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.. Episode Guide - Episode 49 ..

Original Name: Asylum
Czech Name: Azyl
Written By: Paul Quarrington
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: November 16, 1997 (Canada); Week of November 10-16, 1997 (USA); July 8, 1998 (Australia); December 31, 1997 (South Africa); October 3, 1998 (Sweden); March 29, 1998 (Switzerland); December 17, 1998 (UK)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

At the consulate, Thatcher is preparing to leave for some time at a spa when Kowalski calls. Fraser answers. The cop is in an alleyway meeting someone, so he won't drop by that evening. But the meet goes terribly awry when both Volpe, a criminal, and Kowalski realize that neither one of them set up the meet. Volpe is quickly gunned down and Kowalski knocked unconscious and left with the murder weapon. An overly aggressive cop arrives on the scene seconds later and Kowalski flees for his life as the woman shoots at him. He seeks sanctuary at the closest place -- the Consulate.

While Fraser tends to Kowalski's head wound, the detective recounts who the dead criminal is (a gangland figure) and how he can't recall precisely what happened and how he fled the scene of a homicide. Fraser has no option. He arrests Kowalski!

At the station, Welsh must contend with Damon Cahill, who's running for State's Attorney and is currently heading up the mayor's campaign against organized crime. Cahill wants to make an example out of 'Vecchio' and the Volpe murder. Welsh is ordered to arrest Kowalski.

At the Consulate, Kowalski knows that 'blowback tests' will be futile; he spent the morning on the target range so he's covered with the stuff so he looks pretty guilty. The conversation is interrupted when Fraser goes off to the bathroom, but he's informed by Turnbull that the toilet doesn't flush, so it's basically out of operation. This could prove troublesome.

Huey and Dewey arrive at the front door to arrest Kowalski, but Fraser's already beaten them to that. Alas, they can't enter the Consulate as it's Canadian soil. They'll need to extradite Kowalski if they want him. Turnbull hands over the forms.

Kowalski can't leave the Consulate, so Fraser goes to the station to pick up the detective's secret files. But first he checks out the crime scene and determines where the true shooter hid out. At the stationhouse, the Internal Affairs Division (IAD) has cleared out Ray's desk, but leaves behind a boring book on Canadian Impressionism. Frannie snatches it, then meets Fraser in a darkened closet and hands over the book, but IAD discovers them and takes the book.

Turnbull is enthralled with the TV. The curling championships are on. Kowalski is not amused with the sports, which he equates in a very derogatory manner to housework. This is insulting to Turnbull, who actually challenges Kowalski to a fistfight, but they're interrupted when Fraser enters. He startles the pair when he begins disrobing, but it's only because he's hidden the files down his voluminous pants! The Mounties suddenly display an impassioned response to the TV when the someone scores a goal on the curling game.

Welsh and Cahill arrive, and the Assistant State's Attorney is adament that Fraser turn over Kowalski. Fraser refuses, stating the law is on his side. Cahill is not amused.

Fraser seeks some advice from his father, who's of course in his etheral world in the closet. The deceased Mountie relates a story from his past about relocating Inuit and, in the end, tells his son that 'his heart is where his duty lies.'

Huey and Dewey are on stakeout outside the Consulate, and being bored, begin talking about wolves when they see Fraser leave. The Mountie meets Filion at his bar, where the man shows off his display of dog artwork. Filion denies any involvement in Volpe's death, and steers Fraser in the direction of another criminal, Herndorff.

Huey and Dewey are curious how Kowalski stays so slim when the pizza delivery guy keeps dropping by. Little do they know that the delivery man is actually a snitch for the detective. However, Stan is upset that there's no pineapple on the pizza. Sandor the delivery man fills Stan in on the word on the streets. Stan wants the word out that he wants to see Herndorff.

Leaving the Consulate is impossible as Huey and Dewey are watching it like hawks. Stan decides it's time to take a bathroom break but Turnbull won't let him leave the building. However, the detective's choice of where to do his 'business' soon makes the young Mountie capitulate to the detective's plans. Minutes later, Stan leaves the Consulate, dressed in Turnbull's red serge, and neither Huey nor Dewey are alert to this deception. (But this is not before Thatcher calls to find out things are not going well in her absence. And while she's on the phone, she's getting a massage, so she moans when Ray says his name, leaving the detective to misconstrue her interest in him.)

At an intersection, Fraser is abducted right off the street! Dief pursues. Not long after, Fraser, now bound and tied to a chair, is not hankering for company. Stan, still clad in red serge, is dragged in and tied up as well. Herndorff isn't going to kill the pair. He's sure Kowalski did it. He's just going to leave them there for the cops, who will be arriving shortly. Fortunately Dief arrives before and cleverly severs their bonds. They choose a unique hiding place and when the cops arrive, they are not found.

Back at the Consulate, Welsh drops by. By the time morning arrives, Cahill will have the papers to yank Kowalski out of the building and into custody. Welsh believes in Kowalski's innocence, and is sure there's a 'rat' somewhere in Major Crimes.

Fraser talks to Tibbet, who is busy beating somebody up in a boxing ring. The woman is rather high-strung, to say the least. She's a bit on the paranoid side, too. However, Fraser comes away with some interesting information: Tibbet got a phone tip -- from some guy who worked for Damon Cahill.

Another pizza delivery that night and Dewey and Huey intercept it as they're starving. Kowalski calls the pizza place to complain about that, plus the fact that again there's no pineapple on the remains of the pizza. But an interesting fact has emerged. Kilrea was on the shooting range -- an unscheduled visit -- the same day as Ray. Stan decides to go lie down, but in fact tries to sneak out and Dief stops him. The detective isn't sure he didn't kill Volpe himself as he can't remember, but Fraser trusts Kowalski. He's his friend.

The next morning a horde of law enforcement arrive, accompanied by press, to get Kowalski. But Fraser is prepared. Canada has strict gun laws and they're enforced just as rigidly as the Consulate. The process of turning over weapons eats up precious time as Fraser, through deductive reasoning, forces the real killer to show his hand.

It's Cahill. And an irate, somewhat sunburned Thatcher arives just at the moment and is grabbed as hostaage. Cahill drags her outside in a hopeless bid to escape, but when Fraser momentarily distracts the killer, Thatcher disarms him very efficiently.

As the police leave and the craziness subsides, Thatcher orders Fraser to write a very good report detailing the fiasco or else he might find himself transferred very far away. Kowalski can't help saying his name to Thatcher, hoping to engender the same moaning response he got on the phone, but all he gets is an annoyed look from the woman. Can't win 'em all.

Fraser goes to talk to his father but finds another deceased person, Joe, in his father's cabin. Fraser just wanted to leave a message for his father.

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