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.. Scénář - 63. epizoda - Řekni Ámen (Say Amen) ..

RayK- How about those special effects. That space ship manoeuvre ... I thought I was getting a?hush train?

Meg- That might be an improvement.

RayK- So what do you think?

Meg- I thought it was none stop mindless violence.

RayK- Everything a movie should be,

Turnbull- Well I for one was quite drawn to the costumes.

Meg- Costumes?

Turnbull- And the emotional landscape painted by the acting was delicious.

Meg- Acting? They could've been robots.

RayK- There were playing robots. What did you think.

Ben- Well you know Ray, I couldn't really hear.

RayK- There was a huge sound Fraser.

Ben- Well exactly my ears are somewhat more attuned to the silence of the northern forest.

RayK- You're living in a city Fraser, come on, adjust.

Ben- I'll try.

RayK- Look at that I bet they didn't see 5 minutes of the movie.

Ben- There's something to be said for young love.

RayK- Yeah it sucks.

Turnbull- I think it's beautiful

Meg- How would you know?


Meg- I agree

RayK- What?

Ben- That man seems to be taking an undue interest in that young couple.

RayK- Well he's probably a security guard takes them for shop lifters.

Ben- They don't look like shoplifters Ray.

RayK- Well he's a security guard, that's sorta like a cop and he's got instincts and err you know he thinks it's a cover and they're shoplifters.

Ben- You know I'm a police officer and I have instincts and my instincts tell me that they're not in a story and they're is nothing to steal.

RayK- Ahh good point taken.

Ben- They're on their way out.

RayK- Fraser the car's this was FRASER!

Turnbull- I believe he's following his instincts

Sandy- They're outside lets go!

RayK- See the guys gone the other way.

Ben- Apparently they were unrelated.

RayK- Let's go it's cold out here.

Ben- Ray!

Davy- No NO.

**Struggle and the two men push Eloise into the car.**

Davy- Leave her alone.

Eloise- Davy, DAVY

Davy- Eloise, ELOISE

Ben- Calm down.

Davy- They got Eloise.

RayK- Eloise what's her last name?

Davy- I don't know I just love her.

**Credits Roll**

RayK- OK OK you love her but you don't know her last name, how does that work..

Davy- We met at the mall.

RayK- When?

Davy- Last week.

RayK- Last week so this is a long term thing?

Davy- Hey you think this is funny man?

RayK- No but it would help if we knew something about her.

Davy- OK we met at the mall last week. We went out a couple of times. and she was just... well from the first time I met her, man, I knew, I knew she was the one. You know what I mean. I knew she was special.

RayK- Love at first sight?

Turnbull- Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolda

Welsh- Abbott and Costello

Francesca- He's talking about love at first sight. Which does happen... it happened to me.

Welsh- That's a crock. Lust at first sight maybe but love.. no never happens.

Meg- I'd have to agree with the lieutenant what we refer to as love at first site is actually just a combination of chemical reactions triggered by pheromonal stimulation.

Welsh- Say what?

Meg- It's about how you smell

Francesca- Oh God that's so cynical. and so wrong. and Fraser what do you think?

Ben- Well there was a lot happening and the boy was holding on to the bumper which partially obscured the licence plate. But I do know it was a white 1996 Cadillac four door sedan and the first 3 letters of the plate were H A P.

Francesca- OK well I'll just go and check that out then

Ben- But I do think it happens.

Welsh- Do you have any proof of that constable.

Ben- He was willing to lay down his life for her.

Davy- Yeah I know it sounds like, really ridiculous but she never really talked a lot about herself.

RayK- Look you don't know where she lives, you don't know who her parents are, where she works, or if she goes to school/

Davy- Yeah but I know she was unhappy. man she never really liked her life.

RayK- Unhappy? was that all she ever talked about?

Davy- No we talked all the time.

RayK- About?

Davy- Well about us. About the future.

Huey-Well you know the thing is you can't really love someone until you know them.

Dewey- Sure you can the hard thing is to love them after you know them.

Francesca- OK it looks like I've got three possible matches

Ben- A dentist in Belwood, a plumber in Cartridge and the unfettered Evangelical Church of the Holy Bible.

Meg- Holy Rollers

Ben- Well actually Sir the term 'Holy Roller' properly refers to the evangelical Pentecostals of the 19th Century.

Meg- Whatever it's still just a lot of yelling and jumping around.

Davy- She's pretty

RayK- Uh hu

Davy- She's got a great voice.

RayK- Uh hu

Davy- and she got a great southern accent.

RayK-Uh hu

**The Unfettered Church of the Holy Bible**

Meg- There's the car.

Ben- Sir, Sir, you needn't

Meg- NO Fraser, I've been behind a desk too long this is exactly what I need. Field work gets the blood pumping.

RayK- Same car

Ben- Very possibly, Ray. There hand prints may well have been made by Davy as he was dragged all over Nell's Half acre. .

Meg- Exactly

RayK(to Davy)- Hey back of the line.

Ben- Oh Deifenbaker, I think you should probably stay here. No it's not discrimination its..

RayK- Health regulations

Ben- Health regulations.

**Inside the church-- lots of singing. along the lines of 'I do believe in miracles I do believe. X times.**

Ben- It is a very interesting example of ecclesiastical artistry. Inspector are you all right?

Meg- I don't know I feel kinda tingly.

RayK- Tingly?

Meg- Flushed my knees feel kinda weak.

Ben- Ohmigod.

Meg- To the lord.

Rev Barrow- Thank you that was beautiful. A special thank you to our guest. We always have a place here for another beautiful voice. Brothers and sisters Lift you voices lift your voices and praise the lord.

RayK- So maybe we should come back later.

Ben- Actually I think the administrative offices are right through there. Someone might know about the car. Shall we?

Rev Barrow- Welcome to the Unfettered Church of the Holy Bible.

Ben- Thank you.

RayK- Churches make me nervous.

Ben- That's an odd reaction

RayK- Well I'm more of a human sacrifice guy you know.

Rev Barrow- Let him hear you.

Ben- RayRayRayRay...


Ben- It's this way.

RayK- Oh

Rev Barrow- WE can move mountains, we can heal the sick, we can live miracles. You know there are people who think that miracles are nothing but old stories from the bible.

Mrs Barrow- God bless you

Ben- Well Thank you kindly

Mrs Barrow- Well we could always use more volunteers.

RayK- My Dad always said never volunteer for nothing errr Chicago PD

Rev Barrow- Miracles are proof of his love and Charity

Mrs Barrow- Oh I thought you were here to help with the collection.

Ben- Collection?

Mrs Barrow- From our radio audience they like to contribute to the ministry so we have phone volunteers to help take those donations ummm It makes them feel like they're actually here at the service.

Rev Barrow- Miracles are ours for the asking.

Ben- You own that white cadillac out there?

Mrs Barrow- Well the church owns a number of vehicles.

Ben- We have reason to believe that a young woman may have been abducted by men driving that particular car.

Mrs Barrow- Well this is a church Constable, is it?

Ben- Yes my name is Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police I fir--

RayK- Uh uh

Ben- I'm sorry.

Mrs Barrow- We don't go around abducting people.

Ben- Well that's a very commendable policy.

Davy- Well she's a young girl about five foot three she's really really beautiful got long blonde hair and there is something about her, something special.

Mrs Barrow- you know this girl?

Davy- I love this girl.

RayK- Oh whatever see the point of the fact of the deal is we've got to find out who was driving that car.

Mrs Barrow- Well I don't imagine anyone was Detective because we're having a service.

Rev Barrow- Let him hear you voices...

RayK- Do you have a record? A vehicle log.. anything like that

Mrs Barrow- No

Ben- Would you mind if we just had a look see?

Mrs Barrow- Well this is private property Constable but we don't have anything to hide. I 'll be happy to show you.

Davy- There he is!

Rev Barrow- Hallelujah Hallelujah.

RayK- Chicago PD up against the wall..

Mrs Barrow- Addie?

Ben- Yeas Ma'am do you know this man?

Mrs Barrow- Why yes he's one of our largest assistants.

RayK- Assistants? he just kidnapped a girl of Bartland Street.

Davy- Eloise?

RayK- Eloise,

Mrs Barrow- Eloise is my daughter.

*Eloise performs a miracle"

Mrs Barrow- She is blessed by the lord she can perform miracles.

**27th Precinct**

Dewey- Here's your statement. Read it and sigh it. OK so you had no idea that she knew this guy who put her in the car?

Davy- I'm telling you I've never seen him before.

Dewey- She never mentioned him?

Davy- Uh uh.

Dewey- OK This is your permanent address right?

Davy- Yeah.

**Frannie's desk**

RayK- All right let me get this straight... You guy...

Eloise- Addie, his name is Addie.

RayK- OK Addie when Addie put you in the car it was of your own free will.

Eloise- Well I wanted to stay with Davy bit it was time for the service he came to get me it's his job. *To Frannie about Davy*He's not in any trouble is he?

Francesca- Kinda like him huh?

Eloise- I know it's wrong.

Francesca- No it's not wrong... I mean you know he seems like a nice looking guy kinda sweet.

Eloise- It's wrong for me I belong to God.

Francesca- What do you mean like a nun or something?

Eloise- I've been blessed I can heal the sick.

Francesca- Really? I mean for real you know, not fake or magic or something

Eloise - I can do it.

Francesca- Wow that's great.

Eloise- No, no it isn't. I mean I know it's a gift an'all but to be perfectly honest it's real hard. I don't have much of a life of my own and I thought with Davy... I don't know why God gives me there feelings if they're so wrong.

Francesca- Well couldn't you just, you know heal people and have a boyfriend too?

Eloise- I have to be pure.

Francesca- Oh OH Wow that's err really too bad... I...

Eloise- I should never have talked to him.

Francesca- Have you umm known very many guys?

Eloise- I've been raised up in a church all my life he's been the only one.

Francesca- Yeah that's what I thought.

Davy *Mouths* I love you.

**27th - Dewey's desk**

Dewey- She confirms his story.

Rev Barrow- That's good so can we all go now Lieutenant?

Welsh- Yeah take them out side and finish the err... paperwork.

Rev Barrow- You're lucky we don't sue for false arrest.

Ben- I saw him grab your daughter Reverend and he did not do it in a very friendly manner.

Mrs Barrow- Addie takes his job very seriously.

Ben- Perhaps a little too seriously you might want to speak to him about that..

Rev Barrow- Eloise is a head strong young girl she needs a firm hand.

Huey- The kids in the washroom let's go get a coffee.. Can you Believe this I was just talking to the guy at the radio station that runs the church service. Did you know that they get over a million listeners every week.

Dewey- The filtered church of the holy bible gets a million listeners?

Huey- Un fettered.

Dewey- Unfettered, unfiltered whatever, a million listeners. Each on of those listeners phones in for a buck that's a million dollars a week That's a scam

Huey- Not everyone is going to phone in though.

Dewey- Hey they're not going to be listening if they're not going to phone in though.

Huey- Net necessarily ever watched PBS They never get phone ins.

RayK- Addie's an old felon. 3 assault convictions in Mississippi.

Mrs Barrow- A long time ago detective. Addie has been with us from the very beginning of our ministry.

Rev Barrow- One of our first converts sometimes lost sheep make the most feverant believers.

RayK- And sometimes people who like to hit, they just like to hit.

Dewey- OK Let's say half of them phone in for 2 bucks that's still a million bucks.

Huey- If half of them gave say 10 bucks that's five million dollars that's not bad.

Dewey- See religions the way to go.

Huey- Go?

Dewey- Yeah think about it. you and I could be cops forever you know listen we could make people feel good about themselves, cure a few haemorrhoids make a few bucks. Everybody's going to be happy.

Huey- What are you trying to start a religion now?

Dewey- Yeah it's like country music - how hard can it be.

Huey- What ever happened to that comedy club idea we had.

Dewey- This is easier.

Huey- Go to go my man.

Dewey- Comedy, religion...

Rev Barrow- That kid should not have been within a hundred miles of Eloise.

RayK- Davy was doing nothing wrong.

Welsh- Your man had no right to assault him Reverend seeing this is a family thing and a bit of a misunderstanding we'll let it go for now. but tell your man to keep his fists in his pocket next time.

Rev Barrow- You make that boy stay away from Eloise.

RayK- Oh nice

Ben- Well it's not uncommon for parents to be protective of their daughter

RayK- Especially when she's a miracle meal ticket.

Davy- Eloise

RayK- Hey Davy..

Davy- Eloise.

Rev Barrow- Eloise we can go now. Eloise.

RayK- Hey, hey hey.

Davy- Eloise.

Eloise- No, no you can't see me, you have to stay away from me.

Davy- Eloise, you know, you know I can't do that.

Addie- Don't touch her.

Rev Barrow- Stay away from her.

RayK- take it easy, take it easy.

Addie- If he comes near me I swear to God I'll shoot.

RayK- You're pretty tough with kids and dogs how about me? Come on.

Addie- Kid came at me first.

Rev Barrow- you keep him away from my daughter.

Eloise- Daddy.

Rev Barrow- you keep him away, you keep him away I won't be responsible...

Welsh- Let it go detective.

RayK- You OK?

Francesca- Fraser, is he all right? You know she is such a nice kid I feel really sorry for her.

Ben- Why?

Francesca- She never goes out she's never been to school her parents keep her locked up in that church all the time. What kind of life is that for a kid? I mean really, what kind of parents would do that?

**Refreshment Room - Davy smashing stuff up**

RayK- you finished? Are you done? Look I'm trying to help here's the deal of the thing. She's 17 her parents don't want you hanging around so you got to stay away from the girl.

Davy- I can't man.

RayK- Look I know what it's like to be in love and lose the girl. You think your life is over but it isn't.

Davy- How would you know?

RayK- Cos it happened to me.

Davy- Well what did you do.

RayK- What this.. and that and then I got err...

Davy- What?

RayK- I got married.

Davy- See you didn't lose the girl man.

RayK- Yeah but eventually I got divorced.

Davy- So what? you get over it?

RayK- Look the point is..

Davy- *ARGH*

RayK Look you keep hanging around there she's going to press charges. Look I pulled your file. Drug possession Breaking and entering shoplifting...

Davy- I was 12 years old

RayK- That doesn't matter Mr and Mrs Reverent file a complaint you go down.

**Frannie's desk**

Francesca- They started in Georgia

Ben- and at the age of 7 she apparently cured a deaf woman.

Francesca- Yeah and after that the Reverend's church they really took off. Went from a travelling tent show to a huge radio ministry in 5 years. Now they're looking at TV

Ben- Isn't that very expensive?

Francesca- Yeah but when you've got millions of people milking you money every week. You think she's for real Fraser?

Ben- A number of people seem to believe she is.

RayK- IT doesn't matter Fraser let's go.

Ben- Where are we gong Ray?

RayK- Follow the kid.

Francesca- Why he didn't do anything.

RayK- Preventative policing. He's going to see the girl we're going to stop him.

Francesca- Preventative policing can you do that?

Ben- It might be a violation of his rights Ray.

RayK- To hell with his rights he's going to do something stupid no one has the right to do something stupid... well except (Points at Frannie)

Ben- He doesn't mean that Francesca.

RayK- Any time Fraser.

**Outside the Unfettered Church of the Holy Bible.**

RayK*about Dief*- He's not coming is he?

Ben- Well it's after hours Ray.

**Inside the church Davy is apprehended by Addie -- they fight and Davy draws a knife**

Davy- Come on Stay back...

**Scene cuts and we see Addie lying dead. Ben and Ray appear on the scene.**

Mrs Barrow- Oh no

Rev Barrow- He killed Addie.

Eloise- No NO NO

Rev Barrow- The boy killed him.


RayK(on cell phone)- Davidson Abalard yeah he's got a record. Um put out a picture and an APB. No not much doubt... the murder weapon...

Rev Barrow- He came in the door and I don't know what was on his mind maybe he wanted to kill us.

Mrs Barrow- I just can't believe it. I mean Addie has been with us from the very beginning. He is as much a part of the ministry as any of us.

Ben- You said there was a fight?

Mrs Barrow- yes that boy was lurking in the door way and then Addie grabbed him and they came into the room fighting. And that boy stabbed him and ran. Addie was a good man.

Ben- Excuse me what is that?

Forensic Examiner- Newspaper clipping dead guy had it in his wallet. it's a funeral notice from Arkansas. Probably his parents or something.

Ben- Thank you kindly. Oh I'm terribly sorry but I believe he recognises you from outside the theatre.

Sandy- Oh I don't think so.

Ben- Errr Yes I believe you were carrying a walkie talkie You were following Eloise.

Sandy- Yeah I look out for her.

Ben- I see... along with this gentleman.

Sandy- Yeah that's right.

Ben- And are weapons necessary in your line of work?

Sandy- She's very important to the church and it's our job to protect her. We're licensed and registered.

Ben- I see will you excuse me?

RayK- Hang on a sec I got to ask you a couple of questions.

**Eloise's room**

Eloise- Come in.

Ben- Are you all right?

Eloise- Davy was always so gentle so nice to me. He just couldn't kill anybody. He couldn't.

Ben- But your parents saw it happen.

Eloise- I know but... How could I be so wrong about him? About Everything?

Ben- It's difficult to know people especially if you lack experience.

Eloise- It's all my fault.

Ben- No you can't be expected to predict the future.

Eloise- Davy will come back. I know that/ He'll want to see me. He'll get in trouble... Billy and Sandy

Ben- The men who look after you?

Eloise- OK... They're like Addie.

Ben- Former criminals.

Eloise- Lost sheep. They kinda scare me. I couldn't stand it if Davy got hurt.

Ben- I'll do what I can.. Good day.


RayK- Fraser we can't just sit there and wait for the kid to show up.

Ben- Well she does a point Ray. He's powerfully drawn to her.

RayK- Yeah well he in love I get that.

Ben- Well I assume you don't want Davy to be hurt?

RayK- I don't want anybody to get hurt but he stuck a knife in somebody we got to catch him.

Ben- Well when you're hunting Ray, best policy often times is to wait for the game to come to you.

RayK- Well that's great but this isn't a criminal drag shoot we got to go out and get him.

Ben- Anything on the family?

RayK- Yeah his parents are dead. His aunt and uncle haven't seen him in four months and he lives on his own.

Ben- And you got any idea where he might be?

RayK- Nope. They didn't seem too close.

Ben- How about where he works?

RayK- Works for a shipping company down town. Everyone says he's a loner. Stays to himself. Boss says he's a good employee though, never in trouble.

Ben- Francesca any known associates?

Francesca- Known associate. One Jimmy Lewis. They got arrested together four years ago.

RayK- OK so we just got to find Lewis shake him down and see what he knows.

Francesca- Well he won't be hard to find. He's been in Joliet for the last year.

RayK- Hey you know anything about this?

**Inside the Church**

RayK- SO how long before the game shows up?

Ben- Hunting requires patience, Ray.

RayK- GO Thatcher Go!

Ben-She does seem to be powerfully drawn to the music as though it touches something deep within her.

RayK- Ummm

Rev Barrow- Pray that God's spirit will come down and bless us together. Pray that through his face we will witness a miracle done. Ellen has not walked in 10 years. Her doctors have done everything they can for her but they have failed. Only a miracle can take her out of that wheelchair. Pray for a miracle. Pray for the practical mercy of the Lord God our Father. Pray God will reach out through Eloise and touch this poor troubled woman. GETUP ELLEN. GET UP AND WALK... Praise the Lord... Let us give thanks to God for the miracle that we have seen today. I do believe. You do believe. We ALL believe. WE believe in miracles, we believe in miracles.

**The office**

Ben- Hi it was very inspiring and these are all of you *pointing at photos*

Eloise- Mommy and Daddy got more pictures of me than you can shake a stick at.

RayK- No baby pictures though. My Mom had pictures of me when I was a week old I hate that.

Ben- When did you perform your first miracle?

Eloise- When I was 5 I saw God.

Ben-You saw God?

Eloise- He came to me in a fire.

Ben- It must have been very exciting. The miracle you performed today... the woman she didn't seem to walk very far.

Eloise- Yeah and she was real excited maybe she can even walk a little probably doesn't usually but what with all the fuss and wanting to be cured and all

Ben-So she may have been able to take a few steps

RayK- It was a fake.

Eloise- Or maybe there was no way she could've gotten out of that chair. No way she could even move her legs - that is was a real miracle.

Ben- Is that what you believe?

Eloise- When I was 5 I touched a blind woman and she regained her sight. That's true. They've always told me that. I've made deaf people hear. I've stopped cancers from growing. I've done that but I don't know why it happens, or when it's going to happen and it sure doesn't happen once a day and twice on Sundays.

Ben- So some of the miracles aren't quite so miraculous.

Eloise- Do you know much about Babe Ruth?

Ben- The charcoal bar?

Eloise- No the baseball player

Ben- Oh.

Eloise- He only hit 59 home runs in a 162 game season. That's not even one home run every 2 games. You think I can do better than that? You think miracles are easier than home runs? Daddy says we have to do it to keep the ministry going.

RayK- To keep the cash flow going.

Rev Barrow- To keep the faith alive. Moneys a means to an end to make my daughter's gift available to the world. Eloise go to your room.

Eloise- Yes Sir.

Rev Barrow- Don't cast your doubts on her mind you have no idea of the damage you could do.

Ben- With respect Sir, I think the doubts are already there.

Rev Barrow- DO you have any idea what a delicate thing her gift is?

RayK- The gift of making money?

Rev Barrow- IF you choose not to believe I can't help you but we bring miracles to people who need em the world needs that.

RayK- Is that guy for real.

Ben- Interesting to find out.

**Cut to Eloise's room Davy is climbing in through the window.**

Eloise- Davy.

**Cut to Ben and Ray outside the church**

Ben(talking to Frannie on cell phone)- Thank you kindly Francesca and err anything else you find out would be greatly appreciated.

RayK- Now what? with the hunting?

Ben- I think perhaps a little tracking is in order.

RayK- Tracking.

Ben- This is a high top cross trainer with a four cut cross tread.

RayK- Uh hu

Ben- it's a kind of running shoe... the kind Davy was wearing.

RayK- While he was here last night.

Ben- true enough but this track wasn't here when we went into the church I would have noticed it.

RayK- You would have noticed it there are thousands of tracks here.

Ben- It's a very distinctive tread.

RayK- Can you tell what he had for breakfast?

Ben- No in order to do that I'd have to pick through his stool.

RayK-That's discussing Fraser.

**Eloise's room Sandy comes in**

Eloise- Davy, DAVY RUN!

**Big chase which ends in Davy being hit by a car... he is injured badly.**

Eloise- DAVY.

Rev Barrow- Eloise come on....(tries to drag her away)

Eloise- I'm going with him.

Rev Barrow- No I forbid it.

Eloise- I'm going maybe I can help him.

Rev Barrow- He's a murderer Eloise.

Eloise He's innocent I know it.

Rev Barrow- you know nothing. Nothing about life, nothing about the world, nothing about that boy, leave him be.

Eloise- He's innocent, he's a lost sheep. I know about those.

Ben- He can't hurt her now. and she may be able to help.

Rev Barrow- Then I'll go too.

Eloise- No you've done enough.

Meg- Maybe it would be better if you gave her some time alone I'll go along with her Reverend.

Rev Barrow- Would you my dear, make sure she comes to no harm.

**Hospital Ray is on the cell phone he hangs up and talks to Ben**

Ray- Yeah Frannie get a hold of the Aunt and Uncle they're not coming but they wouldn't mind if we were to call and let them know how he was doing. Err how is he doing. Doctor said he's going to come out and tell us.

Ben- you know Ray surgery does take time.

Eloise- I've been praying to God but he won't answer me.

Ben- You know it has been said that God does answer prayers he answers each and every one. It's just that often times the answer is no.

Eloise- Well he's never said no to me he always came through in a fire. He can't let Davy die.

Ben- Davy's a strong boy Eloise You said that Davy was innocent.

Eloise- He didn't stab Addie. They were fighting for the knife, he dropped it and he ran.

Ben- And you know this because?

Eloise- He told me.

Ben- I see

Eloise- No you don't. You think he lied but he didn't he would never lie to me.

Ben- Ray there are a couple of things I should look into.

RayK- I'll be here. I'll let you know his progress.

Ben- Good. (TO Dief) You stay here.

**27th precinct**

Francesca- OK I got everything starting from the big miracle at age 7.

Ben- Eloise said that the first miracle occurred when she was 5.

Francesca- Well who remembers what happened when they were 5. I don't even remember what happened when I was 17. Well except for one thing but anyway...

Ben- Well it was a miracle Francesca.

Francesca- Yes it was! Oh well OK but hers couldn't have been much of a miracle because they didn't report it and they report everything down south. Miracles being top of the list and fires being the number two attraction. This is the obituary the dead guy was carrying. The young couple died in a house fire.

Ben- The fire occurred when Eloise was 5... hummm...

Francesca- What is it Frase?

Ben- Just looking for a miracle Francesca.

**The Church**

Ben- A miracle occurred in Mechinlie Arkansas 1984

Mrs Barrow- I don't know what you're talking about.

Ben- Oh I think you do. A five year old girl cured a blind woman.

Mrs Barrow- I don't have to listen to you.

Ben- You know your story and your husband's differ slightly over Addie's death. Now at first I put that down to confusion arising from shock but I think you and I both know it was something else.


Doctor- Detective Vecchio.

RayK- How's he doing.

Doctor- He survived the surgery. frankly that was a miracle considering all the blood he lost.

RayK- So he's going to be OK?

Doctor- It's a little early to say.

Eloise- Can I see him?

Doctor- Are you his relative?

RayK- Yeah she's err his sister... adopted sister.

Doctor- All right we'll have him in a room shortly.

Eloise- Thank you.

RayK- Are you going to be OK?

Eloise- yes can he(Dief) stay?

RayK- Yeah but you're going to have to sneak him in on your own cos I don't think he'll pass as a relative (phone rings) Vecchio

Ben- I assume I have the basic perimeters correct? (on phone) Yes Ray. Mrs Barrow is prepared to make a full statement. Bye.

Mrs Barrow- They were just ignorant trash. they'd have squandered that beautiful jewel that they were given by God.

Ben- I see

Sandy(into walkie talkie)- Elliot, Elliot I'm at the quarters. get everything over here quick.

Ben- Perhaps we should go.**Sandy pulls a gun on them** Oh dear I imagine you've thought this through clearly?

Sandy- yeah I believe I have.

Mrs Barrow- Sandy it's too late for this.

Sandy- Shut up.

Ben- you know Sir, at the moment it doesn't appear that you've involved in any serious criminal activity perhaps it would be wiser to keep it that way.

Sandy- It seems to me that Addie was on a pretty serious gravy train. Now I see I can get a piece of that.

Ben- By eliminating me?

Sandy- that's good thinking.

Ben- I see you have thought this through clearly.

Sandy- Get him, GET HIM!

**IN the chapel**

Rev Barrow- Listen to the voices of God in song! Listen to the love in their voices.

Meg-*SUNG*All God's children hear the words, hear the words of brother Fraser!

Stand up, stand up hear the words

Hear the words, hear the words.

Bob- What are you doing?

RayK- I'm not really sure.

Bob- Tell them a story Son, you know how to do that.

Ben*take microphone*-May I? Ladies and Gentlemen Brother Albert I'd like to tell you a simple story, well not a simple story it's a story about sin.

Bob- Sin is good...*boasting*My Son!

Ben- The sin of greed. If there are any among you that think that the sin of greed is something over looked by the heavens above you are wrong. They see everything and overlook nothing.

Meg*SUNG*- Not one little bit, not one, not one, not one, no every single grain of mustard he see.... He's been watching you and all your scheming ways.

RayK(to Sandy)- now repent.

Ben- And this story is one that Brother Albert knows well. It's the story of Eloise. The young girl whose performed miracles in this hall of God. No brother Albert please stay with me you can help me tell this story. As you know there was once an **** preacher out of Arkansas. A man who was small in faith bit great in his greed. So great in his greed that he stole from his God.

Meg*sung* Not one little bit, Not one little bit not one...

Ben- One day he met a five year old girl named Marcy Davenport who could make the blind see and this man realised he could exploit her gift, that he could profit from it. So he did the unthinkable. He stole her. He stole the miracle girl and he set a fire that killed both her parents.

Rev Barrow- That is a patent untruth. That man is lying. Disgusting Lies dressed in a crimson vest.

Ben- It's a tunic actually.... There was a witness to his dark deed. A blackmailer, who bled the man dry even as the young girl made him rich. And then one day he saw his chance. the blackmailer was struggling with an innocent young boy and so this false man of God rose up and slew the blackmailer. Now we all know who this man is we all know what he has done. The law can only punish him for his crimes but a higher power will punish him for his sins.

Meg- There's no where to hide Reverend.

**Choir sings**

*Gonna burn, you're going to burn, Burn in hell for eternity*


Doctor- He's really made a miraculous recovery.

RayK- Really you mean like a real miracle... You're not just saying that like you make a miracle reception?

Doctor- What I mean is I'm his doctor and I don't know why he's still alive.

RayK- and that's pretty strange?

Doctor- Well I don't know about that I'm not sure why most of my patients survive.

Ben(explaining to Ray)- Medical Humour.

RayK- Ah ah Yeah...

**Eloise and Davy kiss.**

Doctor- Guys they seem to have quite an unusual brother and sister relationship Perhaps you could try and get them some help.

Ben- Yes Doctor, we will Thank you kindly.

RayK- So is she for real with this errr miracle thing?

Ben- She believes she is. The events of her past? Hard to say

RayK- What about him? Did she save him?

Ben- Possibly he might have recovered anyway but she did give him a reason to live and that's important.

RayK- Young love! Cute. It won't last.

Ben- It might.

RayK- Never

Ben- It's possible

RayK- No

Ben- Occasionally

RayK- Not on my planet

Ben- Deif believes it will



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