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.. Episode Guide - Episode 63 ..

Original Name: Say Amen
Czech Name: Řekni Ámen
Written By: John Krizanc
Directed By: George Bloomfield
Original Air Date: March 4, 1999 (Canada); December 9, 1998 (USA); August 19, 1998 (Australia); July 29, 1998 (South Africa)
Credits .. Photos .. Audio .. Video .. Music .. Transcript .. DivX Subtitles

An afternoon at the movies turns interesting when Fraser, Kowalski, Thatcher, and Turnbull witness the kidnapping of a young girl named Eloise. The girl's boyfriend Davie proves unable to provide many details about the girl because she apparently didn't talk much about herself. Francesca pulls the vehicle records that match Fraser's description of the getaway car and they deduce that the car belongs to the Unfettered Evangelical Church of the Holy Bible. Fraser, Stan, Thatcher, and Davie pay a visit to the church where they discover the car. While looking for the church's administrative offices, Thatcher gets drawn into the service that is underway. Fraser and Stan question Mrs. Barrow, the pastor's wife, but cannot determine who was driving the car that afternoon. Just as they are about to give up, one of the kidnappers rounds a corner in the hall, and after a short chase Fraser and Stan capture him. They then discover that there wasn't kidnapping as Eloise is Mrs. Barrow's daughter and appears to be blessed with the power of performing miracles.

Back at the station, the Reverand Albert Barrow and his wife pursuade the police that there was no kidnapping. The man who stands accused, Addie Harlan, was simply picking Eloise up since it was almost time for the service to start. Eloise also confirms the story, so they are let go and the case is closed. Welsh and Stan warn the Reverand that Addie, one of the 'kidnappers,' needs to control his temper and can't go around assulting other people. Just before the family leaves, the Reverand warns Davie to stay away from his daughter who must remain dedicated to God. After Davie leaves the station, Stan and Fraser track the youth back to the church just in time to find Addie dead in the hall with Davie's knife stuck in his back.

Fraser and Stan decide to stake out the church to see if Davie will return to see Eloise. Meanwhile, Thatcher becomes part of the church's choir. After witnessing one of Eloise's miracles, Fraser questions her about the miracles she performs and her life in the church. Eloise seems to have doubts about her gift and the frequency that she is able to display it. Later, Davie sneaks into Eloise's room to talk with her. They are interrupted by Eloise's bodyguard Sandy who chases Davie out of the building and onto a busy street where Davie is hit by a car and seriously injured.

Eloise remains convinced that Davie did not kill Addie, prompting Fraser to do a little digging into her past. What he finds leads him back to the church to confront Mrs. Barrow. Fraser is able to get a confession out of her, but Sandy is determined to not let the Mountie leave alive. He chases Fraser into the sanctuary where another service is in progress. However with some help from Thatcher, Stan, and Turnbull he is able to expose the truth.

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