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.. Episode Guide - Episode 28 ..

Original Name: Mask
Czech Name: Maska
Story By: Nancy Merritt Bell, Michael McKinley, Jeff King
Teleplay By: Jeff King
Directed By: David Warry-Smith
Original Air Date: January 18, 1996 (Canada); January 19, 1996 (USA); December 30, 1996 (Luxembourg)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

Two adjoining aboriginal masks, worth millions on the black market, are reunited as the pinnacle of an exhibition at Chicago's Museum of Natural History. One is owned by the government of Canada, the other by the government of France. Fraser is made responsible for the recovery of these precious artifacts when, during a daring museum break-in, they are stolen from the display.

The French and Canadian cultural representatives expresses their chagrin about the loss and ask that Fraser keep them well informed on the progress of the case. Eric, a native leader and an old friend of Fraser's, is also anxious for the safe return of this piece of his people's history. He believes that this crime may have been perpetrated by a young native boy, David, from his village. Eric also wants Fraser to find the masks and hand them over to their rightful owners, the Tsimshian people -- not the governments who stole them a century ago. Concerned for the safety of David, several of his relatives arrive from the north, and set up their home away from home in Fraser's apartment, including a traditional sweat lodge.

Fraser, Ray and Eric's search for David and his accomplice lead them to a hotel, where they discover the Masks. Fraser believes they found the masks too easily, and speculates that they are in fact forgeries. The museum curator claims they are the genuine article, but Fraser is not satisfied, and continues his investigation. Ray takes Fraser to visit a local art-forger, and they arrive to find a dead body, and the French Representative fleeing the scene, but no sign of the masks.

When the French Representative uses her diplomatic immunity, and her gun didn't match the killer's, she walks away. Fraser is certain that the masks are forgeries. In a showdown at the museum with the thieves, the two sets of masks become mixed up, and eventually one set goes missing and we are left to wonder -- did they end up with their rightful owner?

Meanwhile, Ray has managed a date with his professional rival, States Attorney Louise St. Laurent, and can't decide where to take her.

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