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.. Scénář - 55. epizoda - Rychlý prachy (Easy Money) ..

[Scene is the Power Building in Chicago. Fraser and another man, Quinn are looking at a large photo of some mountains in Canada in the foyer]

Fraser: No I'm, I'm quite certain.

Quinn: Oh, I don't think so.

Fraser: No, I'm certain.

Quinn: Look at that rock.

Fraser: Which, the one shaped like a wolverine?

Quinn: It's not a wolverine it's a... otter

Fraser: So it is. Well, nevertheless it is here [points] that we saw the three-legged cougar.

Quinn: No. It's here [points] we saw the cougar. Here [points to where Fraser was pointing] is where LipLipless Mulcahy got his mouth frozen to the side of the portable toilet.

Fraser: So it is (laughs) Been a while.

Quinn: Yeah. Good times (laughs) That's.....

Fraser: That's where my father's body was found.

Quinn: He was killed for a dam, Ben. They killed so they would drown our homes, flood our forests, keep the lights burning all night in the empty buildings of the cities. But not this time.

[Jack Goody enters, an employee of the Power Building.]

Goody: Hey gentlemen. Jack Goody. Everything OK, we, uh, looking after you all right?

Fraser: We're fine, thank you.

Goody: Great. Has someone offered you a coffee?

Quinn: No, I uh...

Goody: A cappuccino? Espresso. Latte. Regular and decaf, don't say no.

[Presses button. Bell rings and woman appears]

Goody: Hey honey, uh, two lattes, a half-caf decaf for me and, uh bring some of those biscotti. Thanks sweetheart.

Woman: Thank you sir.

Quinn: I'm Tom Quinn. I've come to see Mr Carruthers.

Goody: Oh, well I'm Mr Carruthers personal assistant. Now, I'm not quite up to speed. Do you know Mr Carruthers?

Quinn: I spoke to him when he came to our town. He said if I was ever in Chicago to stop in and see him. I'm in Chicago.

Goody: I see. The thing is, Mr Carruthers is extremely busy right now. So if you could leave me your number, I might be able to get you five minutes in about three weeks.

Quinn: Three weeks? My home will be under 100 feet of water.

Goody. Oh that town. It's always difficult, I know. But you should find some consolation in knowing that you'll be providing power for millions of people. Now my advice to you sir? You should go home. And move. You can't stop this, it's been approved. We put it to bed, it creased the sheets. We've spent millions. The people have been talked to.

Quinn: What about the caribou, the elk, the beaver. Did you talk to them? Cause they too can talk.

Goody: You know, when I was a kid I used to think cows talked. But when I grew up I realised all they said is 'moo'!

[Woman enters carrying a tray]

Goody: Hey, there she is! Listen fellas, uh I gotta fly. Thanks for dropping by and, um, leave me that number, OK? Ciao.

[Goody walks off. Quinn starts to walk after him]

Fraser: Quinn...

[Quinn stops and takes a handful of biscotti from the tray. Fraser and Quinn start walking down the stairs]

Fraser: The caribou, the elk, the beaver, they too can talk?

Quinn: I've been getting into this native roots and it seems to work. Besides, I thought the Tonto act might impress that little jackass.

[Alarm bell starts ringing in the background. Scene switches to a jewellery store which two men, Tim Kelly and Jeff Storey are robbing]

Kelly: [To innocent bystander] Hey, get down, get down. I said get down!

[Storey starts smashing glass and stealing the jewellery. Lots of chaos, shouting and the alarm bell heard in the background]

Kelly: 5 seconds. All right, go, go, go, go, go. 10 seconds.. get the pearls! 15 seconds. Go, gogogo. 20 seconds. Go, go, go, go. 25, let's go, come on [Grabs Storey] Get out, come on, let's go...

[They run up the escalator and meet Fraser and Quinn. They turn and run off in the other direction. Kelly jumps on to the banister of the stairs and starts shooting at Fraser with a machine gun]

Kelly: Move, move, move, move, move, move, move [Shoots]

[Storey runs into a lift. The doors shut. Quinn presses a button and the lift stops moving. Meanwhile, Kelly is running up the service stairs, shooting at Fraser who is following him. Back to the lift which has reached the next floor. The doors open and Storey cautiously steps out. Quinn grabs him and throws him against the wall.]

Storey: My neck!

[Scene switches to the service stairs again. Kelly is still shooting at Fraser. Scene switches to the roof of the Power Building. Kelly pushes Fraser over the edge of the roof. Fraser is hanging on with both hands.]

Kelly: Hey! How ya doin'? Huh? Hi! [Stands on Fraser's hand] Dilemma!

[Fraser lets one hand go]

Quinn: Hey! Get away from him!

[Kelly tries to shoot but has run out of ammunition. He runs off]

Quinn: Ben! Get your foothold.

[Scene flashes to a forest somewhere in Canada. A young Fraser is in a similar situation on the side of a cliff. A younger Quinn is trying to help him up.]

Young Fraser: I can't get it.

Quinn: Yes you can.

[Scene continually flips between the rooftop and the cliff side]

Young Fraser: There's no, there's no way.


Quinn: Easy, find your legs

[We see Fraser/Young Fraser struggling to get up]

[Cliff side]

Quinn: Take my hand boy

Young Fraser: I can't, I can't


Quinn: I've got you.


Quinn: There you go

[Chicago - Fraser is now standing on the roof as opposed to hanging from it]]

Quinn: That's a long way down.

Fraser: True enough.

[Cue titles]

[Scene - the cliff top]

Young Fraser: Thank you, mister.

Quinn: Quinn. Who are you?

Young Fraser: Benton Fraser.

Quinn: Benton? That's kinda long isn't it? Why don't we just go with Ben. You're a long ways from town. Young to be hunting alone.

Young Fraser: My friend Inis killed a caribou last year all by himself.

Quinn: Your grandparents are worried. Everyone knows Martha and George Fraser. And everyone knows that their grandson ran away from home two days ago.

Young Fraser: I told you, I'm hunting caribou.

Quinn: Sure you don't need help?

[Chicago. Quinn and Fraser are sitting on the stairs leading to the foyer of the Power Building]]

Fraser: Thank you kindly for your help. That's the second time you've saved my life.

Quinn: We all have our bad habits.

Fraser: (laughs)

[A woman from the Power Building enters and starts to walk up the stairs]

Woman: Still waiting?

Fraser: Sorry for the way things worked out today.

Quinn: Doesn't matter. They won't succeed.

Fraser: You know, it's going to be very difficult to even see this man, let alone convince him to give up something that's..already 'creased the sheets'.

Quinn: I can talk anybody out of anything. You know that.

Fraser: Quinn. The rest of the town has already moved. They've given up.

Quinn: Sure, because it's easy. It's just rocks and trees and dirt, I know that. Places I stood with my father, trails he showed me, rocks we sheltered under. My whole life will be under water.

Fraser: You know, you may not stand much of a chance against these people. You're an honest man, Quinn, like my father and he wasn't equipped.

Quinn: Well I'll get equipped.

RayK: [To Fraser] You OK?

Fraser: Yeah, I'm fine.

RayK: You want someone to take a look at that?

Fraser: No, no, uh Quinn had some powdered horn. Thank you.

RayK: That's good, I left my powdered horn in my other jacket. [To Quinn] So, how'd it go today?

Quinn: Not well.

RayK: Well, I coulda told you that, these companies only believe in one thing - money.

Quinn: Money.

RayK: Yeah, it buys lawyers, politicians, access, that's the way it works.

Quinn: Thank you.

RayK: Uh, this guy'll take your statement.

[Huey and Dewey are walking down the stairs]

Huey: Vecchio!

RayK: Anything on the other guy?

Huey: He went out back. Ran through a crowded restaurant wearing a mask *and* carrying a machine gun.

Dewey: Surprise surprise, nobody saw him.

RayK: Perfect. [To Fraser] Sure you're all right?

Fraser: Yeah. I'm fine.

Huey: [To Storey] Let's go buddy.

Storey: Sh...Owowowowowow!

Huey: All right, take it easy.

Storey: I'm hurt here!

Huey: I'm sorry(!)

Storey: [To Quinn] You! I'm gonna sue you. Get me a lawyer.

Huey: All right, all right.

Dewey: Hey I'm a cop would you rather I come and get you?

RayK: Come on, let's move this down town. Move the circus down town.

Fraser: [To Quinn] I have to go back to the consulate.


Quinn: I could wait with you or you could come home with me. Or I could walk with you.

Young Fraser: I didn't run away. Well, well technically I didn't. All right, I ran away. They wouldn't let me hunt. I'm a twelve year old boy and every other boy my age gets to hunt.

Quinn: Won't find caribou walking that way.


Welsh: These guys have pulled off five high-profile jewellery robberies in the last three weeks. Now the media's gettin' all excited. These dopes wanna give them cute names, they wanna make 'em famous, we gotta nail it, fast. What have we got?

RayK: His name's Jeff Storey. He's got a short sheet, nothin' too serious. He was not the shooter.

Welsh: All right. Find out what he's got.

Francesca: Sir! [Moves through to Desk Sergeant's desk area. The media are all there, cameras, reporters etc.]

Reporter: Lieutenant, do you believe the man you're holding is one of the laughing bandits who've been terrorising the down town area for the last month?

Welsh: We are attempting to establish that now. The one thing I can say is that they're not laughing anymore and neither are the victims. In fact there's nothing funny about this whole situation.

Reporter: Do you have any leads on the robbery?

Francesca: Oh the, the lab boys are working on that report...right now..Why don't you field this one Harding?

[Now watching scene on a TV in Kelly's apartment somewhere]

Welsh: We'll be issuing a statement at the appropriate time.

Reporter: Did you recover the jewels?

Francesca: Pfph! Oh God no! The other guy left with the jewels.

Kelly: [Laughs]

Welsh: Thank you Miss Vecchio. As I've already said, we'll be issuing a statement when we get more information. That's it for now.

[Interrogation room]

RayK: Look you are not doing yourself any favours here. Got your code. A felony, two priors. This could be strike three.

Storey: Oh come on man, those other beefs? They ain't nothin' man, they're jokes.

RayK: I don't think the judge is gonna be laughin' because what I see here is a pattern of uh escalation, uh they're gonna want to put you away for a lo...long time for the uh good of society, that kinda thing. Look come on. Cough up somea that dirty cheese! Look, you're doin' 18 to life and your buddy's whoopin' it up in Monte Carlo or somethin'? You wanna be the fall guy? Wanna be the fall guy? Come on, give us a name. You give us a name, you'll get 6 months, tops.

[Knock at the door]

Huey: His lawyer's here.

RayK: Hey. Think about what I just said. Talk it over with your lawyer. Six months.

[RayK leaves, Kelly enters disguised as Storey's lawyer]

Storey: Tim what're you doin'...

Kelly: Shut up! We're stuffed.

Storey: What do you mean?

Kelly: Shh! They said on the news you didn't have it on you. Huh? Did they offer you the deal right? You for me, right? Huh? Huh?

Storey: Oh, come on man, I didn't say nothin'.

Kelly: You can't trust cops. You give 'em the jewels, you give 'em me, they'll crucify both of us anyway. Now, you tell me where the stuff is and we'll get you the best defence in the country. All right?

Storey: Yeah?

Kelly: Yeah.

Storey: And what if I don't?

Kelly: [Grabs Storey by the neck] I'll kill you. If you're in jail, or I'm in jail, or we both are. I will find you, I will reach you and I will kill you. Understand?

[Hallway - Fraser is walking down the corridor]

Fraser: Hi Ray.

RayK: Where's uh Quinn?

Fraser: He's at the power company.

RayK: Oh. I don't get him. He's like, uh, talkin' to a tree.

Fraser: Well, you know this is the first time Quinn has been south and I imagine he's feeling a little humbled. You see in the North he's a...he's a living legend. He's a brilliant man, he's very articulate. he's forceful. Not to mention positively a genius in the identification of scat.

RayK: Huh. Let's get a coffee. Uh, scat, you mean like uh jazz singing, that kinda...

Fraser: No no no, scat - as in droppings.

RayK: Oh.

Fraser Well it's a very useful attribute, Ray, particularly if it's 40 degrees below zero and you need to find the nearest beaver lodge.

RayK: That doesn't come up that much in Chicago, Fraser.

Fraser: Well, no, and I fear that's a part of Quinn's problem, you see...very few of his considerable skills are of any use to him here.

RayK: Well why's he your responsibility?

Fraser: Well because he's...my mentor, he's a..a guide. I've known him all my life.

RayK: [To Dief] You wanna coffee? Mm-hmm? [To Fraser] Uh, well I've known a lot of people all my life, it doesn't mean I um gotta look out for 'em.

Fraser: What about your family?

RayK: Um...well there's my mom, I guess (laughs) she's a responsibility.

Fraser: And your father?

RayK: Uh, my dad was a great guy, did all the, y'know, great dad things uh, took me to ball games, uh y'know, showed me round a card table, uh y'know taught me how to y'know build an engine. Y'know, we'd tear down engines, uh, build 'em back up again. Last car we worked on was this uh GTO. Worked on it day, night. Um..Painted it black. Jet black. Six coats. Loved that car.

Fraser: You don't feel he was a mentor?

RayK: Um..My dad slaved away at this uh meat-packing plant and um....he wanted me to go, go to college, he said uh y'know, he didn't want me to have the stink of dead animals all over me. And I dropped out, I uh, went off to the Academy. Day I graduated almost killed him. He said uh, you're gonna have a stink on you all the same, bad people. Kinda life is that? And he moved off to Arizona and uh I haven't um...well I talk to him. No, I uh...

Huey: [Standing in doorway. Clears throat] Storey's done with his lawyer.

RayK: OK. Good, round...round two.


RayK: [Heard from interrogation room] So we gonna talk or tell stories Storey?

Fraser: Ray!

[Outside. Dief runs off after a speeding car which almost knocks Fraser down.]

Fraser: Dief!

RayK: Fraser, what's with you?

Fraser: That lawyer was no lawyer, it was Storey's partner.

RayK: And he shows up here? That guy's got (..)

Fraser: What he doesn't have is the jewels. If he had the jewels he'd be long gone.

RayK: Fraser! Car!

Fraser: Ah, right.

[They get into RayK's car]

RayK: So he must have hid them in the Power Building.

Fraser: The question is, did he tell his partner?

RayK: So what's with Dief?

Fraser: Well as you know he's very sensitive. The other day I suggested he was getting soft so I think he's trying to prove himself.

[At the Power Building. Quinn walks in to the lift. He removes the service hatch in the roof and pulls a small pouch into the lift. He looks inside.]

[Cut to Fraser and RayK. Dief is waiting for them at the entrance to the Power Building]

RayK: How'd he beat us?

Fraser: Well, he must have taken a short cut.

RayK: He knows short cuts?

Fraser: Well he does study maps.

RayK: What kind of maps?

Fraser: Road maps, street maps, topographic maps.

[Cut to lift. Fraser opens up the service hatch and hauls himself up]

RayK: Anything?

Fraser: Nothing.

RayK: He must have got here before us.

Fraser: [Picks up something of Quinn's from the floor] Somebody did.

[Out in the street. Quinn is being followed by Kelly. We see Quinn stop to give a man some money]

[Outside the Power Building]

RayK: [On cell phone] I want somebody in the lobby. If he shows his face we'll nail him....No I do not have a picture....Well get a composite! [Hangs up] These people, they think I'm a magician. Fraser! Hey..Fraser.

Fraser: Oh. Sorry. You know this makes no sense.

RayK: You're tellin' me. You OK?

Fraser: Yeah I'm fine.

RayK: Look, I gotta go back to the station.

Fraser: OK I think I'll uh....[walks off]

[In the street. Fraser is talking to the man we saw Quinn give money to earlier. Fraser gives the guy more money and walks off]

[In the police station]

Welsh: Known felon walks into my police station, walks into my interrogation room and starts talkin' shop with one of my prisoners. What the hell is this, a drop in centre?

RayK: No sir.

Welsh: [To Francesca] Get the desk sergeant here right now!

[Interrogation room]

Welsh: Hello!

Lawyer: What the hell is goin' on here?

Welsh: Can it, can it. Let me see some ID. ID, right now.

RayK: [To Storey] Hey, you think this is funny? You sit in a hole for the next 20 years and your partner is in Vegas with 2 million bucks?

Lawyer: Hey!

RayK: [Still talking to Storey] That's funny to you?

Lawyer: This is my client. I'm entitled....

Welsh: Hey, hey, keep your pants on council. OK move 'em to room 2 OK. And get our friends some coffee, come on. I want prints in here, I want the whole thing dusted. Francesca!

Francesca: O..OK, I'm right here.

Welsh: Look. find we a judge. I want a warrant for this guy Storey's apartment, his car, his locker at the Y. And I wanna know as soon as Perry Mason's finished with him.

Francesca.: OK. [Walks off] Oh God, I'm buying earplugs for this place.

[Somewhere in Chicago. Fraser stops to look at a footprint in the mud. Scene switches to Canada]

Young Fraser: Caribou tracks. They're headed that way. Why are you helping me?

Quinn: That's what I do. I'm a tracker and a guide. [He picks something up from the ground and tastes it] Came through yesterday. We have to move fast.

Young Fraser: How can you do that?

Quinn: It's part of their story.

Young Fraser: What story?

Quinn: Everything here has a story to tell. What's passed by, when, how, what you have to feel by the earth. (??)

Young Fraser: Yeah, but tasting things off the ground. Isn't that kind of...disgusting?

Quinn: Not for a good tracker.

[Young Fraser picks something up and bites into it. He spits it out.]

Young Fraser: What's it supposed to taste like?

Quinn: Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't put that in *my* mouth. (laughs)

Young Fraser: The tracks are going this way.

Quinn: When you're tracking, it's more important to know where the game is going than where it's been.

[Chicago. Fraser is lying down on the pavement smelling something]

Dief: (Whines)

Fraser: Oh don't be so silly. I'm not embarrassed or bored when you sniff things.

[Chicago street. Quinn is still being followed by Kelly but eventually manages to elude him.]

[Fraser is walking down a different street. He crouches down to look at something and gets soaked by a passing street cleaner]

[Chicago PD]

Francesca: [Looking at the computer] Tim Kelly. Oh-hoh.

RayK: Just save the dramatics and..

Francesca: OK, relax. May I register my disgust? Timothy Nicholas Kelly, three convictions

RayK and Francesca: [In unison] for aggravated assault, three arrests for extor..

[Francesca gives RayK a 'look']

Francesca: Extortion, no convictions, assault with a vehicle, suspected in three possibly four homicides, currently wanted in 34 states.

RayK: And unwanted in 16.

Welsh: We got something?

RayK: Uh, yes sir. We got an ID on that uh fingerprint from the interrogation room.

[Welsh snatches the picture from Francesca]

Francesca: May I look at that Miss Vecchio? Why of course Lieutenant, here you go. Thank you Miss Vecchio.

Welsh: I want this guy! I don't care if he's on a beach in Mexico or a deli in Queens. Ray?

RayK: Yeah?

Welsh: Check the airport, travel agents, bus station. Huey?

Huey: Yes sir?

Welsh: All known acquaintances, check 'em. He might be holed up some place here in town. Everybody gets a copy of his picture.

Huey: Right sir, we got it.

Dewey: Hey Ray!

RayK: What?

Dewey: It's your mom and dad.

RayK: What about 'em?

Dewey: On the phone.

RayK: What do you mean they're on the phone?

Dewey: They're at a truck stop on the I-90. They're heading into town.

RayK: You're a funny guy. [He replaces the handset] You're a funny guy. [Walks off] That's rich that.

[Outside the Power Building]

Fraser: It's more important to know where the game is going than where it's been.

Quinn: You hunting me Ben?

[They enter the building]

Quinn: You want my help.

Fraser: Yes. To track the man who took the jewels.

Quinn: Can't track a man in the city.

Fraser: You told me it was possible to track anything.

Quinn: I told you it was possible to track anything you understood.

Fraser: I understand this man.

Quinn: How?

Fraser: I know that he's a criminal and I know that he tried to kill me, I've seen him. Assuming of course that the other thief is the one who took the jewels.

Quinn: Assuming.

[In the lift]

Quinn: [Lifts up the service hatch] Someone's been up here. You could have seen that yourself Ben. Someone tall, about my height.

Fraser: How do you know?

Quinn: Couldn't have reached far enough up unless he was. Didn't stand on anything. I'd have seen it if he did. [He closes the hatch]

Fraser: And now which way did he go?

Quinn: I don't have time for this Ben. I came here to do a job.

Fraser: They won't see you, what more can you do?

Quinn: I can get help. Hire lawyers maybe? I don't know.

Fraser: Lawyers require money. You have money?

Quinn: I can get it. I have to do this Ben.

Fraser: Well, that's exactly the way I felt about the caribou, you remember?

Quinn: This is more important than a boy killing a caribou.

Fraser: Yes. But maybe not to that boy. At the time I think the boy felt...


Young Fraser: This is very important to me. About growing up. You don't think I should be doing this, do you.

Quinn: To kill something without need is wrong.

Young Fraser: But you're a guide. You guide people from the city when they hunt here. They don't need what they kill.

Quinn: You live here Ben, you're a part of it. All of it.

Young Fraser: So you won't help me.

Quinn: No, I'll help you.

Young Fraser: If you don't think I should do it then why are you helping me? It doesn't seem very logical.

Quinn: I'll help you so you can decide for yourself. If you can't find a caribou, you can't know if you'll kill them.

Young Fraser: I could find them.

Quinn: Not before they die of old age! (laughs)


Fraser: He came this way?

Quinn: Yes.

Fraser: Is there a sign?

Quinn: I know he did.

Fraser: Is he the thief?

Quinn: No.

Fraser: Then why did he take the jewels:

Quinn: Why did Stinky Masterson steal Jimmy Longbow's snowmobile?

Fraser: That's no the same thing at all. Stinky's sled dogs had eaten poisoned tallow and he needed transport.

Quinn: Because he needed it.

Fraser: No, no, no, no. Because he wanted it. There's a difference.

Quinn: The men I'm fighting are just like the men who killed your father. Greedy, corrupt, evil men.

Fraser: Nothing good can come from a bad act Quinn. You taught me that.

Quinn: Who said I was always right?

Fraser: Maybe we are going about this the wrong way. The man has the jewels. He'll need to sell them to use the money. Now that means he'll have to go to a dealer in stolen goods otherwise known as a fence. Now my friend Ray has, uh, on occasion pointed some out to me. Perhaps we should visit a couple?

Quinn: And you'll be my guide?

Fraser: I will be your guide.

[Chicago PD - Welsh's office]

Francesca: [Clears throat]

Welsh: Yes?

Francesca: Yeah, um...Diane Bowen from WOTX TV called and uh she wants to interview me. Kind of a human interest story, you know, Tough Women on Crime. [Welsh gives Francesca a 'look'] I, I, I wouldn't talk about the specific cases sir...

Welsh: Miss Vecchio, do the words 'over my dead body' have any meaning to you? I don't want the press within 10 miles of this place 'til we get Kelly. After that you can do as you please.

Francesca: Really? OK, thanks! [Runs out of Welsh's office ecstatic]

[Squad room]

RayK: Tickets to Acapulco? Shouldn't I be going with you? I'm your brother.

Francesca: Oh, Ray. You know that I would *much* rather spend a weekend alone with you in a hotel room(!)

[Phone rings. Francesca answers it.]

Francesca: Squad room...Really? [To RayK] It's your parents. They're calling from a pay phone on the interstate.

[RayK puts the phone down.]

RayK: So you're in on it too. That's uh, that's very amusing. That's an amusing....little prank and I'm laughing....on the inside. But how about we get back to doing police work. Look, we got nothing on Kelly, we got no address, he's got no friends.

Francesca: Oh he's got a friend and uh he's in the interrogation room. Why don't you go in and swat his cubes until he talks?

RayK: Swat his cubes? Don't you mean break his...

Francesca: OK, you know what I, I mean swat his cubes. I'm saying swat his cubes, that's what I mean OK?

RayK: OK. Why this sudden interest in, uh, Kelly?

Francesca: I care about law enforcement. It's my life. [She walks off]


Quinn: They're just over that hill. You know how to use that thing?

Young Fraser: Yes sir.

Quinn: Kill anything big before?

Young Fraser: Lots of times. Well, almost once. No sir.

Quinn: Ah.

Young Fraser: But I understand muzzle velocity and windage and I'm quite clear on rifling. I'm sure I'll know what to do.

Quinn: It's not too late to turn back.

Young Fraser: Yes it is.

Quinn: OK.

[Young Fraser sets up his rifle]


Fraser: This is the Fence.

Quinn: You will come in with me?

Fraser: I can't do that.

[Quinn goes in. Fraser waits outside. Quinn comes back.]

Quinn: I suppose you want them back?

Fraser: I think that would be a good idea.

Quinn: I don't have them with me.

Fraser: I thought not. Where are they?

Quinn: Took 'em back to the Consulate. Gave them to Turnbull for safe keeping. I've failed.

Fraser: No Quinn, you haven't.

[Inside the Consulate. There's a knock at the door]

Turnbull: Oh for the love of Pete, I'm coming. [Opens door] Sorry I locked the door, I've been cooking, uh one onion diced, celery, carrots, oh! mushrooms sliced...

Fraser: Turnbull?

Turnbull: Sir?

Fraser: What are you blithering on about?

Turnbull: Oh! The ingredients for the dish I'm preparing. You blend them all together and Voila!

Fraser: Voila what?

Turnbull: Ratatouille.

Quinn: Everything I hate in one bowl.

Turnbull: Mr Quinn. With all due respect sir, let me nip off to the kitchen and get you a sample I'm pretty darn confidant'll change your mind.

[Doorbell rings]

Turnbull: Oh-oh. Would you be a peach and get that for me? Come on Dief.

[Turnbull goes back to the kitchen. Quinn opens the door and Kelly runs in and grabs him.]

Kelly: Don't move or I'll kill you. Don't move. Where are they? Where are they?!

Quinn: Did you think I'd be stupid enough to carry them?

Kelly: Turn around right now. I'll blow you away!

Fraser: Not very logical. You kill him, he can't tell you where they are.

Kelly: Doesn't stop me from killing you.

Quinn: You shoot a Mountie they'll hunt you for ever.

Kelly: All right, all right. Let's go. Both of you, come on! Let's go!

[Turnbull enters carrying a plate of ratatouille]

Turnbull: Oh, company! Gun! [Turnbull turns and runs into the wall , covering himself with ratatouille and knocking himself out. Dief licks the plate while Kelly escapes with Fraser and Quinn.]

[Squad room at Chicago PD. The phone rings.]

RayK: [Answers the phone] Vecchio.

Turnbull: Oh, Detective Vecchio, there's been a kidnapping.

RayK: What.

Turnbull: An abduction, an absconding, a seizure, a capture.

RayK: Turnbull, I know what it means. I need to know who, when and where.

Turnbull: Uh, the, the, the who is Constable Fraser and Mr Quinn, um the when is, is just recently and, and the where is at the Consulate.

RayK: What did he look like?

Turnbull: Uh now let's see, let's see, now uh Constable Fraser....

RayK: NOT Fraser. The kidnapper.

Turnbull: Oh uh oh oh OK. I, I, I managed to uh, uh, make a quick sketch, a little something in charcoal. You see I, I left my pastels at home but, but maybe I could work it up for you later. I'm doing some lovely work in oils...

RayK: Turnbull!

Turnbull: Yes sir?

RayK: Fax it.

[Fax comes through]

RayK: Who's that? Keith Cairdine? (??)

Francesca: It's Kelly.

RayK: He's got Fraser.

[Interrogation room]

Storey: Oh great (!)

RayK: You know what I got here?

Storey: What?

RayK: s'a ticket. Airline ticket, Kelly booked it yesterday. Acapulco. He's gonna be lyin' out in the sun while you sweat it out. While you get kicked around, screwed around, jolly et (???) He's coverin' his ass. And man to man I suggest you start coverin' yours.

Storey: He'll kill me.

RayK: Wrong! He'll be in jail.

Storey: Doesn't matter.

RayK: But who's he gonna call? Hits R Us? He's small time muscle. Once he's in the joint he's nothin'. All you gotta do is tell me where he is. Look, I'm just tryin' to help you. Kelly's laughin' at you. He's laughin' his head right off his skinny little neck. [He opens the door.]

Storey: Wait wait wait! Wait wait! He's in a closed up shop off Carderro (??)

RayK: Closed up shop on the Carderro (??)

Storey: Yeah, 136. I get a deal right? Hey I get a deal!


RayK: [To Uniform] Put him back in his cell.

Huey: Hey Ray! Your parents are on the phone.

RayK: Look, put it to rest Jack!

Huey: I'm serious, they're just outside the city limits.

RayK: Look it's not funny.

Huey: All right.

RayK: It's not funny.

Huey: OK.

RayK: Shut up.

Huey: (laughs)

[Inside the closed up shop.]

Kelly: OK, we're gonna make this real simple. You tell me where the jewels are and I won't kill your Mountie friend.

Fraser: Don't listen to him Quinn.

Kelly: Shut up!

Fraser: He'll kill us as soon as he has the jewels.

Kelly: Oh! Well maybe one in the kneecap just to get the ball rollin' huh?

Quinn: I'll take you to them.

Fraser Quinn.

Quinn: It's OK Ben.

Kelly. All right. [To Quinn] Good boy! [To Fraser] Bad boy! Good boy! Bad boy! Good boy. Bad boy.

[Outside the shop. The police arrive.]

Huey: Nothing opens onto the alley.

Welsh: Back entrance?

Dewey: Nothing.

Huey: So the front's the only way out.

Welsh. All right, could be nobody's home, could be we got a fruitcake with two hostages. We'll take it real slow.

RayK: I think I can get up to that window.

[Door opens and Kelly appears holding Quinn at gun point]

RayK Kelly!

Kelly: I've got two hostages!

RayK: Come on, we've all seen the movie. Forget about it.

Kelly: I'll do it. I swear to God I'll do it! Now move back!

RayK: You put the gun down we can all go home. Nobody has to die here.

Kelly: One of 'em's a cop.

RayK: Right. Just buys you trouble.

Kelly: It buys me a way outta here. You got a cell phone? [RayK nods] Use it! 555-0165. [Kelly goes back inside the building]

RayK: 555-0...You get the rest of that?

Dewey, Huey and Welsh: Yeah.

Welsh: All right, I want the SWAT team, hostage negotiators, the whole beguiler (???)

RayK: Look, you get the SWAT team in here, we're not in charge any more.

Welsh: It's procedure Detective.

RayK: Yeah but that is Fraser in there. I don't wanna see some black vest hot-shot come in here and screw up our deal.

Welsh: Relax. It's what they're trained for.

RayK: I know that's what they're trained for. Come on, let me talk to him at least until they get here. At least until they get here!

[In the warehouse. Kelly is tying Quinn back up again]

Fraser: (How are your ropes?)

Quinn: (Tight - loosing circulation in my fingers. Can you move your hands?)

Fraser: (I think so.)

Quinn: (There. Untie mine.)

Kelly: Come on. Come on! Use the damn phone! Come on!

[Looking through the window. We can see Rayk taking out his phone. Kelly's phone rings.]

Kelly: We got a deal?

RayK: What do you want?

Kelly: What I, I, I thought you *saw* this movie!

RayK: Refresh my memory.

Kelly: OK. Listen, carefully. You got one minute to put a car outside the door and clear out.

RayK: Wait a minute, that wasn't in the script.

Kelly: In the script? Forget the (...) script! I'm not waiting for the SWAT team and the hostage guys. Now you do it right now or I shoot the Indian!

RayK: Look. You shoot anybody, it's all over. You shoot anybody, I'll kill you myself.

Kelly: One minute. And don't forget, I got two in here and one's expendable. All right? [Hangs up]

RayK: [To Welsh] Look we got to do something or he's going to shoot somebody.

Welsh: Do something and maybe we'll make him shoot somebody, you ever think of that? What do you wanna do?

RayK: Pull back. Bring my car up here, leave it. Maybe I can get close enough to make something happen.

Welsh: No, I don't like it.

RayK: Look, I don't care if you like it, he's gonna pull the trigger. He's crazy, trust me on this. Trust me on this.

[In the warehouse]

Quinn: One knot at a time Ben. One knot at a time. Concentrate.


Quinn: Try and feel it. Feel where it's moving. Feel when he turns towards you.


Quinn: Feel it Ben.

Kelly: Where's that car? I need that car. I can't believe this. Stalling! The bastards are stalling!

[Quinn is free and runs off. Kelly shoots at him.]


RayK: Gunshot! [He runs to a motorcycle]


Kelly: [To Fraser] Don't you move.

Fraser: Now you've lost a hostage. If I know Quinn, you'll probably never find him. What do you propose to do?

Kelly: I'll kill you.

Fraser: Well, I would have thought keeping me alive would improve your bargaining position.

Kelly: Screw it!

Quinn: Hey!

[Kelly shoots at Quinn. Fraser frees himself. Kelly points the gun at Fraser. RayK crashes through the window on the motorcycle. Kelly point s the gun at RayK. Fraser kicks the gun out of Kelly's hand and knocks him over.]

RayK: Don't move! Don't move. Hand away from the gun. Away from the gun! Hands behind your back. Behind your back!

[Chicago PD. A woman is interviewing Francesca and both are surrounded by a film crew.]

Francesca: Getting the property back in to the hands of the rightful owners is what it's all about.

Diane Bowen. Thank you Miss Vecchio. For women tough on crime, I'm Diane Bowen.

Man: And....cut! Good, we got it.

[Cut to Welsh, Fraser and RayK walking along the corridor]

Welsh: I've got to admit it was a creative use of a motorcycle, but I wonder what would have happened if you fell on Quinn and Fraser.

RayK: I never thought of that but I got great cop umm...

Fraser: Instincts?

RayK: Yeah.

Welsh: Cop instincts.

RayK: Yeah.

Huey: Hey Ray!

RayK: What?

Huey: They're here.

RayK: Who?

Huey: Your parents.

RayK: All right, all right, all right, all right. Look, if we could give it up. First time's kinda funny, second time sorta funny, now...

Huey: No no.

RayK: What?

Huey: It's not a joke. They're set up outside.

RayK: Set up, where?

Huey: In, in the parking lot.

[Walks outside. Sees parents sitting in deck chairs on some fake grass with a tiny white picket fence surrounding it, next to a trailer.

Dad: [To Mom] Here comes your son.

Mom: Stanley, oh Stanley look at you! You haven't changed a stick! Your father and I fought from the moment we left the trailer park in Arizona, fought right across the country, 'He'll have changed' your father said, 'changed utterly'. 'Damien' I said 'that's impossible. He's our son!' Look at you! You're exactly the same as the moment you came into this world. You're hungry aren't you?

RayK: No, no, I'm not...

Mom: I knew it! [She goes inside the trailer. Dad is standing looking awkward.]

Dad: Son.

RayK: Uh, Dad.

Dad: I brought along a ..a little something of yours. [He unveils the GTO]

RayK: Wow! She still runs?

Dad: I've kept her going. Regular work. Can tell you something son. There's nothing like a long Arizona highway to keep an engine running clean.

RayK: Thanks Dad. [RayK and Dad shake hands.]

Dad: Your hair looks good.

[Cut to Fraser and Quinn who are looking on.]

Quinn: I've failed.

Fraser: How do you see that?

Quinn: It's hard to think of my land being under 100 feet of water and not see it as a failure.

Fraser: You know there's a...a short entry in one of my father's journals that reads 'My adversaries appear ready to listen. I'm nearing victory.' And that entry was written the day before he was shot.

Quinn: Your father acted heroically.

Fraser: Yes. But he's not here. At least uh... [He looks around] He doesn't appear to be.

Quinn: I wanna thank you Ben.

Fraser: For the jewels? You would have returned them anyway.

Quinn: How do you know that?

Fraser: I know you.

Quinn: You do, don't you.

Fraser: Yes I do. You let me make one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

[Canada. Young Fraser is poised to shoot. The caribou turns towards him and looks at him. Young Fraser shoots. The elation on his face quickly turns to distress.]



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