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.. Scénář - 57. epizoda - Šance na výhru (Odds) ..

*A card table. Ray is undercover, overseeing the game*

Player: Well that's it. I'm gutted.

Denny Scarpa: Usually a half moon screws me up. Tonight, I'm lucky. Go figure.

Player: Well it's been a bad month. It's been a bad night. Well, a bad year.

Denny Scarpa: Hey, there's always another table.

Player: Yeah, always another hand.

Denny Scarpa: That's right.

Player: Well, 'til then.

Denny Scarpa: Thankyou.

Player: Oh any time. *He leaves*

Denny Scarpa: C'mon Ante! *Whistles. Dog jumps onto chair* That's my lucky charm. That's a good girl. You in gentlemen? You can't win if you're not in.

*Observation van*

Fraser: She sounds very confident.

Dewey: With reason. Denny Scarpa's one of the best. They call her Lady Shoes.

Fraser: Why's that?

Huey: She likes shoes.

Fraser: Oh.

Dewey: Good as she is, I think I could take her.

Huey: Please, you think you can take her?

Dewey: Yeah I think I could take her. And you want to know why?

Huey: Why?

Dewey: 'Cos she's a woman. I mean, not to disrespect the gender, but the game of poker was designed by men, for men. And that is why the men know…

Fraser: Actually, if I'm not mistaken, poker derives from the ancient Persian game of ?Aszhnas?, which was designed as a diversion for the young women of their imperial court.

Huey: No kidding.

Fraser: Well, it first made it's way to North America by way of the Persian sailors who taught it to the French settlers in New Orleans. Now of course, the French added their own terms for betting to the game, such as..er…*with a French accent* "I poke you for a dollar. I poke against you for two dollars. I poke against the three of you for three dollars."…well, and so on. Eventually under the influence of the Northern or the Yankee accent, the game came to be known…as Poker.

*During this speech we see a man setting a bomb. After Fraser finishes, the bomb blows a hole in the wall, throwing Ray across the room*

Dewey: Go! Go!

*Ray takes out his gun but the man kicks it out of hand. He orders Denny Scarpa to fill a bag with the money on the table. Ray leaps on him but is elbowed in the stomach. The man goes to the door, but hears the others on their way up, so he jumps out of the window. Fraser enters the room and goes to the window*

Ray: Fraser, I would not….

*Fraser jumps out but lands badly*

Ray:….do that.

*Ray runs out the door and shoots at the guy, but he gets away*

Ray: You alright?

Fraser: *Lying on the floor in obvious pain* I'm not sure, I got….my back.

Ray: Y'know, Fraser…

Fraser: Mmm hmmm?

Ray: From the second floor…

Fraser: Mmm?

Ray: There's always the other option.

Fraser: Which is?

Ray: The stairs.

Fraser: Oh. Right, well, I'll remember that.

Ray: You get the plate?

Fraser: No, I was…indisposed.

Ray: Great. That is…great. That's another night wasted. All night, for nothing.

*Dewey and Denny Scarpa emerge from the building. Diefenbaker has taken to

Denny Scarpa's dog, Ante*

Fraser: *To Diefenbaker* Where do you thinkn you're going?

Denny Scarpa: *To Ante* My poor baby. She hates explosives.

Fraser: Most animals do.

*Credits roll*

Fraser: Dief, she's out of your league.

Diefenbaker: Woof

Fraser: Well, she is.

Ray: What's with Dief?

Fraser: I'm not sure. Might be love, then again it might just be worms.

Ray: What's the diff? Man, I sure as hell did not think explosives. Y'know I'm supposed to be the inside guy on a simple gambling bust, so I can go to court and say to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant was raking in the cash.

Fraser: Well Ray, it's very difficult to anticipate an exploding wall.

Ray: Fraser, I'm paid to anticipate.

Fraser: You can't always predict the outcome.

*Fraser watches Denny Scarpa leave in a police van*

Ray: Please, don't tell me you have a thing for her.

Fraser: For who?

Ray: You know who. Lady Shoes.

Fraser: I don't know her.

Ray: Exactly, and you never will. She's a card player – you never get to know a woman like that.

Fraser: Alright, if you say so.

Ray: Welliivvfff, that's what I just said.

Fraser: Well I know, I heard you say that.

Ray: Yeah, forget about it.

*Phone rings*

Ray: Yah.

Welsh: (shouting) Guy blows a hole through a wall, he jumps through with a gun, and you don't get him Detective? No, not good! That's why the press is always pushing for more SWAT teams, because we got cops who don't know how to use their guns.

*During this call, the scene switches to Welsh in his office. Frannie enters wearing a shoulder holster*

Frannie: Ah, sir?

Welsh: Have you got a licence for that?

Frannie: For this? No! I'm just sort of trying…

*She takes out the gun and points it at Welsh*

Welsh: *Gently pushing it away from him* No, nononononono.

Frannie: I'm just trying it out! Y'know, sort of as a preamble to wearing heat.

*She shoots at the door – it's a water pistol*

Frannie: I'm taking self-defence!

Welsh: You gonna defend yourself by drowning somebody to death?

Frannie: Well, I thought it'd be a little more humane than, y'know, blinding some guy or kicking him in the….uh, y'know…the nether regions.

Welsh: The nether regions?

Frannie: Yeah, well…um. Actually sir, I'm…um…I'm kinda wearing this for a different reason.

Welsh: Passion.

Frannie: No. Uh…I've sorta been thinking about the...um…the academy.

Welsh: You wanna become a cop?

Frannie: Well…become a cop, I don't know about that. I'm just…um…I'm just, y'know, really, sort of, basically…uh…tossing it around in my mind until I can…um…resolve the uniform issue.

Welsh: The uniform issue?

Frannie: Yeah, well, my head is shaped a little weird and I can't really wear a hat. I was the only girl at my first communion at our Lady of Immaculate Conception who couldn't wear a veil.

Welsh: Well…uh…y'know, that would be a problem.

Frannie: Yeah, but…um…until I work that out I…I was just hoping that, y'know, maybe you could steer me in the right direction.

Welsh: Sure, I can give you all the advice you need to get into the academy. I don't know what I can do about this hat thing.

Frannie: That's great! That's…that's fine! I'll…I'll worry about the hat thing. That's…thankyou. Um, sir…yeah, do you…do you think we could…um…y'know, just sorta keep this under…

Welsh: Under our hats?

Frannie: Well, yeah. Until…In case it doesn't really work out, y'know. Thankyou.

*Interrogation room*

Dewey: Look like you might be here a while, so can I get you a coffee or a tea?

Denny Scarpa: Yeah, I'll take a coffee. Black.

Dewey: Black.

Denny Scarpa: It's gonna be hard to drink it with… *rattles cuffs* …these on.


Welsh: Alright, where is she now?

Ray: Uh, she's in Interview 1. She's not being very helpful – said she didn't see the guy.

Welsh: She's trying to cut a deal?

Ray: Uh…can't tell. I brought up those assault charges from the poker game in Arkansas. I said you'll do time, she said…so, I'll do time.

Welsh: Not easy to scare Denny Scarpa. This ????? I know, his cousin sat in on one of her tables, supposed to be 10 years ago. Even then she had ice water in her veins.

Ray: Uh…she claims we tried to kill her.

Fraser: Well, she does have a point, Ray.

Ray: No, she doesn't have a point, she's…uh…just pissed that she didn't make me for a cop.

Welsh: Point is that she doesn't identify this guy, she's not a material witness.

Ray: She was looking right at him.

Welsh: Oh, so she's lying? Why?

Ray: Uh…hiding something.

Fraser: Perhaps she's frightened.

Welsh: Yeah, well, maybe I'd better go talk to this legend. See who's got the better bluff.

*Fraser turns but wrenches his back*

Fraser: Mmmm!

Welsh: What? What! Back?

Fraser: Yah.

Welsh: Back. Put your hands on the desk…

Fraser: Mm hmm.

Welsh…uh-huh, take you knee…

Fraser: Mmmmm!

Welsh:…now breathe.

Fraser: Hoooo!

Welsh: Breathe!

Fraser & Ray: Hoooo! Hoooo!

*2 Feds enter*

White: Agent White.

Exley: Agent Exley.

Welsh: Oh Feds.

White: You want us to come back after yoga, gentlemen?

Exley: You're Constable Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

White: First came to Chicago on the trail of his Father's….

Welsh: Yes he is. Now what do you want?

Exley: Denny Scarpa.

Welsh: When we've finished.

White: It's been cleared. *Gives Welsh a piece of paper*

*Interview room*

Huey: I play a little poker.

Dewey: Me too.

Denny Scarpa: Of course you do. All cops play poker. A little poker.

Dewey: A little poker? What's that supposed to mean?

Denny Scarpa: I'm just stating the facts, gentlemen. Card?

*She beats them*

Denny Scarpa: Not quite good enough. Next.

*She beats them every time*

Dewey: No one can be that lucky.

Denny Scarpa: Are you insinuating that I cheat, detective?

*Welsh enters*

Welsh: Gentlemen, take five.

White: Agent White.

Exley: Agent Exley.

*Huey, Dewey and Welsh leave*

Huey: Nice suits

Exley: So, Denny Scarpa.

Denny Scarpa: And you are?

White: Coupla guys who might be able to help you out.

Denny Scarpa: In exchange for…

Exley: You give us Alex Farah.


White: Hang onto her

Exley: You clear it with Welsh.

Denny Scarpa: Mind if I use the ladies?

*White and Exley do some kind of secret nod*

Exley: Yeah it's alright.

Denny Scarpa: Ok. Ante!

*Welsh's office*

White: We're gonna cut a deal.

Welsh: Oh. Imagine our surprise.

White: She's got a game set up. We got word that one of the guys we're looking for is gonna be there. Alex Farah. He's suspected of extortion, market fraud, murder. He's a card player. Been out of the country for a coupla years but he's coming back for a grudge match against Scarpa. We'd like to put in an appearance.

Ray: Well Farah sounds rough. Why don't you just get Scarpa to tell you where the game is, y''now, and...

White: The lady's the attraction. He doesn't want to just play poker, he wants to go toe to toe with Lady Shoes. She doesn't show, he doesn't show.

It's been a pleasure.

*He leaves*

*Ladies room. A civilian aide enters, wearing a poncho*

Denny Scarpa: Hi.

CA: Hi. *Takes off poncho* Ah, sure feels good to get that thing off.

Denny Scarpa: Yeah. Traffic bad?

CA: A cop cut me off. You believe that?

Denny Scarpa: Mm hmm *they laugh. CA goes into a cubicle, Denny Scarpa leaves in her poncho.*

White: We're all set. Where's Scarpa?

Exley: The restroom.

CA: Hey, where's my poncho?

Exley: Will you excuse me for a moment? *He goes into the ladies*

Exley: Agent White?

*Welsh's office*

Ray: She saw him Lieutenant, all we have to do is, um…

Frannie: Sir? Scarpa got away. The feds let her go to the bathroom and she…

White & Exley: She outwitted us.

Frannie: Yah.

Welsh: You want me to call the bureau, or you guys think you can handle that?

White: I think we should take a look at this from another angle Lieutenant. You find her…

Exley: We don't tell the bureau that your station house lost a federal asset.

*They leave*

Welsh: Well, I guess we'd better find her.

Ray: How?

*Street. Fraser and Ray are following Ante and Diefenbaker*

Ray: Fraser, you think this is one of your good ideas, following around the wolf?

Fraser: It's the only lead we have, Ray.

*Apartment building*

DM: *Whistles* No dogs in the building!

Ray: Says who?

DM: Me

Ray: You are?

DM: The guy who keeps the dogs out of the building.

Ray: And that, uh..what about that dog? *indicating Ante*

DM: Well, that dog's different. That dog I know, this dog I don't know.

Ray: Well, this dog's with me.

DM: Yeah, and who are you?

Ray: Chicago PD. Where does this dog live?

DM: 1410, but she;s never in.

*They go into the elevator*

Ray: Who, the dog?

DM: She's not a dog. No, she's got legs that go, uh, all the way to the top. But like I said, she's never in.

Ray: Good, I'll leave a note. Out.

Fraser: Thankyou kindly.

*Apartment. Denny Scarpa is with the guy who did the robbery*

Denny Scarpa: Not so smart to come here, Joey.

Joey: Well you're ok, you got out of it.

Denny Scarpa: Yeah, I took care of it. But the game is still on.

Joey: What for? We got plenty of money.

Denny Scarpa: Just one more time.

Joey: It's dangerous.


Fraser: We aren't really going to leave a note, are we.

Ray: No. We're gonna break in, look through her personal possessions and use her can without a warrant.

*Inside, Denny Scarpa and Joey are kissing*

Denny Scarpa: Just one more time, and then we can be together always.

*She hears Diefenbaker barking*

Denny Scarpa: Joey, take this. *She gives him a gun*

*Ray and Fraser enter*

Ray: Look generally it's not a great bet to come back to your place of residence once you've escaped police custody.

*Joey runs out from behind the door. Fraser and Ray give chase. He shoots and Fraser then runs downstairs. Fraser follows him into an alley, but then sees a car coming straight for him. Ray runs into the alley and sees the car. He tries to turn and run away, but he is lifted to safety by Fraser who is hanging from a pole above the alley. The car passes underneath.*

Fraser: I'm sorry!

*He drops Ray, then falls himself*

Fraser: Ow!

Ray: Damnit, Fraser, if you were gonna drop a guy, you gotta say something first like, 'Ray, I'm gonna dropya'.

Fraser: I'm sorry Ray, but with my back being the way it is, it was extremely difficult to hang on.

Ray: Ok, I guess I'll let it go this time. You get a plate?

Fraser: No, I was otherwise occupied.

Ray: I guess I gotta do everything.

Fraser: Oh, so you got the plate then?

Ray: No, I did not get the plate, Fraser, but…

Fraser: Alright, well what did you get?

Ray: I got the girl.

*Apartment. Denny Scarpa is handcuffed by her ankle to a table leg*


Denny Scarpa: People lose money they carry grudges. It's a danger that comes with the territory. It's just never been this close.

Fraser: You say you've never seen this man before. You've never played with


Denny Scarpa: Hm mmm *Shakes head*

Fraser: Likely he was hired by a third party. Uh, if you don't mind me saying so, you pursue a very dangerous occupation.

Denny Scarpa: And the strange thing is, I wanted to be a physician. I was in premed at NYU, and one weekend sat down at an open table in Atlantic City. Put my textbooks in the garbage can and I never looked back.

Fraser: Do you regret it?

Denny Scarpa: After this thing? Yes.

*She gets into the GTO*

Ray: Watch your head. Don't tell me Fraser, she is one great lady. She feeds starving children so we're gonna have to stick out our skinny necks.

Fraser: Oh, I'm not sure about the starving children Ray, but…

Ray: You're a good guy, Fraser, and one of the good thing about you is you take people at face value. She's different. She is a card shark.

Fraser: Ray, we know that this man is dangerous, and that he probably came here to eliminate a witness, and if that's the case he'll undoubtedly try again. Furthermore, in the absence of a hard and fast deal if we hand her over to the federal agents it's unlikely that her protection will be a high priority.

Ray: Do not fall for her, Fraser.

Fraser: We have to protect her.

Ray: Do not fall for her.

Fraser: I'm not.

Ray: Alright. What's the plan?

*Consulate bedroom. Fraser is giving Denny Scarpa a pair of his longjohns*

Fraser: Of course, I'm not…uh, well, I'm not sure what it is that you actually wear when you're not wearing any clothes. I mean, when you're…uh…This may not be appropriate.

Denny Scarpa: No, it's perfect. Thankyou. *pause* Are you just gonna stand there and watch me, or…

Fraser: Oh, I'm…I'm sorry.

*He leaves. He goes into the corridor. Enter Thatcher, who has obviously been drinking. She is giggly and very friendly - touching Fraser a lot*

Thatcher: Fraser! Fraser, Fraser, Fraser, Fraser, Fraser. Off duty and still working. You really gotta learn to relax. I mean, look at me. How do…How do I seem?

Fraser: How do you seem, sir?

Thatcher: Yeah. I mean, do I seem tense to you?

Fraser: Uh, no sir. You appear to be very loose-limbed.

Thatcher: That would be the Latin influence. *A car toots* That would be a Latin horn.

Fraser: A Latin horn.

Thatcher: I gotta pee. I was having tapas with the Spanish Ambassador. He's remarkably ??????, learned, well-read and really, really, really hotbodied.

*A man enters and begins singing*

Thatcher: See what I mean? Um, we're gonna continue…um, I…um. I have a really high level, power..um…meeting at 0900 hours, so I'm gonna be late.

*She leaves*

*Fraser is sitting at his desk. Denny Scarpa, wearing the longjohns places some cards on his desk and they begin to play.*

Fraser: You handle cards very well.

Denny Scarpa: That's what I do.

Fraser: Are you naturally lucky, or do you cheat?

Denny Scarpa: That depends on how you define cheating. *She looks at Ante and Diefenbaker snuggled up together* Looks cosy, doesn't it?

*Fraser tries to look but wrenches his back*

Denny Scarpa: Is it sore? Is it here?

Fraser: Yes.

*Denny Scarpa starts massaging Fraser's back*

Denny Scarpa: I used to do this for my Dad when he'd get home working late. My kid brother too. Do you have a brother?

Fraser: No.

Denny Scarpa: Sister?

Fraser: No.

Denny Scarpa: It's tough when they can't take care of themselves. My kid brother was just opne mess after another. And right here?

Fraser: Mm hmm. You handle muscles well also. Do you mind if I ask you a question?

Denny Scarpa: Nu-uh.

Fraser: Are you protecting someone?

Denny Scarpa: Just myself and my dog.

Fraser: Sounds very lonely.

Denny Scarpa: You tell me.

Fraser: Are you suggesting are situations are similar?

Denny Scarpa: Both outsiders, one step ahead of everybody else. Yeah, I think so.

Fraser: What do you plan to do about the FBI and Mr Farah.

Denny Scarpa: If I can't cut a deal I'll face charges, and if I can cut a deal I'll face Farah. Either way I'm kinda boxed in.

Fraser: It's a dangerous game.

Denny Scarpa: Life is a dangerous game. The trick is to minimise the risk.

Fraser: And how do you plan to minimise the risk in the game with Farah?

Denny Scarpa: I'd have to have someone with me. Someone I could trust.

Fraser: Someone like me, you mean?

Denny Scarpa: You would be perfect.

*Knock at the door*

Fraser: I should answer that.

Denny Scarpa: You're bluffing, right?

Fraser: No I never bluff. Excuse me.

*Opens door*

Ray: This is Tommy, our sketch artist. *He sees Denny Scarpa* Uh, don't you feel a little...uh...naked without the…uh…longjohns?

Fraser: I have several pair.

Ray: Mm. Uh, ballistics was positive with the gun. The guy who was shooting at us was the same guy who took down the game.

Tommy: *Looking at the wood panelling on the walls* This is nice. Really nice.

Fraser: Thankyou.

Tommy: Real wood and everything.

Ray: Tommy doesn't get out much.

Fraser: Ah.

Ray: This is your witness.

Tommy: The woman?

Ray: Right.

*Tommy and Denny Scarpa are working on a picture*

Ray: Blind as a bat. Damn he knows his way around a pencil. Fraser, uh, you know what the hell you're doing?

Fraser: What is it you think I'm doing?

Ray: Uh, you tell me. You're the one who's got a shark swimming around in your underwear.

Fraser: It's purely a matter of practicality, Ray. Her clothes were not particularly conducive to sleeping.

Ray: Oh, so you just had to take 'em off.

Fraser: No, she managed that all by herself.

Ray: Look, Fraser, all I'm trying to say here is this woman is a dangerous customer. I mean, she's covering angles, she's looking at the odds, she's looking for insurance. This is not the, y'know, little girl from the igloo next door.

Fraser: You think she's protecting someone?

Ray: Yeah, maybe, boyfriend.

Fraser: But we have no proof of that.

Ray: Oh man is she reeling you in.

Fraser: Well, why do you say that?

Ray: Would you be so diplomatic if she wasn't such a beautiful woman?

Fraser: Certainly.

Ray: Awful thing is I believe you.

Tommy: *Caressing the banister* Mahogany. Hold on!

Fraser: Admittedly I did only catch a glimpse of him and he was wearing a hat, but I was quite sure his hair was dark.

Denny Scarpa: No, I'm pretty sure it was blonde. This is him.

Ray: *To Tommy* Uh, get that out on the wire. *He leaves in the wrong direction* Tommy! Tommy. *Ray shows him the way out*

Tommy: Real cherrywood. Wow.

Denny Scarpa: Well, goodnight. Dief! Ante!

Fraser: Goodnight

Ray: Night

*Bell rings*

White: Agent White

Exley: Agent Exley

White: Where is she?

Ray: No idea.

Exley: Is that why you needed a sketch artist this evening?

Ray: Well, the thing of it is, I love art, paintings mostly. A sculpture does not turn my crank…uh…but I love oils and watercolours, and….

*Denny Scarpa appears behind Ray and Fraser*

Ray: Hey now! Where the heck did she come from?

White: You just brought yourself some trouble.

Fraser: Trouble?

White&Exley: With a capital T.

*Welsh's office*

White&Exley: We're filing charges.

Welsh: What charges?

Exley: Harbouring a fugitive for starters.

Welsh: Well she's our fugitive. Maybe he was just holding her.

Exley: In the Canadian Consulate?

Welsh: A bit unorthodox.

White: I don't want to hear about it.

Exley: We're taking her, right now.

Welsh: Or else what?

White: We'll take your boy here instead.

Ray: Boy?

Fraser: Ah Gentlemen, I think I may have a solution to this.

White: What?

Fraser: Well I've spoken to Miss Scarpa, and I believe that she'll agree to co-operate with you on one condition.

Exley: Condition being?

Fraser: She wants someone at the table that she can trust.

White: You?

Exley: She trusts you?

Fraser: I believe she does, yes.

White&Exley: You're on. *as they leave their cellphones ring*

White: Agent White

Exley: Agent Exley

Ray: Fraser, you don't know how to play poker.

Fraser: No, I…Well I'm not entirely unfamiliar with it, Ray. Although perhaps a refresher course in some of the fundamentals might be a good idea. Is an ace still considered a high card?

*Everyone is sitting around a table*

Ray: Okay, this is retarded. You cannot learn to play poker in one night and hope to beat a shark.

Fraser: Possibly. Although, y'know, one time I did manage to learn almost all of Milton's Paradise Lost in a single evening. Of course, my chances for

survival were very slim at the time, I had to keep my mind very focused….

Ray: Up! Prove it.

Fraser: Prove what?

Ray: Do the…uh…Paradise Lost thing.

Fraser: Of mans first disobedience in the fruit of that forbidden tree who's mortal taste brought death into the world and all our woe…

Ray: Okay, okay, okay. Mabe we got a shot. Okay, lets get down to basics. Poker is a game of money and deception.

Welsh: Penalties go to the weak, rewards go to the strong.

Huey: In poker, you're on your own.

Dewey: The loser makes himself a loser.

Ray: And the winner makes himself a winner.

Fraser: I see, and where do the cards fit into this?

Ray: Uh…the cards are incidental. Think about it this way – Poker is sheer justice. OK Low card brings it in. Ok we're on fourth street.

Frannie: I bet my salary on Fraser a years worth. Hi Frase.

Fraser: Francesca.

Welsh: That would be illegal Miss. Vecchio.

Frannie: Why?

Welsh: State of Illinois tendered laws against illegal gambling. OK Betting on a poker game even a small sum - such as your salary wold be considered illegal.

Frannie: Well that's just stupid.

Welsh: Stupid or not it's the law and you should know the law if you want to become a --

Frannie: Eh Sir, watch your cards.

Fraser: If you want to become a what Francesca?

Frannie: Nothing I was just musing hyperthetically can't gamble since I can't break the law.

Huey: Oh yeah since when. - Down and dirty.

Frannie: This morning.

Fraser: Oh ah do I still have to bet?

Everyone: Yes.

Fraser: But I've already won it would seem to be gloating. Well I would seem to have a blush four low.

Welsh: Constable you have a flush and it's ace high. and you can't do that. You can't be bluffing when you're not bluffing.

Fraser: I wasn't bluffing Sir, I was just telling the truth.

Ray: Poker isn't about the truth Fraser.

Welsh: It's about deception, Constable.

Huey: You stink Fraser.

Fraser: Of what?

Everyone: The truth.

[Ray and Welsh alone sat on the sofa in Welsh's office.]

Welsh: You think Fraser is up to this?

Ray: As long as he doesn't have to lie.

Welsh: Or bluff

Ray: Or hold.

Welsh: I guess cheating is out of the question.

Ray: Imagine living like that.

Welsh: Forget about it... How about those Feds.

[Both collapse in a fit of laughter.]

[Fraser visits Denny in the holding cells they speak through the bars]

Denny Scarpa: Leaving?

Fraser: I thought you were sleeping.

Denny Scarpa: You've been up all night.

Fraser: Uh hu... as have you...Are you nervous about...

Denny Scarpa: Yeah I'm scared. We had a runin with Ferrow a couple of years back he's a tough guy he'll have body guards. Anything can happen.

Fraser: You think something will happen?

Denny Scarpa: I don't know I'm a card player not a psychic.

Fraser: You know sometimes telling the truht is that only way out.

Denny Scarpa: You'll never make a poker player.

Fraser: Well actually I err I won a bag of candy.

Denny Scarpa: Anyone can win when the stakes don't matter.

Fraser: True enough. I took the liberty of looing into your record.

Denny Scarpa: Of course.

Fraser: You were arrested for assult in connection with a knifing outside a bar in Arkensal.

Denny Scarpa: When in Rome.

Fraser: And you confessed to the stabbing although witnesses at the scene said err your brother Larry actually committed the crime.

Denny Scarpa: Witnesses can be wrong.

Fraser: Or you could have been protecting your brother. He had a record a judge would have been stern with him.

Denny Scarpa: You look out for your family and Larry, he couldn't take care of himself.

Fraser: What colour was his hair?

Denny Scarpa: Dark... Was... Larry's dead. He couldn't let things go. He was in Bakersville and he ran into another guy who couldn't let things go and I wasn't there to help him. Are you testing me.

Fraser: Yes.

Denny Scarpa: Can I trust you?

Fraser: Um hum

[They kiss through the bars.]

Denny Scarpa: Then why can't you trust me?

Fraser: Who says I don't... I should go...

[Fraser gives Denny Scarpa the bag of candy and leaves]

[Bathroom Fraser and Ray are both there]

Fraser: You know my father used to say that duty was a passion maybe the only one that really counted.

Ray: You got no duty here ... all you got is risk you know.. what if you start to sweat and Farrow twigs to the scam I mean anything could go down.

Fraser: Well I'm aware there are risks.

Ray: You know Fraser when I was in err college umm I used to go to the track and play the horses. Umm one day I was down there and I met this err chick from Albany. She had a good line and I bought it hook line, sinker. You know before she left she'd taken everything...

Fraser: You think I'm confusing duty with passion...

Ray: No I think that umm there's a lot of things you can do with a woman like this but trusting them isn't one of them...

Fraser: Who says I trust her?

Ray: You tell me everything? You can back out you know...

Fraser: No I can't do that...

[Vaguely sureal scene where Frannie and Ben walk out of one door downstairs and reappear seconds later upstairs at the precinct.]

Fraser: Ah Francesca I wonder if You'd mind looking up some information for me

Francesca: Sure Fraser... But first can I ask a question?

Fraser: I'll try to answer but as a member of the RMCP I have taken an oath of secrecy as a consequence there are certain matters taht I am bound not to dicuss

Francesca:What do you mean like about the Queen and Inspectot Thatcher

Fraser: Well I am loyal to them both However actually I was refering to well to matters of state that might compromise national security.

Frannie: Yeah um is the hat really necessary

Fraser: Absolutely essential. This is the information I require

Frannie: OK

Fraser: Thank you kindly.


Ray: What were you guys just talking about?

Frannie: Nothing -- head gear

Ray: Come on he gave you a piece of paper wha wha what was on that paper?

Frannie: Nothing Ray, he wanted me to look over a few things for him, whyis that a crime too? Because if that's a crime as wellbecause if that's a crime to there are way to many crimes I can't get all these crimes into my head I'm going to have to rethink the whole thing.

Ray You do that you think that'd be a good hobby for you.

[Outside Denny's room]

Denny Scarpa: All Right I have to get ready now I can't eat on game day I can't use my Toothpaste, I can't face any corner of the room for more than 10 seconds and I can't smell a man until I sit at the table. SO you both are going to have to leave.

Ray: I knew gamblers were superstisious but..

Denny Scarpa: IT's not superstition it's disaplin. and disaplin is part of the game

Ray: And this disapline works

Denny Scarpa: I win

Fraser: I think I'll er stay here

Ray:I'll cover the rear exit. Wake me know if anything happens.

[Hotel corridor]

Ray: He can't wear a tuxedo

Huey: Why not?

Ray: Cos he'll look like a waiter at Chico's

Dewey: Only if it's light blue

Huey: It's not blue it's black and beautiful like me

Ray:It's got to look expensive like the boys in Vagas

Welsh: Vagas they wear tracksuits

Ray:Yeah but he's got to look like he knows what he's doing he's got to look slick he's got to look

[ Change of scene Benny is in Tux]

Ray(continues):GOOD, you look good.You look

Huey: Sharp, very sharp

Welsh: Yeah a regular fashion plate Constable

Welsh: Here's your stake, curtesy of the Chicago PD now understand anything you earn off that belongs to the Chicago police department.

Fraser: Yes sir

Welsh Let's check Out the set up

Dewey: You want another card, and the dealer's smiling don't take it

Huey: And if the guy next to you smells like bacon bits definitely see him and raise him

Ray: That was Frannie, she got the information you wanted ... Curious...? Fraser: I'd appreciate it.

Ray: Two years ago, Farrow played a game in Bakersville the night ended with a homocide. That was the last time Farrow was seen in the country. The deceased was a Laurence Packard... What does that mean?

Welsh: All right show time, let's go detective, good luck Constable

Welsh: Is he all right.

Ray: I don't know he's a little whacked

Agent 1: OK next player this one's Malone,

Agent 2:out of Oklahoma, Oil Money plays the circuit

Agent 1: Runner up '95 world championships

Agent 2: Next guest.

Fraser: Excuse me ahh cider thank you kindly... woah stiff apples.

Agent 1: The mountie's in place...

Agent 2: Nice Tux for a rental..

Huey: Hey I own that tux.

Agent 2: What do you charge?

Agent 1: here we go ...

Agent 2 It's Ferra Game on

STEEL: The name's Constan, Steeleyes Constan... It cold up in Canada

Fraser: It can be yes...

Ferrow: Delighted

Denny Scarpa: Glad you could make it... Gentlemen shall we get started

STEEL: I went north once looking for bear.. Froze my little toe

Fraser: You know steel eyes, extremities are often insufficiently protected against the challenge of the northern winter as a matter of fact I once knew of aman who lost the crotch of his pants on a barbed wire fence and later that night, a particularly harsh night he almost lost his err... well that's another story... where is everyone else...

Everyone: Miami

Ray: We better go in...

Agent 1: It's not the protocol detective

Ray: It's not the What?

Agent 1: We're persuing the AC stratergy.

Ray: AC

Agent 2: Al Capone, We've got witnesses lined up to testify against Ferra

Agent 2: No one will testify until him until he's in custody

Agent 1: So we'll name him on gaming but to get this charge to stick

Agent 2: Ferra's got to take a pot.

Joey: You in?

Fraser:Now let's see there's 52 cards in the deck 4 cards in any given suit now what is the posiblity of getting 3 of those 4 cards in a 7 hand game with none of them showing. Well I don't think the odds could be any greater than 1 in 2756

Joey: You playing or talking

Denny Scarpa: Let him bet Joey

Fraser: Terribly sorry.

Agent 1: What's your man doing?

Welsh: He's winning

Fraser: you know there's something compelling about having vast quantities of money coming in one's direction

Agent 2: This is not good.

Agent 1: Ferra has to take a pot

Agent 2: We can't take Ferra

Ferra: 1000

Steel: Looks like the making

Fraser: Steeleyes that's an interesting monicer Mr. Carson, perhaps I should adopt a nickname.

Gambler: We could call you big mouth

Fraser: That would seem to be apt. you're known as Lady shoes...I believe

Denny Scarpa: Some people call me that

Fraser: and your last name scarpa that's not your name from birth

Denny Scarpa: Maybe it is Maybe it isn't

Ferra: Parcard

Fraser: Parkard. Its' a truely fascinating game poker -- very few persuits so effortlessly combine money deception truth and so often the real stakes far exceed what's actuallyon the table

Ray: He's showing his hand we gotta go

Agent 1: we sit tight

Fraser: By way of example only recently I heard of a game that was played in Bakersfield...

Steeleyes: Who cares.

Fraser: The stakes were so high it resulted in a homocide a man by the name of Laurence packard

Ray: This is the guy from the take out.

Agent 1: What are you talking about

Ray:It's a set up you moron, Denny's here to take out Ferra and Joey is the trigger man. Let's move now

Agent 1: We sit tight

Ray: We move now

Agent 1: hold your position men

Fraser: Mr. Ferra you were at Bakersfield were you not

Ferra: what kind of game are you playing...

Fraser: I believe it's called Poker

[ Nose signals between Ray and Ben]

Welsh: We move.

[Ray drops thru' skylight.]

Agent 1: Federal agents nobody move...

Dewey: Freeze Chicago PD

Fraser: Thank you Ray

Ray:No problem Fraser

Huey: Drop it move and you're dead...

[On the ledge outside the hotel room]

Fraser: You play a dangerous game

Denny Scarpa: Ferra killed my brother

Fraser: So you ordered Joey to kill Ferra

Denny Scarpa: Just trying to even out the game

Fraser: Using me in the process

Denny Scarpa: You could have let me go

Fraser:Who says I won't let you go now.

Denny Scarpa: You're bluffing

Fraser: I never bluff

Denny Scarpa: I thought you said you never bluff

Fraser: I'm learning.

[ Rays desk paying cards]

Ray: She's at the club fed... 5 card one draw... what tipped you off?

Fraser: Well there was something about her manner in the hotel room that suggested she wasn't truly in any mortal peral also she claimed to be a medical student at the New York University but there was no record to support that claim what's the anti?

Ray: I don't know we'll play for air

Fraser: All right anti is in... in addition when she was kissing me

Ray: Wait a minute you kissed her?

Fraser: Well no she kissed me

Ray: What was it like?

Fraser: The kiss? Delightful.

Ray: Why didn't you tell me?

Fraser: That the kiss was delightful?

Ray:Not the kiss not the kiss That you suspected her

Fraser: Ah well I wasn't sure and as you had instructed me there are certain cards that are better left hidden until they're absolutely needed.

Ray: So you were bluffing

Fraser: Evading

Ray: Bluffing


Ray: Bluffing

Fraser: Equivicating

Ray: Bluffing

Fraser: Bluffing

Ray: Thank you What do you think that the odds are that in this Universe Francesca will take to that dog?

Fraser: Oh difficult to compute.. but Anti needs a good home and Francesca has a good heart so...

Ray: How many cards...

Fraser: I'll take none...Thank you



Ray: OK 2 can play that game I take none too. Bet?


Ray: of?

Fraser: 100 of air

Ray: OK I'll see your hundred and I'll raise you 50

Fraser: All right I will see that 50 and I'll call

Ray: What you got.

Fraser: Once again a crowded home...

Ray: House

Fraser: Crowded House

Ray: Full house.

Fraser Full house, full house, I'll take that air now Ray

Ray: I'm tapped out

Fraser: I'll accept an IOU

Ray: An IOU on air?

Fraser: I want you to honour your wager

Ray: That's stupid.



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