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.. Scénář - 64. epizoda - Lovecká sezóna (Hunting Season) ..

[Outside of a bar. Horses hitched outside.]

"The Northwest Territories"


Person in a heavy parka that shields their identity walks to the window and looks in before going inside. Piano playing. Men look up from their beer and conversation as the stranger walks over to table where 2 men are playing cards. Everyone steers clear of the stranger.

Eddie: You've been dogging us for months. We've told you all we know.

Man 2: You're insane, you know that?

Eddie: We already said all we got to say.

Man 2: Now get the hell out of here, we want to drink in peace.

Eddie: Yeah!

Man 2: You haven't got many friends here. Clear out.

[stands up, stranger pulls his arm back behind his back and drops him to the floor then takes out the 2nd guy. Bartender pulls out a shotgun.]

Stranger: You think you could? You think you could shoot a woman? [drops hood, revealing Maggie McKenzie]

Bartender: I've done worse.

Maggie: You might hesitate.

Bartender: Possible.

Maggie: That might be something to consider [pulls gun on bartender]

Bartender: Uh..I, I never cared too much for those boys anyway

Background: Just like him...

Maggie: And it seems like you don't have many friends here either. Now you're going to tell me what happened [aims gun at men]

Man 2: You wouldn't shoot us.

Maggie: Wouldn't I?

Man 1: She would, you know she would! We don't know nothin'! We didn't see nothin'.

Maggie: Give it up, Eddie.

Man 1: Swear to God, I swear to God, we weren't there! What, what we said to the Mounties, th-that was what the Torelli's told us to say! Oh, please...

[Maggie cocks gun, Eddie suddenly looks closer]

Eddie: Hey, that's not loaded.

Maggie: I was afraid of what might happen if it was.

[Maggie pulls trigger and Eddie cowers against his friend]

Eddie: No! Oh, please mommy, no! Ah!

Maggie: Thank you very kindly for your help, boys.

[Maggie turns and leaves]

Man at another table: Like to see more of that.

[Maggie stands out on a runway as a plane lands and taxis towards her. She walks up to it]

Jake: I got nothing of value on board here.

Maggie: Relax, Jake, I just want a ride.

Jake: Yeah, where to?

Maggie: Across the border.

Jake: Why's that?

Maggie: I don't want to answer a lot of questions, I just want to go. Will you take me?

Jake: Maggie, I got a quarter ton of head cheese piled up in the hold here, I can't...

[Maggie pulls back jacket revealing gun]

Jake: But of course you know what they say about head cheese, it's real durable...

[Jake starts to take off again]

Jake: You, uh, you never been away from home, have you? So, why now?

Maggie: I'm going hunting.

Jake: Hunting?

[Fraser is hanging from chandelier at the consulate, standing on the railing changing a lightbulb when Maggie walks in. Fraser starts to fall and lands in a roll. Maggie gasps as Fraser jumps to his feet, lightbulb still in his mouth]

Maggie: Hi

Fraser: mumbling [pulls lightbulb out of mouth] Hi, uh, ahem. I'm a constable. Uh, well, obviously you are also a constable... my name is, uh...my Constable name is Constable Benton Fraser.

Maggie: I'm constable Maggie McKenzie from Innuvik.

Fraser: McKenzie...uh, the name is familiar.

Maggie: Uh, well my mother and your father were friends. I certainly know your name, you're infamous in the north.

Fraser: Oh, yes, well... um, so what is it that brings you to Chicago, business or pleasure?

Maggie: Neither. I'm on the trail of two men, I thought you could help me.

Fraser: Ah.

[Fraser and Maggie in Fraser's office looking at a picture]

Maggie: These two men are killers. The Torelli brothers. I heard they were in Chicago and had some time off. Thought I'd come down and try to find them.

Fraser: Somewhat unusual, isn't it, pursuing something like this on your own?

Maggie: The, the third man, the victim, was a hunting guide. He's, uh...he was one of the most decent, gentle men I've ever known. Sometimes a crime is just so bad you can't let it go. You ever feel that way?

Fraser: Ah, frequently. It's just that if these two men are murder suspects, it may be more prudent to pursue this through official channels.

Maggie: Officially they had an alibi, but I know if I find them I can prove they did it.

Fraser: I see. Uh, you see in my position, I, uh...

Maggie: I understand, I understand, you have no reason to get involved. Everything I've heard about you, I thought you might be able to help me. Thank you kindly anyway, constable.

Father: Don't let her go, son.

Fraser: It's none of your business

Maggie: I guess I feel it is.

Fraser: Oh no, no. I didn't mean you

Robert: She looks just like her mother. God, it takes me back, I feel like a kid again. Well, 50.

Maggie: Is there someone else here?

Fraser: In this room you mean? No, no.

Maggie: I thought I heard someone.

Fraser: No.

Robert: Wonderful woman, Ellen. Many's the night I sheltered in her cabin. Long after your mother was gone, son.

Fraser: I have a friend-here, have your bag-I have a friend in the Chicago police department. He, well, he might be able to help.

[Maggie, Fraser, and Ray walking down the station's hallway]

Ray: Sure, I mean anything, anything at all. I mean, Fraser, we have always been here to cooperate with the Mounties, is that not right?

Fraser: Yes, Ray, we have always had a very good working relationship.

Ray: That's the thing, relationship, I mean you gotta know the person you're working with. You know, like, go out for a beer and drinks...I mean later, naturally, after we find the stuff for you.

Maggie: Right.

[Dief yips, growls, mumbles]

Ray: (whispering) Fraser, what's with the wolf?

Fraser: I think he feels unnaturally protective of Constable McKenzie.

Ray: He's not the only one.

Ray: Have you got a picture of these guys?

Maggie: Yes.

Ray: You know the funny thing? I have never met a Mountie girl before.

Fraser: What about Inspector Thatcher?

Ray: What about her? Oh, yeah... Um...

[Ray goes over to Frannie's computer and starts hitting keys]

Frannie: Hey, hey! Mitts off the hardware!

Ray: Uh, Francesca, meet constable McKenzie.

Frannie: Hi

Maggie: Hi

Ray: Trying to get some info on a couple of guys.

Maggie: Mike and Mark Torelli. They're brothers.

Frannie: Uh, are you and Frase friends from up north and everything?

Maggie: We just met today

Frannie: Oh, really? 'Cause you look closer than that. Ahem. Um, how long you been a Mountie?

Maggie: Five years.

Frannie: Oh. I'm on the waiting list for the academy.

Maggie: Congratulations.

Frannie: Thanks. Yeah, the uniforms are nice because, you know, they're black and that's always slimming and elegant. Whereas your uniforms are...kind of make a statement, you know?

Maggie: Yeah, they're an attention getter, all right. Whether you want them to be or not.

Frannie: Kind of like when you're having a bad hair day.

Maggie: Or trying to sneak past a cougar, standing between you and some drinking water.

[Fraser chuckles]

Frannie: Yeah, yeah...yeah, I hate that.

Ray: Wow, I just came out of my coma. Uh, can you do a little work, Francesca?

[to Maggie] So do you think you're going to be transferred down here to the windy city of Chicago?

Maggie: No, no, I wouldn't last a week in the city. In fact I'm finding it kind of hard to breathe right here, right now.

[Maggie looks at Ray and Fraser crowding her on either side.]

Frannie: Well that's probably because you don't have enough air. Why don't you guys give her some air. [waving them away] Some air!

Fraser: Oh.

[Fraser and Ray move away, Maggie and Frannie take a look at the computer]

Frannie: Hmm, what a couple of cretins here. Done time for assault, armed robbery. Five years ago you would have found Mark in Joliet and Mike in Sing Sing, but there's nothing current.

Maggie: What about an address?

Frannie: Well, according to this, they live in Green Bay.

Maggie: Green Bay? Damn.

Ray: I've got an idea that might be good and, uh, uh, interesting. Why don't you look up known associates in Chicago?

Frannie: Yes, that is good, Ray, and it's already done. Tommy Ellis was a cellmate's of Mark's and he's living in a rooming house in Sherman.

Ray: OK, let's go rattle his chain.

Fraser: Well, uh, Ray, there's really no reason for you to trouble yourself.

Ray: Fraser, it's no trouble. In fact, it's my duty.

Fraser: Yes, yes, but, uh, well this is unofficial and I'm sure you've got cases.

Frannie: No, no. Uh, he's got nothing-he's free!

Ray: Uh, my thoughts exactly.

Fraser: Well, uh, shall we?

Maggie: Thank you kindly.

[Fraser and Ray get stuck in the door trying to get out at the same time]

Ray: So, uh, Yukon Territories-so what do you do up there at night to keep warm?

Fraser: You know, Ray, it's the Northwest Territory or the Yukon. I kind of thought you might have that straightened around in your brain by now.

Robert: That's it, son, she could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Don't let the yank cut in.

Fraser: Do you mind?

Ray: Mind? Look, Fraser, I'm kind of a big picture kind of guy, ok?

Fraser: That is the big picture, Ray.

[Maggie wanders off to talk to a homeless lady in the parking lot]

Robert: You could do worse. The two of you could get some land, put up a cabin. There's nothing like four walls to make a man feel trapped...er, happy and content.

Ray: What's she doing talking to old Rosy? That some kind of Canadian thing?

Fraser: Well, I'm sure she's not doing any harm.

Maggie: Know what? I'm going to come back later and show you how it's done. [walks back over to Fraser and Ray]

Ray: You didn't give her any money, did you?

Maggie: No.

Ray: That's good. Look, I mean I'm a charitable guy and all, it's just that you know, Rosy, I mean you give her stuff and it just encourages her. And, uh, she goes around start asking people and, uh, some of them get annoyed and eventually we have to ask her to leave.

[Ray opens car door for Fraser and then leans on the door, trapping Fraser inside while Ray's outside talking to Maggie. Fraser tries to open the door repeatedly, but Ray is blocking him in.]

Maggie: No, I just gave her advice.

Ray: Advice?

[Fraser keeps trying to open door]

Fraser: Sorry.

Ray: After you.

[Ray opens the door to let Maggie in]

[The hallway outside the apartment of Tommy Ellis. Ray knocks on the door.]

Ray: Tommy Ellis?

Ellis: Yeah?

Ray: Chicago PD.

Ellis: What's that, the police band? [indicating the two Mounties]

Fraser: Uh, no sir, my name is Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father, and this is...

Maggie: I've heard that. I've never known if that was true.

Fraser: Well, I'm afraid it is, yes.

Maggie: Did you catch them?

Fraser: I did., yes.

Maggie: I have to tell you how much I admire that kind of determination.

Fraser: Oh, thank you. Thank you kindly.

Ellis: Uh, are you working for, like, uh, Worlds Weirdest Videos?

Ray: No, uh, they're Canadian.

Ellis: Oh

Ray: Look, I got a couple of questions I want to ask you. Do you know those guys?

Ellis: Yeah, I did some time with Marky.

Ray: What for?

Ellis: Driving.

Fraser: Traffic violations?

Ellis: Yeah, speeding. Away from a bank job. Wrong place, wrong time. Who's the other guy?

Maggie: The man they killed.

Ellis: Wouldn't know about that. I haven't seen them since I got out.

Maggie: I see.

[Maggie goes over to Tommy and takes his wrist to check his pulse.]

Ellis: Look, you have no right to touch me.

Fraser: I'm sure Constable McKenzie means no harm, Mr. Ellis. Just...relax.

Ray: Scared, Tommy?

Ellis: Hell, no. It's just that...

Maggie: You said you hadn't seen them?

Ellis: That's right. Not in years.


Ellis: Look, you know this isn't normal. None of your are normal. You want to take my pulse again, get a warrant.

[Ellis slams the door shut]

Ray: I'm normal.

Fraser: In a pig's eye.

Maggie: He's lying.

Ray: No, I'm not.

Fraser: Very probably.

Maggie: Most certainly. I'm 99.4% accurate.

Ray: Accurate?

Maggie: I know when someone is lying.

Ray: What would that..

Fraser: It's not surprising, Ray. I imagine you monitor pulse, galvanic skin response, respiratory rate-much like a polygraph.

Maggie: Better. Look at the eyes.

Fraser: Ah.

Maggie: So much to be learned from the eyes.

Ray: Hey, hey, eyes, eyes, ...I-I-I...you know...

Maggie: My mother taught me how to spot a liar. The best question is, what are we going to do about it?

Ray: Well, seeing this is off the record, we won't be able to get a warrant, But I might be able to pull a file in the morning to see if I can squeeze him on...[checks himself out in the mirror they're passing] on something. So, uh, you hungry?

Maggie: Uh, I'm actually tired.

Ray: Oh, OK, well I'll give you a ride back to your hotel.

Maggie: Don't have a place yet.

Ray: Oh, hey, I got a lot of room in my place.

[Fraser knocks Ray's arm off the door, out of his way]

Fraser: Actually, Ray, I actually think she'd be more comfortable back at the consulate.

Ray: Who'd want to stay at the consulate, Fraser?

Fraser: Well, I do.

Ray: I mean besides you.

Maggie: That's fine, that's fine. And thank you very much for your offer.

Fraser: Shall we?

[Ray pulls his fist back as Fraser and Maggie walk out]

Fraser: Stop that.

[Fraser's office where he's pulling down blankets from the closet shelf]

Fraser: I'll, uh, sleep out in the hallway, you can take the cot.

Maggie: Oh, no, no, I'll take the hallway.

Fraser: No, I insist.

Maggie: I don't want to put you out of your bed. I prefer the floor. You know, back home I like to sleep out whenever I get the chance. So that's... Thank you.

Robert: Stubborn. Likes sleeping on the ground, just like her mother.

Maggie: I'm sorry?

Fraser: Sorry?

Maggie: I...did, did you say something?

Fraser: I did? Oh, I did. Uh, up with the sun. Up with the sun, I said.

Maggie: Up with the sun. Up with the sun. Always.

Fraser: Right. Night.

Maggie: Good night.

Robert: Good hearing, too. She's got everything.

[Dief whines, trying to go out in the hallway with Maggie.]

Fraser: Oh, don't be ridiculous. You'd keep her up all night with your snoring.


[Maggie laying out in the hallway, fingering a ring on a chain around her neck. She gets up and leaves the consulate dressed in street clothes. She walks into an apartment building just as two men in a generic sedan pull up.]

[The next morning, Fraser is finishing getting dressed. Dief whines.]

Fraser: Oh, thank you. [smooths down an eyebrow] Right.

[walks out of the office]

Fraser: Maggie? Constable McKenzie?

[Dief growls]

Fraser: Where? Oh, it is sticking up, good God.

[Fraser dips a finger in a glass of water and smooths out a stray lick of hair just as Maggie walks in.]

Maggie: Constable Fraser?

Fraser: Ah, good morning,, Constable McKenzie. I just, uh...I have...um, a head. I mean, I have...my hair...I mean I slept on my head. Well, not on my head, because... You know, in the words of Joe Obodiak, a hat can cover a multitude of sins.

Maggie: Joe Obodiak, from Eagle Creek?

Fraser: Why yes, you knew him?

Maggie: Well, yeah, my mother used to tan a moose hide for him every winter.

Fraser: Terrific sense of fashion, for a blacksmith. Old Joe.

Maggie: Yeah.

Fraser: I see that you're, uh, well, you're out of uniform.

Maggie: Uh, I didn't think it was appropriate under the circumstances.

Fraser: Ah, true enough. Well, perhaps would you like to go out for, um, for breakfast?

Maggie: I usually like to have pemmican.

Fraser: Oh, I wish, I wish. And you know, you would think in a city of seven million souls one of them would have had the presence of mind to desiccate a little meat, but no.

Maggie: [holds up bag] I happen to have some.

Fraser: Pemmican?

Maggie: Dried it myself last year. I think you'd like some, too [offers some to Dief]

Fraser: Oh... nothing tastes like that.

Maggie: You must miss home, eh?

Fraser: Oh, very much, you? Oh, well of course you...

Maggie: ...just came from there.

Fraser: Just came from home.

[They enter Fraser's office]

Maggie: I'm sorry, Constable, this must be a real inconvenience for you.

Fraser: No, no, not in the least. Not an inconvenience at all. [puts blankets back in the closet] And you know, you don't have to call me Constable, Constable, just call me Benton, or Fraser, that's my name. Well, Benton is my name.

Robert[follows Fraser out of the closet:] You'll never get anywhere like that, son. I know it's not easy, but try to relax and be yourself. In fact, try and relax and be someone else.

Maggie: Were you...were you just in the closet?

Robert: She talking to me?

Fraser: She seems to be talking to you.

Robert: You can see me?

Maggie: Yes, of course.

Fraser: Holy moly.

Robert: Great scott.

Maggie: My God, you look just like Bob Fraser. He looks like your-I mean, I only saw you a couple of times, but I heard about you forever. But I guess you're older, right?

Robert: Old and dead, it doesn't do a lot for you.

Maggie: You're dead?

Robert: Not entirely alive.

Fraser: Oh, he's quite dead.

Robert: It's damned odd that she can see me.

Fraser: Very odd, very odd.

Maggie: Have you seen my mum?

Robert: No. I was hoping to run into her, never have.

Maggie: Pemmican?

Robert: No.

Fraser: You know, if I could suggest that we step into your office, dad... Right this way.

[all three enter Robert's office]

[Thatcher and Turnbull walking down the stairs]

Turnbull: Constable Fraser! Whoo hoo!

Thatcher: Tea, Turnbull, Tea at 4:00. Sir Ellsworth Smythe is arriving from London-England-this afternoon.

Turnbull Wow, a knight right here in the consulate. How many for tea, sir? Will he be alone or will he accompanied by his squire?

Thatcher: Get a grip, Turnbull. Elton John's a knight, for God's sake, it's not what it used to be.

Turnbull: Just the same, sir, I'll wax the round table.

[Back in Robert's office]

Maggie: And then she sees the grizzly. She reaches down, grabs me by the hood of the parka, throws me up in the tree-I'm 3. I'm hanging onto this rotten old branch with one hand, she's down on the ground right, right eye to eye with mama bear. It must've had some kind of understanding, because an hour or so later, she just let us be. Not a minute too soon, I couldn't hang on one more second.

[Turnbull and Thatcher hear a female voice and laughter in Fraser's office]

Fraser: ...like the time you turned up naked at the Inuvik...

Turnbull: Uh, uh, perhaps constable Fraser is playing a book on tape and doesn't want to be disturbed.

Thatcher: Constable Fraser was born disturbed, Turnbull. Now, get out of my way.

[They rush into Fraser's empty office and listen at the closet door]

Fraser: ...kind of makes a fellow homesick.

Robert: Breaks your heart.

[knocking on door]

Fraser: Oh dear.

Robert: Duty calls, son.

[Thatcher opens the closet door to see Fraser and McKenzie standing in the closet alone, no office in sight]

Thatcher: Constable Fraser.

Fraser: Inspector Thatcher. Sorry.

Thatcher: For?

Fraser: I'm not sure. This is Constable McKenzie. Inspector Thatcher, Constable Turnbull.

Maggie: Pleased to meet you. Hi.

Thatcher: Are you here officially?

Turnbull: Or unofficially?

[Thatcher elbows Turnbull]

Fraser: Constable McKenzie is here on the trail of some suspects, sir.

Thatcher: In your closet?

Fraser: At the moment, yes.

Thatcher: Why wasn't I informed?

Maggie: It's, uh, a personal matter, ma'am. Constable Fraser is just helping me out.

Thatcher: Personal. I see. I trust this won't interfere with your duties?

Fraser: Oh, no sir.

Thatcher: Good.

Maggie: Pemmican?

Thatcher: I couldn't possibly.

[Turnbull starts to accept, changes his mind as Thatcher refuses. Thatcher turns to go, but Turnbull is in the way. Turnbull finally hops out of the way and waves goodbye as they leave.]

Maggie: I see why you like her, she...

Fraser: Inspector Thatcher and I have a purely, a, a... We should get back on the case.

Maggie: Good idea. I have a lead.

Fraser: Oh, good. You do?

Maggie: Yes. Well, we should, we should...

[both try to exit the closet at once and get stuck]

Fraser: After you.

[Back at the station house]

Ray: You did what?

Maggie: I went back and talked to Tommy Ellis. He gave me the name of a man the Torellis work with.

Ray: And, and you think this was wise?

Maggie: I think he was less intimidated with me alone.

Ray: Less intimidated-that's your point? I mean, what if he was so unintimidated that he put a bullet in your head and dumped you in the lake?

Maggie: I can take care of myself.

Ray: Yeah, sure, but

Frannie: Hey, here he is! Franco Zefferelli, a couple of convictions for bank robbery.

Ray: Bank robbery. Hey, all these guys are in the same club. Maybe the Torellis are setting something up. Where do we find him?

[out in the parking lot, Maggie goes back over to Rosy, who now has a tent and a fire pit]

Ray: Here we go again.

Fraser: Well, you know Rosy does seem considerably more comfortable.

Ray: Yeah, but.... OK, you're right. You got a thing for her?

Fraser: For Rosy? Oh, for Maggie. It depends on what you mean by 'thing', Ray.

Ray: OK, well to be honest with you, um, I got some feelings for her.

Fraser: Then we both have feelings.

Ray: I knew it, I knew it! A great girl comes along, one that I could really get close to and you're after her like a mad, rabid Canadian dog.

Fraser: Ray, Maggie and I have a lot in common

Ray: Yeah, you're both Canadian and you're both kind of odd.

Fraser: Well, I do feel oddly comfortable with her.

Ray: Oddly comfortable, that's great. Love Canadian style.

[they watch Maggie with Rosy]

Fraser: You know, she might prefer you.

Ray: Oh yeah, she's not going to go for the good-looking freak that speaks the same language, she's going to go for the Chicago flatfoot with the experimental hair.

[Maggie rejoins them]

Ray: Ah, more advice?

Maggie: Teaching her a little bit about trapping.

Ray: Trapping? What does she mean by....forget about it.

Fraser: Shall we?

[back at the consulate, Turnbull is humming and cleaning the mirror in Thatcher's office. She picks up the phone then changes her mind and hangs up. Turnbull runs over and starts cleaning the phone.]

Thatcher: What are you doing, Turnbull?

Turnbull: I assumed the phone was unclean, sir.

Thatcher: Unclean?

Turnbull: Well, dirty, yes. I noticed your hesitation...

Thatcher: My hesitation was due to moral, not physical concerns, Turnbull.

Turnbull: Oh?

Thatcher: (whispering) I was considering calling the Territories and checking Constable McKenzie's credentials.

Turnbull: On the surface, sir, it hardly seems a moral issue.

Thatcher: Yes, hardly. But the fact is...well, I-I felt...

Turnbull: A certain resentment towards Constable McKenzie?

Thatcher: That's very perceptive of you, Turnbull.

Turnbull: Thank you, sir.

Thatcher: So naturally, I don't want to feel as though I'm acting on any petty...

Turnbull Emotions?

Thatcher: No, of course not! Any petty...pettiness...or something.

Turnbull: Ah, I understand, sir.

Thatcher: You do?

Turnbull: No.

Thatcher: At any rate, you see my dilemma.

Turnbull: Might I be so bold, sir, don't make the call, sir-you'll feel better.

Thatcher: Is that your considered advice, Turnbull?

Turnbull: Yes, ma'am, it is.

Thatcher: Thank you.

Turnbull: Thank you, sir.

[Turnbull turns to leave, then picks up the phone for Thatcher so she can make the call and leaves]

[Maggie, Ray, Fraser and Dief pull up at an abandoned building]

Maggie: He lives here?

Ray: That's what the computer says. Nobody home.

Landlord: Hey, you want to rent it?

Ray: Uh, no, we just want to get inside. [flashes badge]

Landlord: OK

[lets them in, Ray goes upstairs, Fraser and Maggie look around on ground floor]

Landlord: Yeah, he left two weeks ago owing three months rent. Said he was going to open a store, but I never saw any sign of it. He lived upstairs. Flake like that, I should have known he didn't have the balls for retail. Good location, huh? Prime retail space. You know you could...who am I trying to kid? Close the door behind you, would you?

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

Ray: There's nothing up there. What do you got?

[Maggie and Fraser are both tasting mud off the floor]

Ray: Ah. I was hoping you wouldn't do stuff like that.

Maggie: Like what?

Ray: Uh, taste stuff.

Maggie: Well, it's the only way to know what you've got. Hey.

Ray: What do you got?

Fraser: Mud.

Maggie: Right. Tracked in on the shoes of two different individuals.

Ray: Well that's great! All we gotta do is find some mud and we got our guys.

Maggie: It won't be that simple.

Fraser: Ah, no. There's not just mud, there's concrete mixed in with it.

[Ray's phone rings]

Ray: Yeah? When? Right away. We gotta go.

[Thatcher's office. She's trying to do one-handed push ups. Unsuccessfully. Her phone rings and she falls face-first to the floor.]

Thatcher: Inspector Thatcher.

Mulligan: Thatcher, Mulligan here.

Thatcher: Ah, Inspector Mulligan, you're a tough man to reach.

Mulligan: We were about 50 miles from a phone by dog sled.

Thatcher: 50 miles by dog sled? Well, perhaps it wasn't so terribly urgent after all.

Mulligan: What?!

Thatcher: At any rate, now that I have you on the line, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about Constable McKenzie.

Mulligan: Maggie?

Thatcher: Yes, Maggie.

Mulligan: Can't tell you much. She has been suspended.

Thatcher: She what?

Mulligan: Suspended.

[Ray, Maggie, Fraser & Dief pull up to Ellis' apartment where the coroners office is removing Ellis' body.]

Welsh: You talk to this Tommy Ellis yesterday?

Ray: Yeah, what happened?

Welsh: He got himself shot last night.

Ray: Last night?

Fraser: Constable McKenzie was here last night.

[Ray's phone rings]

Ray: Yeah? For you.

[hands the phone over to Fraser]

Fraser: Hello? Ah, Inspector... [walks away to have the conversation in private]

Fraser: I see. Thank you kindly. It would appear that Constable McKenzie's status is something of a question mark.

[Welsh, Ray and Fraser turn around to talk to Maggie, but she and Dief are gone.]

[Welsh, Thatcher, Ray and Fraser walking down the hallway at the precinct.]

Thatcher: Where is she?

Welsh: That's what we'd like to know. She went to question the guy last night, he turns up dead today. And Constable Fraser's wolf is also missing.

Thatcher: You know, technically she's not a Constable, she's been suspended.

Ray: Suspended?

Thatcher: Well, she's convinced the Torelli brothers killed her husband.

Fraser: Her husband?

Welsh: Those guys killed her husband?

Ray: Hang on, hang on a second, she came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of her husband?

Thatcher: Exactly.

Welsh: (to Fraser) You knew about this?

Fraser: Well, sir, I...

Thatcher: Well, there's a lot she hasn't been telling us. She's been obsessed with these men, convinced they're the killers, in spite of the fact that they both have air-tight alibis. Her behavior became erratic and her superior officers felt she was becoming a danger to the community so they suspended her.

Welsh: We led a nutcase right to the guy she wanted to kill?

Ray: Well, no, not exactly, sir.

Fraser: We were unable to locate the man she wanted to kill, if indeed she wanted to kill him at all.

Welsh: So you're too incompetent to lead her to the guy she wanted to kill, so you lead her to some other guy, who she whacked, is that about it?

Ray: Well, I wouldn't put it like that, sir.

Welsh: How would you put it?

Ray: Well, sorta like that.

Fraser: We don't know that she killed him, sir.

Welsh: We don't know she didn't. How could this happen, Constable?

Fraser: She seemed....credible.

Welsh: You mean because of the uniform?

Fraser: And who she was.

Thatcher: In Constable Fraser's defense, she did put up a very convincing front.

Welsh: You never checked out her story?

Fraser: No, sir, I'm sorry.

Thatcher: As commanding officer, I will be taking disciplinary action.

Ray: Oh, I bet you will.

Welsh: Vecchio, you go find her, and find her quick-while you still have your shield!

Ray: Yes, sir.

[They all leave Welsh's office]

Thatcher: I'm sorry, Fraser, but you have to learn people can't be trusted.

Frannie: Hey, I got something. About your case. Don't all thank me at once.

[Ray grabs the sheet]

Ray: The victim.

Fraser: The husband.

Frannie: The husband? I don't know about that. His name is Casey Richmond, he's an associate of the Torelli brothers. He's another bank robber.

Ray: A cop married to a bank robber.

[Ray and Fraser rush out]

Frannie: You're welcome.

[Ray and Fraser head to Ray's car]

Ray: Why can I not read women? I mean, I-I try, but I always get it screwy. And this one I liked.

Fraser: And you don't like her now?

Ray: She lied.

Fraser: Well, possibly.

Ray: No possibly, Fraser. I mean, she, she, she played us like a couple of them sport fish that are easy... Aw, you're not really going to eat those, are you?

[Ray and Fraser walk over to Rosy, who is cooking a rat over her fire]

Rosy: Best looking meat I've seen all year. I mean, you can get pretty good veggies through the dumpster back of Multi-Mart, but the meat...phew, you wouldn't want to know.

Ray: Yeah, but those are...

Rosy: Tasty little buggers, so easy to catch you wouldn't believe it. Here, you want to try it?

Ray: No, thanks.

[Ray and Fraser leave]

Fraser: You know, Ray, they're chock-a-block with protein-and actually, the neighborhood could benefit from a little bit of rodent control.

Ray: You always got to look on the bright side of things, Fraser?

Fraser: Is that a defect?

Ray: No, but it's kinda dumb.

Fraser: Well, possibly.

Ray: So, are you going to try to protect her?

Fraser: Who, Rosy?

Ray: No, Maggie.

Fraser: Oh, yes, yes, now more than ever.

Ray: But you don't even know who she is.

Fraser: But I intend to find out.

[They pull out of the parking lot]

[At the consulate, Fraser and Turnbull are poring over articles]

Fraser: Her father's name is Matt Stern: a sometime geologist and prospector who was killed in a mine collapse in 1969, April.

Turnbull: The man she married called himself Casey McKenzie.

Fraser: So, anything to link him to Casey Richmond?

Turnbull: Nothing, sir.

Fraser: And she didn't know who he was.

Turnbull Her mother was a trapper.

Fraser: Mm-hmm. She raised Maggie alone in the bush.

Turnbull: Her father?

Fraser: When he was working, he stayed close to the mine. The rest of the time he was off prospecting.

Turnbull: Hmm, says here, she gave birth to Maggie alone in her cabin.

Fraser: She was resourceful. May I...may I have a look at that? Would you please tear that article out?

Turnbull: Yes, sir.

[carefully starts ripping article out]

Fraser: Would you please tear that article out a little more quickly?

Turnbull: Yes, sir.

[continues ripping article out but still slowly]

Fraser: Would you please remove your hands from the article?

[Turnbull raises his hands and leans back, Fraser leans over and rips the article out]

Fraser: Thank you kindly.

Turnbull: Pleasure, sir.

[Fraser returns to his office and enters the closet. Maggie breaks in through the window.]

Fraser: Dad?

[Maggie and Dief enter the office, Maggie starts collecting her belongings. Fraser comes back out of the closet since his father is not there. Walks in on Maggie]

Maggie: I didn't kill Tommy Ellis. I didn't have any reason to. I didn't kill him.

Fraser: Then why did you leave the scene of the crime? Is it perhaps because you're under suspension? You know, your husband knew the Torellis, and not just as a hunting guide or a fishing guide. He robbed banks with them.

Maggie: No, he didn't.

Fraser: Yes, he did.

Maggie: No, he didn't.

Fraser: Yes, he did. He knew them, they had motive. We can find out what actually happened.

Maggie: Casey didn't know them--he told me he didn't.

Fraser: He lied.

Maggie: He didn't know them [slaps Fraser]

Fraser: His real name is Casey Richmond. In 1987, he and the Torellis robbed the Kittering National Bank in Portland, Maine. Maggie, I'm trying to help you.

Maggie: I... [leaves Fraser's office, crying]

[Maggie rushes out of the Consulate past Thatcher]

Thatcher: Stop her, Constable!

[Fraser just looks on as Maggie leaves]

[Thatcher's office. Meg stands in front of Fraser, Turnbull watches on]

Thatcher: She's one of us but she broke the law. It was your duty to bring her in. You had her and you let her get away.

Fraser: Yes, sir.

Thatcher: This would be an appropriate time to offer some sort of explanation, Constable.

Fraser: There's nothing I can say, sir.

[Dief barks]

Thatcher: I'm sorry, Fraser, but you give me no other choice.

[Thatcher picks up a knife and cuts Fraser's lanyard. Turnbull gasps.]

Thatcher: Take off that uniform, clear off your desk, bring me your files.

Fraser: Yes, sir.

Thatcher: Uh, you can continue to live here, if you like, until you make some other kind of arrangements.

Fraser: Thank you, sir.

Turnbull: Constable Fraser! (speaking in French) A street in Paris, my friend.

Fraser: Thank...thank you, Turnbull.

[Fraser leaves, Turnbull is almost in tears]

[Fraser goes back to his office, removes his tunic and Sam Browne. Enters the closet.]

Robert: Suspended! That woman has been trying since day one to get you out of your uniform.

Fraser: So now you show up!

Robert: This is serious business, son. Serious business.

Fraser: Yes, it is, it is indeed. What do you think I should have done-arrested her?

Robert: Not unheard of. You are an officer of the law, at least you were.

Fraser: She was born May 12, 1970.

Robert: Yes, she's a young woman, and a mighty attractive one at that. But that's no excuse for you not doing your duty. No excuse at all.

Fraser: Her father was killed April, 1969.

Robert: Son, son, you, you, you really disappoint me. When a man makes a mistake, there's nothing more important than owning up to it and pay the consequences. Here you are blithering on about dates or something.

Fraser: Her father died one year before she was born.

Robert: I'm not good at math.

Fraser: No, apparently not.

Robert: What are you saying?

Fraser: I'm saying I think it's fairly clear Matt Stern is not her father.

Robert: Ellen always said he was.

Fraser: Oh, when, when you were warming yourself in her cabin?

Robert: Yeah.

Fraser: Yeah!

Robert: Great scott.

Fraser: Great scott.

Robert: You're not saying...

Fraser: I am. Maggie can see you.

Robert: Well, Buck Frobisher can see me, I'm not his father.

Fraser: Are you sure?

Robert: Well, I'm pretty sure. Why didn't Ellen tell me?

Fraser: Would you have stayed?

Robert: She used to say she didn't want me to feel tied down.

Fraser: Well, obviously you didn't.

Robert: My God. She's my kid. I didn't get to know her.

Fraser: You didn't get to know me, either.

Robert: Yeah, but at least I knew you existed. You've got to find her, son.

Fraser: How?

Robert: She's a hunter. Find her prey and you'll find her.

Fraser: That's, that's great, dad, thanks. Once again, that really practical advice...

[Fraser leaves the office, leaving his father staring into the fire.]

[Fraser goes back to the station house]

Ray: Fraser.

Fraser: Ray.

Ray: In here.

[Takes Fraser and Dief into the bathroom and into a stall]

Ray: Look, Fraser, I don't think this is the best place for you right now.

Fraser: I've been suspended, Ray.

Ray: I know, I know.

Fraser: ...and I am no longer allowed to liase with you as an official representative of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Ray: I know, 'cause you've been suspended.

Fraser: Exactly my point, Ray.

[toilet flushes in the next stall over and Welsh pops his head over the divider to join the conversation]

Welsh: What he's trying to say, Detective, is that technically, as a private citizen, he's free to come in here and liase his head off.

Fraser: Ah, yes sir, technically.

Welsh: Good thinking.

Fraser: Thank you, sir.

[Welsh leaves]

Ray: You got something?

Fraser: Mud.

Ray: Again?

Fraser: Well, we know the two of them were walking in it, and we know it was mixed with concrete.

Ray: It was?

Fraser: Oh, yes, you see concrete has a very distinctive taste.

Ray: Oh yeah.

[they leave the stall]

Fraser: And that suggests a construction site.

Ray: There's a lot of construction sites in Chicago, Fraser.

Fraser: Well, yes, Ray, but this one is probably located next to a bank.

Ray: Which they were staking out.

Fraser: Right, and they got the mud on their shoes while they were checking out the bank.

Ray: So we've got to find a construction site that's near a bank.

Fraser: Yes, one in which the concrete has only recently been poured.

Ray: Otherwise it wouldn't have been upon their shoes.

Fraser: Yes, that's right.

Ray: Frannie, cement mixers. Find the construction sites that just poured cement in the last two days, ones that are near a bank.

Frannie: Right now?

Ray: Yeah.

[Frannie feeds Dief a snack and starts checking the computer]

[Ray and Fraser in the GTO, headed to the site]

Ray: How's she going to find this place? I mean we got computers and stuff, what has she got?

Fraser: She's got intelligence, imagination, all the same information we have, and in addition she's determined.

[Maggie walking the streets. Music: "Song for a Winter's Night" by Sarah McLachlan]

Ray: You guys really connected, didn't you?

Fraser: Yes, we did. In more ways than you think.

Ray: Well look, you can spare me the details.

Fraser: Ray, over.

[they watch two men entering a bank with guns]

Fraser: The Torellis. Let's go.

[They walk towards the bank, passing the getaway car. Ray pulls his gun and rushes over to the driver.]

Ray: Hands on the wheel! Put your hands on the wheel.

[Inside the bank, the gunmen walk in and pull their guns.]

Torelli #1: Everybody down on the ground. Now! Everybody down, nobody move!

[Maggie stands at the teller's window, back to the gunmen]

Torelli #2: What are you, deaf, lady? I said 'down'!

[Maggie turns]

Torelli #2: You.

Maggie: You didn't really think that I'd give up, did you?

Torelli #1: Shoot her!

Torelli #2: She's got a gun.

Torelli #1: So do you.

Maggie: You think you could kill a woman?

Torelli #1: Shoot her!

Torelli #2: I think I could kill you.

Maggie: Like you killed my husband.

Torelli #2: No, you killed him. We were going to cut him in on a job, but he was going to turn us in. Because of you, because he was married to a cop. You killed him.

[Fraser rushes Torelli #1 and takes his gun, knocks the gun out of his brother's hand]

Ray: Chicago PD, drop the weapon.

[Both Torellis are unarmed, Maggie takes aim at Torelli #2]

Fraser: Perhaps you should lower your weapon also, Maggie.

Maggie: What do you think they'd get for what they did? 25 to life? Parole in 10, maybe 12?

Torelli #1: She's gonna shoot me.

Fraser: Maggie, don't do this. Don't throw your life away.

Maggie: Haven't you ever wanted justice?

Fraser: Many times.

Maggie: Did you ever care what happened to you?

Fraser: Not once.

Maggie: Then we're the same.

Fraser: Yes, we are the same. We're cut from the same cloth, you and I. I'm your brother.

Maggie: You're what?

Robert: It's a shock, I know. And it's probably 28 years too late to be dispensing advice...but you better let the law handle this.

Maggie: My brother...if he's my brother, then...

Torelli #2: Who are you talking to?

Fraser: It's none of your beeswax, Nosy Parker. I don't want to have to visit you in prison.

Maggie: I just want him to say it.

Robert: Maggie.

Maggie: Say it!

Torelli #2: All right, all right, I pulled the trigger, I killed your husband.

Fraser: Now you don't have to shoot him.

Maggie: I never intended to shoot him, I just wanted a confession.

Robert: That's encouraging.

Maggie: It's not even loaded.

[Maggie flips open the cylinder showing no bullets.]

Maggie: Thank you kindly for your help.

[Maggie walks away]

Ray: Butt plate, on the ground. On the ground, down!

Fraser: That was, ah...

Ray: Fraser. I know they do things differently in Canada, but it's sorta frowned upon down here to, ah, you know, crush your sister's smokes.

Fraser: She's a non-smoker, Ray.

[Fraser walks back over to Maggie, who is looking at their father. Fraser punches her on the shoulder, the three of them grin.]

[Maggie and Ray walk out of the station house and into the parking lot]

Ray: So, I guess you'll be back for the Torelli trial, I'll see you then.

Maggie: Aren't forensics enough?

Ray: Ah, no, need motive. They overheard you talking to him and then he got whacked, so, uh...

Maggie: Right.

Ray: Besides, I owe you dinner.

Maggie: That's true, you do. I want to take them to Canada, try them there.

Ray: Uh, we got 'em first.

[Maggie sees Rosy heading out of the parking lot with all of her belongings on a travois]

Maggie: Hey, Rosy, where you going?

Rosy: Oh, heading east, trapping's better by the lake. Hey, thanks!

Maggie: Any time.

[Fraser turns back from giving directions to Maggie's taxi driver]

Fraser: Maggie.

Ray: You know, I think I stood a better chance before you were his sister.

[Maggie laughs]

Ray: Fraser, stop. Turn around.

[Ray kisses Maggie while Fraser's back is turned. Fraser turns back around]

Maggie: Turn around again.

[Maggie kisses Ray again]

Fraser: Are you done?

Maggie: Bye.

[Maggie walks to her taxi with Fraser]

Maggie: So, if I need help tarring the roof of my trailer, will you come?

Fraser: Yes.

Maggie: What if my generator breaks down in the middle of the night and I'm cold and lonely, can I call you?

Fraser: Yes.

Maggie: What if I need advice on some unsolvable case or elusive criminal?

Fraser: Call me. And you know, if you need some advice, uh, say, about a relationship, or things of a female nature...

Maggie: Really?

Fraser: ...don't call me.

Maggie: Benton Fraser, I look forward to having you as a brother.

[Maggie gives Fraser a big hug]

Fraser: Likewise.

Maggie: Thank you.

[Maggie leans down to pet Dief]

Maggie: And you, goodbye, you. Tell dad I'll be looking out for him.

Fraser: I will. Be good.

Maggie: I'll try.

[Taxi drives off, Dief whines]

Fraser: I know, I have a family.

Robert: I was a miserable father twice.

Fraser: Eh. You did what you could.

Robert: I never intended to stay away, son. It's just that back home, everywhere I looked, I saw your mother.

Fraser: I know, dad.



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