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.. Scénář - 66. epizoda - Volání divočiny II. (Call Of The Wild - Part 2) ..


*27th Precinct*

Welsh- All right we got a major smuggler who deals in dangerous weapons. They have an unknown buyer and an unknown objective. 'kay keep your ears to the ground and work your snitches. Just remember we've got two missing officers out there. There'll be no vacations, there'll be no leave...

Frannie- And no sleep for anybody. Which means we work 24 hours a day 8 days a week which comes out to exactly 11 thousand five hundred and 20 minutes every week. We're going to break out the plastic hoses on this one guys. We want these suspects sweating between the ears we.... The floor is yours Harding.

Welsh- All right let's get to work. Huey, Dewey, You talk to the guy we picked up at Oldcart Trucking ... Any word on your brother?

Frannie- Well they moved him onto another ward but he's still got a bullet in him.

Welsh- Lucky guy.

Frannie- He's still got a bullet in him

Welsh- It didn't kill him, did it? That was a golden bullet. The world's his oyster now. He';; retire, full pension, do anything he wants to do.

Ray*Walking into office*- Any word from them?

Frannie- Ray

Welsh- Vecchio.

**The plane (inside)**

Stan- We're in trouble aren't we, Fraser.

Ben- Well.

Bob- Throw him a bone Son, something encouraging.

Ben- Yes we are in big trouble

Bob- That's encouraging?

*Ben unties his wrists*

Stan-What are you doing.. do mine do mine.

Ben- All in good time. First of all we need to determine where this aircraft's destination is.

Stan- We already know that Fraser. Death. The destination is death. Now do mine come on.

Ben- Can I borrow your chewing gum?

Stan- Why?

Ben- I'm going to stick it in my ear. Please.

**Stan spits out gum**

Stan- I don't get you. We're stuck in a plane and you're making some arts and crafts wire sculpture type thing.

Ben- No no no, what I'm going to attempt to do is to intercept some of the binary information from the aeroplane's communication system.

Stan- With my old gum?

**Lots of modem sounds..**

Ben- We're in luck! Muldoon was in the process of organising a rendez vous. My guess is that it's connected to the second stage of the plans.

Stan- How do you get that from a piece of wire and some gum?

Ben- That's not important what is important is that we now have to co ordinates for the rendez vous 70 degrees north by a hundred and twenty five degrees West. If memory serves me correctly that's Franklin Bay.

Stan- That's not important what is important is when you and I get tossed out of the plane onto an ice field.

Ben- Well that too. But rest easy I have no doubt that Inspector Thatcher is organising a rescue party even as we speak.


Meg- The car is ready and the flight leaves in exactly 72 minutes.

Turnbull- Sir, I'm nervous You see I've never flown before quite frankly I've never been more than 10 stories off the ground. This airline you've chosen.. Is it reputable?

Meg- Rest easy Constable it's the only airline that matters.

**ON (Air Canada) plane**

Flight Attendent- Chicken? Fish? Full body massage?

Turnbull- You're absolutely tight sir... no other way to go.

**Interogation room.**

Ray- You ever heard of the Iguana family?

Guy- Yeah

Ray- How about Armundo Languistini?

Guy- The bookman? Of course I mean In my line of work that's a guy you look up to. I mean he'd kill you for a parking spot.

Ray- What would you think about a guy who got on the wrong side of Armondo Langusitini?

Guy- I'd say the guy's pretty stupid.*Ray throws down his ID on the table* You're the bookman?

Huey- Uh hum.

Guy- You mean I'm...

Huey- Yep.

Guy- OK Muldoon met this guy a couple of times.. the buyer

Ray- Give me the name.

Guy- I'm bad with names wait wait wait he had like a code.. a code name... one seven F O C seven six.

**Bolt's plane**

Stan- I think I can take him.

Ben- Ray, patience.

Stan- This is no time for patience.. Look all I got to do is show him a little face..

Ben- RAY!

Stan- It's OK don't sweat it don't sweat it, I'll do it your way.

Ben- All right.

Stan- Excuse me henchmen It would be very much appreciated if you were to throw down your weapons of mass destruction and surrender yourselves to my partner and myself. OK ... dolphin boy...

*Thug slaps Stan*

Henchman- He always like this?

Ben- Well I'm sorry, he's somewhat impulsive and I think that what he actually wanted to say... Ray..

*Stan and Ben head butt the henchmen*

Ben- Dolphin Boy?

Stan- This isn't going to hold them for long, remind me Fraser, is there some sorta thing about shooting a gun off in a plane?

Ben- Well that depends on the altitude. If you're up high enough any puncture of the aeroplanes skin can cause a massive depressurisation Just imagine you're a bowling ball being sucked through forty yards of garden hose.

**Squad room**

Huey- 1 7 F O C 7 6 ho foc.

Dewey- Hey watch how you say that this might not fly on Television.

Welsh- Shut up we're getting nowhere fast here.

Frannie- We've got to be on the wrong track.

Ray- Track, track, train

Welsh- What train?

Ray- Train track, train train look I got it. 1. 7. 7. 6. Seventeen seventy six. The war of independence. F. O. C. Father's of Confederation. We've tangled with these clowns before

Welsh- Yeah but the Bolt brothers are both doing life in the Federal Pen.

Ray- Well then let's run down all their visitors, who came, when they came, where they went.

**Prison meeting room**

Randolf Bolt- An extended family is a good thing isn't it Cyrus?

Bolt- Yes it is Cousin Randloph, it is indeed.

**27th Precinct**

Frannie- One visitor in the last month. Cyrus Bolt. Cousin on his father's side right out of Idaho.

Welsh- We got his whereabouts?

Dewey- ATF crime data has Cyrus Bolt. Checked into the Meridian two weeks ago. He hasn't checked out.

Welsh- Pick him up.


Stan- You got a plan?

Ben- That I do. We're going to jump.

Stan- Out of the aeroplane?

Ben- Well it's either that or they shoot us.

Bob- IT happened to me it's not so bad.

Ben- This stuff ought to keep us warm.

Stan- All right toss me a parachute.

Ben- Well you know that's the really exciting thing about this plan Ray, there are no parachutes.

Muldoon(from cockpit)- Open that damned door.

Ben- The snow is bottomless so it should be well it should be like falling into a duvet.

Stan- Yeah I'm going to take my chances here.

Muldoon(From cockpit)- Blow it off it's goddamned hinges.

Ben- Ray look turtles.

Stan- Turtles?(Ben pushes him out of the plane.)

Ben- See you at the rendez vous gentlemen.(jumps out of plane)

Muldoon- You're dead Benton.

**In a snowy waste land there are two body shaped imprints in the snow.**

Ben- Ray You all right?

Stan- I'm under 30 feet of snow how can that be all right?

Ben- Well you're alive, start digging.

**Ben and Stan appear out of the snow... Ben is grinning inanely**

Stan- you break your face or something?

Ben- Not that I'm aware of.

Stan- Look we're hundreds of miles from nowhere in a frozen wasteland and you're grinning like an idiot.

Ben- I'm home.


**27th precinct**

Bolt- You ever hear of the United States Constitution second amendment

Welsh- A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.

Bolt- Now you drag me in here to answer to your nancy boy laws just because I happen to have a couple of guns?

Ray- A couple of guns? huh... how about 600 grenade launchers, 1000 assault rifles 450 flame throwers and an unknown number of small arms.

Bolt- So I'm a sportsman.

Lawyer- And a licensed arms dealer with a well regulated militia. All perfectly legal.

Ray- A well regulated militia? how about a bunch of losers running through the woods with enough fire power to flatten the Seers Tower?

Bolt- You ever seen a maggot crawl?

Welsh- I'll crush you you mo.... book him, book him.

Lawyer- I'll talk to a judge You'll be out in no time.

Welsh- You know sometimes a villain gets lost in the system. Even the lawyers can't find 'em for a few days

Ray- Human tragedy Sir.

Welsh- Yeah.

**Walking across a snowy scene.**

Stan- Fraser I'm not up to this. My idea of health is a cup of coffee without sugar. I'm not fit. I mean I'm fit, I'm city fit I'm just not snowshoe fit.

Bob- Got to keep going son.

Ben- Got to keep going Ray.

Bob- Track the weasel to his lair.

Ben- Muldoons rendez vous is two days from now. We take a direct route we should be able to intercept him.

Stan- Hang on a minute, hang on a minute 2 days from here?

Ben- That's right so weight forward, heels up place it on your toes and away we go.

Stan- Where are we going to sleep.

Bob- Sleep?? When I went after Muldoon I went full out. 8 days and 8 nights I slept on my feet.

**A dog sled arrives at a cabin**

Turnbull- Was that exciting or what Sir?

Meg- Worst four hours of my life.

Turnbull- Here we go sorry sorry.

Buck- Meg Thatcher! Perfect timing. Just firing up a little moose hock wrapped in wild boar tongue smothered in gorgonzola cheese.

Meg- Delightful. Buck Frobisher this is Constable Turnbull, Constable Turnbull, Buck Frobisher.

Buck- Good to see you.

Meg- So Buck, you only have dog sleds here no snow mobiles.

Buck- Snow mobiles take gas Inspector.

Turnbull- I thought you had gas Sir.

Buck- Oh we have plenty of gas son, just why waste it just throw down some tallow for the dogs and they run forever. Dief? Throw some tallow down for the dog willya?

Turnbull- Speaking of tallow Sir, I've gotta half a mind to strap on the old feed bag myself.

Meg- Yes Turnbull, you have got half a mind. What I need is a good hot bath.

Buck- Well nothing in the way of a both here. Never felt the need for it myself. Though there are people who do go outside and roll around in the snow... Burnt or well done?

**Campsite snowy**

Stan- Fraser do you ever get the feeling that you're you know, lost.

Ben- No a quick look to the stars or the sun .. you can always find your location.

Stan- No I don't mean where you are I mean who you are.

Ben- Oh when I first came to Chicago I felt as though I was from another planet.

Stan- Which you are.

Ben- Which I have come to accept. Everything was unknown and at times frightening. and I felt as though I was an explorer, an urban explorer.

Stan- Urban Explorer.

Ben- I remember one time we were on a stakeout and I was trying to explain the sense of other worldliness to the detectives and I was telling the story of Sir John Franklin who set out to discover the North West Passage. But I realised as I was telling the story that they don't fall into--(Ben notices Stan's asleep)

Bob- The yank won't survive this son. You might have to you know leave him in the snow.

Ben- Do you ever listen to yourself .. To what you're actually saying?

Bob- I know. I can't help it Muldoon is tearing at me I can't sleep, can't eat.

Ben- You can't sleep or eat because you're dead. You're also very pale I can practically see through you.

Bob- Oh track of the northern lights. Find him. After we sleep, we need sleep ... Except me of course.

**27th Precinct-Interview room**

Bolt- Nobody locks up Cyrus Bolt and lives to see their grandchildren

Ray- Yeah well it's a big building with a big system mistakes happen.

Stella- This is Mr Bolt's release order.

Bolt- Ha!

Lawyer- Mr. Bolt

Bolt- Step aside you ineffectual piss-ant.

Welsh- Just what is this big deal you got cookin'?

Bolt- Bigger than you have the capacity to imagine.

Welsh- I want somebody on that guy day and night.

Dewey- I got the days.

Huey- I got the nights.

**Everyone leaves except Ray and Stella.**

Ray- I'm sorry, I don't think I've had the pleasure.

Stella- Stella, Stella Kowalski.

Ray- Ray Vecchio. The real Ray Vecchio.

**Walking across the snow**

Stan- Fraser can we take a nap?

Ben- Soon Ray.

Stan- Soon when?

Ben- As soon as we get over that.**That = very big mountain**

**Climbing a mountain**

Ben- Just relax Ray.

Stan- I can't

Ben- Just look above you.

Stan- I can't

Ben- One hand after another

Stan- I can't *falls*

Ben- I got you, I got you.

Stan- Jeez you know ease up on my underwear.

**Airport Bolt gets onto a plane Huey and Dewey follow in a car which Dewey almost crashes**

Huey- Ow.*Picks up cell phone and dials*

**Buck's cabin phone rings**

Buck- Hello

Welsh(on phone)- Inspector Thatcher?

Buck- She's up to her beautiful neck in hot water,

Welsh- We've been tracking Cyrus Bolt. He just took off for Tuktoyuktuk. We think he's in round for a meeting with Muldoon destination unknown. Perhaps you could pass that on to her.

Buck- Will do.

**Meg in bath behind curtain. Turnbull has a blindfold on and is holding soap/ back brush etc etc**

Meg- Turnbull I need a towel.

**Turnbull opens curtain to the amusement and hilarity of the watching Mounties as they view Meg in her full glory...**

**IN a hammock 1/2 way up a mountain. Stan is sat with his legs hanging over the edge, swinging the hammock back and fro.**

Stan- ha ha ha I like this Fraser, This reminds me of a swing set I got when I was a kid.

Ben- Ray

Stan- Weeeee

Ben- Ray

Stan- Weeeee

Ben- Ray, Ray

Stan- Weeeee

Ben- Ray!

Bob- Hypothermia son?

Ben- Possibly. Put your legs in the hammock it's time to go to sleep. Here wrap up.

Stan- Anything you say, Fraser, buddy buddy calamari

Bob- Is the yank going to make it?

Stan- Chicky chicky..

Ben- I don't know.

Stan- My ass is numb.

Ben- I don't know.

Stan- Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Ben- Ray Ray Ray... Oh dear.

**Buck's cabin Buck, Meg and Turnbull are all in a bed.. the phone rings**

Buck- Frobisher here.

Welsh- Inspector Thatcher.

Buck- She's up to here pretty neck in Mountie. Hold the line.

Meg- Thatcher.

Welsh- Yes Bolts plane never made it to Tuktoyuktuk he dropped out of sight south of there around Franklin Bay.

Meg- Franklin Bay... hardly a precise location.

**On the mountain - climbing. Stan is strapped to Ben's back.**

Bob- You're mother and I were once trapped in a terrible blizzard on the way to Resolute to pick up supplies. I thought I was done for your mother too. We still looked a lot better than the yank does now.

Ben- What did you do

Bob- I pushed on through the cold and the pain. Kept each other going.

Ben- Because that's what partnership is all about.

Stan- Fraser. You got this hypothermia thing? Because you seem to be talking to yourself.

Ben- Possibly.

Stan- OK Fraser just listen to me you've got to push on through the cold and the pain and keep going cos that's what partnerships all about. There are red ships and green ships but there's no ships like partnerships.

Ben- Ray you're starting to Blither... ready?

Stan- I'm cold and my back is hurting from the weight of this..

**Buck on a horse**

Buck- Move out!

**On top of the mountain**

Stan- Top of the world Ma! Top of the world.

Ben- That's a wonderful movie. Jimmy Cagney, Virginia Mio White heat. 1949 Wooo hoooo!

Stan- Look Fraser I just climbed my first mountain I need a moment to triumph.

Ben- Oh Ray of course well.. please.. go ahead, Ray... That was good. Now let's see what we're going to do about getting down.

Stan- Down? I love down Down is a piece of cake, down is fun, down is great down is...

Ben- STOP! Down is dangerous. This is an ice field they were going to drop us on. Fissures abound. Move slowly.

Stan- Fissures?

Ben- Yeah deep cracks in the ice frequently snow covered.

Stan- The ice is full of deep cracks? Is that what you're telling me?

Ben- Yes Now Franklin Bay is that way, you know Ray, you have to think of an ice field like well a mine field now if you---

Stan- A mine field?**Ben and Stan 'fall down' the mountain**

Ben- No no Ray hold on Ray....

Stan- Arghhhh

** and land in a fissure**

Ben- You all right?

Stan- Oh yeah... I'm stuck.

Ben- Yeah.

Stan- Where are we.

Ben- We're trapped.

Stan- You're going to get us out Right? You're going to use some of that northern folk law stuff and get us out right?

Ben- Not this time we are well and truly trapped. Give me your gun. *Sticks a red rag in the end of it and fires it* All right now we just have to wait and hope that... that in this vast unpopulated untravelled wilderness that somebody sees it.

Stan- And if nobody notices it?

Ben- Then we die.

Stan- Ahh

**27th precinct**

Ray- Well for all we know they could be well they could be stuck in a block of ice somewhere or somethin'. I'm... it's not that I care.

Stella- You care..

Ray- Do you think so?

Stella- Uh hu... I think you have a generous heart.

Ray- Well thank you Stella

Welsh and Frannie - Oh please.

**The cravasse**

Stan- You know when I eat it all up I only got one regret. That I never went on any err kind of real adventure.

Ben- You don't consider being trapped 200 feet down an ice crevasse an adventure.

Stan- Nonono... More like errr finding the err you know err the top of the Nile, or the tomb, king Tut's tomb, dating a supermodel or Franklin... what the hell is Franklin why did I think of Franklin?

Ben*laughs*- In 1845 Sir john Franklin set off in search of the North West passage with two boats the Arabus and the Terror. and he was last seen navigating Peel Sound July 26

Stan- Nobody found him?

Ben- No no many went in search of his hand reaching for the Beauford Sea but none found him.

Stan- I get out of this, I live through this, Gotta find that hand, I gotta find that reaching out hand.

Ben- It might be the hand of death.

Stan- And what did you do?

Stan- I sang. Of course it was Abba so it sort of spoilt the the romantic effect but yeah... I sand.

Ben- Then we should sing.

Stan- What SOS?

Ben- No *Sings* Ah for just one time, I would take the North West passage,

*Bob Joins in* To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beauford sea.

Tracing one more line thru' a land so wide and savage,

And make a North West Passage to the Sea.

West ward from *A man drops down upside down* Delmar!

Delmar-How you doing?

Ben- Oh you know, a bit stuck.

Delmar- It's good to see you it's been what since grade four.

Ben- Yeah at least.

Delmar- God I loved grade four.So you boys want out or are you OK where you are.

Stan- Out out would be good

Ben- Yeah

Delmar- OK

Stan- Grade 4?

Ben- He was held back a bit.

**Out of the Cravasse**

Delmar-Err Well I guess I'll be getting on my way.

Ben- Thank you kindly Delmar. Where are you heading anyway?

delmar- Further North. Yeah got to get out of this wilderness rat-race. Yeah country's getting too crowded. Couple of hunters over at ****** valley, there's some guys with heavy armaments over at Diamond Head and 10,000 feet up on Mount. Supine there's a soccer team eating each other.

Stan- Would you mind repeating that?

Delmar- Yeah there's an Argentine Soccer team there eating themselves up...

Stan- No not that the part about the heavy weaponry...

Delmar- Diamond head? Yeah all dressed out in black and snow mobiles the whole thing.. anyway Benton, good to see you.

Ben- You too Delmar.

Delmar- Ah grade four ahh sticks with me like a bowl of gruel... be safe

Ben- You too.

Stan- They all like that around here?

Ben- Like what? I mean the territory's largely unpopulated

Stan- Like grizzly Adams kinda, kinda nutty like that.

Ben- Well for the most part yes.

Delmar- Oh Benton- There's a bunch of Mounties over at King's Creek.

Bob- King's Creek son, gotta get to king's Creek

Ben- King's Creek Ray.

Stan- So what we're changing plan?

Ben- Yes we've got to get the rendez vous co ordinates to Buck at King's Creek.

**Get on a sled lots of whooping and screaming as it runs down the mountain**

Buck- Well men just in time I'm firing up a little moose hock.

Ben- Delicious meal Sir.

Buck- Ah Thank you.

Ben- We should be able to make Bolt's rendez vous by mid day tomorrow.

Buck- Umm yes is he around here by any chance? Your father I mean.

Ben- Oh no. You know he never told me... About my mother..

Buck- So what are you saying that he was a flawed individual. That he failed your mother, failed you? He was half mad with grief Benton. He did what he could. He did what he knew.

Ben- He became a murderer.

Buck- Muldoon laughed at him, laughed in his face. Don't be too harsh on him.

Stan- I'm not sure about this rendez vous. I mean we only got half a dozen Mounties. They've got forty armed men the odds are kinda funky.

Buck- Well it isn't any good if there's no challenge. Well I think I'll go lay down some tallow for the dogs *farts* Oh Diefenbaker.. bad manners...hounds these days.

Stan- So if we live through this err we get back to Chicago I guess you'll partner up with Vecchio... That's OK cos he's err a good guy you worked with him for a while...

Ben- You know Ray, my father and Buck Frobisher were partners for more than 20 years. Their territory was thousands of miles sometimes they wouldn't see each other for months. No matter how far apart they were they always knew that they were partners..

Stan- I'm not sure if you're--

Meg- Fraser

Ben- Duty...


Meg- I've been thinking about the matter of our transfer. You know I look out at this cold, barren, empty landscape, where any mistake could be your last, where you're surrounded by endless moles of silence with only yourself for company and I and I can't think of a life less appealing. But obviously it's where you belong...

Ben- Yes Sir, I think it is..

Meg- So then this could be our....

Ben- Possibly.

Meg- Then maybe we should..

*Cut to Buck howling**

**Morning Buck rallies the men**

Buck- They have called this day THE ELEVENTH OF MARCH. And whom-so-ever of you gets through this day unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain you will stand a hipnal when e'er you hear the name again and you will get EXCITED at the name MARCH THE ELEVENTH. We happy few, we few, we band of brothers our names will be as like HOUSEHOLD NAMES - Those who are not here be they sleeping or doing something else. They will feel themselves - Sort of crappy. Because they are not here to.. to join the fight. ON THIS DAY MARCH THE ELEVENTH!

*Turnbull cries*

Buck- Move out

**Ben with Dief tucks a note into his collar**

Ben- Go. I've sent for reinforcements... Just in case.

Buck- Good thinking Fraser.

Bob- We're going to get him Caroline. I promise you. I promise.

**27th Precinct**

Stella(about Frannie and Welsh marching up and down)- You're making me dizzy.

Ray(about Stella)- You're making me dizzy.

Frannie- No it's the not knowing that's making me crazy.

Welsh- Knowing those two they could be standing in the middle of a frozen lake staring at a map.

**Standing in the middle of a frozen lake staring at a map.**

Stan- You sure this is the place?

Ben- Well these are the co ordinates. 125 degrees West by 75 degrees north.

Stan- What the hell was that?

Ben- Oh it's just the ice cracking beneath us.

Stan- Ice cracking?

Ben- It's not uncommon Ray, it's caused by the ebb and flow this is a fjord that opens out into the sea.

Stan- Why the hell would he want to meet here in the first place? I mean why wouldn't he want to deliver his guns in the warmth and safety of any American city?

**Another cabin Dief arrives**

Mountie- Hey Fella!

**Frozen Fjord**

Bob- Buck

Buck- I wondered where you'd been. You're a little pale.

Bob- I'm still dead

Buck- Yes well ... I'm having a hard time believing that.

Bob- Well there you are then

Buck- That's another story... with my regrets.. we'll get Muldoon... for Caroline

Bob- For Caroline... Oh look out Trouble

Buck - What? Great Scott. Warm up Warm up. Husband your ammunition. Shoot to kill. Or alternatively to hurt them enough to wrap themselves up.

**Ice shifts**

Stan- That normal?

Turnbull- It's perfectly natural Ray, You see the Bolt's submarine under the ice causes it to heave and crack...

**Submarine appears**

Ben- Hold ON! In answer to your previous question Ray, It would appear that Mr. Muldoon is delivering an upper class Russian Nuclear Submarine to Mr C. Bolt.

Buck- Retreat and report.

Stan- What would Bolt want with a Nuclear submarine.

Ben- To hold the planet to ransom I should imagine.

Bolt- All right GO!

**Submarine - Ben and Stan go on board**

**Ice field**

Meg- What about ammunition?

Buck- We'll run out of course. It's to be expected in a fire fight. but we have plenty of moose hock on the sled. Hows that play?

Meg- we're going to need those reinforcements.

Bolt - All right let's kill some Mounties FIRE!

Turnbull- I'm too young to die

Buck- Hang on my squad.

Meg- It's the reinforcements

**Mounties parachute in.(along with Dief)**

Buck- Air Mounties it's their latest thing.


Ben- Muldoon.

**Ice field**

AirMountie#1- Gentlemen please hold your fire you are surrounded.

AirMountie#2- Excuse me please sir could you...?

Bolt- Fight you scum fight... damn.

Mountie- GO go go ... move it... move it... move it...

Bolt- Pep note to myself- Never try to raise an army of liberation from a bunch of potato farmers from Idaho.

Ben*Jumps onto a horse*- Wish me luck.

Stan- That you don't need.

*Ben chases after Muldoon*

Ben- HA HA HA HA HA It's the end of the road Muldoon.

Muldoon- Looks like you picked up your Dad's DNA for determination. **Muldoon and Ben fall down a mine shaft.** Like I was saying you don't quit do you?

Ben- I don't give up ever...

Muldoon- Well I would consider that a character flaw if I were you, because I'm now going to have to kill you with my bare hands.

Bob- You won't be doing any more killing...

Muldoon- Who said that

Bob-Remember back 29 years 6 mile canyon.

Muldoon- Bob Fraser, you were shot you're dead.

Bob- So are you.

Muldoon- Bob this can't be real.

Bob*shoots his gun*- It's real enough.

Ben- How can he see you?

Bob- Because I want him to. You... You cross a Mountie he'll hunt you to the grave. He'll hunt you from beyond the grave.

Ben- Dad. Stop. This was wrong 29 years ago and it's wrong now.

Bob- Well what am I doing here son?

Ben- I think you've been given a chance to try and get it right.

Bob- You'll take him in?

Ben- Oh yes.

Bob- There is one thing I'd like to do ..

Muldoon- And what would that be?

*Bob punches Muldoon*

Bob- O don't know why anyone ever does that.... Lord that hurts..*to Ben* What?

Ben- You're fading.

Bob- I've solved my last crime. I've caught my last man No reason to stick around.

Ben- It's just I... I thought you were permanent.

Bob- Oh son, nothings permanent.

*Ben nods... Caroline appears*

Bob- Caroline

Ben- Mum..

*Caroline strokes Ben's hair back and smiles at him. There are tears in Ben's eyes (and mine) Caroline takes Bob's hand and leads him into the light. They disappear.*

**The End Bit**

The voice of Benton Fraser Of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police- And Life continues. Detectives Jack Huey and Thomas Dewey realised their dream of the one liner.

Dewey- What do you call a fish with no eyes? FSHHH

*Drum Roll (by Huey)*

And their comedy club played the marginal houses for a long time. Constable Turnbull decided to run for public office

Turnbull-Oh ho hello

But his campaign got off to a rocky start when he was run over by his campaign bus.

Turnbull- ARGGGHH

My old partner (Ray Vecchio) did indeed cough up the golden bullet and he and Stella moved to Florida where they opened up a bowling alley. Francesca Vecchio made the cover of Life Magazine with a record 6 immaculate conceptions and she loved her babies as though they were her own. Lieutenant Welsh stayed behind his desk because that was where he belonged.

Reporter- And now for the international news

Inspector Thatcher Transferred to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service where she was instrumental in the destabilisation and overthrow of several of the world's dictators.

Reporter- The Ice Queen.

And as for Ray, or should I say Stanley Kowalski, Sergeant Frobisher geared us up with tack and tallow and lead by Diefenbaker we set off, Ray and I, on an adventure. And when we looked below he saluted.

Buck- God Speed Benton.

Sergeant Frobisher Saluted and I saluted back.

Stan- Franklin.

And off we went to find the hand of Franklin. Reaching for the Beauford Sea. And if we do find his hand... The reaching out one... We'll let you know.



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