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.. Episode Guide - Episode 37 ..

Original Name: Body Language
Czech Name: Řeč těla
Written By: James Kramer
Directed By: John Cassar
Original Air Date: April 25, 1996 (Canada); April 26, 1996 (USA); January 9, 1997 (Luxembourg)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

Chasing a cab through the streets of Chicago, Fraser returns the stuffed bunny which an attractive young woman inadvertently dropped on the sidewalk. Believing her bunny is a powerful good luck charm, and sizing Fraser up as a trustworthy man, the woman (Ida Banks) tells him of a crime scheduled to happen later that night. When her tip turns out to be accurate, Ray enlists Fraser's help to track down this mysterious woman. Clues lead them to conclude that the woman must be an exotic dancer, which sends them on a search through Chicago's strip clubs. When they finally locate her at the Mount Olympus club, they find themselves witness to an act of sabotage -- dozens of rats sent scampering through the club, which send the dancers and customers racing to the exits.

A frightened Ida invites Fraser and Ray back to her apartment. When Ida's jealous, ex-boxer boyfriend -- Barry Pappas -- comes home, Fraser and Ray retreat into Ida's closet where they overhear Barry talking in his sleep about the next hit at a warehouse. This gives Ray another bust.

Mark Ordover, Barry's ruthless mob boss, suspects Barry may be responsible for the information leaks. In an effort to prove his loyalty, Barry agrees to kill the rival club owner, Shelly Litvak. But when Ida hears Barry sleep talking, threatening to kill someone, she decides to leave him.

Fraser and Ray play matchmakers and try to get Barry and Ida back together in the hope that Barry's love for Ida is strong enough to stop him from killing. Fraser convinces Barry that if he does not kill, Ida will take him back. However, Mark Ordover has other plans. He wants to make sure that Barry will do his dirty work and kidnaps Ida, forcing her to tell Barry she has left him to work for Litvak.

It's up to Fraser and Ray to rescue Ida and stop Barry from committing a murder. Fraser helps unlock the secret to the identities of the powers behind the war by the scent of barbecue sauce on the breath of the rats which were released in Mt. Olympus. With Diefenbaker's help, he tastes ribs from every rib joint in town until he finds the exact source. This lead only takes them so far, however, as they're also kidnapped by Ordover's thugs and held to keep them from interfering with Ordover's murderous plan. It takes a clever and dangerous escape to free themselves from their bonds and send them racing to stop the carnage.

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