. He is in his long red underwear and is holding his pillow close to him]

12 year old Bush: A burglar got his site on Prime ministers residence, Constable, while the PM was at home and where were you?

Fraser: In Chicago.

12 year old Helms: You think it was appropriate for you to be hundreds of miles away in a foreign country when you PM was facing that kind of threat?

Fraser: Of course not.

12 year old Casey: Fitness is not just about strength and reflexes. It's about judgement.

Fraser: Yes sir.

12 year old Bush: I can't hear you!

Fraser: Yes sir!

12 year old Helms: Over here Constable.

Fraser: Yes sir!

12 year old Bush: eye site, I understand is the first thing to go.

[they all laugh at him]

Fraser: Yes sir! [Fraser wakes, Dief whines] Just a bad dream. Go back to sleep.

[Dief's dream]

Person: Come on old timer. You're out of here. [he's removed as lead dog from the sled and a very young pup replaces him.

[airport. Thatcher, Helms and the Mexican Official our in separate areas talking with their staff]

Thatcher: We'll have our trade representative stay on the plane an extra 5 minutes then we'll meet up with the others, go out the back entrance. No need to tell the Americans or the Mexicans.

Helms: The American Trade Rep will come out of the hatch second. The guy in the front will be a look-a-like. Our guy will wait 5 minutes then enter the terminal.

Casey: Don't tell the Mexicans or the Canadians.

Mexican Official: Our man will stay for 5 more minutes in the plane. The Canadian comes in the back, the American is a double.

Anita: How do you know this?

Mexican Official: That's the advantage of being Mexican. They always think we're sleeping, but don't tell the Americans or the Canadians.

[in the bathroom. LaCroix knocks out a reporter and takes his cameras and cases]

[Gate: the trade group exits from plane, all the various agents are surrounding them. Fraser scans continually, looking for trouble]

Bush: Blue Jay is on the gang way. On your toes.

Ray: You see anything?

Fraser: Nothing.

[past the reporters]

Ray: Move aside please. Move aside, come on.

Fraser: [spotting something in the crowd that doesn't strike him as belonging] Gun left.

Bush: Gun left.

Ray: Everybody down! Down! Down!

Anita: What happen?

Ray: You see anything?

Fraser: I don't know.

[at Fraser's desk. Fraser is addressing envelopes, Ray is helping by calling off the names]

Ray: Bruce Cabot. C-A-B-O-T. Enid Cabot. C-A-B-O-T. Jacques Camdesue C-A-M-D-E-S-S-U-S. Boy we're making a difference in democracy here.

Anita: [entering room] They called the airport. No one saw a gunman. No one saw anything. Nothing. Nada. Sometimes a camera lens if you look at it from a different angel --

Ray: He saw his hands. Right?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: He saw a gun. Right?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Read the report. There's the Spanish translation.

Anita: You believe your friend. How touching. Also very American.

Ray: You know I'm getting a little sick and tired of your disrespect. You are a visitor in this country.

Anita: Ah. Thank you Vecchio. I had forgotten the Alamo.

Ray: Is that a slam against Davey Crockett?

Anita: Do you make an effort to be obnoxious or is it just a gift.

Ray: It's just a gift.

Fraser: He was here.

Ray: Who was here.

Fraser: The assassin. During the training exercise. He saw me miscalculate.

Anita: Well he would look for a weak spot.

Ray: Oh come on this place is crawling with swat, you couldn't get within a mile.

Fraser: He could if he was one of them. My security clearance, it was in with the task force file.

[the room is getting crowded]

Helms: Okay, listen up. The psyche boys in Washington has been working overtime. We gotta profile on our man based on his letter. First, he's a woman.

Anita: What?

Casey: One of those retro-fifties types. You know, ban the bomb, kiss a whale. Your typical sandal wearing lavender smelling --

Bush: --granola crunching, tree hugging--

Helms: --subversive.

Ray: Who happens to be armed to the teeth.

Helms: That's what the profile says.

Anita: Do you have a list of suspects?

Helms: The moment we got something definite we'll let you know.

Bush: You find out if and when.

Anita: What happened to all of us being in this together?

Helms: Some of us are in it more than others. Cortez, you and Vecchio take over for Montoya and Bruster on the first floor east wing. You, you stick to your strengths. [Fraser goes back to addressing envelopes, changes mind. Passes the three as they share out gum. Fraser and Dief go onto the grounds looking. Anita is in the file room making copies]


Robert: Same boots. Army issue

Fraser: Oh, hi

Robert: Hi. And these have been resoled with used rubber. Michelin. The man knows his tire.

Fraser: What kind of man soles his own shoes?

Robert: A thrifty one. Look at the way he walks. The curl from the ball of his foot to the outside. Light. Careful. Like a predator. He'll be seen when he wants to be seen.

Fraser: Military training, combat experiences.

Robert: Indeed.

Fraser: Is this a dream or are you still dead.

Robert: Still dead son, thanks for asking.

[Ray sneaks into the same room as Anita going to do exactly what she's doing]

Ray: And what do you think you're doing in here?

Anita: Probably the same thing you are.

Ray: Oh I'm here on official business.

Anita: mmm. Is that why you picked the lock?

Ray: I'm not the one caught red handed. Do you know the contents of that file are government property?

Anita: What's in this file could help save a Mexican diplomats life. I'm not going to allow him to die over some American need to know power game.

Ray: Then you better be prepared to share.

Anita: I don't share with people I don't trust.

Ray: Me either.

Anita: Fine. Make your own copy.

[she leaves, Ray looks smug]


Fraser: Our man is one hundred ninety two point five centimeters in height and weighs . . . one hundred and nineteen kilos.

Robert: And fifty two grams.

Fraser: You can't possible know that.

Robert: There's nothing wrong with my eye sight.

Fraser: There's nothing wrong with mine.

Robert: You know, this could be the one.

Fraser: The one what?

Robert: Your match son. The one that's stronger than you. Faster. Smarter.

Fraser: Dad.

Robert: First you see one. Than you start to notice more. Before you know it you're struggling to keep up with em.

Fraser: Dad.

Robert: See it as a challenge son. I'd relish the chance.

Fraser: Completely unstable.

Robert: Huh?

Fraser: Nothing.

Robert: You'd do well to listen you your father, son.

Fraser: Dad? He comes. He goes. Never a word of warning.

[that night in Fraser's apartment][in bed]

Fraser: Oh great -- move over.

Robert: The eyes are the first to go. You start to miss things that you used to be able to see. Worse still, you start seeing things that aren't there any more.

Fraser: Well, I'm not seeing you, I'm dreaming you. Would you move your shoulder.

Robert: Are you asleep?

Fraser: I'm dead to the world.

Robert: Are you sure?

Fraser: I'm a log.

Robert: You don't look asleep.

Fraser: Well, I am. So if you wouldn't mind, I really need a decent nights rest.

Robert: Oh--look out, son. [a dream is coming.]

[dream. you hear the voices only to start with while Fraser is hanging onto a bush on the side of a steep hill]

12 year old Helms: Hurry, the prime minister needs you.

12 year old Casey: Come on, piece of cake.

12 year old Bush: You used to be able to do it.

All three of the 12 year old's: Watch out!

[Fraser slides down the hill into a room. He is laying on the floor, defeated looking]

12 year old Helms: You lost him.

12 year old Bush: You failed.

Fraser: But the Prime Minister--

12 year old Helms: Don't worry. His wife saved him.

12 year old Bush: With an Eskimo statue.

12 year old Casey: No trip to Disneyland for you , babe.

12 year old Bush: You lost your edge. You lost your edge, you lost your edge [over and over as Helms 'shoots' Fraser with a plastic gun]

[Fraser wakes]

Lacroix: You were dreaming. You know who I am.

Fraser: You were at the airport.

LaCroix: I read your file. You and me, we know each other. Don't see how you can sleep in here.

Fraser: It isn't easy sometimes.

LaCroix: I tried sleeping inside once. When I cam back. My mothers house. Couldn't get used to it. Woods is better. It blankets you like the night.

Fraser: My wolf?

LaCroix: He's a beauty. But he's got a sweet tooth. Candy bar, a couple drops of ether. Should keep him away from junk food.

Fraser: How long?

LaCroix: Two tours.

Fraser: Infantry?

LaCroix: You a good tracker?

Fraser: Sometimes.

LaCroix: It's going quick you know. The cover. It used to be I could hide in the woods fifty clicks, never see a can or candy wrapper. Then it's forty clicks, not it's ten.

Fraser: Not in these parts.

LaCroix: No no no not in these parts. They raped these woods along time ago. We got to take em out quick and clean. If we don't they gonna take away every piece of wood, every bush and us. One at a time. Me, you, all of us. But we know-- we been here before.

Fraser: Who's they?

LaCroix: Them! The suits. They keep taking it away from us. A man just want to get from one day to the next. One day he's in his own bed then he's in the joint then he's not. The jungle was safer. Man knew what to expect. Listen, you're on the inside. You could do this easier than me. I'll cover you.

Fraser: I'm charged with protecting these men.

LaCroix: That's too bad. Cause they're closing in. They gonna get you. Just like they got me. Think about it.

[Fraser sitting in a straight back chair in a hallway. He looks like a man waiting for sentencing]

Fraser: [to Dief] Shouldn't you be on guard duty? [Dief whines then wanders off toward the door, going, apparently to guard duty. Fraser calls after him: ] Oh I will bring him in, you can count on that. [Ray comes out of a room] They didn't believe me.

Ray: In a word - No.

Fraser: They think I miscalculated.

Ray: In a word - Yes.

Fraser: So they're pursuing their own line of suspects?

Ray: Yeah, the granola lady. They're gonna have every health food store in the country surrounded by five o'clock.

Fraser: And he'll have a clear shot.

Ray: What?

Fraser: What times the reception?

Ray: Seven-thirty.

Fraser: We'd better hurry.

[in the woods]

Ray: You're sure he's out here?

Fraser: He's an experienced infantry man and an expert in reconnaissance. He's camped out here somewhere. [LaCroix is feeding his dogs] Shouldn't we invite Ms. Cortez?

Ray: Ah, she's busy. She'll only slow us down. [Fraser heads down a path] No. He knows we're coming after him. If we take that path we're walking into a booby trap. [Ray walks a short ways to one side of the path]

Fraser: Uh, Ray. I think you should step back. Easy. [a homemade land mine is where Ray would have placed his foot next. Ray retraces his steps and Fraser tosses a rock onto the mine and detonates it]

Ray: Okay, let's take the path.

Fraser: I think that's a good idea. [Fraser starts out at a normal pace, Ray is walking like he's stepping on a ground full of snakes] Ray, come on.

Ray: Are you kidding me? One false step and I'm an extra in an Indiana Jones movie.

Fraser: You just have to be aware, keep your eyes open. Ray...Duck. [Ray hits the ground. A duck quacks] Anas platyrhynichos. Very unusual sighting for this time of year.

Ray: Duck. [brushes himself off] Duck. Duck means duck. Duck doesn't mean duck. I hate my life. Whatta ya got? [Fraser is smelling snow]

Fraser: Coffee. French roast.

Anita: [who finally caught up to them] At least he's a connoisseur.

Ray: Hey don't be sneaking up on somebody like that. You're gonna get yourself hurt.

Anita: I can take you out in a second.

Ray: I'll consider that.

Anita: This where he lives?

Ray: Yeah. He led us here. [they found the camp and a photo of Fraser]

Fraser: Step back. [Anita and Ray do and a knife goes whizzing by][Fraser rushes after LaCroix who is on skis and pulled by his dogs]

Anita: Vecchio!

Ray: What?

Anita: My foot.

Ray: I'm a -

Anita: Yeah.

Ray: Don't move.

Anita: Wasn't planning on it.

[Robert has a dog sled]

Robert: Come on son, you're losing him. Uh, I suppose it takes some people longer than others to do a days work. Come on boys.

[Fraser and Dief sit down and watch Robert chase LaCroix. The restrains of a music boxes music can be heard as a puppy runs by]

[Back to Ray and Anita]

Ray: Home made. Coffee can with gun powder.

Anita: Dismantle it.

Ray: Look, you don't want to set this thing off, okay? Now give me something flat like a nail file.

Anita: Here. [hands him a switch blade, he uses it to try to dismantle the bomb] You know, I don't think you know what you're doing.

Ray: You want to wait for somebody else? You know...somedays I hate this job.

Anita: You know what your problem is? You're spoiled.

Ray: This is not a good time to be insulting me.

Anita: You know, there's this place outside Mexico City where they dump the trash. People live there and they build shelter's with the garbage, burn it for heat, ate the scraps. And the only people they see that have money are the cops.

Ray: Uh, nothing wrong with taking a job that pays well. Okay, now be very careful. And don't move until I say so.

Anita: You know the job itself you don't make any money. You make money from [Spanish] and payoffs.

Ray: You know this because?

Anita: Because I grew up there. You know there is this one cop. His name is El Halcon - The Hawk. He saw everything. And he never once took money from nobody. [Spanish] everybody else was on the take except for him. It was always under his nose and he never ever took money. I wanted to be a cop to be just like him.

Ray: Ready? I've never lost a partner before. On three. Uno -

Anita: Dos -

Ray: Tres. [she slides very slowly her foot off and he slides very slowly a rock in it's place and they tip toe away.

Anita: Gracious.

Ray: Don't mention it. [The rock comes off and the bomb explodes]


Ray: Look this guy is armed to the teeth, okay? He's got hand grenades, he's got land mines, he's got -

Casey: Look, we got three suspects on around the clock surveillance. We've got this place sealed up tighter than a drum.

Bush: Every door, every window every crack is covered.

Helms: A misquito could not get through.

Fraser: You have to cancel the event.

Casey: Are you deluded?

Fraser: This man is a highly ski8lled soldier. Your government trained him and he will penetrate the guard.

Casey: It's not an option.

Helms: Every moment you spend trying to convince us otherwise is taking us off the tasks at hand. I'm taking you off the detail.

Ray: You gotta be kidding me.

Helms: Hey, if either of you have a problem, you can join him. Put another man on the Canadian trade representative. Parker. He's young, hand me your tag Constable. You'll be escorted off the premises.

Ray: We're coming with you.

Fraser: That wouldn't be smart. Do your job.

[At function: cars parking, then inside shot of Consulate, then outside, caterers truck shows up. Fraser is outside. Small talk by guests, Ray and Anita checking and watching. Fraser is now inside as a waiter.]

Fraser: Agent Helms.

Helms: You sneaky son of a -

Fraser: Yes, that's quite true but I got through the security so will he.

Helms: Either you leave here quietly or I'll have my men drag you out, do you understand?

Fraser: Yes.

Guest: I hope things are well in Ottawa.

Pierce: Oh, they're going very well.

Bennet: Mr. Pierce I'd like you to meet Mr. Greenway or Portland, Oregon.

Greenway: Mr. Ambassador.

Fraser: Will you excuse me? Who's on Pierce?

Ray: Uh, Mexico. 900 Pierce.

Fraser: On three.

Ray: On three.

Anita: On three.

LaCroix: Interesting correspondence from about three months ago, I hope that you got it and had a chance to read it. Yes, I have something for you could look over tonight. [Fraser rushes him and is now a hostage.] everybody freeze! Hold your fire! Don't move a muscle. Now we're gonna walk out of here together.

Fraser: I don't think they are prepared to just let you walk out of here.

LaCroix: If you move, I'll shoot him. Lower your guns. Lower-your-guns.

Fraser: Very little it would seem. Although there was a time I knew everything. I was always right. I was never wrong. Until one day when I was in the woods with my father. We were tracking a killer through the bush. And then suddenly one set of prints became two. Split right. Split left. My father said the killer had gone left and retraced his steps. I said he'd gone right and retraced his steps.

Ray: There he goes again.

Fraser: As it turned out, there was a third option.

Lincoln LaCroix: Two killers.

Fraser: Exactly. So you see I was both right and I was wrong. And you can never lose sight of that distinction because if you do, you beat me. You won't know where or who you are. The enemy is everywhere and everyone.

Lincoln LaCroix: anything. They know who I am. Jungle the service of this country, now they are taking it away from me. The air, the trees, the water. Take away my home. Take away a man's home. They are taking away my honor.

Fraser: They aren't taking away your honor, they are taking away your hiding place. If you know who you are, you don't have to hide.

[everyone is tense, Fraser takes him down]

Ray: You okay?

Fraser: Yeah, I'm fine.

Helms: Cuff him! What's your name? What's your name?

LaCroix: LaCroix. Macon LaCroix.

Helms: We're traveling.

[Ray and Anita are standing together. Fraser and Thatcher are standing together]

Anita: So is it true you never lost a partner?

Ray: Well-uh-no.

Anita: No.

Ray: Well what I meant was I never lost a partner to a land mine.

Anita: That's not what you said.

Ray: Well that's what I meant.

Anita: I can't believe you lied to me.

Ray: Well, technically I didn't lie to you, you see he was hit by a mini van.

Anita: Oh.

Ray: While I was driving it.

Anita: Vecchio! [she chases after him]

Thatcher: You saved the trade representative.

Fraser: Yes sir.

Thatcher: And then you save the assassin?

Fraser: I'm afraid I did.

Thatcher: If you think you can use this to buy your way onto the Prime Minister's security detail-

Fraser: Well that wasn't my personal-

Thatcher: of course not. I'll see that you receive a commendation.

Fraser: Well that won't be necessary sir.

Thatcher: well what do you want?

Fraser: [thinks it over] Coffee. Would you care for some coffee?

Fraser: Um, well I don't think, uh, alright.

Fraser: Good.

Thatcher: Fine. Get the car.

Fraser: uh, do you want to drive?

Thatcher: Yes. No. You drive. No, I'll drive. You.

Fraser: Understood. [hurries toward exit]

12 year old Helms: Not bad.

12 year old Bush: I think he's back.



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