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.. Scénář - 43. epizoda - Mohl jsem být obžalovaný (I Coulda Been A Defendant) ..

<Fraser stops to help a delivery man with a pile of boxes.>

Ray: Fraser?

Delivery man: Thank you.

Ray: What, you gotta do that for everyone?

Female Reporter: Despite efforts to halt the government...

<Fraser runs along the pavement, passing through the view of a television

camera. He turns back to apoligise then continues on his way.>

Female reporter: <exasperated> Cut!

<Fraser and Diefenbaker are now escorting an old man across the road. Ray looks on disbelievingly. On the other side of the road from Fraser a small boy and his mother stand, by a dustbin. The boy seems to have dropped something.>

Mother: Hey, come on, come here, what are you doing?

<A friendly man retrieves a credit card from between their feet and hands it to the mother, a big smile on his face.>

Man: Kids, huh?

<Meanwhile, Fraser is helping a woman to load a baby seat into the back of a car.>

Ray: <Checks his watch. To himself:> Come on, come on, come on... <louder, losing his patience> Fraser! Come on!

<Fraser once more runs into camera shot>

Female Reporter: This historical... *cut*.

<Ray imitates Fraser running with an arm movement.>

Mother: OK let's go Billy, right away, come on, let's go.

Ice cream seller (across the road): Ice creams, get your ice creams here!

<Billy spots the ice cream stall and a clown juggling>

Billy: Can I have an ice cream, Mom? Please, *please*...?

Mother: ?? No... we're gonna be late. No ice cream today, I *told* you.

<Billy leaves her side without her noticing and starts to cross the road towards the ice cream stall. Man changes sign from STOP to GO just as Billy does so.>

Mother: <screams> Billy!!!

<The man we saw earlier leaves the cash machine to dash after Billy and grabs him away from the path of a car. Car breaks rapidly.>

Man: Watch out!

<Ray and Fraser run onto the scene, followed soon after by the reporter.>

Ray: Chicago PD! Step outta the car... step out.

<Man lifts his foot - it's covered in chewing gum.>

Fraser: You alright, Sir?

Female Reporter: What happened?

Mother: He saved my boy's life.

Fraser: You Sir, are you alright?

Man: Me? <Stuttering> I - I'm OK.

Ray: Anybody hurt?

Fraser: No, Ray, everyone seems to be all right. Thanks to the quick thinking of, er... <looks round for the man who saved Billy. He's disappeared.>

Ray: OK, where'd he go?

Fraser: I've no idea.

Female Reporter: Well we have to find him.

Ray: Why?

Female Reporter: Because the guy's a hero.

Fraser: She has a point, Ray. Historically, communities create myths to act as a mirror to themselves, from GlusKap who was a great hunter of the Megamag to George Steinbrenner who I'm told is a symbol of a sensitive and caring New York.

Female Reporter: Well, can you find him?

<Fraser spots the gum their hero stood in, picks it up and tastes it, much to Ray's disgust.>

Ray: Oh...

Fraser: Possibly.

Ray: Look, Fraser, I don't have time for this - the day's getting away from me. What are you doing?

Fraser: One second Ray. <He walks around the corner, followed by Ray, the reporter and the camera crew> He came from this direction. <Bends down beside dustbin to taste the rest of the gum, then the first piece again.>

Ray: Haven't you tasted enough garbage for one day?

Female Reporter: Yuck!

Fraser: There may be something to identify him... ah, yes. <Picks out some slips of paper> One of these will be his slip.

Female Reporter: How do you know that?

Fraser: Well, from the gum you see, he must have deposited this <holds up gum> over there and I think he must have picked it up here when he was taking his money out.

Female Reporter: Yeah, but how do you know which slip is his?

Fraser: Well there were 3 transactions at the time of the incident and one of these will be his. And the bank will have his name and his address.

Ray: Look, they're not gonna give it to you, not without a warrant.

Female Reporter: They'll give it to me. I've got a camera.

--In the man's home--

<Knock at door.>

<He looks at them through the spyhole in his door.>

Ray: Please, Mr. Talbert, would you open up a minute?

<He puts a coat on.>

Ray: You're not in any trouble, we just wanna thank you for saving a kid.

Bruce: Just a minute! <He packs a bag and exits through a window. They hear glass smashing as he knocks over a lamp on the table.>

Ray: You alright in there?

<Fraser looks through a window in the hallway.>

Fraser: Ray? <He climbs out of the window and follows Bruce down the fire escape. Fraser jumps up to hold onto a metal bar, momentarily stopping his pursuit to show off his skills as a gymnast, swinging round on the bar to appropriate 'circus' music! From there he swoops down, right into the backseat of a woman's car! She turns to see what the thump behind her was, and her hand slips, leaving lipstick all over her cheek.>

Fraser: Ma'am. <Tips his hat.>

Woman: <In a flirty tone> Don't tell me - Capricorn?

Fraser: Er, sorry Ma'am, no. Canadian.

Woman: Oh, that's great, I'm Albanian.

Fraser: <Not remotely interested> That's nice. I wonder if you could do me the favour of flattening that accelerator and getting us to the end of the alley as fast as possible?

Woman: Anything you want, Good Looking!

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

<They speed down the alley towards Bruce, Fraser standing up in the car. Bruce sees them but not the yellow cab... which knocks him over. He falls off its bonnet onto the sidewalk.>

Fraser: You alright Sir? You alright?

<Dief and Ray catch up>

Ray: Take it easy, take it easy.

<Dief licks Bruce, he turns so that his jacket lifts to reveal a gun.>

Ray: *Gun!* <Takes out his own gun> Don't move. Spread 'em. Hands away from the body.

Bruce: Don't - don't... no, don't - this is..."

<Ray hands Bruce's gun to Fraser.>

Ray: You have the right to remain silent, anything you do say may be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be... <searching for the word, looks up to Fraser.>

Fraser: Appointed.

Ray: ... appointed to you - for free. Hands away from the body, what are you - deaf?

<Cut to theme tune and credits>

-- In an interview room --

<Ray bangs his fist on the desk.>

Bruce: This is a mistake... this is really a big mistake, this is just a mistake.

Ray: Shut up!

Bruce: But I didn't do anything.

Ray: <Mockingly> Oh you didn't? Oh well then, we screwed up, you're free to go.

Bruce: Really?

Ray: <Shouts> *Sit down!*

Bruce: But I didn't do anything.

Ray: Oh, I'm sure you didn't. In fact, you lump this job long enough, you discover: very few criminals ever actually commit a crime. You know, just the other day, I find this guy standing over a dead body, smoking gun in his hand, ??mark?? bills in his pocket - guess what? He didn't do it either.

Bruce: What are you talking about?

Ray: *What you didn't do!!* Do you wanna start with the gun or d'ya wanna start with these? <Picks up evidence bag containing 10 or more credit cards.>

Bruce: No, you don't understand... you really don't understand.

Ray: No, I don't understand. So why don't you tell me? Why an honest guy like you is running around Chicago with more names than the phone book, carrying a loaded piece.

Bruce: I have a permit for that gun.

Ray: Under what name? <Picks up cards one by one> Mr. Talbert, Mr. Hughes, Mr... Jackson. Dr. *Walnut*?!

Bruce: I can't be on television, not on television.

Ray: <Mockingly> I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress. <Next bit heard through the one-way glass, where Fraser is sitting on the other side> This is America, pal. *Everybody* wants to be on television.

Bruce: But I can't be on television, not on television.

Ray: Right, I tell you what...

<Dief whines. Fraser looks at him.>

Fraser: <To Dief> I agree.

Ray: ... I'm not gonna waste any more of your valuable time. I'll take you right down into a nice little holding cell and you can spend your night there. We can do this all again tomorrow.

<Fraser knocks on glass. Ray turns to face glass and picks up the phone to speak to him.>

Ray: Fraser, can you not do that? It sorta gives it away.

<Puts down phone and goes into the room where Fraser is.>

-- The other room --

Fraser: Something's not right.

Ray: Yeah, he's nuts.

Fraser: No, he's frightened.

Ray: Course he's frightened, that's me, that's my thing. On the inside, I'm a poet. Outside - uh - shake, bad guys, shake.

Fraser: Huh. Does he seem like a bad guy to you?

Ray: He's polite, big deal. I mean Jack the Ripper was polite.

Fraser: I'd like to talk to him.

Ray: Torture. That - that's a good idea. I never thought of that.

Fraser: That's - that's very funny Ray. <Goes out of room>

Ray: <To himself> Polite cop, bad cop... it might work.

<Scene closes with Bruce checking his reflection in the one-way glass.>

-- main part of PD --

<Welsh is on the phone.>

Welsh: Yes, Sir... yes, Sir. <Covering receiver> Three bags full, Sir. <Back on phone> Oh, yes Sir, we'll cooperate fully... well, Sir, I wasn't aware they were in the building. Alright, yes Sir, we'll take care of it. <Puts down phone and walks away from desk> Vecchio!

Elaine: <Phone in hand> Lieutenant, there's some guy from Justice on the line for you.

Welsh: Park him! <Walking away from her> Vecchio! Don't move. Don't move!

<Charges purposefully into reception.>

-- in reception --

<FR and camera crew are pestering desk clerk.>

Desk clerk: No, no... I told you, I *cannot* give you any information about this.

Welsh: <To reporters, pointing at seats> Sit! No way, go on, sit down. <They sit. He outstretches a hand.> STAY. <Returns to main work area, sees Ray.> My office.

-- interview room --

Fraser: It's an interesting pattern. <Admiring Bruce's paper shape.>

Bruce: It's - it's a rhomboid.

Fraser: So it is.

Bruce: Ah. <All in one breath.> I like to make different sized sides then try and figure out how many I can get into a fixed space, something determinate with few variables, I like to do that. I like your dog, seems like a nice dog, is he a nice dog?

Fraser: He's half wolf actually.

Bruce: Ha! A wolf, a wolf, howling wolf... are they good friends, howling wolves?

Fraser: Loyal companions. You know, that was a very admirable thing you did today, very courageous.

Bruce: No. Stupid. *Very* Stupid.

Fraser: You saved a boy's life - would you change that?

Bruce: No. No - I like kids, kids are great. I don't like TV, TV guys, I can't be on TV. I don't - that's a concern.

Fraser: The police are concerned about your forged documents and the weapon. You don't wanna talk about that?

Bruce: No, I don't, I *don't*. I really don't.

Fraser: <Indicating rhomboid> Mind if I try? <Bruce hands it to him.>

-- Welsh's office --

Welsh: Now let's see if I've got this right. A guy saves a kid's life, and to show our gratitude we go to his house, knock down his door, cuff 'im, drag him here and grill the snot outta him.

Ray: The guy had a gun.

Welsh: Oh, he had a gun? Here in Chicago, the man had a gun? Oh, what is this world coming to?

Elaine: <Peering into office> That guy from Justice is on the line again.

Welsh: I said park him. <Elaine leaves.> Look, you arrested a good samaritan, in front of a camera crew. Now, when the media sees it they get very excited, and when they get excited, Commander Murphy gets excited, when Murphy gets excited I get ??piled??. Now I want that guy and the media out of the building asap, do we understand each other?

Ray: Gotta ID him.

Welsh: Alright, if he's Jimmy Hoffa keep him, anybody else, set him free.

-- Interview room --

Bruce: So it's not that complicated you see, it's just a wave of possibilities that collapses to a probability so you can say "I observe this", that which we call reality. Do you have a mother and a father?

Fraser: No, they're both dead.

Bruce: Like me. Dead, both of them. Dead. Dead. Sister?

Fraser: No, I was an only child. Although you know, I had a best friend in the village I grew up in.

Bruce: Best friend, huh? Was he like your brother? So he took care of you, looked after you like he was your brother? Was he like your brother?

Fraser: Yes he was.

Bruce: Name?

Fraser: Innussiq.

Bruce: Spell that. Spell that please.

Fraser: I - N - N - U - S - <Someone knocks at door> S - I - Q. Uh, I'll be right back.

-- in corridor --

Ray: Why is Welsh giving me all this chin-music about this guy? I don't get that.

Elaine: Hey guys, are you comin' tomorrow?

Ray: Tomorrow what?

Fraser: Ray, tomorrow Elaine graduates as a new police officer, and as

veterans it's our responsibility to be there and offer her our support.

<Francesca appears carrying files and wearing uniform.>

Elaine: Oh, and here comes my new replacement now.

Ray: I'm gonna pass a bullet through my brain.

Frannie: Not that I object to that, but thanks for the vote of confidence there, bro'.

Elaine: She was the er, best candidate for the job, Ray.

Ray: She's gonna be in the same office as me everyday - in the same office, everyday!

Frannie: <To Elaine> He's intimidated by my presence.

Elaine: Mmm, very intimidated.

Ray: I'm intimidated?

Fraser: It would appear you're intimidated.

Ray: This is just not gonna work out.

Frannie: It's already worked out. <Fra and Elaine walk away together.> Okay, so... alphabetical order just means *the alphabet*, right?

Ray: I'm doomed.

Fraser: I thought you liked Francesca.

Ray: Are you from another planet?

Fraser: Not that I'm aware of.

Ray: Of course I like her, that's why I'm doomed. I gotta work with her in the same office *everyday* and pretend like she's my sister.

Fraser: This makes no sense Ray. *All women* are our sisters.

Man: Someone here to see you.

Kevin: Hi, Kevin Spender, Deputy Director of Justice. I understand you've got a man in here they're calling the "the Samaritan". I'd like you to cut him loose.

Ray: Look, just cos you're from Justice Kevin, doesn't mean you can waltz in here and...

Kevin: I know this is your juristiction, I'm not trying to step on any toes, but this man's a protected Federal witness - any public exposure can risk his life. I'd like to talk to him if I could.

-- interview room --

<Bruce has made a paper wolf!>

Ray: Dr. Walnut, someone here to see you.

<Kevin enters.>

Bruce: Oh, I knew you'd come. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. <They hug.>

-- other side of one-way glass, where Fraser and Ray are sitting --

Kevin: <Heard through glass> ??What?? has happened to you?

Bruce: An accident.

Fraser: They have a right to their privacy.

<Ray nods and they move away from glass and leave them in private.>

Kevin: ??So you know that??

Bruce: Yeah, I'm sorry. ??I don't know how it happened.??

Kevin: Whose dog is that? <Indicates Dief.>

Bruce: Oh, it's just a friend's.

Kevin: I'm tired, Bruce.

Bruce: Yeah, you're tired. But you work hard, you work hard, you work hard. I'm sorry. <Looks down at paper and fiddles with it.>

Kevin: Can you give the origami a rest?

Bruce: It's not origami, it's combinatorics.

Kevin: OK, combinatorics.

<Kevin leaves and shuts door behind him. Bruce shows paper wolf to Dief, he whines.>

-- in corridor --

Welsh: Deputy Director Spender.

Kevin: Yes.

<They shake hands.>

Welsh: Harding Welsh. Lieutenant, Chicago PD. What've we got here?

Kevin: Protected Federal witness. You've got a camera crew back there, I'd appreciate it if you'd get rid of them.

Welsh: Oh, it'd be my pleasure. Can I ask you why a Deputy Director from Justice is so interested in a ??stooby? ??

Kevin: Yeah, you can ask me. He's my brother.

-- in main working area --

<Everyone's crowded round TV.>

Elaine: Hey, hey look Fraser, Ray! You guys hit the big time!

<TV shows Bruce being arrested.>

TV: Minutes after a man risked his life to save a little boy, he was lead away in handcuffs. When the police officers who witnessed the good dead checked the man... <Kevin switches off TV to groans of disappointment.>

Kevin: Seven years dead to the world, never had any problem. Five minutes after you guys get a hold of him his face is on national TV, why didn't you just stick his ????? right through his forehead?!

<The 4 walk into Welsh's office.>

-- Welsh's office --

Ray: Two magic words: Witness Protection. Why didn't you use them?

Kevin: For security reasons, I told him never to do that.

Ray: And you rank that up there with one of your *good* ideas?

Welsh: Er, you're a little out of line there, Detective.

Fraser: Sir, I wonder if I might ask a question.

Kevin: Sure, if you can tell me how a *Mountie* fits into this.

Fraser: My name is Constable Benton Fraser.

Welsh: He originally came to Chicago on the trail of his father's killer.

Ray: And for a whole bunch of reasons, he's decided to stick around.

Fraser: Attached as Liason at the Canadian Consulate.

Kevin: What I meant was, what interest could a Canadian have in this.

Fraser: Nothing official Sir, beyond an ongoing interest in universal justice. No, what I was curious is what we might have planned by way of protecting...

Kevin: Well, for starters, *we* aren't planning anything. It's *my* brother, my responsibility. Some things never change. Now, I would like to confer with Lieutenant Welsh, if you don't mind I would like to do that in private.

Fraser: Understood.

<Ray and Fraser leave Welsh's office.>

Ray: "Confer with you"?! What is that, what kind of talk is that? "Confer" with your own suit, you federal jackass. That guy sucks.

Fraser: Well, you know, Ray, he's probably got reasons for privacy. I mean, after all, we were the cause of the problem.

Ray: Well maybe we made a mistake, maybe we didn't. But one thing I know - I hate when someone tells me to go to my room, not when I'm in the middle of something.

Fraser: You know Ray, I may not *share* your motivation, but this situation is rather like... <His words fade as they walk away.> ... this information Elaine, it's greatly appreciated.

Elaine: Don't thank me Fraser.

Fraser: Ah.

<The three of them stand over Frannie who's sitting at the computer.>

Frannie: OK, OK... I can do this...

Elaine: I know. <Puts her arms over Frannie's shoulders to touch type, realising it will be much faster.> OK... Bruce Spender. <Types in details.> Here we go, Spender, Bruce, died October 8th 1992, no next of kin, no service, his body ??found/fowled?? beyond recognition.

Fraser: US Marshalls faked his death, is that standard procedure?

Ray: No, no, no... this guy got the deluxe package. Who'd he rat on?

<Frannie watches Elaine's fingers on the keyboard.>

Elaine: Er, <Types and comes up with photos and details.> it was a robbery, armoured car, 4 were arrested, Spender turned State's evidence on the other 3 - Dustin Mahoney, Michael Johnson and Elliott Wells.

Fraser: Do you have any information on them?

Elaine: Hard copy?

Fraser: Please.

Frannie: OK, OK... I can do this. <Elaine moves away her fingers to let Frannie try.> OK, hard copy... <Concentrates hard. Ray whistles and points in the direction of the correct key.> OK, I know, I know... <Drum roll. She presses a key. Cymbol! Correct file comes up. She gives a triumphant smile.> Ha, ha! OK. I told you I can do this!

Fraser: You are a natural.

Frannie: Thank you Fraser.

Elaine: That's Mahoney. <We see Mahoney walking down street.> Suspected of numerous armed robberies, this is his only conviction. Released a year ago for good behaviour. They think maybe he killed another con when he was in prison.

Fraser: And that's good behaviour?

Frannie: Well, it's all relative. I mean, if the con was Jeffrey ??Dalmer??...

<Elaine and Ray exchange a funny look.>

<New face on screen. We see Johnson preparing sawn-off shotgun.>

Elaine: Michael Johnson. Escaped from ??Levermore?? 3 years after he went in... suspect in a gun store robbery in ??Lewisville?? 3 months ago. Ray: Great, so 2 outta 2 are on the street.

Elaine: Make that 3 for 3 - Elliott Wells paroled 6 months ago on the robbery, arrested a coupla weeks ago for holding up a gas station, jumped bail, he's on the loose.

<While she's talking we see a flashback of Wells spotting Bruce on the TV news report seen earlier.>

Ray: Well that's great. 3 guys on the street, motive, method... this boy's in a deep hole.

<Kevin enters.>

Kevin: Yes, he is. My brother's safety is my first priority, and I would like to get him out of the State by sundown.

Fraser: Is that really necessary, Sir? I mean, after all, this is a police station, one would think that we'd be...

Kevin: No slight intended Constable, but police stations are like a sieve and these boys are nothing if they're not resourceful. I'd like some of your men to assist me.

Ray: 'Assist you?' What does that mean, assist you??

Welsh: <Overhearing him> It means exactly what he says. I want you to give Deputy Director Spender all the assistance he needs.

Kevin: Do you have a secure phone?

Elaine: Yeah, right this way.

Ray: <When they're out of earshot> "You got a secure phone?" I don't like Kevin.

Frannie: I don't like him either. <While she's talking she's so absorbed that she doesn't notice the others drifting away> I mean, it's never really been my personal ambition to make friends with stuffed-shirt, uptight kinda people, you know. If that's the usual trade that you have around - <Finally noticing that everyone's gone, she trails off> - here...

-- Welsh's office --

<Fraser knocks on the door - Bruce is inside.>

Fraser: Hi. You alright?

Bruce: Oh yeah, I'm OK. Fine.

Fraser: Nice to see your brother.

Bruce: Yeah. Long time.

Kevin: <From behind Fraser.> Bruce, Bruce, better be movin'.

Fraser: Huh.

-- outside station --

<Huey exits alone.>

<Following exchange made over radios.>

Ray: Huey?

Huey: Looks good.

Ray: Team 1 go.

Radio: Check.

Ray: Team 2 go.

Kevin: <To Ray> Ready?

Ray: <Over radio> Got anything yet?

Radio: Operation is secure.

<Ray, Kevin and Bruce leave building together.>

Ray: <Over radio> So far, so good.

<See 2 more officers on the roof.>

Ray: <Over radio> How we doin' guys?

Guy on roof: <Over radio> West entrance clear, north entrance clear.

Kevin: Give the signal.

Ray: <Over radio> Send the dummy cars out. Wait to see if anyone's followed, keep all the entrances tight, after those cars leave, no one gets in or out, OK?

Guy on roof: <Over radio> Perimeter's clear, operations are go.

Kevin: Alright, let's make the transfer.

Ray: Hang on a second, all my men are covering the entrances.

Kevin: That's where they should be.

Ray: There's no cover here.

Kevin: We won't need it. Let's just do it, OK?

<Ray sighs in agreement and gets out of car.>

Ray: <Over radio> Send up the transfer car.

Radio: Transfer car on its way.

Bruce: I'm er, I'm kinda scared Kevin.

Kevin: Me too.

<Transfer car arrives.>

Kevin: Let's do it.

Bruce: Yeah.

<They exit car together. Bruce speed dials a number on his cell phone.>

Ray: Who'd you call?

Kevin: Airport. To let them know we're on the way... not that you need to know.

Ray: Let's get it on.

Kevin: Alright.

<Ray sees laser directed at Bruce's back. Gunfire.>

Ray: *Down!* Go, go, go. <Puts himself between the gunfire and Bruce to protect him.> Everybody down, ??zero??, sniper!

Kevin: Where the hell are they?

Ray: One of those 6 buildings over there.

Kevin: ?????? ... over the top of the perimeter.

Ray: Let's get him the hell outta here.

Kevin: Too risky.

Ray: Oh yeah, like this isn't. Come on. <We see a gunman in a balaclava on one of the roofs - first time we've seen one.> Come on. <Ray, Bruce and one other officer get into transfer car. Kevin stays behind.>

Bruce: Kevin!! <Ray helps him into back seat where he lies down. Shooting shatters back windscreen. Car drives away, shooting stops.>

-- back in PD --

Welsh: Forensics is at the crime scene, when they get something they'll send it right up.

Kevin: You'll give this the blue ribbon treatment.

Welsh: You got it. From top to bottom.

Kevin: As for Vecchio, I want him brought up on charges.

Welsh: Oh, and what charge would that be? Saving your brother's life?

Kevin: Kidnap, for starters, and we'll see what else shapes out.

Welsh: That's ridiculous.

Kevin: Oh, you think I'm ridiculous, huh? Well let me tell you what I think. I think someone in your department set my brother up.

Welsh: Impossible. I know this department, they're all good men.

Kevin: Good men who haven't even bothered to check in.

Welsh: Don't worry, they'll check in.

Kevin: Let me make myself perfectly clear Lt. The only reason I haven't brought in Justice and the Bureau is because I have some respect for you.

But this is personal, this is my brother. I would go to the ??MAP?? for him just like you would do for yours, full ??bore??. Do we understand each other?

Welsh: Yeah, I think we do.

-- Ray's appartment --

Fraser: How many assailants were there?

Ray: Hard to tell, I mean there were shooters everywhere. You know what that's like, you ???.

Fraser: And were they disguised?

Ray: Yeah, in disguises. But by size and build, I figure one of 'em to be Johnson, the other one to be Mahoney. <Camera moves to floor where Bruce is building a model of a building, might be a 3D jigsaw.> I mean these guys were good, they had us pegged, they were right inside us. I mean, they must want 'im bad.

Fraser: Huh.

Ray: Does that figure to you Fraser?

Fraser: Does what figure to me?

Ray: That he masterminded the heist. Cos when I look at him, what does not come to mind is "arch criminal". I mean the guy can barely tie his shoes.

Bruce: <As if to himself> The bank had 3 entrances, the doors were controlled after business hours by a central computer on relay. Well that bypass was easy. The vault codes were locked, they sequenced through 2 networks, but it took me months to sort through the algorithms, so once I found the key it was just a matter of refining the sequence and bypassing the time clocks. Everything was planned out with precision and detail. The operation was undertaken and completed in precisely 27 minutes and 13 seconds. And I can tie my shoes.

<Ray smiles. Knock at door. Fraser opens it.>

Frannie: Hi Frase.

Fraser: Francesca.

Ray: Were you followed?

Frannie: I don't know! People follow me all the time, I have an allure.

Ray: That's not what I asked, I was asking more along the lines of... police work.

Frannie: What do you mean, like *criminals*? <Ray nods> No, nobody followed me. OK, so I have the er, background files and a report that came in from Dallas. A guy named John Michaels was picked up for er, knocking flat a convenience store.

Ray: Knocking over.

Frannie: Over, flat, down, sideways! Anyway, they ran his prints, and John Michaels is Michael Johnson.

Ray: So that makes Elliott Wells and Dustin Mahoney the shooters.

Fraser: It would seem likely. <Pause> Bruce, I'm curious - your plan was very meticulous, wasn't it.

Bruce: Yes, it was a very good plan, very graceful, very good plan.

Fraser: Until someone told the police where you were hiding out.

Bruce: But I didn't tell, I *didn't* tell.

Frannie: But you testified against them.

Bruce: Yes, I testified, but I didn't tell.

Fraser: And now they wanna kill you.

Ray: <Looking out of window> Something's queer.

Fraser: What?

Ray: I don't know... something's queer. Let's just move it. <Looks at completed model of building> I could do that. I choose not to.

<They leave the appartment. Fraser kneels down to listen.>

-- in the hall --

Ray: What is it?

Fraser: 2 men just entered the building.

Frannie: Well they didn't follow *me*.

Fraser: Well, that may be true but I believe that 1 of them just put 32-round clip in a machine pistol. A mark 10 if I'm hearing the mechanism correctly. Back stairs.

<They change direction.>

Ray: <Letting others go ahead> Go, go, go! <Fraser stops.> More?

Fraser: <nodding> I can't tell about their weaponry. Roof.

<They change direction again, and Fraser leads the way up a step ladder running up the wall, followed by Bruce.>

Frannie: OK, so, maybe I was followed. But if people are running around sneaking and hiding, how the hell am I supposed to hear them?

Ray: After you.

Frannie: <Who's wearing a skirt> Yeah, you wish.

Ray: OK. <Goes ahead of her.>

? armed baddies enter after they've got up safely - they walk past the ladder without noticing, and kick down Ray's door.>

-- Elaine's house --

<Elaine is trying on the uniform for her graduation ceremony. Phone rings>

Elaine: Hello? Fraser, is that you? Are you alright?

Fraser: <From car> Yes, thank you Elaine.

Elaine: What's going on?

Fraser: Did you find out anymore about the bank robbers?

Elaine: I ran a search on all Spender's accomplices. A guy got killed in Denver last month of one of Mahoney's aliases, I had the Denver PD compare his prints to Mahoney's - they matched.

Fraser: <To the others> Mahoney's dead.

Ray: That just leaves Wells.

Elaine: I got nothing on Wells. I could go back to the station, keep digging?

Fraser: No, Elaine, you've got your graduation in the morning.

Elaine: Well, I'm all set, uniform fits. You know what? I'm gonna go back in. I'll call you if I come up with anything. Oh and Fraser? Just so you know, Welsh was in his office holed up, waiting for the phone to ring when I left.

Fraser: Understood. <Hangs up.>

-- Welsh's office --

Kevin: 3 hours, not a word. Is this how things usually work in this department Lt.?

Welsh: Not ordinarily. They've gotta have a reason.

Kevin: Well I can't wait around to hear it. I'm moving now.

Huey: <entering> I've got Fraser on line 1.

Welsh: <picking up phone> Where the hell are you, Constable?

Fraser: We're alright, Sir, for the moment.

Welsh: Yeah well, you pick a location, we'll meet.

Fraser: Well I'm not entirely sure that'd be safe Lt.

Welsh: I'm not entirely sure what you're doing is any better.

Fraser: You may be right, Sir, but in a situation like this, I think the fewer people that know, the better.

Kevin: <picking up phone> This is Deputy Director Spender, Constable. I appreciate your efforts and I'm willing to believe you think you're doing the right thing, but I want my brother and I want him now. If you keep getting in the way I'll hit you with obstruction charges so hard it'll kill your entire family!

<Phone line goes dead.>

Welsh: A great move, Spender. What do we do now?

<Puts down receiver.>

-- in car --

Bruce: Kevin's mad?

Fraser: Uh-huh.

Bruce: He's just worried though, he's just worried about me.

Fraser: It would seem so.

Ray: So?

Fraser: They wanna talk.

Ray: Yeah, I bet they do. Look, I don't like this. Where's this safe house you got in mind?

Frannie: Yeah, what *are* the sleeping arrangements Frase?

Fraser: Er, fairly rudimentory... the place I'm considering has no heat.

Frannie: Oh! So, I guess I'll have to curl up to something really warm then, won't I.

Ray: And you're gonna get it, Frannie. It's a little place called home.

-- in the safehouse --

<Fraser, Ray and Bruce enter the unfurnished, dingy flat.>

Ray: Oooh, nice place.

Fraser: It was Constable Turnbull's, but he decided he didn't need anything so fancy.

Ray: Oh, so where's he live now? A cardboard box?

Fraser: Uh-huh. Very nice one though.

<Bruce sets up his bedroll.>

Fraser: Ah, I see you've got some experience with bedroll.

Bruce: Well, I was a scout.

Fraser: Really? So was I. Mind you, our troop was very small. It was just me, my friend Innusiq, and his sister, June.

Bruce: <laughs> A girl, a girl was in boy scouts?

Fraser: Well you know... but you can't really have a troop with 2 boys and she had very short hair, so...

Ray: <Raising hand> I got short hair!

Fraser: Well we're lucky, we have a troop.

Ray: Woo-hoo!

Bruce: Will I have to go to jail?

Ray: No, no, no, no. We've got some big guns on your side, a Deputy Director from Justice Dept. - that carries a lot of weight.

Bruce: Yeah I know, I know. Kevin's always been there.

Fraser: He has, hasn't he. Right from the beginning.

Bruce: Yup, right from the beginning.

Fraser: Well troop, it's time to tuck in.

<Fraser jumps into a lying position on the floor with a thump.>

Ray: Aw, come on Fraser, we don't really have to sleep on the floor do we?

Fraser: Yes.

Ray: Look, I do this, I want a badge. A 'tuck in on the floor I hurt my back' badge.

Fraser: I'll get you one.

Ray: OK.

Fraser: <Reciting a scout chant> A-quil-a, we'll do our best. We'll dib-dib-dib...

Bruce: ... we'll dob-dob-dob!

<In the morning>

<Ray's cell phone rings. Fraser jumps out of his bedroll to help a struggling and groaning Ray out of his own.>

Ray: Got it! <Audibly groggy> Yup?

Elaine: Good morning, Ray...

Ray: Yeah, if you say so. Right, on my way. <Gets up groaning and hangs up.

Fraser watches him with a mixture of puzzlement and amusement.> ??Someone?? recognised the mugshot of Elliott Wells.

Fraser: Excellent.

Ray: <In pain> Aaah! You'd better watch him. I'll give you a call when we wrap up.

Fraser: Right.

<Ray leaves.>

-- In Wells' bedroom --

<Huey and Ray burst in with guns.>

<Woman screams>

Ray: Don't move. Down! Drop the gun, drop it. Up!

Woman: Look, I don't even know this guy.

Huey: Well get acquainted with him.

Ray: You Elliott Wells?

Wells: Maybe.

Ray: You can check out ??...brain??

<Both officers shout to Wells and the woman to move it, and escort them out

at gunpoint.>

Ray: <Sarcastically, to himself> "*Maybe.*"

-- in the safe house --

Fraser: ... in the end, Innusiq and I both earned our cooking badges, but June - she never did. That poor girl, she couldn't boil a pot of water if the future of western civilisation depended on it.

<Cell phone rings.>

Fraser: <On phone> Hello, this is Detective Vecchio's cellular telephone, er, Constable Benton Fraser answering?

Ray: "Hello" is enough, Fraser.

Fraser: Right.

Ray: We got the guy, but he doesn't look good for the shooting. And that call I told you about: Elaine checked the airport guys - never heard anything.

Fraser: So that confirms it then.

Ray: Yeah.

Fraser: Right, thank you Ray.

Ray: Yeah.

<Hangs up.>

Bruce: Everything OK?

Fraser: Yeah. So tell me, was Kevin a scout also?

Bruce: Oh, no, no, not Kevin, no. He was always looking after things though.

He looked after me, he did. You know, even when things got ugly.

Fraser: And did things get ugly?

Bruce: Yeah. We'd move, we moved around... <bending down to tie his shoe as he speaks> and there were people sometimes who were ugly, yeah, and I-I-I I don't mean here <points at his face>... I mean in here. And er, sometimes, one time, one time I... I miss Kevin.

Fraser: One time what, Bruce?

Bruce: We just moved. New place, new town, new everything. We were in a gang, boys in a gang, and er, *they* didn't like me, but Kevin knew it. And the leader of the gang, his brother always wanted a boomerang, hmm? Can you imagine that?

Fraser: Yeah, I can. I always wanted a bola.

Bruce: Yeah, yeah... same thing. Same thing, yeah. So, one day, Kevin found a boomerang - found it, in a closet, and he gave it to me so that the other guys would like me. A *beautiful* boomerang, but the leader's brother wanted it so we had to fight for it.

Fraser: Er, you had to fight for it because that was the code of the gang?

Bruce: Yeah. <Ties his other shoe> Kevin didn't like it, didn't like it at all, but I had to stand on my own two feet, I had to. But I couldn't, and I disappointed him, I did. Because I got hit, I got hit a lot, and I lost, and I lost it. I lost my boomerang Kevin gave me.

Fraser: Did you say you found it in a closet?

Bruce: Yeah, ??Bentsley?? boomerang, found it in a closet.

<Fraser gets up.>

Fraser: It was made of wood?

Bruce: Yeah, beautiful, beautiful wood.

Fraser: <holding up a coathanger from the empty closet behind him> It look sort of like this?

Bruce: <repeating it> Sort of...

Fraser: <breaking off metal part> More like this then.

Bruce: Just like that, yeah.

<Fraser hands him it. Bruce gazes sadly at it, feeling its shape in his hands.>

Fraser: Bruce, I think that Kevin has been lying to you. And, I think he's very worried that someone might tell.

Bruce: Might tell what?

Fraser: That the robbery was his idea.

Bruce: No, it was *mine*. It was *my* plan.

Fraser: It was your plan, but it was his idea, wasn't it.

Bruce: <Shaking his head> No, Kevin would never hurt me. I thought he would never hurt me.

Fraser: How do you know?

Bruce: I could ask him.

Fraser: I think you should.

<Fraser dials a number - presumably Kevin's - on the cell phone.>

-- In woods --

<It is raining heavily. Kevin and Welsh get out of a car accompanied by 3 of Kevin's bodyguards/agents. Fraser, Ray and Bruce arrive to meet them. Kevin and Bruce hug and walk away from the others.>

Kevin: I thought you said you had a question.

Bruce: No, no Kev. <Pause> Yeah, yeah I do.

Kevin: So hit me.

Bruce: Yeah, yeah, that's the question. You remember the boomerang?

Kevin: The what?

Bruce: The boomerang. You remember the boomerang?

Kevin: What about it?

Bruce: Was it a boomerang?

Kevin: What are you asking?

Bruce: *Was* it a boomerang?

Kevin: Bruce, in 6 days, I stand for the Senate, the United States of America.

Bruce: It wasn't a boomerang??

Kevin: I am talking about a *directorship*! Don't you understand that?

Bruce: They're gonna ask about me? They'll ask about me? And-and-and and you won't know what to say?

Kevin: I can't hear you anymore.

Bruce: You could say that you're my brother and you love me. You could say that, you could just say that you love me.

Kevin: They will find out about the robbery, you'll tell them - you won't be able to help yourself. And I will lose everything that I have worked for. I can't let that happen Bruce. I do love you. Just get in the car, we'll work it out.

<They hug.>

Bruce: No, Kev, I can't do that.

Kevin: <Getting a gun from his coat pocket> Bruce...

Fraser: <To Dief> Go!

<Dief runs to Kevin.>

Kevin: Get in the car now. <Points gun to Bruce's chest.>

Bruce: No!

<Dief arrives and knocks Kevin over into the mud, allowing Bruce to escape. Ray and Welsh exchange gunfire with Kevin's agents.>

Ray: Let's get him outta here. <Ray, Welsh and Fraser escort Bruce into the wood.>

Agent: Hey boys, let's go get 'em!

Welsh: <Shouting over rain and gunfire> Why did you pick this place?

Fraser: <Also shouting> Well, I thought Kevin would be more forthcoming if he thought he had the upper hand.

Ray: <Seeing Kevin's heavily armed agents arrive> You're crazy, they do have the upper hand.

Fraser: Well not for long.

<Gunfire. They take shelter behind a large branch - shots narrowly miss Ray as he jumps to lie behind it just in time.>

Fraser: Bruce, you alright?

<Bruce nods.>

Welsh: Reloading.

Ray: 2 at 12 o'clock.

Welsh: I got 'em!

Ray: 3 at 1 o'clock!

Fraser: Ray!

Ray: 4 at 5 o'clock.

Fraser: Ray!

Ray: Oh, man.

Fraser: We just have to get over this hill.

Ray: ????

Welsh: Run! <They run, Ray shooting first to cover the others.>

-- under canopy, graduation ceremony is taking place --

Senior Officer: Now, all of you have worked hard to make the grade but I know it's been worth it. Now you take on the satisfaction of knowing that you are among Chicago's very -

<Gunfire. He and Elaine look to see where from.>

Senior Officer: - finest. But this is only the beginning. Now you take on the responsibilities and duties of police officers, and -

<More gunfire.>

Senior Officer: Some of your friends seem to be celebrating already with


Elaine: <Standing> Excuse me, Sir!

Senior Officer: Sit down. You'll get to come up in a minute.

<She sits. More gunfire. Elaine stands again.>

Senior Officer: I said sit down!

Elaine: But that's gunfire Sir, I think offficers are in trouble.

Senior Officer: In the middle of my speech? Don't be ridiculous. And if you want to graduate, *sit down*!

-- back in the rain --

Agent: Get 'em on the run!

Fraser: We're just about there.

Welsh: You guys get goin', we'll cover you.

Fraser: <To Bruce> You ready?

<Bruce nods.>

Fraser: Let's go.

<They watch in amazement and relief as the new officers stream over the hill, all with a gun in hand.>

Welsh: Hey, cavalry's coming. <He actually says *calvary's*! :) > It's just like the movies.

<Kevin is aiming a gun straight at Bruce, who comes out from behind his tree. Kevin could easily shoot but doesn't. Kevin runs off, Fraser chases him.>

Elaine: <Stopping a baddie> OK, scumball.

Senior Officer: Don't forget to check for an ankle holster.

Elaine: Yes Sir.

Senior Officer: So what do you do as soon as the suspect is controlled?

Elaine: Read him his Miranda rights, Sir.

Senior Officer: Good, good, excellent, excellent.

<Ray stops another baddie.>

Ray: Drop the gun, down! Or I will put a bullet right through your head. Drop the gun, on your knees. On your knees.

<SO and new officers crowd around Ray and his suspect.>

Senior Officer: Carefully, carefully. Very good. Now what do we do after we've controlled a suspect?

Ray: Er,... kick him in the head?

-- on road --

<Fraser and Kevin are struggling in the mud. Kevin turns his gun on Fraser.

Bruce appears, training a gun on Kevin, to defend Fraser.>

Bruce: Kevin!

<Fades to black.>

-- graduation tent --

Senior Officer: Elaine Beysbriss?

<Elaine comes to the platform at the front and shakes his hand.>


Senior Officer: Congratulations, Elaine. You're one of the first cadets to graduate with an arrest already under your belt. Let's hope it's the first of many.

Elaine: Thank you, Sir.

Senior Officer: You're welcome.

<More clapping, esp. from Ray and Fraser.>

-- later, in the gardens --

<It has stopped raining.>

Fraser: You know Elaine, my graduation marked the beginning of one of the most exciting periods of my career. I received my first posting, it was to a very remote community which was perched on the edge of er,...

Ray: ... an ice floe. Er, look, love you like a brother Fraser, but let's not er, hear about that right now.

Fraser: Understood.

<They walk slowly towards Welsh and Bruce.>

Ray: So you're gone, Elaine? I'm never gonna find another file, who's gonna transfer the calls... hey, who's gonna order pizza?

Elaine: I'm sure Francesca will work out fine.

Ray: Oh, no, no. She belongs at the Home Shopping Network, not at a police station.

Fraser: <To Bruce and Welsh> How did it go?

Bruce: Well, Bruce has to go to Washington - they have some questions about

Kevin. After that, he's free to go wherever he chooses.

Fraser: Will you excuse us? <He and Bruce leave the others to talk alone.>

Where *are* you gonna go?

Bruce: I don't know.

Fraser: You don't wanna stay in Chicago.

Bruce: No, no. I don't think so.

Fraser: I understand.

Bruce: You know, maybe when I'm in Chicago, I could er, come and play with your dog sometime.

Fraser: Yes, anytime.

Bruce: OK.

***The End***


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