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.. Episode Guide - Episode 50 ..

Original Name: Perfect Strangers
Czech Name: Úplně cizí lidé
Written By: David Cole
Directed By: Francis Damberger
Original Air Date: November 30, 1997 (Canada); Week of November 17-23, 1997 (USA); July 1, 1998 (Australia); January 7, 1998 (South Africa); October 10, 1998 (Sweden); April 5, 1998 (Switzerland); December 16, 1998 (UK); November 23, 1998 (Austria)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

Kowalski drags Fraser along on a meet to see a snitch. Sonny, the snitch , is a hard luck case and Kowalski sort of takes pity on him. Fraser stays in the car 'listening' to music without the benefit of the radio -- he'll simply read the score. Kowalski goes into the bar meets Sonny, who has once again lost a job. Sonny gives Kowalski some news on a warehouse theft and the detective pays him, but the man to whom Sonny lost money at pool tries to intercept. Stan breaks up the propsective fight and Sonny goes off to the bathroom. But he seems to be taking a while and when Stan investigates, he's nearly run over by George (the pool player). Stan finds Sonny dead on the floor.

Outside, Fraser is nearly run over by George (and is knocked on top of Dief). Fraser chases and apprehends George and brings him back, where Kowalski is a bit rough with the suspect.

An OTT pin (for airline personnel who have flown a certain amount of hours) was found in Sonny's hands.

Fraser runs into Frannie at the stationhouse, and finds out she's taking a psychology course. Unfortunately, she's now trying to apply what little she's learned to the people around her, and that even includes Dief (who is bucking for sympathy with a bandaged paw after Fraser fell on him).

Kowalski is called into Welsh's office. He'd rather continuing interrogating George (who proclaims his innocense), but instead if shown a very artistic film by Fraser. It's an RCMP recreation of a crime which occurred just days ago in Canada. (It seems Canadian filmmakers have to work somewhere since the US is flooding their market.) The number of the OTT pin is matched to the victim: Chantal Bowman. Kowalski must solve the problem, and is sent to Canada, where he is visibly unnerved by its cleanliness and the politeness he witnesses.

Stan and Fraser visit a high-ranking Mountie who supplies them with information on the murder, but there is also a problem. They're worried that General Bowman, the girl's father, will try to exact revenge. It's up to Kowalski to find the killer first. They visit her roommate, who tells of the deceased woman's affair with a married man in Chicago. She knows nothing of the man's identity but does have a key to the apartment, but doesn't know the exact location of the apartment.

Stan is back in his element when they return to Chicago. Frannie is practicing her psychology by wearing yellow, a supposedly soothing color. The only item of interest found in Sonny's room is a 1980 wanted poster for Chad Maxwell. Everybody knows the guy but Stan, who is left in the dark.

At the Consulate, Thatcher's busy with a baby shower gift for a friend, but Fraser's advice makes her change her mind. Fraser fills her in on their assignment (keep General Bowman out of trouble).

At the station house, Stan thinks that George is definitely the killer, but Fraser feels the man is innocent. While Fraser takes a call from Turnbull, he spies a newcaster (Chad Percy) on TV who is the exact duplicate for Chad Maxwell, the man in the wanted poster and whom Stan couldn't identify.

Stan pays Percy a visit. The newscaster has been paying $200 a week for two years in blackmail to Sonny Dunlop. Sonny knows the statue of limitations is over the robbery he committed 17 years ago, but says he's innocent of Sonny's death. He was off playing golf in Buffalo on the night of the murder.

Bowman is sort of warned by Thatcher to let the authorities handle the case, but the General isn't very keen on that. After Bowman leaves the office, Thatcher tries to discuss something non-business with Fraser but Fraser Sr. interrupts, and Fraser of course departs -- only to be told that it's time for grandkids by his deceased parent.

After Fraser leaves his father's 'office' and looks at the photo of Chantal Bowman which is on his desk, he spots a clue in the photograph. Through some field work, he finds the woman's hidden apartment - as well as her lover, who tries to cave the Mountie's skull in with a fire poker. Fraser apprehends the man and calls the police.

Bowman arrives just as Fraser and Evers leave the building, and is prepared to deal with Evers, who runs. Stan arrests Bowman, most likely for interfering in police business. At the station house it's the same old story. The lover, Evers, denies killing Chantal, and has a very good alibi -- 2,000 witnesses at a convention. The man is merely mortified his wife will find out about his illicit affair.

Thatcher is mortified Bowman is being held at the station. She sees diplomatic disasters in the offing. On the taxi ride over, Fraser fears something worse as Thatcher has broached a decidedly non-business topic. The baby shower got her thinking; she'd like to have kids. And she would like his 'involvement' in the 'process.' Fraser puts two and two together and comes to the logical conclusion that she'd like him to father her child. The cab stops before he can bolt in terror.

Thatcher goes off to deal with Welsh in retrieving Bowman, while Stan fills Fraser in on Evers' background. Bowman, on the other hand, wants justice (even if it's vigilante style). Bowman and Welsh get into a disagreement over the War of 1812 before Thatcher escorts the General out of the building.

Stan is trying to figure out the two murders when Frannie interrupts with more amateur psychology, but when Fraser sees the book in her hands, he has an 'ephiphany.' Chad didn't kill Sonny, he killed Chantal -- the two men traded victims. They pass this theory by Welsh, who wants some proof to this bizarre theory.

They finally a connection: both men attended an anger management seminar. The cops make a call to Evers, 'mistakenly' asking if he could come downtown in regards to the Bowman case. Evers takes the bait, and calls Chad. It's all caught on a phone tap.

Evers takes off, and when a black van follows, he knows it's Chantal's father. Evers is going to solve the problem and takes off in his car. Stan follows him. It all climaxes when Evers hides under a bridge, and the driver of the black van turns out to be Fraser. Chad tries to shoot both Fraser and Evers, but Stan comes to the rescue. However, they're all in trouble when Bowman shows up with a rifle, prepared to kill his daughter's murderer - as well as anybody who gets in the way. Fraser manages to convince Bowman not to commit murder.

Back at the Consulate, Fraser is annoyed to find his father planning grandkids again. But perhaps it's not a thought far from Fraser's mind as he goes to Thatcher's office with flowers in hand. In his own awkward roundabout way he tries to broach the subject, and she suddenly realizes just what he means, which isn't what she meant. The two Mounties can't exactly spit out the words and quickly disavow any such idea. She was talking about adoption, but in a way is touched by Fraser's gesture. He gives her the flowers before departing.

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