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.. Episode Guide - Episode 51 ..

Original Name: Dead Guy Running
Czech Name: Komedie s mrtvolou
Written By: Julie Lacey
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: January 4, 1998 (Canada); December 29, 1997 - January 4, 1998 (USA); April 22, 1998 (Australia); January 14, 1998 (South Africa); October 17, 1998 (Sweden); April 12, 1998 (Switzerland); December 15, 1998 (UK)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

The station's bustling with activity, and the cops don't seem to be faring all that well. Dewey's damaged from playing hockey, Welsh has this thumb wrapped for some unknown reason, and Kowalski's got a bandaged ear after Adolf Kuzma, a radical terrorist type, tried to bite his ear off. Alas, Welsh has given that case over to Huey, which annoys Kowalski to no end. The detective instead is given other paperwork and criminals to deal with.

Stan ends up having to interrogate Stanley Smith, a black youth who tried to heist a Mercedes. Fraser ends up in the interrogation room along with Stan, relating totally unrelated ear anecdotes. After Kuzma is taken into an adjoining interrogation room and Stan is forcibly rebuffed by Welsh, the detective loses his temper and punches a hole in the wall -- and behind that wall is a perfectly preserved corpse!

Stan and Fraser remove the body from the wall. When Frannie walks into the room, she freaks out -- not because it's a corpse but because she knows who it is and thinks that Ray is the killer. It seems the body, one Guy Rankin, was a local guy she dated once but who got rough with her and Ray in turn got rough with him. Rankin was a neighborhood guy who finally got dragged in for shaking down local merchants. Ray said he would kill the guy.

Stan thinks they should just turn the body in, even if Ray is a suspect, believing that Internal Affairs (IAD) is not bright enough to put two and two together with the "Ray Vecchio/Stan Kowalski" ruse. However, Fraser manages to persuade the detective to delay reporting the body until he can find the real killer, as he firmly believes Ray is incapable of such a heinous homicide (the man was still alive when he was stuffed into the wall). Fraser goes off to talk to the contractor.

Problems arise when Welsh wants that interrogation room before the Feds arrive to interrogate Kudza. Welsh wants to be a part of it, even if he's not invited.

Fraser Sr. warns his son not to start lying, as it could easily lead to a downward spiral (in respect to concealing evidence in a murder investigation). However, Fraser firmly believes in Ray's innocence. At the construction site, he speaks to Dinardo, who was in charge of the electrical work done at the police station. Fraser doesn't get any pertinent information.

However, back at the station things are happening. Such as the body smells more (despite the liberal shellacking it had to prevent putrefaction), and Frannie's found the Rankin file, which had been buried in a file cabinet. Rankin had been brought in on extortion, resisting arrest, and more, and Stan is perplexed as to how the man 'walked,' until Stella comes along, and he finds out that neither Ray nor Huey read the man his rights.

Huey and Dewey have their own problems. Kuzma punches Huey, but that gives Stan a chance to talk to Huey about the case.

Meanwhile, Fraser and Stan must move the body as they can't stall Welsh any longer. So they opt for the most logical place: the morgue. Even though he's a suspected felon, Stanley Smith is dragooned into helping (along with some promises from Stan that he won't get charged).

A comedy of errors ensues when they must take Rankin's body out in a wheelchair, which promptly gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the station when Welsh interrupts the trio because the FBI arrives. Fraser ends up stashing the body briefly in the men's room, which leads Welsh to suspect that 'things' are done differently in Canada when he spies the Mountie standing on top a toilet (in his effort to hide the body). However, Fraser finds out that Ray's 'encounter' with Rankin nearly cost the detective his badge.

The body finally makes it down to the morgue (after a side trip to a desk sergeant who says she recalls seeing Rankin leave the building after Ray brought him in) where Frannie and Fraser hide it in full view of Mort, the coroner, who is working on victims of a postal worker who went 'postal.' There is a rather humorous encounter with Fraser Sr. at this juncture.

Welsh is having better luck; he videotapes Agent Carter striking an illegal deal of sorts with Kuzma, and gets it on all on videotape.

Huey supplies more evidence to Ray's innocence; Rankin's landlord saw him several days after the body was supposedly walled up -- and the landlord is Dinardo. The man's got priors, so the cops (in fact, Fraser!) must lie to entice the man into the police station under the premise of signing some paperwork.

Fraesr and Stanley Smith bring the body back to the second interrogation room (only this time they don't seem to mind if half the police station sees them), and Kowalski sticks Dinardo in the first room, where the hole in the wall is covered with a poster. Both Fraser and Stan watch, via the illicit video hookup, and see Dinardo uncover the hole. They confront the man but he's as cool as a cucumber, even after confronted with the body in the wheelchair, but the pressure builds when Fraser and Stan follow him. Dinardo pulls a weapon.

Gunfire ensues and bedlam breaks out, with cops, FBI agents, and Dinardo taking pot shots at each other. Kuzma, all chained up in a wheelchair himself after he bit Dewey (although the Feds relinquished their possession after Carter was shown the videotape), escapes via the use of a purloined key. Dinardo is finally grabbed but now Kuzma is lose, and of course he takes a hostage -- Rankin. His victory is very short-lived.

As promised, Stanley Smith is let go, free of all charges, but Kowalski chases after him when the youth steals his badge! Frannie thanks Fraser for his understanding, and the Mountie leaves, his father trailing after him and relating more stories.

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