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.. ScťnŠÝ - 59. epizoda - Ve znamenŪ woodoo (Mojo Rising) ..

[Rayís car]
Ray: Fraser, what are you doing?
Fraser: [going very slow] Well Iím driving. [cheery wave to the guy cursing him from the other car]
Ray: This is not driving, this is walking with a vehicle.
Fraser: Iím going the posted limit.
Ray: That is my point. Nobody goes the posted limit. You keep this up and weíll get smacked from behind and Iíll have to explain to my father why the car got wrecked while the Mountie was driving it after he dragged it here from Arizona like a dozen eggs.
Fraser: You must say hello to your father for me by the way.
Ray: Look, you can do that yourself. Heís staying at this trailer park out at Skokie. Altho he doesnít know if he can hack the winter.
Fraser: And howís your mother?
Ray: She can hack the winter. She comes in everyday to iron my shirts.
Fraser: Oh what a thoughtful gesture.
Ray: You kidding? Crispy shirts. Look like I work in a bank?
Fraser: Thatís a bad thing I take it?
Ray: Yeah. I mean it clashes with my uh ---
Fraser: Persona? Aura? Style?
Ray: Exactly. Style counts Fraser: Like what youíre doing right now? This is auntie style.
Fraser: You just asked me to be careful.
Ray: Careful. Not stationary. Stop the car, let me show you how to do it.
Fraser: Iíve ridden with you many times Ray.
Ray: Ridden yes. Studied, no. learned? No. stop the car.
Fraser: As you wish. [trading places without getting out of car]
Ray: Okay. Good driving is like a vocation. Part brain part magic, part guts, part ESP. Watch the shoulder.
Fraser: Whatís that?
Ray: Clothing adjustment. You got to be able to sense things. Like the lights. Okay. Iím sensing three, two, one, go. [screeching as they go Ö the tires, not Fraser]
Fraser: Ray. You just violated at least a half a dozen traffic laws. [Ray gives him a dead pan look] Ray, stop. [spots two guys with guns on a third]
Ray: What? I just got going.
Fraser: Criminals.
Ray: Criminals? [Fraser bails out of the car, roll, roll and run]

Agent Goodfellow: [to escapee] INS officers. Stop! [Ray turns around, heading down alley] INS!
Gerome Laferette: Stop them theyíre trying to kill me. [Ray jumps from car, which is still running and the door is hanging open]
Fraser: Gentlemen. Iím afraid Iím going to have to ask you to stop.
Ray: Chicago PD! Stop right there!
Agent Goodfellow: Show your badge.
Ray: Show me yours.
Agent Goodfellow: You first.
Ray: YOU!
Agent Goodfellow: Immigration - Naturalization. Stop that man. [he points to Gerome who is stealing Rayís car]
Ray: Hey! My car. [wants to shoot, but hey, itís his car]
Ray: Theyíre shooting up the streets. How are we suppose to know itís not gang related?
Agent Goodfellow: Gangs? Aaron look ganged up to you? You got gangs of fat-assed forty-two year white guys running around that we donít know about?
Ray: Okay. Mob. Something. How the hell are we supposed to know?
Agent Goodfellow: Maybe because Iím shoving a badge in your face. Maybe because Iím running full out chasing a felon and yelling ďINSĒ at the top of my lungs. Maybe I could have captured him.
Ray: I could have captured you pal.
Welsh: Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. This is not a schoolyard.
Fraser: Sir if I may. We seem to be missing a couple of salient points here.
Ray: Yeah. One Ė a car got stolen. B Ė my car.
Agent Goodfellow: Yeah. Thatís going to cost me a lot of sleep considering the guy you let get away is the guy who tried to kill me.
Fraser: Well since the man who stole Rayís car and the man who tried to kill you are one and the same, I would suggest we share a common goal and in the spirit of judicial cooperation perhaps we should consider pooling our resources and our information.
Agent Goodfellow: Whatís wrong with him.
Welsh: Heís Canadian.
Agent Goodfellow: Look. I got lots of information on the guy weíre looking for. What have you got.
Ray: I got the license number.
Welsh: Very little escapes his eye.

Ray: Frannie, [who is reading a magazine] put out an APB. License number WE 761, black 1967 double barreled car, GTO.
Frannie: What is it with you guys and cars. What? You all have your brains stuck behind your zippers or something? [to Fraser] I mean excluding you of course, Fraser:
Fraser: Oh, thank you.
Frannie: What is that? what does that stand for? GTO. Great throbbing Ė
Ray: No Frannie itís Grand, grand, what is it again Fraser?
Fraser: Grand Turiso Omologato.
Ray: Right. GTO. Now hit the keys please Frannie. Thank you.
[Rayís Dads name is Damien]
Damien: Raymond!
Ray: Dad!
Damien: Look what I found in the wrecking yard.
Ray: You got it. Ram air four cam shaft.
Damien: Ha ha, mint to. Letís go put it on. What? Something happen to the car?
Ray: Are you kidding? That car is my life. No I just took it in for some detailing.
Damien: Detailing?
Ray: Yeah, yeah. Thatís where you make it look new again.
Damien: It already looks like new!
Ray: Yeah but these guys they they make it look newer than new. Theyíre good at this they use this little toothbrush and whatnots and Ė let me drop this off and Iíll uh. Iíll uh [yanks the cam from his dadís grip and puts in on his desk] Weíll get you coffee on the way home. Iíll get you a coffee. [stunned dad just nods]

Agent Goodfellow: Gerome Laferette was a friend. At least we thought he was.
Agent Gobrah: Thereís been a lot of Haitian immigration to the city lately. Most of it legal. Some of it not so legal.
Agent Goodfellow: they live in a sort of enclave. Very insular. Very weary of outsiders. Laferette carries some weight in the community. Heís a priest.
Frannie: Oh like Father Mallone?
Agent Gobrah: More like Papa Shango. [note: Shango was the 4th king of Yoruba]
Frannie: What do you mean? More like voodoo?
Fraser: Itís Voudon actually. In Haiti itís Loa. Itís a religion which derives from African urban beliefs. [note: actually Voodoo, Voudon either is acceptable terms.]
Agent Goodfellow: He was our community connection.
Frannie: What do you mean. He was like your sniff? [Fraser gives her a look] I mean uh, your scratch? [Fraser whispers to her] yes. Thatís what I said.
Fraser: Ah. So you did.
Agent Goodfellow: Weíve been closing in on some of the sweatshops. Gerome called and wanted us to meet him down in the projects. Cloak and dagger all of a sudden. But heís always been a square guy. So we go. Six guys with guns waiting for us.
Fraser: And youíre sure it was Mr. Laferette who betrayed you?
Agent Goodfellow: Only one who knew weíd be there.
Ray: [returning from taking his dad for coffee] Pitter patter letís get at her. Letís find that car.
Fraser: Gentlemen? [leaves with Ray] you alright?
Ray: Uh. I lied to my dad.
Fraser: About the car?
Ray: Yeah.
Fraser: I see.
Ray: Look, donít tell me I should have been honest with him Fraser cause I lied to him for his own good.
Fraser: You lied to him for his own good?
Ray: Well yeah. You donít know my parents. I mean they live in this weird world. Theyíre talking back to the television, they buy stuff from infocommercials. I just try to protect them.
Fraser: I can understand that.
Ray: So you understand the lying.
Fraser: The lying, no. but I can understand the wanting to protect your father. I often wished that I could have protected my father.
[the projects]
Ray: Look. This is Voodooville. Weíre about as popular as the INS down here.
Fraser: These people have good reason to fear authority Ray. Their history is one of domination. First by the colonial powers and then a series of brutal dictators who suppressed the people with strong-arm tactics and turned their religion against them. [going up stairs, people lookout to see who it is, Fraser, ever cheerful greets them]
Fraser: Good day. Hello.
[stop at Gerome door, but Dief is making whiny growls at another door. They walk over, open door. A voudon ritual is going on. They close it and go back to apartment 309 and knock]
Ray: Chicago PD, Weíre looking for Gerome Laferette.
Mrs. Laferette: Gerome didnít come home last night.
Fraser: You must be very worried.
Mrs. Laferette: Geromeís gonna be alright. Heís close to the Loa.
Ray: To the what?
Fraser: The Godís Ray.
Ray: Oh thatís great. Just ell us where the gods are so we can find them. Look, this isnít a joke lady, your husbandís in a lot of trouble. Grand theft auto and some stupid federal charges.
Fraser: Assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder actually.
Ray: And the car.
Fraser: And the car.
Ray: So if I were you, Iíd start telling us everything I know because if you donít Ė
Momma Lolla: Mr. Policeman. [both of them jump away from the door as if they were little kids caught doing something they shouldnít] Thereís a document called the Constitution of the United States of America. Have you read this document?
Ray: No. Well my eyes are kinda bad so Ė
Momma Lolla: See anything in this document that gives you a right to this ladies house and have you treat her like some dirt on your boot? [she is very royal in her attitude]
Fraser: No maíam, we donít.
Momma Lolla: Well then you should bothÖleave.
Ray: Look lady I am a cop - -
Fraser: Ray! Ray! [to Momma Lolla] The detective would like to apologize for his tone.
Ray: I would?
Fraser: Uh, yes you would Ray. He meant no disrespect. [Ray nods] My name is Constable Benton Fraser. [women coming out of their apartments to watch]
Momma Lolla: You first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of your daddy and you stayed. [giggles] and so did your daddy.
Fraser: [starts to say Ďhow did you knowí but says] Very perceptive. You would be?
Momma Lolla: Lolla. Some folks call me Momma Lolla. I work with Gerome.
Fraser: At the shipping depot?
Momma Lolla: No, his other work.
Fraser: His voudon work. Perhaps you could help us find Gerome.
Momma Lolla: Gerome Laferette donít need to be found by you.
Fraser: You donít think heíd like to return to his family?
Momma Lolla: When heís good and ready.
Fraser: I see. I understand. [Ray looks to be in a trance] Ray. Ray. Ray. [knocks once on Rayís head to get him back] Thank you kindly for your time.
Ray. Okay, this is great. So how do we find the car. How the hell do we find this car?
Fraser: All in good time, Ray, all in good time. Good day gentlemen. [ to folks in hallway]
[Gutmanís import/export]
Gutman: Gerome. Heís a wonderful man. An excellent worker. Never late never a problem. Thatís why I couldnít understand why he Ė why he didnít show up today. I figured it had something to do with his religious work or something.
Fraser: Youíre aware of his religious work with the voudon?
Gutman: Oh certainly. I was born and raised in New Orleans. Iím very familiar with Obatala [note: he pronounced it as Obia], Voodoo, Loa. Itís not a bad thing. Itís actually quite fascinating. Itís uhÖhelps people understand certain strange situations. Keeps things settled down. At least Gerome did. Do you think heís in trouble? Real trouble?
Ray: Big time.
Gutman: Gee, I donít know what Iím gonna do with out him.
Fraser: You have no idea where he might be?
Gutman: For all I know he could be in Haidi. [sees someone] Edwardo, what you doing here! What are you doing back so soon!
Edwardo: I feel better working.
Gutman: Oh man! [drapes arm over his shoulder] Are you sure?
Edwardo: Yes sir.
Gutman: If thereís anything I can do for you, you let me know, you understand? Okay, you take care now. [to Ray] His wife died six days ago. Back to work already. Having a real hart time. Particularly with out Gerome around.
Ray: Why is that?
Gutman: Well, when one has a lose, one seeks comfort with a priest. Geromeís a good man. You sure he did something bad? [Ray nods]
Fraser: Thank you kindly.
Gutman: alright fine. No problem, gentleman. [goes back to work]
Ray: Some help. I mean, how the hell is that going to help me find my car. [he turns to find heís talking to himself, Fraser is with Edwardo, talking and walking. We donít know about what]
[night in the projects]
Ray: You sure this is it?
Fraser: Edwardo would have no reason to lie. And Momma Lolla was practicing for the nine night ritual for his wife. If Mr. Laferette is as important as everyone says he is it would be his duty to attend.
Ray: Still, it doesnít look like a church.
Fraser: Well, a church isnít simply a church Ray. Itís a state of mind. [enters. Dief whines, they here music and follow it to people dancing around a fire]
Ray: [pulling badge] Excuse me folks, Chicago PD. Gerome Laferette youíre under arrest.
Momma Lolla: Leave him! And leave this church! [Gerome throws flash powder in the fire and takes off. They chase him and catch him]
Fraser: Iím afraid youíll have to come with us, Mr. Laferette.
Ray: Look, you want to tell me where my car is?
Gerome: I donít remember.
Ray: Not good enough.
Gerome: I was frightened. I got off at Lakeshore. Somewhere near the projects. I think I left it on Latimer or Western.
Ray: Latimer? You left my car on Latimer? Unguarded? [mad] They eat cars up on Latimer. Stick him in lockup until the feds get here. [Ray practically runs out. Dief talks low to Gerome who smiles knowingly to Dief]
Gerome: a wolf.
Fraser: A half wolf actually.
Gerome: The interesting half. The wild half that speaks to you. [Dief speaks to him again]
Fraser: He does seem to respond to you.
Gerome: An understanding of wild things is important to my work.
Fraser: I assume youíre not speaking of your work at the shipping depot.
Gerome: No my real work.
Fraser: Voudon. Interesting use of the flash powder at the ceremony today. Perhaps a bit obvious.
Gerome: Thereís showmanship in any religion.
Fraser: True enough.
[chanting coming from bullpen]
Welsh: What the hell was that noise? [dancers and Momma show up, Momma tosses something small Ė seeds? Ė around the room] What is she doing?
Gerome: Sheís placing a curse on your station.
Welsh: In here who would notice.
[when she is done and all is quiet, Fraser is in a trance. Gerome, behind him, snaps his fingers and Fraser blinks. Everyone seems confused except Welsh who is all no nonsense.]
Welsh: Go with Constable Fraser and put this man in a holding cell. Iíll tell you feds we got their man.

Frannie [to Duck boys] hey you guys, do you think this curse thing effects me? I mean, Iím just a civilian aid and all.
Huey: She cursed everyone who works here. And you work here so Ė
Dewey: Yeah, right.
Huey: Listen Iíve heard of people just giving up and dying after theyíve been cursed.
Dewey: Yeah but thatís a mind over matter thing, alright? Thereís nothing real to that.
Huey: Hey! Youíre killed by a gun, youíre killed by your mind, youíre still dead.
Frannie: Is that true?
Dewey: No. your mind kills you, itís just psychosomatic.
Frannie: Okay, so youíre not really dead.
Dewey: You just thing you areÖI think.
Ray: [running to car] No! Not my car, come on. Come on. [checks, sighs] thank you. [not his car. Sudden fog appears, something rises behind him, he senses it, draws gun and swings around. Nothing. Swings in other direction, nothing] Iím good. Ooo!
[27th cell]
Fraser: Not very comfortable Iím afraid.
Gerome: Iíve been in far less comfortable places Constable. As have you.
Fraser: As have I? [leans forward, resting his hands on bars] may I ask you a question? Did voudon have anything to do with the attempt on the lives of Agent Goodfellow and Agent Gobrah?

Gerome: I have been a Houngan since I was 25. It is very early to become a priest in my country. But my earliest days I have been taught to revere all life and to do no harm. Does that answer your question?
Fraser: Then you didnít try to kill them?
Gerome: Does it matter?
Fraser: Gerome, you have a wife and daughter. Donít you want to return to them?
Gerome: You saw my daughter?
Fraser: No. I saw her photograph in your apartment.
Gerome: There is nothing more I can say.
Ray: You got a lot more you can say. Like whereís my car and why am I being followed by a skeleton?
Gerome: I donít know what you are talking about.
Ray: Then you can sit right here until you figure it out. How does that sit with you?
Gerome: Itís fine. I wonít be in here long.
[lunch room. Huey is eating, Dewey goes to coffee machine]
Dewey: Iím getting a coffee Jack, want one?
Huey: Mm. Black, no cram.
[Dewey puts money in machine and nothing. Squats down, looks in the dispenser and gets hot coffee shot at him. Chain reaction. He jumps back, hits table, rolls over table, Huey falls out of chair, Hueyís lunch goes zooming off the table at Frannie who just walked in, she sees it coming, moves aside and the plate of food hits Welsh on the chest. Frannie takes in whole scene and runs from the room.]
Frannie: Hey Fraser! Itís working.
Fraser: Whatís working?
Frannie: The curse! Look!
Fraser: Look Francesa, thereís been lunchroom incidences before uhhh I donít think the curse is the obvious Ė
Frannie: Fraser! I can feel it. Right here [puts his hand on her heart] Can you feel it?
Fraser: Uhh, I feel something [voice has small crack in the something]
Frannie: Itís like a dark hole burning its way into my heart.
Fraser: Francesca, letís not get worked up about this. You see our minds have the capacity to Ė [enter Ray carrying a cup of coffee, watches the two of them with amusement]
Frannie: No! itís a curse. We have to do something.
Ray: Yeah, like lock you up in one of those rooms with rubber furniture.
Agent Goodfellow: Vecchio. Constable Fraser. Where is he.
[Dief howls from holding area]
Frannie: Oh my God, itís a werewolf. [she runs off]
Fraser: No, itís not a werewolf, itís Diefenbaker. My companion is half wolf.
Agent Goodfellow: Whatís his problem.
Fraser: Well Iím not sure. Although he did eat some lard at the Consulate kitchen. Usually tho that just leads to flatulence.
Ray: Flatulence?
Fraser: Farting Ray. [they go to see whatís up. Gerome is lying on the floor] Oh dear.
[Morgue. Mert, young woman, in white smock straightens sheet over Gerome]
Agent Goodfellow: Alright, what can you tell me.
Mert: Well. Heís dead.
Agent Goodfellow: I know heís dead. What about an autopsy.
Mert: Mort does the autopsies. And heís out of town for a couple days. [perky smile all the time]
Agent Goodfellow: What about a cause of death?
Mert: [raises sheet, looks, then straightens it] Looks to me like his heart stopped beating.
Agent Goodfellow: Why did his heart stop beating.
Mert: Maybe he was sick or something.
Agent Goodfellow: Maybe he was sick or something?
Mert: Maybe. Mort could probably tell you more. [still perky smile]
Agent Goodfellow: Look. Mortís not here. Youíre here. And I need an expert opinion.
Mert: It youíre looking for a bunch of words like myoÖcardardialtosis or whatever, youíre asking the wrong person.
Agent Goodfellow: [Mert isnít smiling] Donít play games with me!
Welsh: No, sheís not. [pan to Ray Fraser and Welsh] Mertís an expert in her field. Although it has nothing to do with medicine. [Mert beams] Weíre very proud of her as a member of our cleaning staff. [Mert goes and gets her bucket, you see the logo on the back of her smock] Youíll get a full investigation.
Agent Goodfellow: Who was the last to see him?
Fraser: It was I.
Ray: So that pretty much rules out fowl play?
Agent Goodfellow: Unless someone got in after the Constable.
Fraser: No, Diefenbaker was there the entire time.
Agent Gobrah: You think the wolf did it?
Fraser: Diefenbaker would not have allowed anyone to harm Mr. Laferette. I can assure you of that.
Agent Goodfellow: Oh thatís great. Guy dies and were not suppose to worry about it because the last person to see him has a red suit *and* we got a dog for a witness.
Fraser: Heís a wolf actually.
[INS guys glare]
Agent Goodfellow: Weíll send someone to get the body. We got medical techs who work all night.
[everyone exiting, Fraser turns to wolf]
Fraser: Dief. [who looks but stays. Fraser shakes head and sighs] Have it your own way. [Dief howls.]
Welsh: [sarcastically] Oh how wonderful.
Fraser: It is quite beautiful, isnít it? [more howling] You know lieutenant, I thing it might be a good idea to assign someone to watch the body.
Welsh: Watch the body? You thing itís gonna turn into a zombie or something?

[voudon church - Momma Lolla doing a chant. Mert goes into morgue. Gerome rises, Mert faints.

Agent Goodfellow: Let me see if I have this straight. Somewhere during the course of the night, Gerome Laferette who for all intents and purpose was dead, got up off a gurney, then wandered the halls, unnoticed by half a dozen or so police officers and walked out of the building. Is that what happened?
Fraser, Welsh and Ray mumble: pretty good thatís pretty good.
Agent Gobrah: You guys are something else. You screw up our arrest, kill our prisoner and now you lost the body.
Fraser, Welsh and Ray mumble: Not lost.
Ray: No, no, Misplaced.
Welsh: Itíll turn up you know, bodies have a habit of doing that.
Ray: Yeah. Unless of course theyíve been zomified, in which case they walk the earth with a strange demeanor Ė
Agent Goodfellow: I wish I could share your confidence Lt. But Agent Gobrah and I will handle it from here.
Welsh: I canít let you do that.
Agent Goodfellow: You canít?
Welsh: huh uh. Itís personal for all three of us.
Ray: Very personal.
Welsh: I have to think of the reputations of this station.
Fraser: And I have to locate the where abouts of my life long companion.
Ray: I got to find my car. Itís a classic.

[bullpen Frannie is going thru a book. Her desk is set up with an altar. Bowl with skull, candle, idols, chalice and the book sheís looking thru]
Frannie: Itís here somewhere. Okay, okay here it is. You take the cows blood and mix it with the graveyard dirt.
Huey: Graveyard dirt?
Dewey: From the graveyard at midnight.
Frannie: I got the blood from Tonyís Cold Meat. Itís nice and fresh.
Huey: You guys are out of your mind. Voodooís a religion. You canít learn it from a book.
Dewey: Oh yeah? How about the bible?
Huey: Thatís different.
Dewey: Look, weíre not hurting anybody, okay? Itís a precautionary thing.
Frannie: Now for the powder. [takes out a handful and sprinkles some then blows the rest from her hand.
Welsh: Vecchio!
Frannie: Yes sir.
Welsh: What's all this parafinallia.
Frannie: Okay, this is anti curse parafinallia, okay. You got your graveyard dirt, you got your special powder and some cows blood, which Iím not entirely sure of because I think the entrťe here says weíre suppose to drink it Ė
Welsh: I want all this stuff out of my station. Immediately.
Frannie: But what about the curse!
Welsh: In about two seconds youíll face the curse of unemployment.
Frannie: But but but. [Welsh runs into a cop with about 200 files, knocking them out of his arms.] See? Itís getting worse.
Huey: Come on, throw the blood on the skull.
Dewey: But Ė
Huey: Do it!
Dewey: [opens jar with blood in it] Should I let that breath a little?
Frannie: Just do it!
Huey: Do it!
Dewey: Okay, alright.

Damien: Raymond. I didnít think you were here, I didnít see the car in the lot.
Ray: I know. TheÖcar..gotÖ
Damien: Got what?
Ray: Boring. You know, driving everyday so Iím trying to get some uh exercise.
Damien: Exercise?
Ray: Yeah, you know, so a couple of morning a week I run in. it gets the cardial going. Its-
Damien: You run in your work clothes?
Ray: Yeah. Itís cold and it warms em up.
Damien: Okay, well Iíll pick up the cam shaft, swing by your place.
Ray: No! Cause thatís way to much trouble. Why donít you wait until I have the car here.
Damien: what about tomorrow? You canít have it here tomorrow?
Ray: Sure Dad, tomorrow.
Damien: Okay, tomorrow it is then. See ya.
[projects. The agents, Fraser and Ray pile out of car. People look to see who it is then kinda slink away]
Fraser: Bet that kicks the hell out of your ego. People treat you like you got a bad smell. Perhaps we should go in alone.
Agent Goodfellow: Good idea.
Agent Gobrah: Maybe we should take a shower.
[outside Laferetteís apartment]
Ray: The guys dead, Fraser. I donít really think heís gonna be coming home for a visit.
Fraser: Well if he were dead, that would be true.
Ray: You donít really give into this zombie stuff do you? Cause personally I donít. but you? That would be unMountie like and unlogical.
Fraser: It depends on what you mean by zombie.
Ray: Dead guy walking.
Fraser: That would be highly unlikely. There are however certain drugs that Ė for example, the gland secretions of the Boga frog are 100 times more powerful than digitalis or the puffer fish which contains a tetrodotoxin either of these would allow an individual to create a very convincing impression of death.
Ray: Good enough to fool you?
Fraser: Virtually undetectable.
Ray: So then heís faking it.
Fraser: It would account for his leaving and Diefenbakers disappearance.
Ray: Whyís the wolf hanging with the dead guy?
Fraser: Mr. Laferette has a very powerful presence. Diefenbakerís responding.
[starts to knock but the door opens]
Lady: You are not needed here.
Fraser: We thought we could help.
Gutman: Can you find Gerome?
Fraser: Mr. Gutman, we are trying, yes.
Gutman: I just stopped by to see if I could be of any help to Lisa.
Mrs. Laferette: Mr. Gutman has been very good to myself and Gerome.
Fraser: That was very thoughtful.
Ray: You only have the other room?
Gutman: If youíre looking for Gerome, I can assure you youíre not going to find him.
Ray: Mind if I look around?
Gutman: May I ask why you are doing this detective?
Ray. No. [looking at bed with toys on it.]
Gutman: Are you satisfied?
Lady: They are never satisfied.
Fraser: Terribly sorry for the inconvenience maíam. We are just trying to help.
Lady: We donít need your help. Weíre doing fine as we are.
Fraser: Iím sure you are. In the meantime, Iíd like to thank you for feeding Diefenbaker. I uh [takes money from hat] I hope this covers it. Oh by the way Mrs. Laferette is your daughter home?
Lady: Sheís at school.
Fraser: And a good thing too. Well in the words of Plato, A soul takes nothing with it to the other world save itís education and itís culture. Thank you kindly.
Ray: What was that Ďfeeding Diefenbakerí stuff?
Fraser: I detected the scent the moment we entered the apartment.
Ray: Well that means Laferette was in there too.
Fraser: Almost certainly.
Ray: Well letís go back in there and bust them for harboring a fugitive.
Fraser: We have no proof.
Ray: We got proof Fraser, you smelled the dog. [more to himself] Smelled the dogÖ. Fraser! I think Iíve been working with you too long.

Frannie: [on phone] Yeah sure Fraser, Iíll check it out. Okay.
Huey: Do you know what? I think you need more blood.
Dewey: Okay, More blood.
Frannie: Yeah, we just might. Look [at book]. It says right here.
Welsh: Whatís that smell? Miss Vecchio I seem to recall issuing an order regarding mumbo jumbo. As there will be no mumbo jumbo. Does that ring a bell?
Frannie: Yes sir.
Welsh: Alright. Get rid of this stuff now and you two, get back to work.
[Frannie gathers the bowl, out the door past Welsh telling a cop ďI donít care what happened to their bus, get them out of hereĒ -- itís a marching band-- ďLeft, right, leftĒ Ė Back to Frannie past guy on ladder changing light bulb. Light bulb explodes, then another. Sparks everywhere. Lights are out now. Guy falls off ladder onto a gurney that heads down hall to the tune of someone yelling ďStop that guyĒ into a door, thru the glass on the door Ė sparks, dark, marching band goes down like dominos. Frannie rushes back to her desk, trash can catches fire.
Frannie: The book! Look right here! [points to picture]
Welsh: The book huh? [drops it into the burning trash can] Alright? [sprinklers go off]
Frannie: [smiling knowingly] See? [points up]
Welsh: Aw!
Frannie: itís the curse.]
Welsh: [heading for his office keeps repeating] Aw!
Ray: Gutmanís weird.
Fraser: I did sense a certain tension in the apartment.
Agent Gobrah: He runs a clean shop as far as we can tell.
Ray: As far as you can tell? Why? Are you investigating him?
Agent Gobrah: We investigate everybody. His names come up a couple of times. Nothing concrete. Although a legitimate operation like Gutmanís could be a good cover for a sweatshop. Give you a way to distribute the product. And the voodoo could be useful too.
Fraser: Voodoo?
Agent Goodfellow: Yeah, heís kinda hyped on it.
Ray: Hyped on voodoo.
Fraser: He did seem very knowledgeable.
Agent Goodfellow: Heís what those is voodoo circles refer to as a hangan.
Fraser: A Houngan?
Agent Goodfellow: Thatís what I said.
Fraser: Ah Ė right.
Agent Goodfellow: A lot of white guys never get that far into it.
Fraser: Is that why he employed Gerome?
Agent Goodfellow: Yeah. I guess. Laferette never talked that much about him.
Agent Gobrah: Never talked about him at all.
[phone rings itís Frannie]
Frannie: Yeah, itís me, whereís Fras?
Ray: Yeah, here. [passes the phone but keeps his hand out for it.]
Frannie: Hey Fras That Laferette girl? She didnít go to school today. She hasnít been there all week.
Fraser: Thank you kindly Francesca. [passes phone back to Ray] I think e should have another conversation with Mrs. Laferette. [bang bang bang. Everyone but Fraser pulls out a gun] Ah. Fireworks. [Dief and Laferette are standing in an alley. Laferette swings up the gun he is holding] Dief.
Ray: Gun!
Agent Goodfellow: Hold it right there Laferette.
[Dief takes gun from Laferette. Fraser is walking toward them. Laferette runs off a wall of flames shoots up.
Fraser: Dief!
Ray: Diefís deaf.
Fraser: Good point Ray. [runs thru flames into alley and searches. Laferette and Dief are gone. The flames die down]
Ray: Are you alright?
Fraser: Yeah.
Ray: Youíre sure youíre okay?
Fraser: Yeah. Iím fine. [turns toward Ray, we see the back of his coat]
Ray: The reason I ask is because youíre on fire.
Fraser: [unconcerned, glances at his back.] Oh. [Takes off coat and drops it. Looks down alley again]

Fraser: Well the fire was real enough.
Ray: What are you saying? This is magic?
Fraser: Lighter fluid. This may not sound particularly logical but judging form the intense and immediate bond that he and Diefenbaker have formed, I believe Gerome is trying to do the right thing.
Ray: So that included stealing cars and taking pot shots at cops. You have got a lot to learn about civics, Fraser.
Agent Goodfellow: As usual nobody saw anything else, including the fire.
Ray: Hey you know you blink and you miss a big wall of fire. Look, he planned the whole deal. Escape route the whole thing.
Agent Goodfellow: Whereíd you find this.
Ray: Uh, Fraser found it Ė over there]
[Fraser is gone.

Momma Lolla: Leave this alone. You donít know what youíre messing with.
Fraser: I know that you are frightened. And that Mrs. Laferette is frightened.
Momma Lolla: I donít know what youíre talking about.
Fraser: Iím talking about Geromeís daughter.
Momma Lolla: Nothing has happened to Marie.
Fraser: Then perhaps I could see her. I canít let Gerome kill someone or be killed himself. I donít think you could do that either.
Momma Lolla: Iíve been working on him. [photo of Gutman on the altar] Iíve been working on him hard.
Ray: [finally tracked the Mountie] Gutman?
Momma Lolla: Heís a bokor.
Ray: Broker? Like stock broker?
Fraser: No, itís bokor Ray. Itís a practitioner of black magic.
Momma Lolla: Gutman uses voodoo to control folks working in his sweatshops.
Fraser: The dark side of a Houngan.
Ray: Oh, so this is the light side?
Momma Lolla: You see you fight the dark with the dark. I donít like it but thatís the only way it works but Gutmanís too strong for me. I canít control him and Gerome wonít!
Fraser: Because Gutman has his daughter. And in exchange for her safety, Gerome was ordered to kill two federal agents. Heís afraid.
Momma Lolla: So we gotta put the hurtin on him.

Gutman: What do you want Lolla?
Momma Lolla: To bring you this.
Gutman: You doing this to me?
Momma Lolla: Gerome doing it.
Gutman: Heís bluffing. It could cost him too much.
Momma Lolla: Maybe [focus on the cloth with a skull in it.] Maybe, maybe not. Iím just delivering the message.
[Gutman says something in Haitian???? Momma Lolla leaves, goes to car where Fraser and Ray are sitting]
Momma Lolla: He got the message.
Fraser: Good.
Ray: Good?
Fraser: Mr. Gutman now believes Mr. Laferette is no longer afraid of him.
Ray: So?
Fraser: Heíll wonder why. That should lead us to Marie.
Momma Lolla: You know sheís a sweet little girl. You know Iím gonna work it. You find his goui [donít know this word but she might mean Ju-Ju]
Fraser: We will.
Ray: Goui? Whatís a goui?
Fraser: Itís a vessel in which he keeps his pwin [again, donít know this word but what heíd keep in a vessel is his reiki] or his spirit. Itís symbolic of his power.
[Gutman is trying to work but keeps looking at the bundle Momma Lolla brought him. Background, you hear a voodoo chant. Too much for him, he hurries off to his sweatshop]
Gutman: Whatís she doing laying down like that? [woman fainted] Get her up and get her back to work. What is that? [another woman giving him a look] what is that look? What is that? You resent me? It that it? Is that it? You all resent me? Donít you have any gratitude? What do you people want? What do you want? You want to go back home? You want to go back home? Iíll send you back home. Right back to the Tonton Macute with the long knives and the knock on the door in the middle of the night when they come and take your babies. Bayoba. Is that what you want? Get back to work.
[the voodoo chant is to Papa Shango Ė who was once the fourth king of Yoruba Ė for anyone who wanted to know Ė Momma Lolla got to Shango before Gutman.
Gutman: [in room with his alter and as he lights the candles] Papa. Papa Shango.
[Fraser and Ray have followed him]
Ray: Whatís the matter with them?
Fraser: Theyíre afraid.
[Gutman and Momma Lolla compete for the ear of Shango. Fraser and Ray walk in on him while praying. He throws a powder at them and gets away.]
Ray: [to Fraser] What are you doing?
Fraser: His goui [Ju-Ju] [takes the vessel and heads back into sweatshop]
Gerome: Tell me where my daughter is.
Gutman: No.
Ray: Laferette, put the gun down.
Gerome: This is an evil man.
Gutman: Youíre not gonna shoot me Gerome. Iíve got your daughter. Listen to the bokor, Gerome.
Ray: Gerome, put the gun down, we can work this thing out. [Momma Lolla brings ritual to Gutman]
[Fraser hands Gerome the vessel and he breaks it. Smiles at Fraser]

[Fraser feels along a wall]
Ray: What are you looking for?
Fraser: A trigger mechanisms.
[finds it, the wall opens]
Marie: Daddy?
Gerome: Marie! [kissing and hugging the child]
[27th where everything gets wrapped up]
Agent Goodfellow: Heís on his own recognize. We should be able to cut a deal. He shouldnít do any jail time. [Acknowledging Ray] Detective.
Ray: Agent.
Agent Goodfellow: Constable. Itís been a real slice.
Fraser: Of what?
Agent Gobrah: Heís Canadian.
Agent Goodfellow: Right. Catch you later.

Damien: [holding cam box] Raymond! Pitter patter, letís get at her. Daylights burning. [Ray gives Fraser a look like heís about to go to death row]
Ray: Dad. I got something to tell ya.
Damien: What is it son?
Ray: The car. Itís not here. I lent it to a guy for the weekend so he can take photographs of it for a magazine called uh, black old classic cars so Ė
Damien: Look me in the eye and tell me that again. [he canít] Police called your apartment while your mother was ironing shirts. You parked it beside a hydrant. I got it out of the pound, itís outside. [Ray smiles at his dad]
Ray: Thanks. [hugs his dad, knocking box out of dadís hands] Iíll get it.
Damien: Itís okay. IíllÖthere's no need to lie to us you know. Your mother and I are fully functioning adults. We can handle the truth.
Ray: Remember that antique lamp that I said the cat broke. It was me.
Damien: Yeah, I know son.
Ray: And the time after school when I had the black eye. That did not happen in gym. That uh, I got into a fight.
Damien: I know son. [heading out of station]
Ray: Remember when I was 14? And the station wagon went missing?
Damien: Yeah?
Ray: That was me.
Damien: You stupid son of a bitch.

Frannie [to Momma Lolla]: Okay, so the curse is lifted? Well, what about the grass, thatís not normal.
Momma Lolla: Well I just threw around some seed and somebody starts watering em.
Frannie: So there never was a curse?
Momma Lolla: If it was that easy, everybodyíd be doing it.
Frannie: [ tosses a chunk of grass on the desk and leaves] So there was no curse.
[you get a look at the room. Grass is growing on everyoneís desk.

Gerome [says his goodbye to Dief] I have to Thank you Constable.
Fraser: Thereís no need. Just make sure you keep your Gros Ban Ange healthy.
Gerome: And you.

[Dief whines when Gerome goes to claim his daughter]
Fraser: [because Dief is trying to decide if he should go or stay with Fraser] Well it is your decision. You are familiar with the concept of free will. Itís up to you. [Dief decides to stay] Thank you kindly. [now he whines about wanting something to eat] Hungry? [Sure!] Get it yourself. [Fraser seems pleased with himself]



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