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.. Scénář - 58. epizoda - Miláček žen (The Ladies' Man) ..

[Walking, Ray kicks trash]
Ray: Empty can. Garbage can. How hard is the equation. I mean I don't get it. How hard is it? Look at this. Box. You put one box in the other box then you take it to the dump or wherever. How hard is it.
Fraser: You know I sympathize with your sentiments Ray but you have to forgive me for asking but when did you become so interested in neatness.
Ray: It is not about neatness, Fraser. It's about the nut. The bone core of what keeps the city ticking. Little things. You don't chuck stuff in the street. You stop at a red light. You go at a green light. I mean, if you cannot agree on the little things, how are you gonna manage the big stuff.
Fraser: It's an interesting question Ray. My father used to -
Ray: Look I'm not looking for an answer here Fraser. This is one of those whatchamacallits.
Fraser: Rhetorical questions?
Ray: Yeah I mean think about those countries where they cut your hands off for stealing. I mean do you think they keep stealing. No. Why? They got no hands.
Fraser: Are you proposing we cut peoples limbs off for littering?
[Voice: Let go of the gun.
Fraser: Ray
[They run to the cop]
Fraser: You all right?
Cop: Guy tried to get my gun. He's got a knife, a big one, like you see in the movies. Ran down the alley.
Fraser: Cover the corner.
Ray: When I was six I made this mask out of a paper bag and I lit it on fire. Almost burnt down the entire house. My dad was gonna skin me alive.
Fraser: Did he?
Ray: No. But the threat was there. See that's my point. No threat no danger. No danger anarchy. How do you want to work this?
Fraser: I think I can see an entrance at the back of the alley thru the building. Dief.
[Ray pulls gun and starts cautiously down the alley. Fraser must be circling around the building. Perp grabs Ray, puts knife to his throat.
Ray: You don't want my gun.
Perp: Don't tell me what I want. I know what I want. I want what I need. What I need is your gun.
Ray: Why don't you go buy a gun.
Perp: If I could afford to buy a gun, I wouldn't need to buy a gun. You have any idea the cost of maintaining a single family dwelling in the greater Chicago area? No. You probably live in an apartment. Me? I want to put down roots. Pay for a new roof. I'm thinking so give me the gun.
Ray: What are you gonna do with a gun?
Perp: I'm gonna rob the first Union Bank tomorrow just before closing.
Ray: Yeah that's a smart idea, telling me what -
Fraser: Excuse me. I don't think you want to do this. You want to shoot a man?
Perp: Sometimes.
Fraser: You realize it's a felony.
Perp: I don't care.
Ray: He doesn't care Fraser.
Fraser: Go to prison.
Perp: I don't care.
Ray: He doesn't care Fraser.
Fraser: Or, you could be attacked by a wolf.
Perp: In prison?
Fraser: No, right now.
[bark bark attack. Ray throws perp on hood of a car]
Ray: [gun in hand, gun in perps face] You want this gun bullet by bullet or do you want me to pound it into your head.
Car Owner: Excuse me, what are you doing?
Ray: You must tell me.
Car owner: This is my car.
Ray Tell me how much you want it. Tell me.
Car owner: Is this guy crazy?
Fraser: No he's a police officer.
Car owner: He's scratching up the paint.
Ray: You must tell me.
Perp: You can't kill me.
Ray: I can't kill you? You don't think so?
Fraser: Ray! Look at me. Look at me. [Ray calms down] You're not going to kill anyone.
Ray: Why not? That's what I do.
Fraser: That is not what you do.
Ray: You talk to me in two days. I guarantee ya I've killed someone.
[Health bar]
Fraser: Ray, nice selection here of dates, apricots prunes, figs and two cheese sticks.
Ray: Look at that. Look at that. I just ... I'm just ...pressed up against something - I don't know what...
Waiter: Break down?
Ray: No it's just...I gotta get my...
Waiter: Head
Ray: Screwed on right and I'm just...
Fraser: As you know Ray, I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father -
Ray: And remained.
Fraser: Indeed. On the course of the long hunt for his murderers, I would often picture myself, picture the moment when I came face to face with them and in every scenario I would concoct, I would exact revenge in the like kind.
Waiter: like kind? What does that mean, like kind?
Fraser: That means I would see myself killing the killers. And the impulse to murder, no matter how justified was dulled by time and reality.
Ray: What if it's out of your hands/ then what?
Fraser: It's never out of your hands. It's your decision.
Ray: Not in this case.
Waiter: I don't follow.
Ray: [passing over paper] Beth Botrelle gets a needle stuck in her arm in two days. I was the arresting officer. I took the call. [Flash back while he tells it] My first big case. Door was open. I was a rookie. No back up. It was dark. Quiet. Then I saw him lying there in blood. There was a piece of paper near the body. I picked it up. Then I heard a noise. [He looks scared] it was the shower. There was all this steam and there she was. I'm the first link in a long chain. I'm the first link in a long chain that leads to somebody getting killed, okay? Let me tell you something. That there's a big difference between the uh, the -
Waiter: Abstract.
Ray: Abstract. The abstract and the the -
Waiter: Reality.
Ray Hey! Do you mind? Reality. It's like this Fraser, when it comes right down to it, the question is, could you pull the switch? Look, I had this dog once. This crazy little mutt and um and he got hit by this car and it didn't kill him and he's laying on the ground, lot of pain and he's looking up at me, wanting me to you know, help him. I couldn't look at him. I. Could. Not. Look. At him. I put him in the car and I drove him to the vet. I drove him to the vet and I got the vet to give him the needle. Just ...I know what I got to do.
Fraser: What's that?
Ray: Look her in the eye. I gotta...look her right in the eye.
Newscaster: Beth Botrelle 's lawyer, Carolyn Sherman is a daily visitor to the prison. Clemency from the governor is now Beth's only hope.
Carolyn [to Fraser. Ray is walking behind, clearly uncomfortable with being here]: Against my better council, Beth has consented to see you.
Prisoner 1[boldly-but behind bars] oooo I love a man in uniform.
Carolyn: I can't prevent this but I can impose one condition.
Prisoner 1: I bet you have ways to make me talk.
Carolyn: Anything said between you stays between you.
Prisoner 2 [breathless, like Marilyn Monrow] Oh! Are you really a Mountie?
Fraser: Why yes ma'am. I am.
Prisoner 2: Ohhh!
Prisoner 3 [shoving the much smaller girl aside]: Never mind her. I want to taste your Musical Ride. [Still standing behind Fraser, Ray raises his eyebrows]
Fraser: I see. Thank you. [He steps around #3 and stands in front of #2] Excuse me, are you alright?
Prisoner 2: Yes, yes. Can you really sing?
Fraser: I really can. Yes.
Prisoner 2: Oh! Yes!
Fraser: Well, alright. [Does rendition of K-K-Katie.]
[In the meantime, prisoner 1 has reached thru the bars and grabbed Ray and pulled him right up to the bars]
Prisoner 1: Sweetheart!
Ray [backing away quickly] Fraser!
Fraser: [never taking his attention off of #2] Just a minute Ray. [Continues with the song, Ray is taking baby steps, closing what little space there is between them while keeping an eye on the cell]
Guard: That's enough. Get back to the range.
Prisoner 2 [smiling at Fraser as he and Ray continue. Ray stays really close to him] My names not Katie!
[Visitors room]
Carolyn: Beth, this is Constable Fraser of the RCMP.
Beth: The British wore coats like that during the War of Independence. Minutemen picked them off like it was a turkey shoot. No wonder you lost an empire.
Carolyn: And this is Detective -
Beth: Yeah, I know him. Couldn't forget him.
Carolyn: Beth, are you sure you want to do this?
Beth: Oh sure, I'll talk to him. Alone.
Carolyn: Beth, I'm not sure -
Beth: Alone. Alone. Alone.
Carolyn: Very well.
[Ray sits down. Fraser and Carolyn go into the hall]
Carolyn: I loathe this place.
Fraser: Mmm. You know, in the Middle Ages they would often open a hole in the accused person's torso into which they would pour molten lead as an encouragement to confession. So I suppose if you viewed it in a favorable light you could consider this a form of progress.
Carolyn: You under the care of a qualified psychiatrist Constable?
[Visitors room]
Beth: So you looking for forgiveness?
Ray: [body lang.: eyes looking at table, slumped slightly, hands folded on table] Is that what you think?
Beth: People visit me for a limited number of reasons. You're not press. You're not family. If it's not a pardon you're looking for, what is it?
Ray: I'm just here because I um...
Beth: You're just here because I'm here. Because I'm here, because I'm queer.
Ray: Kind of nutty huh?
Beth: Actually I'd say I'm fairly well adjusted considering.
Ray: You got a point.
Beth: You can rest easy Kowalski. They took me to the death room four time's. One time the needle pricked my skin before they had to stop. I would prefer they killed me.
Ray: Why? Because you killed him?
[Beth flashes back. She kneels next to the body, picks up the gun]
Beth: I loved him. [She takes her eyes off Ray for the first time. She sucks in a breath, trying to maintain control, then says the words she thinks he came to hear] It's not your fault, any cop could have taken that call.
Ray: I know that. [He looks at her for the first time]
Beth: [looks back at him] Well, don't let it wear on you. I know how hard it is. I was a cop's wife for ten years.
Ray: I know.
Beth: [flash of her trying to back away from the body] So let your conscience be clear Officer Kawolski. I killed him.
[Outside the prison]
Fraser: Are you alright?
Ray: I'm good. I am good. I'm great. She's lying Fraser. She's gonna die and she's trying to make me feel better.
Fraser: How do you know she's lying?
Ray: I know when somebody's lying, Fraser. She's lying. She did not kill her husband.
[Back at the juice bar]
Waiter: Throw some of this down the old food tube. It boosts you right back up.
Ray: What is it?
Waiter: It's a little concoction of my own devising. I call it despondency. It's got windflower's it's got a little bit of dried codfish, but the main ingredient, St John's Wort.
Ray: You want me to eat something that's got warts in it?
Waiter: mmm-
Fraser: I believe that's w-o-r-t, Ray. It's world renowned for it's medicinal qualities.
Waiter: Ya gotta respect a guy who knows his roots.
Ray: I would respect you if you took your despondency and give yourself a colonic. We're talking here, okay? [Waiter leaves] Look Fraser, it is an open and shut case. Number one, fingerprints were all over the trigger. Number two, she'd threatened to kill him in public. Number three, she could not account for her movements on the night in question. The whole thing was over in a week.
Fraser: What about the piece of paper. The one you said you found near the body.
Ray: A little piece of paper is not going to change the out come Fraser. In 48 hours, she's dead.
Fraser: Indulge me. Follow the paper trail [or track?].
Ray: Follow the paper trail...[flashback of it] okay, I found the paper near the body.
Fraser: and did you read what was on it?
Ray: No. I heard the shower. I shoved it in my pocket.
Fraser: And after that?
Ray: Everyone else showed up. The back up. Eventually I gave it to Detective Franklin.
Fraser: Who was he?
[Flash or Franklin]
Ray: Primary investigator. He bagged it, tagged it. That was it.
Fraser: Wait a minute.
[Flash of Franklin putting the paper in a bag, then showing it to Ray. "Okay?']
Ray: I contaminated the evidence.
Fraser: Procedure would suggest that it had been disturbed. Yes.
Ray: I forgot about that. I forgot about that until right now. Whole careers are wrecked over things like that. What happens to me? I get promoted.
Fraser: Ray, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You were young. It was your first situation. There was blood on the floor. There was a corpse. It could happen to anybody.
Ray: You ever make a mistake like that?
Fraser: No. But that's not important. What is important is that we need to know what was on that piece of paper.
Ray: A woman's sitting on death row because I screwed up. [Fraser doesn't reply] [To waiter] You got any of that despondency?
Waiter: You know I do.
Ray: Give me a jumbo. To go.
[27th] Dewey is using a magic marker to draw a very large '@" on a very large piece of paper. Everyone is cheering. Ray sees it, storms over]
Dewey: Two more days and it's wham bam, thank you ma'am.
Ray: Take it down.
Dewey: What's your problem.
Ray: Take it down! [Dewey looks at sign then back at Ray] I said take it down. [Ray lunges, knocking into Dewey - rips down the sign. Dewey lunges at Ray, Huey and Welsh try to separate them.]
Huey: Knock it off.
Welsh: Come on! This isn't the middle ages here. You want to celebrate this thing, you do it in private.
[Voice heard from TV as Dewey straightens his tie, Ray walks away: "the count down continues towards Friday's execution of convicted cop killer Beth Botrelle" Pan to the TV. Robert Bedford: No one gets any pleasure from what's going to happen here. But people should let the State get on with the business of dispensing justice that is the will of the people."]
Welsh: What is this? A paid political advertisement? Turn it off.
[Dewey stands on a chair and turns it off but stays on the chair] Am I missing something here? She killed one of us. She killed a cop. She's getting what she deserves, alright? The big sleep. End of story.
Huey: Are you trying to become a colorful personality?
Dewey: Screw you Jack.
Welsh: Botrelle was a good cop, Constable. 8 years or not, people are going to remember.
Franklin: Not easy is it?
Ray: Inspector Sam Franklin.
Franklin: Good to see you Ray.
Ray: Good to see you.
Franklin: Come on, walk me down the hall.
Ray: What the hell you doing down here at the 27?
Franklin: I was just passing out new regulations on petty cash accountability. Thought I'd pop my head in, see how you were holding up.
Ray: Truth? Not so good.
Franklin: Well I know it's hard. Maybe you should take a few days, get out of town till this is over.
Ray: I'm off my nut. I'm not so sure she did it Sam.
Franklin: Now Ray, you know she did.
Ray: No. I do not. I mean -
Franklin: Come on, I know what you're going thru. Jake Botrelle and I worked together. He was a hell of a guy. I thought I'd be the first one to lead the cheer when this killer was taking a walk. Come on. Now all we can do is feel sad.
Ray: What happen to the piece of paper?
Franklin: What paper?
Ray: That piece of paper that I gave you?
Franklin: It was bagged and tagged, like everything else. Listen Ray, you and I, we did a hell of a job. That's all you gotta think about. Thinking about this other stuff is gonna make you crazy. You gotta let it go.
Ray: Right.
Franklin: Come on. Take care of yourself. You need to talk to someone, call me.
[Ray walks down the hall - fade out.
[Since her name was never mentioned, I'm gonna call her Librarian]
[Fraser and Librarian strolling to evidence area, Ray walking behind]
Librarian: I had land acquisitions right next to the aboriginal spirit walks [giggle] Can you believe it?
Fraser: [chuckling] No, I can't.
Librarian: Oh you have to come to the art institutes. I'm giving a lecture on the geopolitics of post-colonial Burmese puppet theatre.
Fraser: Oh you scamp!
Librarian: Yeah. I'll get the evidence log. I'll be right back.
Fraser: Thank you.
Ray: [Examining the rows and rows of evidence boxes] Friend of yours?
Fraser: Yes - uh well, we share some common interests. Inuit throat singing for an example.
Ray: Hold the story. There's the man.
Fraser [looking at photo of Regan]: you know we used to watch his movies at the cinema in Dawson Creek. Few were more surprised than we were when he became president.
Ray [very disgusted at Fraser not recognizing the man HE was looking at] Not Regan. The guy beside him that's uh, Jake Botrelle, everyone's favorite cop.
Fraser: [pointing to the third man in photo] Who's that?
Ray: That's our fearless leader, States Attorney, Robert Bedford. Known to his intimates as ordinary Bob. Made it big after the Botrelle case. Keeps it up, he's gonna make governor.
Librarian: Here it is. [Brings a book] You know we really should go for bark tea sometime.
Fraser: Oh that's an inspired idea.
Librarian: Oh.
Ray: Hang on, where's the evidence.
Librarian: It's not here. After five years they move it across town into storage. Which is stupid but it's government. I could call ahead and get you a time.
Fraser: I appreciate it. And I am looking forward to that bark tea.
Librarian: Yes! [Fraser is still giggling as he waves bye to her]
Ray: [looking thru book] Look for evidence bag 26.
Fraser: [still chuckling] 26. [Ray gives him a strange look and Fraser gets serious] One pair of sunglasses. There'' no reference to a piece of paper. [Slams book, Ray jerks his hand out of the way] Sorry.
[Evidence storage building]
[Guard eating a sandwich. buzzes the door open for two guys exiting as Ray and Fraser enter. Fraser sniffs air]
Fraser: mm. Bay rum cologne.
Ray: I'm detective-
Guard: We're closed.
Ray: You don't look closed.
Guard: Well we are closed. Very closed.
Ray: Since when does evidence lockup-
Fraser: Ray, Ray. Thank you kindly sir. [Pretends to leave, but ducks into the ladies room instead]
Guard: [phone rings] Security. [Listens} Right away. [Hangs up, grabs a clip board and leaves. Ray and Fraser come out of ladies room, Ray goes to desk, moves sandwich while locating the buzzer. Buzzes Fraser thru then joins him. Guard returns to desk and picks up sandwich. He knows someone was there]
[Storage area. They are standing on a very tall ladder looking thru boxes]
Ray: So what you're saying is basically, nothing is in the right bag.
Fraser: Well there does seem to be a pattern. The contents of every fifth bag has been switched. One for 6, two for seven. One up to 20 where it repeats itself so I think the piece of paper should be in the bag one hundred and eleven marked eyebrow pencil.
Ray: Eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil. [Digs in a box] I saw that. I saw that. [Fraser sniffs the air] How'd you do that?
Fraser: Someone just entered the building.
[Couple guys run around searching.]
Guy: Down here.
Ray: It doesn't look like the same piece of paper.
Fraser: [putting lid on box] There's two men, heading this way. Caring weapons. {Ray pockets paper, follows Fraser onto the top shelf where they jump from top shelf to top shelf - guys searching. Fraser and Ray jump to last shelf closest to exit, land on empty boxes, breaking their fall. They escape. The two guys pound on door, shaking it]
Guy: [under his breath, more to himself] Come on come on. Ah - it's locked.
[27th Fraser pacing/trying to peek between blinds of Welsh's office.]
[Welsh's office]
Bedford: Detective Kawolski, Lt Welsh tells me you've more than lived up to your promise as a rookie. As a matter of fact he tells me you're one of his finest officers. Which dismays me, dismays me because I can't have anyone from the CPD making public statements that uh inflame the situation. You know what I mean?
Ray: Not sure.
Bedford: I'm not getting thru to you Detective?
Ray: I'm really not sure sir.
Bedford: Alright. Let's cut the nail. Carolyn Sherman is one of the finest defense attorneys in the state. You have been talking to her. You have been talking to her client. You have been requesting evidence from the Botrelle case. See, in my eyes, this is not a good thing.
Ray: It's not official, sir.
Bedford: No, it's not personal. You have a job and I expect you to do it.
Ray: I just want to do what's right ... sir.
Bedford: I'm suggesting you're not. Now this woman was sentenced by the people to be put to death with cause. That's our mandate. Personally speaking, she deserves it. Now the longer we drag this thing out, the more negative PR we attract to one of the greatest cities in America.
Ray: So we should kill her to avoid any bad press? Sir?
[Welsh moves out of camera...distancing himself to what is going on]
Bedford: You're a smart ass, huh? I'm gonna make this very simple, Kowalski. Drop the Botrelle case, that's a direct order from the State Attorney. [Ray has index finger in his ear, as Bedford turns to Welsh, Ray rotates the finger, still in ear and makes like a gun] Lt. It would be a good thing if you uh learned to control your men. [Bedford opens door, looks Fraser over] What do you do?
Fraser: Uh, well sir, I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father and - [Bedford walks off, Fraser goes into Welsh's office]
Welsh: Dt. I've never met anyone with as great a compacity to piss of people as you.
Ray: Just people I don't like sir.
Fraser: Well no actually Ray. People you do like. I mean if you think about Sandor who you beat about the head.
Ray: Fraser! Lt. Don't shut me down on this. I'm close.
Welsh: Alright. Look, you got sick days coming. Take a couple. Go home. What you do on your own time is your business. Alright? And oh Dt. Find something.
[both of them wag index finger at Welsh]
Ray: Now what?
Fraser: We need to find out everything we can about Jake Botrelle. If his wife didn't kill him, somebody else did. There must be a reason.
Ray: Crime scene video tapes, were they in any of the boxes?
Fraser: I didn't see them. I'm sure we won't get a second look but I do have another source.
Ray: Good. Oh! First things first. Let's pull the files.
[where ever files are kept]
Female Cop: Yeah, I knew Jake. Everybody loved Jake. Especially the ladies. You want to know why? [she starts taking out the files and piling them in Fraser's arms] Sincerity. He had it down. You couldn't tell he didn't mean a single word he was saying or as soon as you were out of his sight you were out of his mind. You're lucky. Anyone was in charge around here, we'da gotten rid of those a long time ago. [the files]
Fraser: Thank you kindly.
[Ray's desk. They are going over files taking notes]
Fraser: This is Dt. Botrelle's daytimers and there's several entries with a single reference: Mermaid. Is that standard police nomenclature?
Ray: I don't know no clature from my elbow but I do know Mermaid? That is not standard cop talk.
Fraser: Here is a monthly payment reminder to Calahan's. Sound like something to you?
Ray: Sounds like a bar -
[Duck boys strut up}
Huey: Still investigating the victim?
Fraser: Is that not standard procedure in a homicide investigation?
Dewey: Well if it's an unsolved homicide, yes but we know the murderer on this one so what's the point?
Ray: The point is - walk on. That's it. Just walk on. Get out of here, okay? [with a sneer] Thank you.
Welsh: [carrying a toaster and dust mop] Dt. How you feeling?
Ray: I'm fine.
Welsh: No, no, you look sick. You should go home.
Ray: Right. I'm sick.
[Franklin's apartment. Knock knock knock]
Franklin: I'm coming. [opens door] Ray.
Ray: Am I interrupting anything?
Franklin: Yeah. You bet. Look at me. Ha ha. Come on in. I've been offered a job you know. Chief investigator for Phalynx Insurance.
Ray: Never thought you were the type to retie.
Franklin: Well after the Botrelle case. I don't know. Can't say I lost my verve exactly but if it could happen to him.
Ray: [puts the evidence bag on table] Found it. But I don't think it's the same piece of paper. What do you think?
Franklin: Where'd you get it?
Ray: Evidence lock-up.
Franklin: [amused] You broke in?
Ray: You think that's the same piece of paper?
Franklin: It was in the bag.
Ray: Well, yeah, it was in the bag but -
Franklin: But what? You don't remember something about a piece of paper 8 years ago? Listen to yourself. You're loosing it.
Ray: Look I think that Bedford suppressed the evidence.
Franklin: Bedford's an ambitious bastard yes, but that's as far as it goes. You tell me something. Why would he rig a trial that he already had red handed?
Ray: Look I don't know but that is not the same piece of paper I found 8 years ago and that is not the same piece of paper you put in evidence bag number 26.
Franklin: Well, if you're sure about that. We should move forward huh? Cause that clock's ticking on that woman.
Ray: No we don't have nothing solid on it yet. Jake ever talk about Mermaid? It showed up in his notebook a lot.
Franklin: Who knows. He was called Jake the Make. Maybe it was one of his women.
Ray: He had some bad habits?
Franklin: There were rumors about him and Bedford's wife. I never believed them.
[Carolyn Sherman's office]
Carolyn: What exactly are you looking for Constable?
Fraser: Well, I'm not sure. To be perfectly honest with you. There are certain questions that we have that maybe answered by the crime scene tape.
Carolyn: And those that aren't?
Fraser: I was hoping you would be able to help us. For instance, why didn't the subject of Dt. Botrelle's philandering arise in court?
Carolyn: Because it wouldn't help our case. Every step down that road lead to a witness that would testify that they heard Beth threaten to kill him in public. At some point you cut bait and run.
Fraser: But it might have provided another party with a motive.
Carolyn: No physical evidence placed anyone else inside the house.
Fraser: Do you believe she's guilty?
Carolyn: That's an irrelevant question. The only real question is, Do I think she should die. Constable if you are onto something, be quick about it. It'll be a matter of academics in less than 30 hours.
[Beth is sitting in her cell, silently crying]
[Dewey is humming "Are you sleeping?" as he makes a '1' on a pad of paper. Stands to display it]
Dewey: It's all over but the crying.
[cheering in the room. Welsh stands in his door frowning but doesn't say anything]
[Ray's apartment. He is laying on the couch. Fraser: apparently let's himself in]
Fraser: You there Ray? Carolyn Sherman gave me the crime scene videotape. I'm not sure it's going to be all that revealing [puts it in VCR]
[note: this sounds to be a 'game' they go thru often. Each saying a part and knowing how it will end. Ray never has the tea but offers it and Fraser always says oh yes]
Ray: And I get a piece of paper that's not the real piece of paper. And I suppose you'd like a cup of that bark tea?
Fraser: Oh yes. I'd love some. Thank you.
Ray: Well I don't have any. [petting Dief]
Fraser: Oh well, another time. [watching tape]
Ray: [turns attention from Dief to the TV]: Okay. [takes a drink from his coffee and puts it down in another spot. Focus on the circle stain on papers]
Fraser: Ray, look. [sees the same thing on the tape but shows him the stain on his paper]
Ray: What, I'm a pig?
Fraser: No, no, not that. [rewinds] I think we may be able to prove that this piece of paper's not the piece of paper you found under the body.
Ray: How?
Fraser: [opens paper from bag] Here it is. See that? [points to partial ring on paper] Look there [at tape] on the coffee table. Three overlapping pieces of paper, three overlapping stains. Just like this [points to newspaper on Ray's coffee table]
Ray: [looks at table, looks at tape, looks at table, looks at tape] now look at the time code.
That means that piece of paper was in the kitchen one hour after the crime. This is our proof. We have the proof.
Fraser: I think we do yes. You know Ray, you really should consider dusting. [drags his finger over the table]
Ray: Thanks a lot.
[Fraser and Dief look up. Next to the smoke detector is a tiny 'bug'. ]
Fraser: [looks at Ray, arms to his side but hands raised and fluttering] Buzzzzzzzzzz
Ray: Okay, so I'm a pig, a slob and I have an infestation.
[points up and repeats gesture and the buzzzzz. Dief gets it, Ray doesn't]
Ray: What? [one more time. This time, all three of them look up] Oh. [they start packing up the evidence and tape. Both speak as if they attended Chuck Norris' school of bad acting] Those guys from the Trib sure thought I was full of it.
Fraser: And you are suppose to meet them within the hour, aren't you?
Ray: Yes I am. At the Gladestone behind the corner of Shoester and Wade.
Fraser: I believe that's Wade and Shoester isn't it Ray?
[on the roof, looking over edge for the car of whoever bugged the apartment]
Fraser: [spotting a car] Here we go. Backing up. Driving in. this is it. [down the stairs to the car. Ray jumps on trunk, over roof, pulls gun on - the Duck boys - who've drawn their guns]
Ray: What are you doing here?
Dewey: We got a tip that there was a drug deal going down.
Ray: Someone's playing games with us.
Fraser: The piece of paper. [running toward apartment]
Dewey: you want a lift?
Fraser: Uh...not in that car. Thank you kindly!
[apartment has been tossed]
Fraser: The paper?
Ray: Gone.
Fraser: That man we passed in the hallway. I've smelled him before. In the evidence lock-up.
Ray: [looking in a file] Here you go. Sergeant Eddie Polito . Twenty year veteran currently in charge of evidence and seized property. This is the guy?
Fraser: I think so. [at the computer] In 1989 to 1990 Officer Polito worked undercover with Officer ??? Robertson under the direction of Jake Botrelle on project Neptune. The State's Attorney's investigation into union corruption on the waterfront. Investigation headed up by Robert Bedford. Neptune. Mermaid.
Ray: Connection?
Fraser: [shakes head] Other than they both have maritime associations, I have no idea.
[here come the Duck boys]
Dewey: You guys investigating other cops now? You want a job in IA? Why don't you apply to IA.
Ray: [drops his head] Look, this is personal. [gets in Dewey's face] You want to get in the middle of it, it's fine by me. You want ta be filled in? Cause I'll fill you in.
Dewey: [chorts, but starts backing away] Maybe another day.
[TV is on, someone says 'Hey it's Bedford, turn it up, turn it up" Bedford: Let us pray not only for Beth Botrelle but for America. "Are you going to run for governor?" Bedford: I don't think this is the time to be discussing that. I will say that my faith is and my love for this country has never been stronger. Thank you.]
Ray: The bodies not even cold and he's running for governor.
Fraser: That may have provided us with the opening we need.
Ray: How so?
Fraser: Well, now that the rumor of him seeking the governorship is confirmed, he'll be walking on eggshells until such time that Beth Botrelle is dead. It'll make him vulnerable. Now what if we can trap him into talking about that piece of paper on tape. That should - Ray, Ray, Ray. [Ray started one way, Fraser another] That should give us all the evidence we need.
Ray: Well we can't meet him and if we try to call him, he's gonna have us off the street in no time flat.
Fraser: Exactly. So it'll have to be someone he could trust.
Fraser: I know the guy. I'll talk to him.
Fraser: Okay.
Ray: Where you going?
Fraser: To find a Mermaid.
Beth: Mermaid? No nothing springs to mind.
Carolyn: Constable Fraser found the reference in your husband's journal.
Fraser: I thought perhaps it might be one of his contacts.
Beth: You could ask States Attorney Bedford. Jake was his chief investigator into waterfront corruption. So he would know. He-he called Jake the night that he died.
Fraser: Do you know what they talked about?
Beth: No. No. He didn't talk about his business.
Fraser: I don't imagine he mentioned a Calahan or Calahan's?
Beth: Calahan's. Yeah. Jake ran up a lot of charges on our credit card and I thought it was a bar. We had one of our biggest fights about that.
Fraser: It wasn't a bar?
Beth: no, no. It was a storage place. It was the only time hie was ever telling the truth. Is this any use?
Fraser: I hope so.
Beth: yeah, me too. I um I lied the other day to Officer Kowalski. I didn't kill my husband.
Fraser: He knows.
[Ray's car]
Franklin: You ask me to save a woman who killed a cop.
Ray: She didn't do it Sam. I know it.
Franklin: Come on Ray. Whadda ya got?
Ray: We think Jake Botrelle was having an affair with Bedford's wife. That piece of paper I found at uh, the scene had something to do with it. He knew this case could make his career so he destroyed the piece of evidence that could disqualify him from the case and kill his family at the same time.
Franklin: No. Bob wouldn't do that.
Ray: Sam, come on. Power. Ambition. People do crazy things. Besides, she is guilty anyway right?
Franklin: So what do you want me to do?
Ray: Set up a meeting.
[Calahan's - Duck boys and Fraser]
Calahan guy: Hasn't been opened in years. You sure this is okay?
Huey: Oh absolutely.
Dewey: It really is strange the warrant department ran out of forms like that, huh?
Huey: How do you like that?
[Calahan guy unlocks an area]
Huey: Botrelle's. [brief case]
Dewey: Probably his love letters.
Huey: Oh. Love that writing paper! [case full of money]
Fraser: Here. [looking thru a daytimer]
Huey: What?
Fraser: I found the Mermaid.
[evidence lockup]
Ray: What you tell him.
Franklin: I just said we had to talk. I hope you're right about this Kowalski.
Ray: Yeah. You me and uh, Beth Botrelle.
[while this is all going down, they keep flashing over to Beth]
[Beth on way to chamber]
Franklin: [holding gun on Ray] Move.
Bedford: What's going on here?
Franklin: Sorry Bob. You would have made a good governor. Mostly you always got what you wanted. But not this time. It's my turn.
[Polito and his partner are standing behind Bedford with their guns out and ready]
Polito: Far enough.
[Beth in chamber]
Bedford: Sam? What the hell's going on here? I don't understand.
Franklin: It's not that complicated. Why don't you give it a try.
Fraser: [just his voice, out of no where] Why don't I take a stab at it. [Beth on table, IV brought in] Beth Botrelle did not kill her husband. He committed suicide [curtains open for witnesses to watch] A suicide that was prompted by a telephone call from States Attorney Bedford [now we see him come out of the shadows] in which Jake Botrelle learned he was about to be indited in a kickback scheme. [needle is shown along with Beth's arm. She appears to be very calm] the paper found under his body was a suicide note. A note that also implicated his partner [Beth, then the clock. Clock is less than 2 min to midnight] in the crime. Inspector Sam Franklin.
Ray: You really like these dramatic revelations don't you Fraser?
Fraser: Not really Ray. All that exposition makes me feel a little thirsty.
Ray: Mmm.
Franklin: This scheme was going to be my pay off. And no ones gonna take it away from me.
Fraser: Are you willing to kill all of us for it? [Beth looks relaxed, just watching the clock]
Franklin: I was willing to let a woman die for it. So why not the three of you?
Fraser: Only three? Look again.
[every cop in Chicago turned up for this one.]
[Beth who is shaking slightly. Phone rings]
[Beth and Ray at the Botrelle home. Beth really doesn't remember much about the night. She was in shock at finding her husband dead]
Beth: You were frightened.
Ray: Yeah. Uh, no. I wasn't frightened. I bumped him and then I pulled my gun cause I didn't know. I didn't...
Beth: he was here. He was lying here.
Ray: Yeah. Look we don't have to -
Beth: No, keep going please. You just keep going please.
Ray: I knelt down and I picked up a piece of paper and I um...
Beth: you didn't read it? You didn't read it, did you?
Ray: No. No. Cause I heard um...
Beth: Heard the water running. [to the bathroom] So the water drew you here.
Ray: Yeah but the uh door wasn't closed all the way. [opens it slightly]
Beth: so you open it.
Ray: I pushed it open, yeah.
Beth: And where was I?
Ray: There. [shower]
Beth: And the water was running. [she goes to the hall, he follows}
Ray: I'm sorry.
Beth: No.
Ray: I am. I'm so sorry.
Beth: No. [crying] Thank you Officer Kowalski [kissing him]
[Ray walking toward his car. Fraser and Dief are waiting outside of the car. Ray not looking at Fraser gets in. Fraser gets in. Ray breaks down crying. Fraser, at a loss reaches over and pats his back]



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