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.. Episode Guide - Episode 36 ..

Original Name: All The Queen's Horses
Czech Name: Všechny královniny koně
Story By: Paul Gross, John Krizanc, Paul Quarrington
Teleplay By: Paul Gross
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: April 11, 1996 (Canada); April 12, 1996 (USA); January 8, 1997 (Luxembourg)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

Fraser is re-united with Sergeant Buck Frobisher as Fraser and his boss, Meg Thatcher, accompany the R.C.M.P.'s Musical Ride on its North American tour. A film crew accompanies the tour, ostensibly to make a documentary of the thirty-two red-coated riders and their thirty-two black stallions. Unfortunately, the film crew is not a film crew, but a terrorist cell who take control of the train and gas the Mounties into unconsciousness, planning to ransom them for millions in Canadian cash. The only ones left awake and able to fend off the villains are Fraser, Thatcher and Frobisher, whose ingestion of "Moose hock rolled in wild boar tongue and covered in gorgonzola cheese" has left him with his own gaseous problems.

As Thatcher and Fraser struggle to save their fellow Mounties, their suppressed desires for each other mount, resulting in a frantic kiss on the roof of the runaway train as it heads for....well, a tunnel.

The situation becomes even more dire when Fraser and Thatcher are captured by the terrorists and Frobisher is left to save the day alone. Well, almost alone. Fraser's ghostly father, Fraser Sr., takes this opportunity to re-acquaint himself with his old friend Buck Frobisher. As Fraser is forced to read the terrorists' demands for ransom money, Frobisher and Fraser Sr. set out to stop the train.

Soon notified of the ransom demand, Ray and the FBI attempt to stage a rescue from the outside while Frobisher and Fraser Sr. try to learn the fine points of train engineering only to find out that the train has already been tampered with. The terrorists have no intention of stopping the train. They're planning to kill everyone on board.

Finally, some quick footwork from Thatcher buys Fraser and her their freedom and, joining forces with Frobisher, they succeed in waking the Mounties and stopping the train. As the terrorists attempt to escape across the open fields, they find themselves facing the whole Musical Ride charging them, battle lances at the ready and a thirst for justice burning in their eyes.

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