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.. Scénář - 65. epizoda - Volání divočiny I. (Call Of The Wild - Part 1) ..

*A frozen lake*

Ben- The first day the frost takes and there's a sheen of ice on the dug out.

Bob- Knowing you feel the wind from the north bringing the snow.

Ben- And out on horse back there's a slanting light from the east.

Bob- Oh I miss it son, I miss it terribly.

Ben- Yeah, so do I. You all right?

Bob- I don't know, you know life is ... is odd enough but death son, Lord God, they don't even give you a road map. everything comes under scrutiny.

Ben- What brought this on?

Bob- I don't know, something in the air, there's something stirring there, you feel it?

Ben- Yeah, you know I've had, I've had some very odd dreams.

Bob- About your mother?

Ben- Yeah you?

Bob- Well, I'm dead I don't dream so I don't know what this sensation is that I've got. Although it's very similar to when Walter Singlefoot laced my tea with Kanikanic(sp?) and then seemed to turn into a twelve foot alligator before my very eyes. I don't know, it feels as thought your mother's very close.

Stan- Fraser I hope for your sake you're talking to a fish.

Ben- Hey Ray have a seat, I'll err rig you up a line.

Stan- Got any?

Ben- No but you know Ice fishing takes patience.

Stan- Yeah well you're going to need a lot of that cos there ain't no fish in here.

Ben- How do you know that?

Stan- Cos it's a city reservoir. Drinking water. No Fish.

Ben- Oh.

Stan- You OK?

Ben- Yeah, yeah, Just err...

Stan- What?

Ben- I'm homesick... *Something tugs the line* Wait a minute.

Stan- What?

Ben- Hang on a second. Yeah, here we go...

Stan- OK

Ben- Got something

Stan-Watch your drag, watch your drag.

Ben- Something Big... you see it?

Stan- OK

**Pull out body**

Bob- Nice fish.

**Credits roll**

Mort- Ever since I can remember I associated fishing with death.

Stan- Yeah well you catch a fish, the fish dies, then you eat the fish.

Mort- When I was a boy, I was in a camp. and the guy who ran the camp was a fisherman, of sorts. He would throw hand grenades into the pond and when the fish came up, belly up, stunned he would scoop them up with a net.

Stan- What was it some sort of summer camp or something.

Mort- No Auchwitz.... *Stunned silence*... Oh come on guys I didn't mean to... well... what else do we know about this man?

ben- His name is Cartwright he has a couple of weapons charges and associated with bad people

Mort- Very bad judging by the way he died. Shot with a small rifle probably manufactured in old Czechoslovakia and a bullet tipped with tallinem - deadly poison, probably manufactured in Bulgaria. So there you go. Ballistics.

Stan- We'll take it he had a meet.

Ben- I agree, shall we?

*Ben and Stan turn to leave - Stan returns*

Stan- Look Mort, I'm sorry I didn't realise that er...

Mort- Come on Ray, I didn't want you to feel sorry. I find life interesting, Even death, I find interesting, but fishing? Fishing is ridiculous.

*Alley Camera shows everything upside down. Ben and Stan walk along until they find a car which the open camera returns to upright position as a body falls out of the door.*

Stan- Dead guy.*He hears someone and shouts * Chicago PD.. Hold it..*Other guy pulls a grenade launcher and Ben and Stan dive for cover.* OH NO.

*The guy fires the grenade launcher then drives off. Ben and Stan come out of their hiding place and Bob appears*

Bob/Ben- Muldoon.

Stan- You know him.

Ben- I knew him.

Stan- What do you mean you knew him?

Ben- He died 30 years ago.

Stan- Who is this Muldoon?

Ben- Holloway Muldoon. He was a legend in the north. Gifted trapper and guide, the story has it he once carried an injured Hungarian Lepidopterist on his back for almost 200 miles through a raging blizzard. Underneath the heroic exterior there lived a criminal who for years had been trafficking endangered species. Grizzly bladder, Puma pelt, wolf fur.

*Dief whines*

Ben- I know boy, My father went after him. The chase was epic. It lasted for a year and a half.

Stan- A year and a half?

Bob- It was personal.

Ben- You see Muldoon's friendship with my father placed him above suspicion. The chase finally ended when Muldoon fell into Six Mile Canyon.

Stan- Fraser, He's here in Chicago so he did not fall into Six Mile Canyon.

Ben- Apparently he survived.

Stan- Look all I know Fraser, is we've got two dead guys and three scumbags shooting up Chicago with a grenade launcher and a lot of work to do.

Ben- Is that about the gist of it.

Bob- Oh that was just the tip of the ice berg son.


Frannie- Well it turns out that your car body was an associate of your fishing body, name was Caesar Callow. Simple sheet, receiving stolen goods, receiving stolen goods and oh look quelle surprise, receiving stolen goods.

Stan- So he was a fence.

Welsh- Detective your powers of deduction make a guy's head spin.

Stan- Thanks.

Ben- This is interesting.

Stan- It makes no sense its..

ben- I believe it's a code.

Welsh- It looks like he had a meet set up for today.

Ben- This arrow would seem to indicate that it was connected to last night's meeting.

Stan- Yeah the only problem is we have no clue where this is happening.

Ben- Well we know that last nights meeting was at Quincy's in Orlands. So taking this to be Orlands and this to be Quincys that gives us 13 letters. Now if we plug those letters into today's entry we get.

Stan- O L C O Somethin', somethin' next word somethin' R U C somethin' I N somethin'..

Welsh- Rucking, Trucking.

Ben- All right assuming it to be trucking that gives us the T which gives us.

Frannie- Oh ah... Old cart Trucking it's that abandoned place on Wacka.

Ben- Very good Francesca.


Stan- Rats.

Ben- Something wrong, Ray?

Stan- No Rats.

Ben- Oh yes.

Stan- This place gives me the creeps

Ben*about Deif*- Him too. He's never been fond of rodents.

Stan-Showtime*Jumps out* HOLD IT RIGHT THERE.

Maddox- FBI throw down your weapons.

Stan- Step out of the shadows.

Maddox- Show us your ID. Don't talk when I talk.

**Precinct(Welsh's Office)**

Maddox- This is not your jurisdiction.

Welsh- That's odd Agent Maddox, because last time I checked the criminal code, homicide was still under States Jurisdiction.

Maddox- Let me make it clear I go to meet a snitch I don't need some flat foot city cop..

Stan- This from the boys who brought us Wakeo. Wake up your snitch is out there chillin' at the cold meat party.

Ben- Gentlemen, perhaps it would be more productive to discuss the weapons smuggler.

Agent2- It's none of your business.

Welsh- Someone starts shooting up Chichago with a Grenade launcher I figure it's my business.

Maddox- Wrong Lieutenant, this is our case, keep your nose clean.

agent2- For the record, Wakeo was an act of God.

*Agents leave*

Stan- So?

Welsh- So officially you're off the case, but hey, if someone wanted to take this case up as a hobby, everyone should have a hobby.


Ben- See everything my father ever did is in here. Cross referenced by criminal and by crime.

Turnbull- Now the filing is a little crude.

Bob- Crude?

Turnbull- Crude but brilliant.

Bob- Smart boy.

Turnbull- To find Muldoon...

Ben- Hum...

Stan- What's up?

Ben- There's a period of three weeks where there's no entry

Stan- Maybe he was busy...

Ben- No I don't think so, the silence begins with the day my mother died.

Turnbull- Ahh you see, I find Muldoon by simply flipping to page 6, 1, 9.

Bob- I'd have rearranged the landscape, torn down the mountains and diverted the rivers to catch Muldoon. I only had the slimmest of clues, he always managed to be where no one expected him to be and usually that was where he'd just been.

Stan- Anything.

Ben- He doubles back on himself.

**Alley where they'd found the gas**

Stan-He doubles back on himself does he Fraser. We've been waiting here for 2 days all I've got is a nose that runs faster than a three year old at the Kentucky Derby. Look I'm doneski. I'm out of here. I can't help this.

*Car approaches*

Stan- Freeze Chicago PD.

**Muldoon fires his grenade launcher at Stan, Stand dives out of the way. Muldoon drops his case and runs back to the car.**

Stan- What's that?

Ben- It's Russian lettering.

Stan- What's it say?

Ben- Well my Russian's a little rusty but I think it's nerve gas and this one's....*There's a small hole in one of the canisters*Oh dear, do you have any gum?

*Stan pulls the gum out of his mouth*

*A little later*

Ben-We're in luck it seems to be holding. you know at first glance you wouldn't assume that gum and string would *Stan collapses on to the floor* What's wrong with you?

Stan- I've got it

Ben- You've got what?

Stan- Gas. I've been gassed.

Ben- Oh no Ray, I shouldn't think you've actually been gassed.

Stan- I got tingling. My hands are tingling I'm tingling all over.

Ben- Ray, Ray If you'd actually been exposed to nerve gas you'd be experiencing different symptoms.

Stan- Like what?

Ben- Well... you'd have breathing difficulty.

Stan*Clutching throat and gagging*- Yeah...

Ben- You'd probably feel a little bit dizzy.... and you might feel as though you want to vomit... You'd probably start bleeding out of your nose.You bowels would release. ..*Ben starts to walk off* Most of all though you'd probably be unconscious and dead.

Stan*Getting up*-Oh I get nervous... I just... I got a bit nervous.... OK... My bowels seem OK.

Ben- I'm relieved.

Stan- What you find?

Ben- It's a foot print belonging I think to the driver of the car. In which case we can assume reasonably that he was or is an employee of the Hotel California.

Stan-YOu can not tell that by a foot print, Fraser, I don't care if you can track Musk ox across the Atlantic Ocean You can not tell where a person works by a foot print.

**The North West Territories**

Buck- Gas. I've a pretty good idea which direction this wind is blowing... PHONE...No a real phone with a dial.

**Buck is in a cabin on the phone talking to Turnbull/Thatcher in the consulate.**

Turnbull- Gas you say you have gas Sir?

Buck- A powerful gas It could wipe out 1000s possibly even more.

Turnbull I see Do you have any idea as to the source of the gas?

Buck- Russian in origin and there seem to be any number of clues, none of which I can recall at the moment that indicate they cause a dire threat to the city of Chicago.

Turnbull- Chicago.

Buck- Get this straight son this is a lethal gas this could wipe out big cities all across North America.

Turnbull- have you considered consulting a physician Sir?

Buck- Son I think that you've probably been hit with the dumb stick would you put me on through to your superior please.

Turnbull- Yes Sir.

Meg- Inspector Thatcher

Buck- Inspector one word. Diethylaminoethoxycyanophosphine oxide.

Meg- Ohmigod.

Buck- 1mg of that could kill a man

Meg- Or a woman.

Buck- Well I don't know what it would take to kill a woman could be one could be ten But that's not important the important thing is there's a darker thread to this story and it has all the tell tale signs of Muldoon. One of the foulest scum who ever walked the earth... next to Howard Stern that is. But it doesn't make sense cos he's been dead for thirty years.

Meg- Unfortunately rumours of Muldoons death may have been greatly exaggerated

Buck- Ahh I see and err... Constable Fraser how is he taking this?

Meg- With his usual keenness why?

Buck- Ahh then he doesn't know.

Meg- Know what?

Buck- About Muldoon and his mother. I have half a mind to get down to Chicago and take a crack at Muldoon myself but my detachment is green better to have someone up here at this end of the trail.

**Hotel California**

Hotel Manager- We do put the mark on the soles it makes the boots part of a uniform and discourages theft. The only problem is they became something of a collector's item and everyone was stealing them.

Ben- I see and how many were size 16 double wide?

Stan- How do you know the size?.

Ben- We saw the print.

Stan- You saw the print?!

Hotel manager- One pair size 16 double wide.

Ben- And they belong to?

Manager- Toe Blake

Ben- Toe Blake?

Manager- Big Toe Blake is his full name, we had to let him go for stealing. Naturally he stole his boots when he left.

Stan- naturally

Manager- Big guy, big toe, Big.

Stan- How big?

**Outside Stan and Ben are hanging off a VERY big man.**

Stan- Very big.

Ben- You know it's really a question of leverage not unlike bulldogging a steer

Stan- Wrestling an elephant.Hup two, hup two


Meg- For sometime now Ottawa has suspected that Russian military equipment was being smuggled through Canada for sale throughout the rest of the world. Naturally headquarters wants it stopped immediately

Welsh- Naturally.

Meg- This particular case that Sergeant Frobisher is working on involves poisonous gas. Which is quite dangerous you know.

Welsh- Yeah I'd heard that about poisonous gas.

Meg- This particular gas though is a variant on Russian Talem which is in fact Diethylaminoethoxycyanophosphine oxide. Frobisher feels that the shipment is in fact big enough to basically obliterate several small cities. It's really quite exciting.

Welah- Exciting?

Meg- Well at the risk of sounding self absorbed a successful resolution to a case of this magnitude could provide me with a promotion and a transfer to Toronto.

Frannie- you're going to Toronto. THAT'S GREAT. for you of course and you know if there's anything I can do to help don't hesitate to ask, I mean a lift to the airport anything.

Meg- Thank you I appreciate that.

Frannie- So Frase will be taking over for you here... right? Probably get a brand new income, a big house a bedroom.

Meg- Constable Fraser is my 2nd in command. He's coming with me.


Stan-DEWEY ..hey,hey,hey,hey,hey, come on

Welsh- Come on.

Frannie(to Meg)- We have to talk.

Meg- You're touching me.

Frannie- oh.

**Ben Huey Dewey Welsh Ray and 'Toe Blake' are in the interview room. Frannie and Meg are watching from behind the one way mirror.**

Blake- I'm like a cabby if I'm hired to drive, I drive

Stan- And if the guy buys crates of nerve gas that's none of your business?

Frannie- Look at him incredible isn't he?

Meg- He's huge. I'd say at least 400--

Frannie- No not him, Fraser. Look at him.

Welsh- Nerve gas can kill 1000s of people you know how many years you're going to get for killing 1000s of people.

Stan- You know how many times they can execute you.

Frannie- He was born on the tundra I mean that's where he belongs You'll kill him if you take him to Toronto.

Meg- That's a bit drastic don't you think.

Frannie- Look I've been to Toronto OK trust me nothing can survive there. Look at him I mean really look at him.

Blake- He's some out of town talent. I got hired to ferry him around and I don't know anything about no gas.

Stan- Look Pal, you'd better know something about him.

Blake- I picked him up at some hotel

Welsh- Which hotel

Blake- Where I used to work.

Stan- The California - Lets go.

**Hotel California- A bald guy walks past**

Stan- What?

Ben- That man, I think I've seen him before. All right I'll take the stairs.

Stan- hang on use the phone I'll call you with floors...-5 6 7 11 12 hear me?

Ben- Clearly Ray

Stan- 14 15 breathing kinda hard 20 21 22 24 that's it Fraser 24 I'm on my way.

**24th floor**

Ben- 2409

Stan- You're sure this is the guy. You barely saw him.

Ben- Positive.

Stan*Falsetto voice*- Housekeeping

Ben- Ray!

Stan- Ray?

Ben- Ray Vecchio! Oh dear.

Muldoon- What's going on here. I was under the impression I was going to meet someone called Armando Languistini from the Iguana family, South West branch.

Ray- You are.

Muldoon- So who the hell is Ray Vecchio?

Ray- How the hell should I know?

Ben- Perhaps I should explain.

Ray- Perhaps you should shut up.

Muldoon- Perhaps he should talk... Don't I know you.

Ben- Not directly no. I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my--

Stan- Fraser not now.

Muldoon- Fraser?

Ray- Who are you?

Stan- Who me?

Ray- Yeah you.

Stan- What do you mean?

Ray- What do they call you?

Stan- Who?

Ray- Am I not speaking English here or what?

Thug#1- Yes boss beautiful English.

Ray*Drawing gun*- What's it going to be funny guy?

Stan- Oh you mean my name... oh that. Here *hands Ray his ID*

Ray- Ray Vecchio. Chicago P.D.

Muldoon- You bring cops to a meet?

Ray- It's your room pal.

Muldoon- They followed you in.

Ray- Meaning what?

Muldoon- Meaning this whole set up smelt from the get go. Who are you buddy, I've seen you before.

Ray- Yeah dead guy, getup... let's go, get up... the bathroom. *BANG**BANG**Ray re-emerges from the bathroom without Stan or Ben* You want to play hard ball with the Iguana family, you'd better have hard balls. You still in the game?

Muldoon- I'm always in the game.OK back up location. 9pm.

Thug#1- hey boss, you've still got a little blood ...

Ray- Yeah right. Clean up the bodies.*TO himself in the mirror.* So long Armando Languistini, it's been good knowing you. For a full year I'm deep undercover, never waiting in line, always getting the best tables at the best restaurants. I live in a nine thousand square footed ?Dolby? house at the edge of the desert, with a butler named Nero who brings me buttermilk night and day and everywhere I go I sit in the back of a black limosene my elbow on the gangster lean and all this, all this, you wipe out with one word?"

Ben- It's good to see you Ray.

Ray- It's good to see you too, Benny.

Stan- Oh Benny, that's cute.

Ray- You realise you could have got us all killed.

Ben- Well I'm sorry, but I was so pleasantly suprised to see you that I..

Ray- Said something stupid?

Ben- Yes.

Ray*on phone*- Hey, yes this is three seventeen, we need a clean up unit at twenty four O nine... right... So you're me?

Stan- And you're not you.

Ray- That's a good one, unlike the clothes.

Stan- Sommin' up with them.

Ray- Well nothing... if you're a bag lady. You see I had a rep. I was a slick dresser.

Stan- Oh yeah, oh yeah, like a, like a, a style pig, you mean.

Ray- You kill me funny guy. I see it's going to take a lot of work to get my reputation back in place.

Stan- What place was that?

Ray- Well you see, these three goons are going to get one call each. They're going to call Vegas and when they do Armando Languistini is going to go up like flash-paper. Time to get my life back.

Stan- But that's my life.

Ray- I'm afraid it is. What are you grinning about?

Ben- I knew you too would hit it off.

**Welsh's office**

Ray- Muldoon has weaponry for sale and a buyer he just needs somebody to broker the deal. So the ATF places two agents a Colittle and a Cartwright. Muldoon makes the agents and kills them both. So the ATF suspect an inside leak. They turn to the FBI who turns to me Armondo Languistini. The Mob brokers the deal.

Welsh- How does the deal work?

Ray- Two stages. the first is the nerve gas that you stumbled upon and all I know about the second is that it's big and it's scary.

Welsh- And who's the buyer.

Ray-Again don't know, very cagey very secret. The basic idea was that I would broker the deal and then we'd nail Muldoon and the buyer

Welsh- Which doesn't work out

Dewey- Because Fraser and Ray show up and blow the whole thing out of the water.

Huey- Bada SSSHHH

Welsh- So what now?

Ray - The meet with Muldoon's set for 9. my cover should hold until then. That's our window.

Wlesh All right we've got to move. Huey and Dewey you run down the location the whole layout all right? Francesca pull everything on Muldoon any possible connection. Fraser, you run it from your end. All right we got six hours let's use them.. Oh Ray...

Ray/Stan- Yeah

Welsh- No I mean, oh I can see this is going to be confusing huh? Look you be Ray Vecchio cos you were Ray Vecchio to start with...

Ray*Smug*- Right.

Stan- and who am I

Welsh- Good question ... you can be Stanley Kowalski

Ray- Stanley Kowalski?

Welsh- His father had a big thing for Marlon Brando.

Stan- So err I just err OK.

Ray- Later Stanley... Sir.

**Snack room**

Frannie- what do you em... what do you think of me?

Ben- What do I think of you.

Frannie- OK.

Ben- I'm not sure what it is you're asking me.

Frannie- Oh I guess that pretty much sums up what you think of me ... It's just ... it's just ummm... when I... when I think of the sheer hours of female tonnage that I have put into this relationship you know... the dedication and ... and the patience and the night heart to heart talks... even if you weren't there... I just kind of... I just kind of hoped or thought that you would tell me..

Ben- I'm sorry Francesca, tell you what?

Frannie- That you're going home...


Ben- We're going home Sir?

Meg- If we're present for the capture of Muldoon We could virtually guarantee ourselves a transfer. By the way what is the connection between your Mother and Muldoon?

Ben- Don't you mean my Father and Muldoon?

Meg-Oh I was quite sure that Frobisher said your Mother but as I understand it he's having some digestive problems. Do you ever think about it Fraser?

Ben- Digestive problems?

Meg- Home.

Ben- Oh home... yes.

Meg- As do I the air, the shopping, the cafe lates. I miss Toronto like you'd miss an old boyfriend you'd discarded

Ben- Toronto Sir, I'm sorry it's just when you say home well I well I tend to think a little further north.

Meg- Oh.

**The Ray's desk**

Stan- What the hell do you think you're doing?

Ray- How can you work in this mess?

Stan- No worse than the piles of crap you left all over the place.

Ray- Well my piles of crap were organised.

Stan- My mess is organised.

Ray- Well why don't you just organise it some place else.

Stan- OK *Throws all the papers across the room* Is that good?

Ray- Have you got a problem?

Stan- Maybe, just maybe I don't like the way you're sashaying around trying to take over everything.

Ray- This is my desk, it's my life, now get over it.

Stan- Well you get over this *They go to start a fight*

Frannie*breaking them up*- OK OK all right, back off Kowalski that's my brother you're talking to so just stay out of his face. And you! Did they give you testosterone shots in the mob or what?.... WORK!

Stan- Listen I err

Ray-Hey! Forget about it.

Stan- It's just err, it's so sudden look I know you were coming back, I just.. well didn't think it would be so soon so....

Ray- I know it feels as though you died and you didn't get everything done. You know that's how I felt when I walked out of here.

Stan- How's Vegas been?

Ray- Undercover's lonely.

Stan- That it is.

Ray- Well you got Fraser.

Stan- Right

*Both laugh*

*Fraser Snr's office*

Ben- Why have you.. err. why... why?

Bob- Finish your sentence son, an incomplete sentence is an early indicator of a softening mind.

Ben- You were going to leave without telling me.... What else haven't you told me?

Bob- About what specifically?

Ben- Holloway Muldoon.

Bob- Someone's been talking out of turn.

Ben- Your diaries. Buck Frobisher.

Bob- I've hidden some things from you son, for your own good. Muldoon was one of them. I want you to believe me when I say the man was truly evil. I just didn't see it. I trusted him. I invited him into our home. I called him my friend. By the time I caught up with hi, I want thinking.

Ben- So he didn't fall into Six Mile Canyon.

Bob- I killed him. Well I tried to anyway. I imagine that's why I'm still here. To try and make up for it some way.

Ben- Where are you going now?

Bob- To attend to something I should have attended to a long time ago. I'll come back until I do Stay alert. and get Muldoon for me and for your Mother. And Benton don't make my mistake do it right.


Ray-You know Benny, the deserts OK and Nero does have a great buttermilk but this is the stuff I miss...

Ben-Like old times hey?

Ray-Yeah... You remember that time you locked us in that vault...

Ben-Yeah and the water kept rising until we, we almost drowned.

Ray-Yeah... You know what I just said about missing all this...?

Ben-Uh hu.

Ray-Forget I ever said it.


**Car #2**

Stan- You ever feel like you don't know who you are? Like if you weren't around somebody..Or that someone wasn't around you then you wouldn't be you or at least not the you that you think. you ever think like that?

Meg- Never.

Stan- Me either.


Ray-Wish me luck." he said as he stepped out of the car.

Ben-You don't need it.

**Car #3**

Dewey- What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Huey- What?

Dewey- FSHHH

Welsh- What are you doing?

Huey- We're practising.

Welsh- For what to pass yourselves off as two guys with serious head wounds?

Dewey- No 'The One Liner' we finally got the club. We're opening up a comedy club.

Huey- Yeah.

Welsh-Oh God, God help us.

**ATF and FBI roll up.**

Welsh(car 3)- Damn

Stan(car 2)- Damn

Ben-(Car 1)- Darn.

**Snowy tundra somewhere in the after life.**

Bob- I'm not sure what I'm looking for forgiveness maybe. I know I should have come here when I was alive but I was apprehensive. Now I'm dead but of course there's nothing to stop you showing up here Carolyn It's not as though we're not in the same place. At least I hope we still are. I miss you. And I worry about our son. I worry that I haven't told him not everything. and now he'll find out on his own . I hope he's all right.

**The parking lot where all the cars are. Ray Vecchio walks out to meet Muldoon. There is loads of gunfire. Eventually Muldoon runs off and Stan calls Ben to follow him**

Stan- Fraser.

**Welsh and the FBI stay shooting at the rest of Muldoon's men and have a discussion**

Welsh- What are you doing here?

Agent- Looking for our guy.

Welsh- That guy was our guy right before he was your guy.

**Inside the building in a corridor. Ray finds Stan and Ben**

Ray- Where'd they go?

Stan*Jumps and swings round pulling his gun on Ray*- Huh?

Ray- Jumpy.

Thatcher*appearing from round the corner*- It's this place.

Ray*jumps*- HEY!

Stan- Jumpy.

Ben- The corridor branches off.

**Lots of shooting and strobe effect lighting**

**Parking lot.**

Welsh- Give it up.

Thug- Give us a chance

Agent- It's our bust.

Welsh- The pig's eye.

Agent- Our guy set up the meet.

Welsh- He's our guy and you nearly got him killed.

**On some stairs. Some of Muldoon's followers disappear through a door. Muldoon carries on up the stairs**

Ray- They split up we'll take these guys.

**Ray and Stan disappear through the door.**

Ben- Muldoon's this way Sir.

**Meg and Ben follow Muldoon up the stairs.**

**In a tunnel with Ray and Stan**

Ray- Your shooting's lousy

Stan- I need my glasses.

Ray- Forget it let's go.

**Muldoon is about to climb some more stairs and turns to fire at Ben and Meg. But his gun is out of bullets.**

Muldoon- Damn.*Runs up the stairs*

Meg- We don't have to go you know.

Ben- Up these stairs?

Meg- No to Toronto. I mean if you don't... we could go somewhere else.

Ben- Understood. Shall we?

Meg- Yes.

**Indoor fair. Muldoon grabs a man out of a car on a fairground ride and throws him out. The man's kid is still on the ride.**

Muldoon- get out of here.

Kid- Dad, Dad, Dad, DADDY!

*Muldoon throws kid out of ride too.**

**Ray and Stan appear in the fairground and hide behind a pool of water**

Ray- How's those glasses coming?

Stan- I got 'em they were stuck in the lining of my coat.

**The ride. Ben is in one car talking to Muldoon(Meg is there too)**

Ben- Surrender Muldoon. Your ammunition is spent. You have nowhere to go.

Muldoon- I still have this nerve gas Benton

Ben- You recognise me?

Muldoon- Something clicked in that hotel room. Made me think of your father. And you know he didn't get me and I don't believe you will either.

Ben- You know I'll never give up?

Muldoon- Well that would make two members of your family that I've killed then. Oh your Father didn't tell you. That's negligent parenting that is. Your father wanted to arrest me but I had this shot gun. An ugly affair passed down from an uncle. Your Mother was a pretty woman, Benton but when I shot her, she dropped like a big old sack of potatoes.

**Ray and Ben another part of the Fairground**

Ray- Nice job.

Stan- Thanks.

Ray- GO

Stan- What?

Ray- You want me to go?

Stan- No, no I can go...

**The ride Muldoon sets a 'nerve gas Bomb'.**

Muldoon- 60 seconds you've got 60 seconds and then the nerve gas blows.He runs off and Meg and Ben climb towards the bomb.**

Muldoon*to one of his men*- Give me the gun, give it too me.

**Back with Ray and Stan - running after Muldoon.**

Ray- How the hell did we ever work this with Fraser?

Stan- Don't know... go.

**The ride- diffusing the bomb**

Ben- We're going to have to bridge this contact and cut these wires while upside down.

Meg- 35 seconds, let's synchronise our breathing.

Ben- ready? 1

Meg- 2

Ben- 3

*They cut the wire. Meanwhile Muldoon is pointing a gun at Ben. Ray notices and runs out to shoot Muldoon. Muldoon shoots Ray and runs off. Ray falls to the ground**

**Hospital waiting room. Frannie comes out of Ray's room**

Frannie- Err... they don't really know whether I mean it's still... it's still... in him... You can go in and see him if you want but he's still out.

Ben- Francesca. I've been thinking about what you said about our... err... and I errr... I know I don't often say... umm... I mean I'm not particularly skilled at expressing...

Stan- Frannie he likes you.

Frannie- I know.

Ben- I'm glad.

**Hospital room**

Bob- So you found out son?

Ben- Why didn't you tell me?

Bob- It seems misguided now but you were so young at the time, just a young boy. I was full of rage I didn't want to pass that to you. I wanted to protect you.

Ben- He killed my Mother. I would have done the same.

Bob- I hope not Ben, I hope you never get a chance to find out.

Ray-Still talking to yourself, Benny?

Ben- Ray.

Ray-It's just a flesh wound. God, I've been waiting all my life to say that. It's not as much fun as I thought it would be... Just like old times huh?

Ben-Unhappily yes.

Ray- Do you Mounties still always get your man?

Ben- We try to yes.

Ray- Go get him Benny.

**Outside in the waiting room**

Stan *on phone*- Yeah, Yeah.*Ben reappears from room* It's for you

*Stan hands the phone to Ben*

Ben- Yes I see, tight Thank you kindly.*Hangs up phone* That was Constable Turnbull. Frobisher has questioned some of Muldoon's known associates and apparently whenever he's in this vicinity he uses a small airstrip known as Trumble Fields.

Stan- So what we still partners?

Ben- If you'll have me.

**Air strip**

Pilot- Chicago Ground Control, Whiskey Tango Bravo one niner requesting taxi clearance for runway three.

*There is a loud bang

Muldoon- What the hell was that?

Guy with Muldoon- Metal Fatigue.

**On top of the plane hanging on to the wing**

Ben- Are you all right?

Stan- You know being your partner has certain draw backs.

Ben- Such as?



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